Trusox Socks Review

It has got to the point now that when watching any big Premier League or Champions League game you will notice many of football’s biggest names making slight alterations to how they wear their socks. For those in the know you will already recognise the trademark dot formation that sits above a players boot and slightly below their shin pads. For those who are aren’t so sure, what you’re seeing is a growing number of football’s stars wearing TruSox performance socks who’s non slip technology allows players to generate speed and turn of pace that regular football socks just can’t match. With indoor soccer being one of the most demanding types of sport on a players feet and requiring an even greater turn of pace then outdoor soccer we thought it was only right we looked at one of the best pieces of equipment you can purchase to improve your game dramatically.

This isn’t just any old marketing spill, you only have to track the amount of top level players now including TruSox in their match day kitbag to see the difference the socks can make. This thorough guide will cover everything from how to wear TruSox right through to if they’re right for a game at your local gym and will get you up to speed with everything you need to know before deciding whether to make the purchase.

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What Are TruSox Socks?

Ok let’s start with the basics and look at what exactly it is that sets TruSox apart from your average football sock. First and foremost the non-slip technology pads are positioned both inside of the sock to allow grip directly on to your feet as well as pads on the outside of the socktrusox socks grip which ensure TruSox remain secure within your indoor soccer shoes and effectively lock your feet in to place stopping any slippage between sock and insole. The grip pads run across the whole of the bottom of the TruSox socks as well as to the back of the heel, this prevents any area of the foot from slipping and the texture of the small dotted pads can be compared to that of a golf glove used for the same reason worn on the hand directly in contact with the club. By increasing friction between your foot and football boot your footing becomes more stable particularly at speed and on the turn. The grip between sock and boot means less energy is lost with the TruSox preventing any slipping, aiding faster changes of direction and maximum transfer of power enhancing explosive bursts of speed. When the slightest of differences can decide the outcome of the biggest matches it is no wonder that elite footballers are using TruSox to enhance their performance and gain that extra yard. Pace, agility and balance are key components of football and TruSox can enhance each of these areas as well as your overall game by improving the comfort of your boots.

How to Wear TruSoxhow-to-wear-trusox

One of the biggest issues when it comes to TruSox is how to wear them. The TruSox technology relies on creating friction between
the foot, sock and boot meaning they cannot be worn with any other socks. This would create slippage and completely render the TruSox ineffective which is something you definitely don’t want to do when looking to enhance your performance on the pitch.

If you’re going to do it like the pros you may as well do it properly and when it comes to TruSox that means cutting your football socks at the ankle, wearing them above your TruSox and running tape or ankle guards just below your shin pads to ensure your socks are secure and won’t move at all during the game.

Where to Buy TruSox?

By now you already know the benefits of TruSox and are no doubt looking for the nearest place to buy a pair. Your best bet is most defiantly online with a number of retailers stocking an array of colours as well as the different types of TruSox available which we also cover below. Our Where to Buy page is definitely your most helpful stop but if you are that eager to improve your game now Amazon’s stock options far outweigh other retailers meaning you won’t have to wait for the colour you want and next day delivery means you can get them for your weekend crunch match!

Ok Great, But Who’s Actually Wearing Them?

Well just about everyone! It’s hard to watch a televised game without catching at least one top player wearing TruSox. The manufactures marketing method seems to be that of sending boxes to all top flight clubs and letting players decide for themselves whether they want to wear them for their selves and the results are easy to see. The official TruSox Instagram account is well worth a follow and regularly updates with game changers who have been spotted wearing TruSox each week. A full list of endorsements would run forever but a few of the top names include Gareth Bale, Alexis Sanchez, Mesut Ozil, Luis Suarez, Robin van Persie, Arjen Robben, and Jerome Boateng. There’s no better sign of approval for the new technology then the sheer number of world class players who are now being spotted wearing TruSox.

What Type?

There are two types of TruSox which may affect your buying decision depending on how you normally like socks to feel inside of your football cleats. The two varieties are cushioned and thin and the clues are very much in the name with the thickness of the socks depended on whether you choose to go for the cushioned or thin option. The thinkness relates to the cotton on the base of the sock where the grip pads are found with the cushioned TruSox similar to regular sports socks while the thin version are slightly finer. 9 out of 10 professional footballers prefer the cushioned sock and while performance isn’t affected it is mainly the feel of the sock in your boot which will be the main driver behind your decision here with the cushioned cotton offering a slightly more comfortable fit.

Another decision to make when it comes to buying your TruSox is the fit. There are officially three different styles of TruSox fit and on football, or soccer to our North American friends we have paid most of our attention to the Mid-Calf Crew sock favoured by so many professionals. However there are also ankle length and full length TruSox football socks available if didn’t want to have to cut up a pair of your own football socks but for now we will continue to focus on the mid-calf fit which has delivered the best results in terms of improving performance on the pitch.

How Much Do TruSox Cost?

TruSox have a retail price of £25 GBP/€29 EURO/$39 USD depending on the region you are in. Although this may sound quite a lot of money to spend on a pair of socks, with the benefits it could have on your game as well as the long term improvement you could quite easily see the price is well worth it in the long run.

What Size?

TruSox come in three sizes small, medium and large. Our size guide below shows the sizing of the socks compared to regular sock sizing from the US, UK and Europe. This is official TruSox sizing and you don’t have to worry about the cushioned sock coming up a size too large, it is only the cotton area at the base of the sock that is the difference between the cushioned and thin TruSox. If you already own a pair of TruSox or have recently purchased the socks and the non slip pads are bunching up when you place the sock on your feet this means the size you are wearing is too large and you need to downsize your TruSox.

trusox size table

What Colors Do TruSox Come In?

TruSox come in a range of colours meaning you can easily match them with your team socks. Our Where to Buy page contains a full list but the most popular colours include white, black, red, sky, royal and navy blue as well as a host of others sure to fit exactly what you’re looking for.

How to Care for Them, Are They Machine Washable?

If you really want to care for your TruSox the official line is you machine wash your TruSox in cold water no warmer than 30 degrees or even hand wash in cold water for better results but if like most of us you’re only an amateur sportsman that’s probably not going to happen all too regularly. TruSox also recommend tumble drying your socks on a low heat but again this can take time when you’ve forgot to wash your kit all week and have a game in the morning. From personal experience TruSox wash perfectly fine on a normal spin with the rest of your kit and are still going strong after nearly two years.

How Long Do TruSox Last?

Hard to say exactly but if the above washing instructions are followed as well as avoiding any big tackles (added TruSox speed should help with this anyway) there is no reason that TruSox cannot last as long as any regular pair of football socks so you can easily expect to get a good 3 to 4 years of good use out of them. The non slip pads are attached firmly and do not peel easily so there is no reason to worry that you will have to buy a new pair after half a season. The initial price may seem steep but you can be sure to get what you pay for and won’t have to replace them easily.

So, They Make Me Quicker & More Agile But Why Else Should I Buy Them?

By increasing friction and stopping rubbing between your foot and boot TruSox also prevent blisters which is great news for players of all standards. We all know too well how blisters can badly damage your feet, especially during times of year when you play regularly (not to mention those gruelling pre season sessions) so any sort of help to keep the skin of your feet intact is more than welcome!

Are TruSox Suitable for Indoor Soccer?

Now this is quite a big question for some of us. Of course we all want to improve our game but we don’t exactly want to look like we’ve rushed out to buy a pair just because we’ve seen a Señor Bale strutting his stuff in them. Flash doesn’t always go down well on a small sided pitch, especially if you picture yourself as a no nonsense defender but if you want to become the best player you can at whatever level you play then the investment is still worthwhile. If you really didn’t want to stand out in your TruSox you could make sure the signature dots on the back of the socks are covered with tape so no one even has to know you’re wearing a pair if you don’t want them to. In fact TruSox are probably even a greater weapon when worn whilst playing indoor soccer or futsal when agility and change of pace is even more effective. You just might have a tough time explaining where you got that extra yard of pace from because it definitely wasn’t all those pints you downed the night before!

Finally, Should You Really Invest?

If you have read our guide and are still not convinced then our advice is just to go for it. The initial price may seem quite steep but for how much TruSox can improve and help you to enjoy your game they are definitely worth it. In fact if you are debating whether to splash out on the latest Nike colour way cleats we would advise you to try a pair of TruSox first as they could have a much bigger impact on your game. Our real reviews page might help to convince you once and for all and by far the most common question we get is do they actually work, well if you haven’t worked out how big fans we are by now we always reply with a resounding Yes! To summarise this whole guide each time you wear TruSox you feel far more secure and sharper on your feet and far more comfortable on the pitch knowing the level of grip the TruSox has between your foot and your boots, it really is hard to go back to regular football socks after!

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