Top 3 Women’s Indoor Soccer Shoes 2017

Indoor Soccer has exploded in popularity in recent years especially amongst women and young girls looking to take up the sport. There are a number of reasons for this growing popularity, ranging  from the fact indoor soccer is a great form of fitness that can be practiced all year round to the social nature of the fast paced team sport. Whatever your reasons for taking up the game it is important you choose the right footwear to ensure you’re not only safe whilst playing but that you can also play to the best of your ability as well.

Women’s indoor soccer shoes are designed with the hard floor and tight spaces of the game in mind and help you make the fast turns and quick passes that are vital to being the best at indoor soccer. However with so many different brands and conflicting information it may be hard to pick out the perfect pair of women’s indoor soccer shoes for you so to make life easier we have put together our round up of the best cleats available below.

Top 3 Women’s Indoor Soccer Shoes

  1. adidas Performance Women’s Ace 16.4

adidas ace womens indoor soccer shoe

In terms of choosing a cleat for indoor soccer this shoe has it all. Made by sports giant adidas this synthetic boot includes a rubber sole offering extra grip and is also soft and lightweight making it perfect for fast turns and quick feet. Not only that but adidas boots are also considered some of the most comfortable within the soccer world so you know you are getting a cleat that not only looks good but won’t have you reaching for Band-Aids after every game you play.

The Ace style of adidas cleat are also a firm favourite of not only indoor soccer players but those that play the outdoor game as well and these shoes can be just as adaptable for training outside if you also play the larger version of the game. The simplistic look with the white colorway we have chosen also ticks the style boxes as well, meaning you can look good while running rings round the opposition!

Rating: 5 Stars

  2. PUMA Women’s Evospeed 4.4 Indoor Soccer Shoe

puma evospeed womens indoor soccer shoe

In many ways Puma’s Evospeed has a lot of similarities with the adidas Ace featured above and it was very hard for us to make a choice between the two. Style wise the Evospeed follows many of the rules laid out by the ace, exposed laces lead into a large ball striking area above the toe and the shoe is finished with a rubber sole making it ideal for indoor soccer and playing in tight spaces when agility and acceleration are hugely important.

One of the differences between the Evospeed and the adidas Ace is the price, the Puma model comes in slightly more expensive at around $40 however this is still extremely good value for money and for that you are buying the top model from the one of the best sports manufactures in the world so can rely on quality.

The Evospeed cleat, as the name suggests aims to offer players pace and this is done by the lightweight nature of the shoe which combined by the comfort on offer comes together for an all-round great indoor soccer shoe.

Rating: 5 Stars

   3. adidas Performance Women’s F5 Indoor

adidas womens indoor soccer cleat

The third cleat on our round up of the best women’s indoor soccer shoes is another special from sports giant adidas. The German brand has really focused on indoor soccer with their cleats specially designed for the small sided variation of the game and as a result they deliver with some great products that can only enhance your game.

The green and blue colorway is sure to make an impact no matter how many goals you score but the one aspect of this shoe that really sets it apart is the Molded EVA insole which is made for comfort and this is teamed with a superb heel fit which leaves you confident that your foot is secure within your shoe. This means there is very little room for slipping and sliding which can often lead to injuries and should be avoided at all costs.

Rating: 4 Stars

Round Up

We hope we have provided you with enough information and details here to help you make an informed choice when it comes to buying your next pair of women’s indoor soccer shoes. As you can see the list for shoes designed specifically for women and girls is still relatively slim compared to the choices men are given when they shop for soccer boots but we hope this is something that will change in the near future.

As technology advances, some of which is already used on the boots included in this list, we are sure more manufacturers will devote ranges of cleats specifically for women who play indoor soccer.

Whatever cleats you decide to buy, making the right choice is hugely important. No matter how good you want to become at soccer, if you haven’t got the right footwear you are going to severely limit yourself and your potential as a player!

With this in mind we hope you choose one of the three cleats that we have rounded up above or if you have come across any other pairs of women’s indoor soccer shoes that you would like added to this list please get in touch. We are continually improving the guides we put together for indoor soccer players and believe it is important we stay ahead of the game, whether that be where to play indoor soccer or what shoes you wear while playing.

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