13 Reasons Why Season 2 Review, Reaction and Rant (Mental Illness Explained)

13 Reasons Why Season 2 Review, Reaction and Rant (Mental Illness Explained)

this is my 13 reasons why season 2
review and reaction, and frankly I am disgusted and in this video I’m gonna go on a pretty big
rant that might lose me some subscribers but it’s worth it because it’s
definitely something that we need to address right now what is up everybody this is Chris from
the rewired soul where we talk about the problem but focus on the solution and
today’s problem is the mental health stigma but probably in a way that you’re
not really used to so do me a huge favor it’s mental health awareness month
please share this video because I’m gonna talk about some stuff that a lot
of people really need to hear I am really disgusted right now and it’s not
even because of this show which might be surprising my disgust is actually from
the people who are outraged all over social media first off first off let me
make it very clear I know this show is fictional okay but really I am so sad
and heartbroken to think that people would like such empathy to somebody
especially a teenager who took their own life alright let’s read some of the
tweets that I found about Hannah in 13th reasons why do you want to know why I
hate 13 reasons why so much well let me explain one a glorified suicide two it
glorifies depression three it makes suicide an option for Hannah wasn’t
depressed she was a victim who never looked for help and makes people think
that’s what you should do Hannah did not suffer from mental illness she suffered
from an inability to accept responsibility self-centeredness and
stupidity as someone with bipolar disorder and clinical depression that
constant suggestions that she did is ridiculous
13 reasons why is an entertaining show but Hannah Baker was not depressed
she was just used to having a perfect life and then suddenly things started
falling out from under her she didn’t reach out for help that is not the
pressure there is a massive a massive stigma out there about mental illness
and during times like this we need to come together we need to come together
be there for each other but for some reason that is beyond me people are
turning mental illness into some kind of insane competition like are you serious
right now and the fact that anybody would say that a rape victim
princess syndrome makes me want to vomit the problem is is that we’ve been
brainwashed into believing that the only reason the only reason that you can have
depression is if you have a chemical imbalance like what this is what
troubles me this is why I have this channel I’ll tell you guys to share my
videos because I’m trying to educate people all right like you need to
understand yes while there is definitely a genetic component there is a
possibility of neurotransmitter imbalances like serotonin dopamine
endorphins and things like that that is very very very possible but most people
with depression suffer from depression because of life circumstances not just
because of the chemicals being imbalance in their head why do you think
depression and suicide rates go up every time we have a recession in this country
do you think that just because people lost their jobs now all of a sudden they
have a chemical imbalance no it’s because of life circumstances all right
now let’s see what the Center for diseases in control has to say about
this rather than people on the internet who believe that they know everything
there is to know about mental illness so this is actually taken from a CDC study
all right key findings data from the national and
nutritional examination survey during 2013 to 2016
eight point one percent of American adults aged 20 and over had depression
in a given 2-week period women ten point four percent were almost twice as likely
as were men five point five percent to have had depression depression was lower
among non-hispanic Asian adults compared with Hispanic non-hispanic black or
non-hispanic white adults the prevalence of depression decreased as family income
levels increased about eighty percent of adults with depression reported at least
some difficulty with work home and social activities because of their
depression from 2007 to 2008 to 2015 to 2016 the percentage of American adults
with depression did not change significantly over time so take a step
back just real quick just step back and let’s think about this logically okay
based on those findings from this research do you really think you really
think while 8.1 percent of all Americans struggle with depression is purely due
to a chemical imbalance I come on people get it together and most of people out
there just randomly making it rain their opinions on the Internet
have never even opened up this beautiful book right here the dsm-5 what
psychiatrists and doctors and therapists use to diagnose mental illness there is
nowhere in any form of depression in this book does it say that we’re gonna
measure the chemical imbalances in your head no it has a variety of other
symptoms all right everybody just really really really really needs to wake up
like I mentioned there’s such a stigma out there it pains me it pains me to
think that people like you’re not depressed I’m depressed let me tell you
what depression really looks like like come on people have a little empathy
some compassion like that show some people some love
like I said I know this show is fictional but I just know I know for a
fact because I know people like this who are busy having this mental illness
competition rather than banding together and supporting one another all right so
do me a favor show each other some love and let’s overcome this thing to gather
alright and again like I said please share this video it is a very important
video I don’t even care if you watch 13 reasons why I wanted to address this big
issue that we have within the quote unquote mental health advocacy space
like come on come on now you guys alright anyways if you like this video
give it a thumbs up if you hated it give it a thumbs down if I didn’t make you
too upset make sure you click that little round subscribe button because I
make a ton of videos about mental health but anyways if you watch check out some
other videos on the channel you can click or tap right there alright but
anyways thanks so much for watching and make sure you are not increasing the
stigma and I’ll see you next time

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  2. Could you like — narrate my life? Your voice is magical! Also, great video! Hope this gets more views.

  3. The reason why I had watched the entire season 1 is because, there's so many gorgeous actors! Hehe. Sorry for my bad english peace!

  4. Personally I feel as though Hannah Baker didn't have depression, instead I feel as though she was having normal teenage problems and didn't have a proper support system until her friends rape- at that point I do think she got a mental illness, not depression. PTSD- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I think she never got the help necessary for that disorder and that's what led to her suicide. Not depression. The fact that someone has said in defense 'anxiety and depression have different expressions' makes me feel queasy, because simply *ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION ARE NOT THE ONLY MENTAL ILLNESSES*. I feel as though that is a large part of the stigma, people are attributing it all to depression and anxiety when there are lots of other disorders at play that can cause similar symptoms but are not the same. Please keep in mind this is only the opinion of someone who does research on mental illness for the purpose of writing an accurate portrayal in fiction writing and not an actual expert on any of these topics. Thank you for spending your time to read this, and I hope you consider what I typed.

  5. http://www.who.int/mental_health/prevention/suicide/resource_media.pdf

    I can kinda agree with the first comment you chose. It does glorify suicide and basically violates every many guidelines published by the World Health Organization and their suicide and media depiction along with a lot of other guides and general rules you should follow.

    What's presented is basically a weird revenge story we follow where the viewers are to believe that Hannah has won something by dying and that in death she is more influential than in life. Constantly we see adults being unable to help Hannah but given no rationalization as to why they can't and that they constantly try but she blames them anyway. We see her constantly one uping basically everyone she had contact with in death and the entire series including the title name is an attempt to rationalize suicide.

    The whole show might be working to increase the problems people have and give a point that people with issues involving such behavior may put a focus on and try pedestling the story and Hannah as a character.

  6. Im sorry. But in your video you never bring a point about Hannah Backer ever showing sings of depression. Because she wasnt. Im not saying she wasnt even able to be depressed. But never in the show is it shown that she has depression. Hannah Backer had a very bad time, yes. But still the way her suicide is presented, is almost more like her, taking revenge and not the final way out. Commting suicide is a mostly thourghtless Action. Not with Hannah. She planed it ahead of time. Even recordet 13 Tapes, to send to People "responsible" for her suicide. But in the end it was her choice. And yeah some of the Things were bad like the thing about being raped. But she also sends Clay a tape in wich she said he did not compfert her but still was innocent. Wich is the Mist selfish thing ever as we how Clay believes he caused her death. Do you even know what that does to a person? Hannah was only thinking about herself. Not careing about what her death might do to the people she was close to. F*** Hannah Backer.

  7. Ok. I wasn't a fan of 13 reasons why, I didn't think it was that great but Hannah was clearly depressed. First of all, she killed herself so she clearly wasn't okay, and secondly, she went through some messed up stuff which would affect her mental health.
    I did think that the show missed some opportunities to get the message out that you can get help, and to show the signs to look out for in people with mental illness as her symptoms weren't shown very well (in my opinion).

  8. The second season was pure dogshit and takes away sympathy from the shows lead. I agree with the tweets, but that’s the shit you deal with when you no longer have source material to go off of and your just slinging shit at the wall for views

  9. Hello! I really agree that this "chemical imbalance" notion is adding more stigma to mental illness rather than helping at all. I wrote my take on it, I hope it´s alright to post a link.

  10. Depression has like 4 different factors that implied into it… the only problem when it is chemical imbalance depression is that you might end up on the drugs to fix it for ever… but I understand the children that can say that Hannah was not depressed, there is not really so much about how she felt, in her talk with mr.potter I’m not sure I would have diagnose her with depression (by the book) and that’s the only scene with her talking about her problem :/ I do agree that she should look for the help, but we cover that on your clay video (or Justin?) that you tell grown up and ask for the help, right

  11. Thank you, finally somebody says this. Depression happens because of life circumstances, chemical imbalance or both. People should stop trying to play the doctor and telling everybody what they think depression is.

  12. This isn't a stigma. I know many people with depression who hate the show because they realize how bad it is.

  13. Don't give it a title about 13 Reasons Why if you're just going to rant about mental illness stigma. Clickbait bullshit

  14. I can't believe it when people say they have some mental illness and say someone else doesn't because their story and experiences doesn't match with theres. Ridiculous

  15. Ok but.. I’m pretty sure Hannah was suffering from BPD (if you’re unaware of it, you can google it) she has 5 out of the 9 symptoms under the diagnostic criteria and you need 5 in order to be diagnosed… so.

  16. " bathroom scene with Tyler was horrible" .. well boohoo kids. This is what is really happening.. how do you think the victims feels like?
    and have you never watched a horror movie that you all are so scared by this? so pathetic y'all
    maybe it would be nice to realize that this is not a show for kids, right

  17. Honestly, I'm surprised at all the people saying "Yeah [this and that] in season one sucked, but [that and this] made up for it in season two!" because as much as i'd like this to be as simple as it would be, it really isnt. There was one year between each season airing. One year of people thinking suicide is a way out (which didn't do any good obviously), one year of people thinking telling a grown up/ someone you trust doesnt help at all and that they wont care/ take you serious, one year of people seeing mentally ill people as revenge craving/ petty people. One year is a lot of time, and the flaws in that show (or in the way they so desperately tried to raise awareness) did a lot of damage to a lot of people. So 'season 2 made up for it' isnt really an excuse for the flaws in season 1 to me.

  18. Ignorance is a horrible thing to walk life with, and all this people are ignorant. Not everyone is depress for the same reason and not everyone shows it and definitely not everyone experience depression the same way. Mental illness is not this easy obvious thing, is complicated and hard and anyone who suffers from it has the right to feel it no one's problem is more than others. And like I said before people are ignorant and these people are the real centered people who believe they have the right to minimize some else's feelings.

  19. Who are they to even judge if she's depressed or not too? Given her circumstances, I would say she was definitely depressed. You don't get sexually harassed, bullied, raped and see your family fall apart and come out of it perfectly fine. People need to stop being so self absorded.. seriously.

  20. DUDE THE SHIT CIRCUMSTANCES CAUSE A CHEMICAL INBALANCE: THATS The depression. It’s hand in hand. DEPRESSION IS A FUCKING CHEMICAL IMBALANCE BY MEDICAL TERMS. Don’t go around “educating” people when you don’t know anything yourself

  21. I just legit need to know if stuff like this happens on a regular basis at other schools or…? I could never get in to it because it seemed so unlikely that all of these things happened in the one school. Idk. Maybe my school was just exceptionally good.

  22. I wouldn’t expect that to be all of your knowledge. I think I just expected more from your clickbait ass title. Your message is scewed and doesn’t address the show but rather people who attack a fictional character. Yikes. also dude you have like 751 comments.. Maybe you should stop responding just in case you blow up in views

  23. Their points are kind of valid. They consolted a psychiatrist and they told them they shouldn't release the show at all but they did. Yes, her circumstances would constitute her depression, but the presentation wasnt good. The show glorifies suicide in just the basic fact that the plot of the show is about her suicide and she uses it as a weapon.
    I think the main problem they had with the show wasn't that "Hanna wasn't depressed" it was that the show made her kind of one dimensional. She was defined by her suicide and characterized by her trauma. She was shown as a cookie cutter example of a societal stigma and over simplification of what depression is and it does have negative effects. There are a series of guidelines that should be followed to safely present suicide, and 13 reasons why didn't follow most of them. It makes suicide seem like a valid option to get back at people who've hurt you, which is not a safe message.

    Though take my argument with a grain of salt. I'm regurgitating points made in reviews by Nitpix and I Hate Everything because I am clinically depressed and am well aware of the triggering imagery in the show and don't want to risk anything.

  24. If you live your life based off of a show instead or media in general you’re stupid and a problem

  25. this show is exploitative and disgusting. whether or not hannah was depressed isn't the main point (my impression leaned more to her suffering from PTSD than anything else): nothing in this video actually addresses the issue that this show glorifies mentall illness and suicide and then markets it claiming its somehow helping create constructive discussion, when really it's detrimental to anyone going through tough times. how is it so hard to understand that glorification and exploitation of mental illness is just sickening and wrong. this show is being kept up for money, there was no second book and they made a second season because it was popular. they dont give a shit about people suffering from mental illness, they prefer to turn it into some sick soap opera. this show is NOT helpful to people suffering from real mental disorders, its mass marketed bullshit that over-simplifies and distorts the kind of suffering people go through day to day. its pretending to be something its not, and so yes i would agree that everyone whos going through mental troubles should band together, but we should band together to vilify this show and express what it really is, which is utter mass-marketed mumbojumbo crybaby melodrama that makes mentall illness look like something thats completely fixed once its noticed, once the counselor and parents and friends start to care, as if thats the solution to going through depression. BULL SHIT. fuck this show. dont defend something you dont understand.

  26. this is the first video of yours that i've seen and i absolutely love your voice! you make very good points in this video that i find interesting. definitely subscribing!

  27. OH MY GOD I thought your video was going to be like all those comments you showed, and then I was going to ask if you were educated enough about mental illnesses because those opinions trigger me so much (being licensed in Psychology –and a year worth of studies away from being an actual Psychologist) and then I watched your video and when you pulled out the DSM I just couldn't leave without thanking you for this. The internet needs more people that can be empathetic towards these issues. So no one can have depression if they don't have it like you? Did you even read about your diagnosis and how tremendously variated can it be? omg I'm just beyond mad about people being so insensitive about the topics shown in the show, I actually saw a video discrediting the problems depicted because "it's impossible for all of that to happen in one school" I mean… ok, so does that mean it doesn't deserve to be talked about? I didn't like the show 100% but it wasn't so wrong either. Sorry for the ranting, I just wanted to congratulate you on your perception of this topic, and thank you for spreading good awareness on mental illness!

  28. I HATE 13 Reasons Why, but because it made her suicide seem like revenge that WORKED. I have depression, for sure, and mine is primarily chemical. But my doctors help me pay attention to situational depression, too, because it happens. My depression manifests differently from my sister's or my dad. When my grandma passed away, I needed to be with people. My sister needed to be alone. I cuddle with my dogs, she cannot be touched. Hannah was depressed. She felt trapped and hopeless. My depression makes me feel like that.

    The dialogue and pacing was just bad though.

  29. But she is not depressed.
    Like, she literally doesn't show ANY signs nor simptoms of depression.
    And yes, she is a rape victim, and yes she is bullied and yes she is- (they exagerate too much in the "trauma" part), but that doesn't mean that will have depression, yes is high likely, but she just didn't show any signs of it. And it is not wrong to say that, not all people that commit suicide are depressed, and not all people that are depressed commit suicide.
    Hannah just was in a REALLY tough time, and been through a lot, obviously someone will be really sad after all that but Hannah just didn't (actually they handle the "rape" and "bullying" themes really poorly, almost glorifying it..)

  30. Mental illness can be formed over time, mostly due to trauma, so the fact that she was raped can be the main reason she was depressed
    I personally don't think she was depressed up until that point, and I also feel that her suicide was too. . . polished
    There are also other reasons why people think that Hannah wasn't depressed
    Also, most of them looked at the the guidelines for portraying suicide and depression in media to show how it's not really that healthy for people going through depression
    It is also a proven fact that when suicide comes into play, mental health is always involved

  31. I do not think not have I ever believe that depression is only a illness cause by a imbalance. I suffered from depression because of life circumstances but still truly think that Hannah didn't. Her life sucked and it was a tragedy everything BUT most of the cases of people suffering from depression that go through suicide do it because an extreme lack of self worth and interest in life they don't have the energy or care to that over elaborate plan to revenge their "soon to suicide" or go "asking" for help is a shady and so defeated way. What she did was not the ultimate cry for help of a broken girl so beaten by life that couldn't see herself living anymore it was a calculate move to destroy those who wrong her. In the book is more clear and if you search for interviews of the author it will be even more real that Hannah did what she did because her perfect life wasn't a reality anymore.

  32. The problem I have with 13 Reasons Why isn't that it attempts to bring to light serious issues, it's how it does it, by shoving it in your face in the most unsubtle way possible. Instead of going over these issues regarding mental health, treating it's viewers with respect and calling out to victims, offering help and support, it insults victims by simplifying the complexity of their problems, portraying people who have had traumatic experiences as revenge seeking and gives them scenes that will trigger post traumatic stress. I would prefer if this show was aimed at people who aren't affected by the issues it presents but no, it's aimed at impressionable teenagers struggling with suicide.

  33. The biggest thing that pissed me off was the fact that she blamed Mr. Porter for actually listening to her? I don't know what she wanted him to do or say but in my opinion he did everything he could. Seeing him breaking down in the court room pissed me off so much that I legit wanted to stop watching the show. She terrorized everyone even after she killed herself, Mr Porter or Clay, thee scene where she literally almost drives him crazy so much that he wants to kill himself just to not hear her anymore was so fucking painful to watch. Like am I supposed to root for this chick?

  34. If you don't like it don't watch it. Maybe it's been a long time since you were in high school and I almost can guarantee that social media wasn't around when you were in high school but it's changed a lot and I think it's awesome that they're getting out problems that people who are just 15 years older than the thousands of kids who are really going through these very real and horrible type of situations, not only mental illness. They have so many things the adults these days just won't understand unless they see it! Since social media didn't exist yet and these problems did exist they just were all swept under the rug and covered up because people get ashamed of how they treat each other and it says a lot about you how disgusted you are by the show.. because it's people like you that are going to get the third season canceled when the whole point of the second season was to build up the third season and show you exactly what you're saying it's not showing you! You sound ridiculous sir, you need to just stop watching it and get over yourself and your stupid rants, yaen your boring.

  35. This SHOW is fucking terrible!!!! Not only is it cheesy and cliche, not only does the gruesome parts could influence copycat suicides but it actually causes apathy toward some realistic depressed behaviors. Teenagers can be impulsive, bitchy, inconsistent with out damn trauma and depression, but with the extra layer self loathing it’s even worse. I know 100% without a doubt that there are depressed teenagers with really messed up thought processes. Probably MANY teenagers think like her. So because she is an unlikeable character and the show is badly written when you see this in real life you have no insight into truly why. AND THE SHOW IS CALLED 13 REASONS WHY!!!! So it helps no one. There are girls out there like Hannah and this show doesn’t really explain how they truly are on the inside.

  36. I kinda agree with you, and to be honest this reminds me of the quote, "You can't say to a person that they dont have depression because people have had it worst, would be like saying you can't be happy because other people have had it better."

  37. Thumbs up thumbs up. You nailed it. You said what noone else has even bothered to say. I agree, depression and anxiety are so complex there could be many reasons as to why people struggle with it daily.

  38. Hannah: I just want everything to stop..I just want to die..Everyone hates me and i'm just weighing everyone down..Noones gonna stop me from killing myself..

    Others: LOL FAKE DEPRESSION!!1!1!!

  39. I have GAD and depression and I see a lot of my self in Hannah. Maybe I’m self centred and can’t cope with my past, maybe I’m all the things people say about Hannah. I’m still diagnosed with a mental heath issue by mental health professionals.

  40. Yes! Oh my god this is exactly what I thought! And the whole "you're not depressed, I'm depressed you dont know what depression is" bullshit, I hate that, anyone can be depressed, not everyone who is going through it has the same reaction, everyone is different, do not ever try to diagnose someone or think you know better than they do about this subject, no one really knows how any person feels when they go through this… I may get a lot of hate on this comment, I dont care, as someone who suffers with depression severally I absolutely cannot stand when people try to tell you you're not suffering, they couldnt possibly know what you're going through. Ugh im done.

  41. ive known from the first season id never watch any andim happy to say i havent watched 2 seconds of it??

  42. I understand your point and you are right, but that’s not why people are upset, it’s due to the fact that the show shows a girl kill herself, and shows how she never got help. Ever. This is what makes the show toxic, because anyone In Hannah’s position should get help, but she didn’t, instead she killed herself like it was the answer. That can leave a serious impact on the shows viewers who may be going through the same thing. It’s still a bad show and bad representation of mental illness. But still good video, it’s important to see a new view on the show.

  43. thank you so much for that! Im so annoyed by people trying to tell me 13reasons would glorify suicide… come on… just stop trying to shuff everything under the rug cause guess what, thats not the solution

  44. This was very true. In fact, I wouldn't doubt if Hannah's depression started because she was getting bullied at her old school. The rape just pushed her over the edge, really. Teenagers are just more emotional, so I'm sure that being in situations can cause them to become depressed easier, even if other people don't find them as bad as she did.

  45. Interesting, I have had this argument with my mother a lot. My mom has chemical depression and does that thing alcoholics do where they think everyone is an alcoholic so my mother keeps insisting I have depression and tells everyone that I do. I don't, every doctor,therapist, and psychologist says I don't have a chemical depression but while I had cancer I was put on antidepressants (which is common) because of the circumstances.

  46. People forget that 13RW is based on a book. The show didn’t want to change the story of that book (the tapes) too much so that’s why it may look like it ‘glorifies’ suicide. If that is an issue for you, you should criticize the book, not the show.
    I don’t think they do though. It realllllly made me think about mental health a lot more. Im a social worker and this show really made me more attentive to the signs of depression etc. It makes you realize how difficult being a teenager can be and how you should handle your peers and shouldn’t belittle problems that someone has.
    I thought season 2 was very realistic because they didn’t send Bryce to jail and that’s exactly what happens to thousands of rapists, they just don’t get locked up. I think they want to let people realize this problem and want to open a dialogue about this and want people to take action to change this…
    the only thing I didn’t like were Justin being a drug addict and relapsing in the last episode and watching the Tyler bathroom scene. Im a 25 year old and that episode scarred me. I didn’t expect it and they didn’t have to show that without and extra warning of some sort. It didn’t attribute to the story that much because the beating up was bad enough on its own..

  47. Hannah did the tapes so they would know why she did it. She didn't think of the consequences. Although she did do "13 reasons why not" note she still did what she did cause of the situation and what happened to her made her relize life was pointless. Everyone could of helped. But everyone was ashamed or either scared what the other Highschool kids would of sayed. Clay was the one who could of sayed something in multiple times but hannah threw mixed signals due to clay never throwing his shot

  48. I did not like Jessica's character in the whole show. Firstly she doesn't like her dad shouting at Justin when he clearly deserves it in the parking lot for what he had done to Jessica. Secondly she still talks to Bryce after finding out that he raped her. Thirdly she ends up falling in love with Justin again the guy who let her get raped n do nothing.Fourthly she takes the Polaroid from Justin and Tyler and gives it to Chloe like Bitch if they would show it in court Chloe would have been caught off guard and she would have to testify against Bryce.
    The concept of rape is stupid.

  49. the problem is if you have depression no reason is there to ask for help cause no one can help depression it's from the inside of you and you just wait until it goes away, suicide is a dangerous option cause there is no going back from it, hannah didn't give it a time and tried to justify her decision and blmae this and that it was stupid cause she didn't give time or at least bear it and live that's what we all doing anyway if everyone got upset from a rumor or name calling 50% of the earth population would be in institutions for help it's just too much it's life.

  50. Sorry man i can't accept what are your saying. Depression is a mental illness and such as it has to do with how you feel and whats happening in your brain!
    You said that you don't agree with the tweets lets see what they are saying.
    The 1st yeah is stupid it glorify suicide its simply showing the true nature of this
    Then yeah i was furious that Hannah didn't ask for help ONCE i was fighting with depression and suicide for 3 years but i ask for help i ask my friends my family then i understand that i need to see a doctor just like when i hurt my knee.

    I stopped watching the second season cause i was still furious about noone asking for a fucking help. Jess was raped and all she does is crying (hopping this group therapy could help her, as i said i didn't finish 2nd season) Tyler became a bad boy after everyone calling him names brakes his camera equipment and staff. And CLAY fucking CLAY goes with Skie cause his guilty about Hannah drives Skie to attempt cause he wasn't a person that Skie could count and still don't say to noone what happening he fucking hides Jensen?! to his room without his parents knowlage?? What the fuck is that!!

    Last thought in the last episode on 1st season Hannah ask Potter for help ok? Only one time after 2 rapes (Jess and Hannah) Potter as the worst therapy/counsiel i have seen doesn't give a single fucking good help but then she storms out of his office waiting for him to go after her?? Whats this, this is how you count help if someone chases you???

    I said much i could say more but its not the easiest thing for me to explain my self in English!!

  51. Science proves depression addiction . Stay dumb my friend ??? the fact is they were born more sensitive when a normal person could handle more . Keep saying depression isn’t real lots people will die

  52. My dr told me a great thing… People can be gentically disposed to depression… But for some you would never know it because they wernt put in a place or position to make it obvious. (Aka: for many, you can be depressed bc of mom or dad… But never know til life hits you fast and hard)

  53. You know as someone who actually went through bullying, I am personally more upset that so many professionals disregard this series as tottally rubbish, because even for people who haven't live through half of what was depicted in this series it was helpful that it was at least a major inspiration / theme someone in my close circle just literally said "At least someone's talking about the TRUTH!". And as many mistakes there might be in scince of things I might don't know about I find it ridicolous to think that it "inspires people to kill themselves"…I am not saying that people who are STILL GOING through a quarter or less of that stuff and had suicidal thoughts and attempts before could get triggered. But I guess that's why the put TRIGGER WARNINGS on some episodes and I just honestly do not get the backlash the series got.
    Because I see it that way, if people are still in a dark place and kill themselves with the easoning of a "TV place" they have been in a dark place way before those few episodes.
    It seems to be 30:50 40-50:50 situation. People who use it as an excuse to do stuff, based on their issues give the series the predjudice to inspir people to take a revenge in forms that most people would be way to K.O. too do do in reality if they had those Problems and actually Children who can watch it with a parent and tell them "Look THAT'S what I am talking about that's why I have been, were, was , am messed up"….I do agree that it was a bit fast and I guess it might be luckily rare that everything that happend to Hannah happens to one Person only, even though it does feel like it for the victims…I am happy someone at least showed what does and could happen every minute, every hour, evrey day in some school around the World and I am happy they also went into some houses of the bullies not to excusse the behaviour but story telling wise I just love it when people do show some "Teens truths".

  54. Also I do not have seen Season 2 yet and I am afraid that's just getting more backlash because there is no before existing story line.

  55. one of my friends who watched the show actually told me that hannah doesn’t have depression because she went to parties… what? ? so today i learned depressed people don’t go to parties

  56. This is crazy that you mention how people are saying it's only chemical. I have personally had the opposite experience with my depression, I have clinical depression and I have struggled with it for 16 years. I have had testing done to show the chemicals in my brain are WAY out of whack. But I also have a lot of other things in my life that causes me to be depressed as well. In my experience, those around me have been telling me 'just get out more, stop sleeping so much, just have more faith, try this thing, try that thing you'll get better' basically saying it's situational and in my control. NO! People need to realize its not just this way or just that way, but AND/OR!

    You can have depression because your brain chemistry is messed up. You can have depression because life has been really crappy and you are struggling with it… OR you can have both at the same time! (hello! thats me!)

    Wow, do I ever relate to how people are competing to see whos worse off! It's very much like that in the chronic illness community as a whole. People are always trying to one-up each other saying 'well my illness is worse than your illness'. What is up with that?! Everyone illness mental or physical affects them differently. We need to stop competing with each other and start supporting and understanding each other.

    I have not nor do I plan on ever watching this show for many reasons, but I appreciate you talking about this stuff. I know it's a very popular show and there needs to be more real talk about all the stuff it deals with!

  57. Have you read Lost Connections? It's pretty much exactly about what you're saying: not all depressive episodes are due to chemical imbalances. Some cases definitely are due to chemical imbalances, but some are circumstantial. The book makes an amazing point that sometimes our perceptions of ourselves have only a fraction to do with what our body is actually going through, and everything else to do with the story we've been fed about ourselves.

    This book was honestly very enlightening for me because I am not responsive to medication. After failing to find a medicine that would help me, I had to accept the fact that my disorder needed to be treated between me and the right therapist along with years of hard work. As I've gone further into my therapy, I don't doubt that my own depression (in spite of the years I've had it) manifested due to traumatic circumstances more than any kind of chemical imbalance. It's going to be a long battle for me regardless of that.

    I feel your frustration about this topic and I agree with you. I would have to re-watch 13RW's second season, but I do remember a lot of ways other people treated Hannah that could've easily fed into her severely depressive state. And I think what happens when some people are very passionate about a topic, they start to unknowingly develop a black-and-white mindset about it. Their zeal and desire to educate kind of become their blinders. I see this a lot and have fallen victim to this mindset myself! I am a very passionate person; that doesn't excuse any time I might accidentally erase the equally valid yet different experiences of others. They all matter!

  58. I think what people meant to express but went too far, was that it is painful to watch someone isolate, hiding their depression to the point of self harm. And we may hate the show for that. But as you point out, we should never hate the person.

  59. I do think she was with circumstantial depression, and her attempted (loosely) to get help. But I dont like that she used suicide as revenge. I think Kati Morton has also a good video of why it is not a good show.

  60. I think people think that if you you are not stuck in your bed 24hrs a day and don’t have suicidal thoughts you’re not depressed. Depression come in many forms and there are different kinds of depression. People always want to advocate for mental health but don’t want to give people the time of day if they don’t look or act mentally ill.

  61. Lol I love your channel and I've seen this video of yours pop up on my recommendations for MONTHS. But I never watched it because I thought it would be the same criticism I've heard about the show so many times already (I like the show btw). Watching this now and I'm pleasantly surprised that finally someone addresses the lack of empathy people have for Hannah. Nice

  62. THANK. YOU. From the first season, I have constantly been fighting with people about this. The reason I found the show so relatable was because I went through a lot of the same feelings Hannah did in a dark period of my life when I was severely bullied and mentally abused to the precipice of suicide. I was lucky; I was able to move away and start over before I fell off the ledge but the bullying-induced depression Hannah went through was something that I related to so much that when people were saying she wasn’t depressed it almost made me feel like my experiences weren’t valid. So anyways thanks for putting this out there.

  63. Okay, just to add some info:
    1.) The most commonly accepted theory for (the onset of) mental illness at the moment is the vulnerability-stress model. It suggests a natural, partly genetic vulnerability to external stressors and that those stressors function as initiators of the mental disorder – if vulnerability and stress add up to an above-“healthy“ threshold
    2.) The recession data (more people committing suicide during financial or political crises) applies mostly to men – presumably because the quality of your social network protects you from stressors like this.
    3.) Suicidality is not an official diagnosis (though gets evaluated constantly when you're in therapy).
    What bothered me in 13 Reasons Why was that Hannah was portrayed as a mere victim of circumstance. That is not true – the decision to take your life is always, always your own. Depression can do a lot of harm, but it can never, ever make you take your life, it can merely suggest it – suicide is a choice. To blame someone else in the way Clay does is just incorrect, though yes, the circumstances were built by others. That “victim“-mindset is a very harmful and dangerous one to have (or promote, thanks Netflix)
    Thanks for coming to my TED-talk, guys

  64. With all due respect, being raped was hannah's only valid reason to commit suicide, and she expects to be liked by everyone without doing anything to earn it, and her suicide comes off as a method of revenge or attention seeking. This show portrays suicide as a method of revenge and that is absolutely toxic to the inevitably young teenage audience that watch it, and things like this are making things worse for people who genuinely suffer from depression, but don't seek help because they're scared of being categorised with the people that act like they are depressed just to get attention or seem unique and quirky. I have reason to believe that hannah is one of these people, and just because she was raped and killed herself, that doesn't mean that she didn't only do it to get revenge/attention.

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