Best Indoor Soccer Shoes 2017

As anyone who has ever played indoor soccer knows, the fast tempo and high intensity nature of small sided, small arena games means your choice of footwear is vital. Sportswear brands know this as well and almost all now create ranges of cleats specifically designed for 5-aside, hard floor soccer created to offer the grip needed to make the quick turns and skillful touches which are such an important aspect of indoor soccer. With this in mind we wanted to put together the ultimate list for the best indoor soccer shoes in 2016.  

Top 10 Best Indoor Soccer Shoes in 2017

The easiest way to do this was to create a shortlist of the top 10 indoor soccer shoes available and include them all within the list below. We have covered a number of ‘specs’ and particular details of each shoe because obviously what makes the best shoe for someone may differ for everyone else with looks, comfort, price all important factors. We also took in to account that the different positions on a soccer field are also massively important, what a striker needs in their boots may be completely different to what a defender values and so we have also touched on that. To make things even easier we have included an in depth review for each of shoes we covered, the reviews will likely be updated throughout the year as new generations are released and this resource is revised.

All star ratings are out of 5.

Adidas ACE 16.4 Primemesh

The newest release on the list the Adidas ACE 16.2 have grabbed the headlines recently with their no lace design. The indoor version do have laces but that doesn’t mean any of the comfort is sacrificed with an emphasis placed on grip as well as giving the wearer a complete feel of control which is vital for indoor soccer and particularly futsal when quick touches, tricks and fast feet are the name of the game. Ideal for just about any position the ACE primemesh also come with added ankle support perfect for hard surfaces and the shoe is for players not afraid to stand out. 

Adidas Ace Indoor

Grip: 4 Stars  – Comfort: 4 Stars – Style: 4 Stars 


Nike Hypervenom Indoor

Launched in 2013 Nike’s Hypervenom have become a firm favourite with football fans and players alike. The boot incorporates both the style and technology you would expect a soccer cleat from Nike to have and is designed with attackers in mind, focused on aiding agility as much as possible which contributes to a perfect shoe for indoor soccer. Nike knew this as well of course and that is why it wasn’t long before a number of variations of the boot were released including those specifically designed for small sided, indoor games. As with any modern series of football boot Nike did not stop with the first in the series and last year the Hypervenom II were released which built on the successes of the first generation and included Nike’s Flywire technology offering enhanced touch on the areas of the cleat that most matter but still remaining focused on improving the wearers agility as much as possible.

nike hypervenom indoor soccer shoe

Grip: 4 Stars – Comfort:3.5 Stars – Style: 4.5 Stars


Adidas Mundial Team

Jumping from a modern and technology focused cleat in the form of the Nike Hypervenom to an all-time classic with the Adidas Mundial Team. If the Hypervenom was designed with attackers in mind than the Mundial is definitely the defenders choice, a no nonsense well-made boot making it the perfect indoor soccer shoe for a number of surfaces including hard floor, astro-turf and even outdoor football on harder ground. A firm favourite for over 20 years says all you need to know about the shoe, the kangaroo leather, a favourite of Adidas gives you a real fell for the ball whilst playing and this is reinforced with suede above the toes to ensure the shoes are durable enough to last.

mundial team

Grip: 5 Stars – Comfort: 3.5 Stars – Style: 3 Stars 

Nike MercurialX

Completing the set of ‘big three’ for Nike alongside the Hypervenom and MagistaX, the MercurialX is described by Nike as the pinnacle of footwear for small-sided soccer games. Using all the technology including in boots made for 11-aside including Flyknit upper and NIKESKIN the Mercurial deliver a sock-like fit and ultimate control. Designed with hard floor in mind the grip offers unrivaled traction to improve turn of pace and aid balance helping you focus on the game at hand and not worry about losing your footing at any time.

Nike MercurialX Indoor

Grip: 4 Stars – Comfort: 4 Stars – Style: 4 Stars


Nike MagistaX

Another super popular range of boots from Nike, the MagistaX differ slightly from the Hypervenom’s with the technology used in the design process as well as the overall style of the boot. The MagistaX have more of a focus on overall control and passing of a football offering slightly more comfort and may be being more ideal for those who play in midfield who look to cover a lot of ground whilst also making sure they make best use of the ball when in possession. As with most of the cleats featured in this top 10 list there are a number of price bands available depending on how much you want to pay with the grip and fit similar to the Hypervenom.

Nike MagistaX Astro Turf

Grip: 4 Stars – Comfort: 4 Stars – Style: 4 Stars


Messi Indoor Soccer Shoes

As the best player on the planet it is no surprise that Adidas gave the Argentina and Barcelona forward Lionel Messi a range of his own. Obviously, how much creative choice the world player of the year actually has is up for debate but what is known is that the cleats that are created are of a very high standard, particularly those designed for indoor soccer. The colourways vary with each new season but the model of boot largely stays the same, focusing on giving the player a feeling of comfort with an emphasis on grip making them perfect for quick turns and the agility needed to take your game to another level.

Messi indoor soccer shoe

Grip: 3.5 Stars – Comfort: 4 Stars – Style: 3.5 Stars 

Puma evoPOWER

The first pick on here from Puma who have upped their soccer game in recent year by recruiting the likes of Sergio Augero and Yaya Toure to endorse the brand within the English Premier League. The evoPower combines durability with lightweight performance with a focus on grip for indoor surfaces the main driver behind the rubber sole. The style may not be to everyone’s taste but the no thrills cleat offers comfort and allows the wearer a soft touch of the ball.

Puma EvoPower Indoor Soccer

Grip: 3.5 Stars – Comfort: 4 Stars – Style: 2 Stars

Nike Tiempo Genio

A soccer cleat that will already be well known to many readers of this list, the Nike Tiempo has developed a cult following over recent years. Almost Nike’s answer to the Adidas World Cup/Mundial Team line, the Tiempo is a range of boot that stands out with with minimalist style in a world of brightly colored football boots. Although there is nothing wrong with the new releases given to us by the football gods each and every season the old fashioned among us also know when its time to go back to basics and sometimes you just can’t beat a well made, simple black cleat.

Nike Tiempo

Grip: 3 Stars – Comfort – 4 Stars – Style: 3.5 Stars

Puma Classic Indoor

Although this is a list of the best indoor soccer shoes for 2016 it hasn’t stopped a number of old school choices creeping into the Top 10 and here is another one right here. There aren’t many soccer boots as aptly named as the Puma Classics which are exactly that, once worn by some of the games biggest names the indoor version the Classico are perfect for any one looking for durable footwear made for small sided soccer. Made from lightweight leather the classic design makes them perfect for a no nonsense defender and although the style may look a little outdated compared to some of the technology filled shoes on this list it doesn’t mean they won’t be just as effective.

Puma Classico Astro Turf

Grip: 3 Stars – Comfort: 3 Stars – Style: 2 Stars

New Balance Visaro Control

New Balance have made waves in recent years within the soccer world notably with their sponsorship of a number of high profile teams and players. They’ve not only increased brand awareness but they’re also increased their focus on both outdoor and indoor soccer shoes with their leading range Visaro Control designed with a large ‘sweet spot’ for ultimate accuracy when shooting and passing as well as protection on the Achilles to help prevent injuries. The flat grip aids traction but it is advised that as the boot is particularly narrow they may not suit players with a wider foot.

New Balance Indoor Soccer

Grip: 3 Stars – Comfort: 3 Stars – Style: 2 Stars 

So there you have our round up. We’re sure that we have covered a boot for just about any player and that choosing any of the indoor soccer shoes in this list you will not go too far wrong. Your choice of footwear really is key and the great thing is a lot of the boots listed are unisex meaning they are a great option for women as well. 

Whether you are new to indoor soccer or have played for some time and just looking to upgrade your kitbag, the shoes you choose is probably the biggest decision you can make when it comes to equipment. The trouble we had was that many of the lists we found online are out of date and with sports manufacturers progressing so fast with the technology they incorporate into their sportswear it was only right we brought you up to speed and looked at the very latest designs from some of the biggest players in the game.

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