Trusox Socks: Cushioned vs Thin

One of the key decisions to make when it comes to purchasing TruSox is making the choice between the cushioned and thin versions. We covered the issue quickly in our many review section but as it is a choice many people may be confused about we wanted to make sure that you’re as clued up as possible so you can make the right decision between the two. There are already some really informative sources and videos online about the difference between cushioned vs thin TruSox so rather than add to the noise we thought it would be a better idea to try to combine the information all in one place saving you the time searching round only to find exactly the write ups and videos.

The non-slip pads are exactly the same on both types of TruSox.  As you can see in the above video from, the only visual difference between the two pairs is the cushioned variety have two small chequered or cross stitched areas but this had more to do with being able to tell the difference quickly between the two rather than any performance enhancing technology being added to the cushioned pair.

In the second video the case is made that it isn’t such a bad idea actually have both versions of TruSox in your kitbag.  The main reason for this is the sizing difference that can often annoy footballers who make the switch from a Nike boot to Adidas or vice versa as well as the different types of fitting found amongst football boots in general.  As most of you will know the two manufacturers have a slightly different fit when it comes to football boots and shoes in general and this can sometimes make it slightly difficult squeezing into a pair of boots that run a size small, particularly when wearing socks as gripping as TruSox, in which case the thin version is much needed and helps your boot to feel a lot more responsive.

The third video is another quick round up similar to the first but offers just another opinion on the TruSox cushioned vs thin debate.  The message to take from it is that the fit like boots in general can often differ from person to person so personal preference is a deciding factor in the TruSox process as well.

Overall the difference is really quite a simple one, the cushioned TruSox offer that slightly more comfortable fit, very much the same as a regular sports sock most people will be familiar with already. If you do have sizing issues with your boots and are worried that your small boots may be too cramped with the cushioned version then you have the thin option to turn to but in general cushioned is the way to go.

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