10 Most Bizarre Mental Disorders

10 Most Bizarre Mental Disorders

– [Voiceover] The human
brain is a very mysterious yet fragile organ. In fact, it really doesn’t
take much for everything to go completely wrong. You may not feel normal, but the truth is, you
could have it a lot worse. Some people have such
crippling mental issues, that they don’t even
perceive reality in the same way we do. And often, many
of these disorders are simply untreatable. These are the 10 most
bizarre mental disorders. Number 10 is Alien
Hand Syndrome. Alien Hand Syndrome is
believed to be caused by a conflict between the left
and right parts of the brain. As a result, a person
develops the feeling that their hand is a foreign object. In many cases, their arm
appears to move involuntarily, or grab hold of things. Regardless, people
living with this syndrome often have to cope
with an arm that, for all intents and purposes, has a mind of its own. For example, a rogue arm
might start exhibiting inappropriate
behavior in public, or may even simply
attempt to terrorize the person the arm
is attached to. One victim described
the terrifying reality of Alien Hand Syndrome
by saying, quote, “I would make a phone call, “and the alien hand
on my body would “hang on the phone. “I would light a cigarette,
and the alien hand would “put it out. “I would be drinking coffee, “and this hand would
dump it,” end quote. Unfortunately, as of
this video’s release, there is no known
treatment for this rare neurological disorder. Number nine is Walking
Corpse Syndrome. Discovered in 1840,
Cotard Syndrome, or Walking Corpse Syndrome, as it’s colloquially known, is an unshakeable
belief held by a person that they are actually dead, and simply do not exist. It has been linked
to depression, but is still largely
misunderstood by science. Walking Corpse Syndrome
is likely caused by a division between the
facial recognition areas of the brain, and the
area that associates emotional responses. Meaning that a
person suffering from Walking Corpse Syndrome
cannot recognize themselves, and they are genuinely
convinced that they aren’t real. The idea of existing,
while not existing, is almost impossible to
comprehend to sane people. And countless cases of
Walking Corpse Syndrome continue to be diagnosed
around the world to this day. Number eight is Lycanthropy. Sufferers of this rare
psychopathological phenomenon, believe that they are
actually an animal, particularly a wolf. And this was classically
synonymous with the werewolf legend. The condition is
often classified as
an identity disorder, and is subdivided
into various forms. Boanthropy is the mental
condition in which a person believes that
they are actually a cow. Boanthropy patients
can often be seen down on all fours chewing grass. Through the use of
brain imaging software, it has been discovered
that people who have developed Lycanthropy
possess overdeveloped regions of the brain
that process a person’s self image. Number seven is Alice
in Wonderland Syndrome. Alice in Wonderland Syndrome
is a visual, neurological disease where a patient sees
objects much, much smaller than they actually are. As if they were looking
at the world through the wrong end of a telescope. When suffering from Alice
in Wonderland Syndrome, objects seem to be far away, yet extremely close
at the same time. It has even been reported
that this syndrome has caused people to
perceive cars as the same size as a house cat. Alice in Wonderland Syndrome
becomes even stranger when you learn that it’s
not even caused by any abnormalities of the eye. In fact, most people
who suffer from Alice in Wonderland Syndrome, have perfectly
healthy optic nerves. This issue begins when
the optic nerve sends information to the
victim’s brain, where it immediately
becomes distorted and impossible to
process correctly. Another unpleasant
side effect of Alice in Wonderland
Syndrome is migraines. Which are so painful
that they can also affect the victim’s other senses. Generally speaking, Alice
in Wonderland Syndrome only affects children between
the ages of five and 10, but other cases have been
linked to schizophrenia, and the use of
psychoactive drugs. Number six is Self-Cannibalism. Also known as
Lesch-Nyhan Syndrome, this disturbing mental
illness is a disorder where a person experiences
an extremely powerful desire to inflict
wounds on themselves. In more extreme cases
of Lesch-Nyhan Syndrome, a rare condition called
autosarcophagy can spontaneously present itself. People who have developed
the case of autosarcophagy are compelled by structural
damage in their brain to eat their very
own body parts. Typically though,
Lesch-Nyhan Syndrome affects the joints muscles, and
the brain of the sufferer as a result of the
over-production of
uric acid in the body. Leading to compulsive
lip and finger-biting in the majority of cases. As a result, in 60% of cases
of Lesch-Nyhan Syndrome, patients have to have their
teeth removed to prevent them from biting off their
own lips, cheeks, and tongues. The condition, occurring
almost exclusively in boys, is believed to be linked to
impulse control disorders, and is generally not
life threatening. Number five is Erotomania. Those who suffer from
this mental disorder hold a delusional belief
that a person from a high social status,
such as a celebrity, is secretly in love with them, and making advances toward
them through telepathy, and messages through the media. The erotomanic then
returns the alleged affection by letters,
or attempting to visit the unsuspecting recipient. The scary part of this
disorder is that the patient’s feeling is so overwhelming, that even when the
target of their obsession directly rejects a
person with erotomania, the person remains
convinced anyway. One famous example of erotomania is John Hinckley, Jr., who developed an
erotomanic obsession with Jodie Foster. In an attempt to
impress Jodie Foster, he once, unsuccessfully,
tried to assassinate President Ronald Reagan. And after the
attempt had failed, John Hinckley, Jr. was
sentenced to decades in prison. Number four is Aboulomania. This generally unknown
mental disorder is characterized by
crippling indecision. Or as psychiatrists term it, a paralysis of the will. The sufferers of Aboulomania
appear physically and mentally normal in
all aspects of life. Yet, when faced with
simple life choices, like choosing a box of cereal, they experience
overwhelming anxiety, and are completely unable
to make a simple decision. Many sufferers say they’re
incapacity to make a decision originates from their
need for 100% certainty. As a result, aboulomanics
can become paralyzed, and lose their
sense of free will when confronted with
more than one choice. Number three is Foreign
Accent Syndrome. Foreign Accent Syndrome
was injected into the public consciousness
when a British woman randomly woke up one day
with a thick Chinese accent. It all started when
she was hospitalized for intense migraines, and after surgery, she
awoke with a Chinese accent. Foreign Accent Syndrome
typically expresses itself after some kind of brain injury, like a stroke or head injury. And to this day, the
syndrome’s cause is still not even understood. Number two is Pica. Pica is a disorder
in which people have a compulsion to eat
things that have no nutritional value,
such as wood, or paint. The disorder is
characterized into various subdisorders, which include Coprophagy, or the
consumption of feces, Geophagy, or the
consumption of dirt, Haylophagia, the
consumption of glass, and Urophagia, the
consumption of urine. Pica can be particularly
dangerous because it can lead to poisoning, gastrointestinal blockages, and stomach lining tears, when a person ingests
harmful substances, or sharp metal objects. It has been linked to iron
or mineral deficiencies. But experts haven’t conclusively
determined its cause, or a cure. And number one is
Riley-Day Syndrome. Riley-Day Syndrome is a
genetically inherited syndrome that affects the
autonomous nervous system. While there are many
extremely unpleasant symptoms, such as frequent vomiting,
and difficulty swallowing, it does also have, what
some would call, an upside. Many people with this
condition are almost entirely insensitive to pain. Of course, though a painless
life sounds great in theory, it doesn’t work out
so well in practice. Pain is actually a good thing, as it sends signals to
your brain to let you know when something is wrong. And often people who
do not experience pain end up inflicting
catastrophic damage to their own bodies while
being blissfully unaware. For more top lists
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  1. When I was young I experienced Alice in wonderland syndrome quite a lot. I remember it to be very trippy! I wondered what it was!

  2. I've often wondered if some inherited disorders are actually bodies trying to evolve but because it is different we only focus on the bad things and ignore the good things.
    Like, surely high functioning autism is good, right? Excelling in all introverted skills, improved focus on interest, heavy sense of justice (even if the view on justice is skewed), etc.
    Aspies and the rest sound like a benefit to a civilized humane society. We need to rely on ourselves these days if we want something like a promotion to reach the top of our career lines, we need to be able to remain focused on what is important to us without getting bored and we… don't really… need nazis running courtrooms but it's not necessarily a bad thing to have a strong sense of law.
    But we as humans who have only just reached civilization still have plenty of people who are still animalistic, designed for smaller communities or tribes.
    Maybe it's just the extroverted, animalistic instincts in our brain that tell us high functioning autism is bad because they are not like us.

    There are plenty successful autistic people, likely only successful because of their autism.

    Maybe some disorders are good.

  3. they forgot Liberalism,,,which has been PROVEN to be a Mental Disorder. Obama being in OUR white house and Bernie Sanders supporters is PROOF

  4. i have the strong desire to wash myself constantly especaly when around dirty things even if i didnt come into contact with it

  5. wait i might have that thing the self cannabalism thing
    like no i wouldnt eat myself but cut my wrists because i think its pretty and hit myself for no reason thats weird….

  6. I have all of these disorders. Does this syndrome also have a name? Would I like to know? Or perhaps be better off in blissful ignorance?

  7. Wtf?! So you will have soooooo much anxiety to choose between eating wet-bix or Cheerios? Wow (no offence)

  8. I find it kinda of disturbing that they used a picture of a baby gumming it's little toes as the self cannibalism part…I mean cmon guys IT'S A CUTE LITTLE BABY DON'T USE IT FOR SOMETHING THAT GROSS.

  9. I actually had Alice In Wonderland Syndrome when I was younger but now I am normal. Weird…… Is age the cure for Alice In Wonderland Syndrome? Just asking…

  10. Number 0- Disorder disorder- The disorder on which special snowflake claims to have no money to see a psychologist, so decides to self-diagnose themselves with a mental disorder that they do not have.

  11. Number 5, if you wanna see this mental disorder in full swing. Type in "I think we are alone now." Or type in Jeff Turner. he believes a singer from the early 90's is in love with him. Now he is obsessed with Phobie from The Charmed One.

  12. Pica reminded me of that guy in descendants of the sun that swallowed the diamonds then they figured out he has a deadly disease.

  13. Regarding 8: Clinical lycanthropy is the belief that one actually is an animal, which is a recognised mental disorder. However, new research is recognising that there are people who simply identify as animals and may have the strong desire to be an animal but recognise that they are humans. This disorder called species identity disorder which can escalate into species dysphoria and/or species dyspmorphia is only recently being researched so psychiatry hasn't quite caught up yet. This means that people are sometimes misdiagnosed as having clinical lycanthropy. People suffering from this condition are often afraid to go to psychologists or go to therapy due to fears of misdiagnosis or humiliation and as a result they can experience depression and anxiety on their own which itself can escalate into a sense of unending hopelessness and even thoughts of suicide. I personally find this condition very fascinating and hope to research it in the future.

  14. So this is it i'm suffering from Alice in wwonderland syndrome , my dick is actually huge , it just appears small to me .But i don't get migraines , that's a bit alarming !

  15. Don't forget another deadly one: "transexual" syndrome, the delusion of believing you're another sex than you are.

  16. my nabor tried to kill me with a high powered lite bulb are a gamma ray bulb are a xray bulb they even had their window taped off with dark paper . you can make xray yourself look on youtub thats how i figured it out .. the secret police in east Germany used them to do surveillance on people they where investigating. if tjey could get close enough to the person (this would be threw the wall)btw.. they could kill that person with cancer .. someone from Germany told me that after i mentioned my nabor and the bulb it was a wired blue and felt wired to your skin like a lite sunburn ..

  17. "Hey I'm going out to get some food, where do you want me to get yours?"
    "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, wait just give me like 5-10 minutes to think about it." *I had x last time, the thing I had longest ago was y, but I don't eat z too often, but maybe – – – – *
    "Hurry up and make a decision"
    Guess I have Aboulomania haha

  18. I discovered just now that I have Erotomania :O maybe maybe not .. I did everything described like that in the video since little …

  19. 1:58 just because you have insight into the nature of life and death doesn't mean you're broken inside. you don't need to have your brain communicate badly for you to shut off sensory input, nor do you need your brain to be broken for you to not experience your body as a living thing

  20. Why when he said "caused by psychoactive drug" he show a medicine bottle full of weed, last time I checked weed doesn't make you hallucinate!

  21. Major depressive disorder here. Complete with auditory hallucinations. Yeah these disorders are weird. The brain can rewire itself in 10 to the million ways. The number 10 and add a million zeros after that. There's a lot that can go wrong and when it does, it's debilitating more often than not.

  22. Alien hand has to be neurological as well unless the person is doing it themselves and are convinced they're not

  23. "some people have such crippling mental disorders, that they dont even perceive reality in the same way we do"

    thats literally the definition of a mental disorder.

  24. Regarding number six: I bite my lips so much they bleed and the inside of my cheeks are scarred from biting at the skin. The skin on my fingers is also torn up.

  25. Omg, I had pica like when I was 10 or 11 or so! I always had the urge to bite tables and counters!! Wow…

  26. I am an avid #MentalHealthAwareness advocate and performer, and I love this so much. I travel the country trying to bring that awareness on stages, in classrooms, hospitals, and on my YouTube channel, so I get excited when I see other advocates. ?❤

  27. the alien hand syndrome sounds like a classic case where a man was in an accident and the corpus callosum [ connection between the left and right hemispheres of the brain ] was severed. everything the man tried to do with one hand, the other fought it off. it was strange to see the man trying to pick up a pencil with the left hand and the right hand was shoving and slapping the left in an attempt to stop him.
    I might have Aboulomania, but I am french, so more then likely it is just a Bouillabaisse HA HA

  28. Little to nothing, ever works out for me. No apathy intended.
    Could I claim the Charles Manson case; and therefore be an innocent person; getting sent to prison?
    Might as well, because I'm a former outcast special eder; and because of 2 Cor 4:4; Eph 2:2.

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