10 Rare Diseases That Are Almost Like Super Powers

10 Rare Diseases That Are Almost Like Super Powers

10 Rare Diseases That Turn People Into Superheroes We all feel irritated when a disease grips
us, after all, nobody wants to be in pain or distress, right? Let’s take the example of common cold, sneezing
and blocked nose can disrupt your life for a few days, ugghhh! But ever thought about chronic diseases that
won’t leave you alone after a few days? While most of these will make you pity the
victim, there are certain diseases that look like superpowers, hmm, at least at first sight! We see some interest rising but we aren’t
spilling all the beans here. Stay up for the full video to know about real
life vampires! Number 10. Super muscles of Superman
How many of you are splurging on protein powders and gym memberships to achieve a muscular
body? You’d burn with envy when we tell you about
Liam Hoekstra, a kid who was diagnosed with myostatin-related muscle hypertrophy at the
age of 3. Due to this disease, Liam has almost 40% more
muscle mass than others his age, has an extremely fast metabolism and close to no body fat. In short he looks like the Superman he probably
reads about all the time! It is a rare condition and the people who
exhibit it are of normal intellect and show no signs of side effects. Now that takes your jealously to the next
level! Number 9. Free of worldly pains
Imagine feeling no pain while delivering a baby through normal labor or getting tattooed
without a single whine. Wont that make life so much easier? It might interest you to know that there are
people who have their pain sensors permanently turned off! Okay now, they haven’t voluntarily done
it but this superpower is the result of a rare disease, Congenital analgesia. At first you might take it as a boon, after
all pain isn’t something we ever look forward to, but think again. Since pain is our body’s way of telling
us that something is wrong, people who can’t feel it would be at a risk of untreated illnesses! Are you scared now? Number 8. Who knows no fear
A person who is not scared of anything, you’d call him fearless! If we say that such a person actually exists,
you’d envy him, won’t you? Reaching out to poisonous snakes as if it’s
child’s play or giggling in a haunted house, it sounds scary to us! But when researchers failed to scare a middle
aged woman who had a genetic disorder called Urbach-Wiethe, even after repeated efforts
they knew something was off! As a young girl, she had both the sides of
her amygdala destroyed which resulted in her knowing no fear! Is it all positive? The lack of fear has also increased her curiosity
to touch danger and you don’t need us to tell you, how unwelcomed this is! Number 7. Forget it not
As a kid while studying for exams we have all wished to be able to remember everything
that we studied! Uhmm, this can actually happen. Don’t be happy because this boon is granted
to people with hyperthymesia only. This rare disease enhances a person’s memory
so much that they can recite in detail the events of a day of the past decade! A woman suffering from this disease was able
to recall that she was wrapped in a pink blanket when she was 7 days old! In case you see only the positives here, you
gotta realize that these people cannot alter unpleasant memories and have to live with
them. Also they suffer from insomnia and stay tired,
not so positive we guess! Number 6. Vampires are for real
Alright we don’t mean to mislead you into believing that there are people living for
thousands of years without sleeping. That would have been cool though but back
to the point, Hypohidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia is the genetic condition that turns you into
a vampire. You’d have a lot less teeth than humans
and those would be pointy ones, though you won’t be sucking blood out of living humans
or so we hope! You’d even have fine sparse hair in addition
to dark circles and wrinkles around your eyes, in short the traits that would make you look
like a hundred years old, the age of vampires we generally expect! Number 5. Healing like the Wolverine
Have you ever come across a person whose tissue starts to repair itself spontaneously after
being damaged? We aren’t taking Wolverine into consideration
but yea, with such supernatural powers, the person would be a human and real version of
this Marvel comic’s character! Keeping jokes aside because this isn’t a
case to joke about, it is a disease after all! There isn’t anything positive about this
healing because it actually causes your joints to harden like stone and gradually you’ll
turn into a living statue. The stone man would eventually be unable to
move because his second skeleton replaces his first. Nothing like a power in here! Number 4. The more the merrier
Is anyone obsessed with the octopus for its 8 legs? Come on, you were, we all were! Wouldn’t it be amazing if we had more than
4 limbs to go about our daily tasks, it’ll quicken it all, what say? We did paint a rosy picture, a pat on our
back for achieving this great feat! Anyway, back to the DISEASE where the person
is born with extra limbs. In most cases the extra limbs are deformed
or shrunken rendering them non-functional. They can be removed through surgery in most
cases but not everyone wants to get rid of them. Now that’s because in certain cases these
extra limbs are functional and people love them. We really said that! Number 3. Werewolf’s lookalike
It won’t be fair if we skipped the entire clan of werewolves from the list when we already
talked about their associates, the vampires! As kids we were divided into two sides, being
supporters of the two enemies so here’s a callout to the werewolf gang. So what is the most distinctive feature of
these super beasts that you don’t see in the human species? Before you jump on to their superhuman strength,
we’ll guide you towards their most striking feature, they are hairy beings! Alas hypertrichosis only gives you a hairy
body matching to that of the werewolf and not the strength but if you don’t mind the
looks, rejoice! Number 2. Daredevil’s enhanced senses
Of course you know about the Marvel Comic character, Daredevil, so tell us what was
so special about him? This superhero was blind and used his other
senses to fight evil, amazing! We kinda tricked you because blindness isn’t
a disease but this one was worth mentioning so we hope you’d forgive us! It has been observed that since blindness
hampers one sense, the people have enhanced their other senses to be able to function
in the normal world. Now take us for example, we’d have a tough
time trying to find our way around with our eyes closed but blind people use echolocation
to determine the locations of objects. If this is not a superpower, what is? Number 1. God’s gift of relief
Movies like Ran Man and A Beautiful Mind are fine examples of showcasing Savant Syndrome. Well, in the real world, this Syndrome is
caused by central nervous system disorders which cause the person to display skills nearing
genius in areas of art, music and math. Big names like mathematical genius Jedediah
Buxton, scientist Temple Grandin, artist Gottfried Mind, and numerical genius George Widener
are all Savants! An interesting observation is that while only
10% of Autistic people have Savant Syndrome, out of the total population of Savants, only
50% are Autistic. Take your time to internalize this! Which of these superpowers intrigued you the
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