What is the Best Indoor Soccer Ball?

For anyone who that has played indoor soccer, either competitively or only socially with friends the indoor soccer ball you choose to play with can make a huge difference to performance and overall fun. There is nothing worse than a good game of soccer being ruined because the ball you are playing with is not cut out for action, either flat which doesn’t roll properly or too small for the number and ages of those playing.

If you’re serious about playing indoor soccer regularly than the first thing you need to consider, even before purchasing the correct indoor soccer shoes, is the ball you choose to play with. If you are new to game you may wonder how this can be such a big decision, surely you find the first ball that looks right and off you go? Well of course, you can do that if you want, however if you want to get the most enjoyment for yourself and fellow competitors than you need to consider the brand, size, feel and overall look of the ball. You also need to make sure you are choosing the best indoor soccer ball and not one designed specifically for futsal which being made for outdoor use as well may differ considerably. With all this in mind we have put the following guide together to help you as much as possible to make sure you make the most informed purchase possible.

Indoor Soccer Ball Size

The size of the indoor soccer ball you play with is important. Although smaller sized balls are great to improve your touch and feel of a soccer ball when it comes to the fast paced nature of in game indoor soccer than a ball smaller ball may be more a hindrance than help. This is particularly true for adults who will compete to win the ball throughout the course of a game with a smaller ball often leading to more contact injuries and just less enjoyment overall. Generally smaller sized indoor soccer balls are used to introduce younger players to the game and are ideal for teaching kids how to control a soccer ball and shoot at goal.

This needs obviously changes as players grow older and the official size of an indoor soccer ball is a size 4 with the official size of an 11-a-side outdoor soccer ball used by professionals one larger as a size 5.

Indoor Soccer Ball Size Chart

indoor soccer ball size chart

Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Soccer Balls

As already mentioned the one main difference between outdoor and indoor soccer balls is the size. The official size of an indoor soccer ball is size 4 meaning it is slightly smaller than outdoor balls which are size 5 for adult games. Indoor soccer balls do come in smaller sizes with  size 2 and size 3 often used for younger players of the game. The reason for a small ball being used is due to the fast nature of indoor soccer meaning close control and quick reactions are vital, both of which are more easily managed using a small ball.

The other main difference is the feel and look. Indoor soccer balls are finished with a suede cover whereas outdoor soccer balls are leather. This suede cover means indoor soccer balls are softer and have an extra bit of bounce, similar to that of a tennis ball which makes them ideal for the pace of indoor soccer and brings the walls into play which can be used to fire the ball off to start attacks or to beat opponents.

Cost of Indoor Soccer Balls

The cost of indoor soccer balls differs between the quality, size and brand of ball. There are a number of cheap options to choose from and our list below rounding up the best indoor soccer balls takes price in to consideration when rating the best choices available.However like a lot of sporting equipment it isn’t always the best idea to cut back on price if you want the best available for your money, some brands of ball are far superior than others and we cover all below.

Top 5 Best Indoor Soccer Balls

1. Mikasa Indoor Soccer Ball

Mikasa Indoor Soccer Ball

Although the most popular size for Indoor Soccer balls is officially a size 4 we kick off this list with a full size 5 soccer ball. Mikasa are a well-known and popular manufacturer of indoor soccer balls and this felt covered ball is perfect for indoor games. The felt cover gives it an extra bounce needed for indoor soccer while the weight and size are similar to outdoor, full-sized soccer balls meaning it shouldn’t take much getting used to. 

This ball is hard stitched and extremely durable, even coming with a 1 year warranty meaning you can purchase off Amazon for $25 and not have to worry about losing out. Although slightly costlier than other balls on this roundup the quality more than makes up for it and should deter anyone looking for a long lasting indoor soccer ball to play with. 

      2. Uber Soccer Indoor Felt Ball

 Roll over image to zoom in Uber Soccer Indoor Felt Ball

The Uber Soccer Indoor Felt ball comes in various sizes, ranging from 3-5 and a number of different colors as well meaning you can pick out your favorite color or even the one that matches your teams kit! The size 5 balls cost $15 meaning it is excellent value for money and extremely soft, perfect for indoor soccer. The felt finish, like the Mikasa ranked above means you can get a sweet strike every time you shoot with the ball, help you soccer better goals, every time you play!

If you aren’t sold already the coolest feature of this soccer ball is that it’s glow in the dark, just in case you want to turn the lights off and have a night session of indoor soccer instead!

   3. Tachikara Ss32 Soft Kick Soccer Ball

Tachikara Ss32 Soft Kick Soccer Ball

The third ball on this list is intended for younger players of 12 years and under although could still be used for indoor soccer players of all ages. The Tachikara soccer ball is manufactured in the U.S. and its nylon finish gives it an extremely soft feel making it great for the indoor version of the game.

The ball is a size 4 and priced at just $11 really shouldn’t be overlooked as a practice ball for anyone learning to play the game or who has recently taken up indoor soccer. The product has an excellent rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 from 100 Amazon reviews so you know it is the real deal and shouldn’t be missed out on.

4. MacGregor Eurofelt Indoor Soccer Ball

MacGregor Eurofelt Indoor Soccer Ball

Another ball listed on Amazon as a Size 5, in reality this may come in at the official indoor soccer size of a size 4 ball. The felt finish, like the first two featured on this roundup means the ball has a soft touch, brilliant for shooting and bouncing off walls. Priced at just under $19 the ball falls in the middle price range of those reviewed here and should be considered by all players looking for a good ball to play with.

Perfect for adults and younger players, choose this if you’re looking for an all round great soccer ball for playing in side with.

5. Mikasa D100 American Futsal Indoor Series Soccer Ball

Mikasa D100 American Futsal Indoor Series Soccer Ball

By far the best looking ball in this list, the last but not least option is another indoor soccer ball from Mikasa which can also be used for futsal. The ball is size 4 and made specifically for indoor use with the bulk of the reviews on Amazon mentioning how Mikasa always excede expectations in terms of quality this shouldn’t be overlooked by any one that plays either futsal or indoor soccer.

So there you have our round up, we hope we have helped you find the best indoor soccer ball available and if you have any other suggestions or recommendations please get in touch or leave a comment and we will add them to the list after reviewing ourselves!

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