– Hi guys! So today is my 13 week pregnancy update and I’m gonna talk about all of the past symptoms that I’ve had and things that I’ve been
feeling in the past week. I’m also gonna update on the
down syndrome screening test that we had at our 12 week scan. They basically measure the fluid in the back of the baby’s neck in the scan and then they did a
blood test on me as well and then that’s all sent off to a lab to then come up with a result. So I got the results in the post and I’m very pleased to say
that my baby is low risk. There is a chance. It says “Your actual risk
is one in 17 1/2 thousand.” So I think that’s quite low risk because I can’t remember
what Fraser’s ratio was but I remember Caleb was
one in eight or 9,000 so this baby is like
one in 17 1/2 thousand. So the chance is extremely low of them actually having down syndrome
so that’s brilliant news. Anyway, the baby this
week is the size of a kiwi so it’s still growing really, really fast and I definitely feel
like I’m starting to show. So lots of symptoms this
week have been letting off. I’ve been feeling a little
less tired which is brilliant. I’ve been going to the
loo a little bit less. I’ve only been getting
up once in the night and really it’s more at, like, five a.m. I’ve been having really vivid dreams and I think it’s my
body’s way of waking me up and hormones as well. Like, my dreams have been so
vivid and some quite scary and just really, like, they feel so real. At five a.m. most mornings,
I wake up from a nightmare but I think it’s because
I need to go to the loo so I think it’s my body’s
way of waking me up to then go to the loo. So for instance this morning, I woke up at five because
I had this nightmare that I got into an elevator
and I pressed the up button but instead of going up in floors, the elevator just
started closing in on me. Like it just started
getting smaller and smaller and, like, you couldn’t do anything. And I woke up like (loud gasp) Absolutely no sick feelings at the moment. I’m still feeling really lucky about that. I’m feeling really well and
clear and bright and everything. Just one symptom this week that’s been really getting me down. And it’s the major symptom that
I’ve felt this week really. It’s just feeling a bit
low and not–not depressed. Just feeling a bit down
about my body and stuff. Cause I’m in that awkward stage. I actually hate this stage of pregnancy and I forget every time
that I hate this stage and now that I’m here, I’m
like “Ugh, I hate this bit.” I don’t really look pregnant but then I don’t really look normal. I just look a little bit
chubby around the middle. I just look a little bit
like I’ve got a pot belly or something and yeah, I’ve
just been feeling like “Ugh!” And then in one of my 12 week updates, I put up a picture of my bump because someone would be like “You’re not showing your tummy. You’re not showing your tummy.” But really it’s just showing, like, it looks a little bit
like my overweight tummy. So I didn’t really want
to just show that off. But anyway, so I showed it and then, like, some people were like “Oh
yeah, it’s really big. Like, it’s a really big bump at 12 weeks.” And I was like, “Cheers!” It just doesn’t make you feel very good and, like, I think I actually just hate comments during pregnancy. People always comment on my bump and people always comment on my boobs and I just think you
would never, ever comment on somebody’s body or chest or something if they weren’t pregnant but
as soon as you’re pregnant, people think it’s like
fair ground to just go “Wow, your boobs are massive. Oh my god, you’re legs have grown.” Or “Your bump is huge.” Like, in previous pregnancies because I am 5’3 and I think
I get quite big in pregnancy. I waddle really early and
my bump has been huge. I had quite big boys. I had an eight one and then a seven seven. So yeah, I had a few
people in the past say that I was the biggest pregnant person that they’d ever seen in their life. Loads of people making
the twin comment like “You sure it’s not twins?” Or loads of people predicting
that I was gonna pop early cause I was so big and I
was late with both of them. And yeah, I don’t know. I just think I’m feeling a bit like “Ugh!” Obviously when you’re trying for a baby, all I was focused on was getting pregnant and having a third baby
and that’s my main focus and I’m, like, so pleased
that I’m pregnant. I’m so, so happy that we’re
gonna have another baby. But now that I’m getting bigger, I’m like “Oh yeah, like,
I’m gonna have to get huge and deal with these
comments and probably get more stretch marks and probably get, you know, I just feel a bit like ugh.” Like you are just giving your
whole body up to something. And it’s hard for, say, me to, like, explain it to my husband
because, you know, he’s having another baby. He doesn’t have to give anything up. He doesn’t have to get
huge and then lose it and then like bleh! (making blowing sounds) How I’m acting at the
moment is not very me. Like, I do feel like it’s hormones because I’m, like, a
really positive person. I’m not really, like,
worry about it later. Like, I’m sure I’ll get it back and I’m sure it’ll all be fine but, so I just feel like something else is, like, taking over. The thing that’s really been
helping this week though, you may have seen it, is G. Fletcher. She posted a picture of her post-baby bump and basically commented
saying that a woman, like a stranger, had said “Oh,
mommy’s still got her tummy” 11 days after she’d given birth. And basically how she was so
grateful to her body for that and if she has a bump then, and stretch marks, like, who cares? Yeah and she posted a
video on her channel. It’s like her latest video. I’ll link it down below if
you want to check it out but it just really,
like, kind of helped me put things into perspective. Like, I’m not even massive yet. Really, it doesn’t matter
what’s happening to your body because you’re gonna get something so beautiful at the end of
it so that’s gonna bring you joy and happiness and love
and all of this amazing stuff. So, just need to, like, suck it up. But it was really timely actually. Her video on that and me
feeling like that this week. It was actually, like,
it really did help me so thank you for that, G. I think this has been a
bit of a downer this week. But basically I’m perfectly healthy. The baby’s perfectly healthy. My major cravings. I’ve been drinking a lot of
lemon water, I must admit, because water I’m still
finding a little bit too, like, plain and makes you feel
a little bit nauseous so lemon water has been great
and hot lemon water as well. Mueller Lights I’m still obsessed with and fruit I’ve been loving eating loads of pineapple and fruit and stuff. Just want to say thank you so
much for all of your support and all of your lovely comments and to everybody who has sent me messages or commented on my videos and things. I read every single one of them and I just really, really appreciate it. It really has helped. I don’t think you’d
realize how nice it’s been. I think that’s it for this week so thank you so much for watching and I’ll be back next week and
hopefully in a better mood. And I’ll see you very soon. Bye! Where it’s got its little leggy! Like stretched out.

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  1. Hi Emily, I no I asked that "are you sure it's not twins". I didn't mean to offend you, your tiny , all I meant is your bump really is growing but that's in a good way , it means the baby is healthy. I love watching your videos and I hope I didn't upset you by saying that , I was only joking . I was massive when I was pregnant and Lola is as healthy as she can be xx

  2. hi hun. I didn't know you were so self conscious. your hormones are taking over. You are beautiful and your baby bump is beautiful too.xxx

  3. Emily I would take no notice about comments,I think your worrying more because your on utube. And as far as I'm concerned you will always look great whether you put on weight or not,and when baby is here you will soon lose it as you will not be still lol. Don't show your tummy if you feel uncomfortable about it. Chin up,this is the last time your doing this and embrace your body changes. Great video as always. Xx

  4. It's so tough, pregnancy. I honestly did not enjoy being pregnant and I remember other people had their own views and comments. I found it funny that everyone had a different take on my bump, some would say 'you're going to have a 9lb baby' others would say your so tiny! Even when they are born you have 'ooh isn't he a big boy' and then I think, err well no he is in the 25 percentile for weight. Any ways enough rambling, hope your feeling more positive soon.

  5. I'm sure most of the comments are meant well – As in bump is a sign of a healthy pregnancy try not to take it to heart or get too worked up about it, although I do understand why you're sensitive about it. Personally I love people commenting on my bump as I think it's a wonderful thing!

  6. I'm also pregnant and so with you on the comments. It's amazing the comments that suddenly become acceptable as soon as someone's pregnant! I had the lowness feeling around same time as you but then felt great after about 15 weeks. You look bloody gorgeous by the way xxx

  7. Oh Emily!!! You look absolutely amazing!!! Your are not huge at all!!!!!! You look great!!! Every time I gave birth someone told me like right after labour, ohh you still have a tummy! And I was like "yesss, obviously!" It can make you feel so insecure at least for me, but I have had three and I have my body back. And I would love to have a fourth but I'm older now (37) and I think it would be a lot of chaos! I love all your videos! You're such a nice person!!

  8. I completely agree about comments. A lot of people have been saying i look ill/tiered and run down as im naturally very pale and since turning 13 weeks my face has broken out in spots ? Its easier said then done ignoring them even if they are well meaning! xx

  9. Emily give yourself a break,you are allowed to feel this way,your body is going through a lot!Look how amazing you are doing tho!You have this busy life with two little boys,work,house renovation,you tube!I admire you so much!Who cares what other people think or say,this is your body,your life and happiest time of your life,don't ever let anybody to make you feel low!xxx

  10. Emily I just wanted to give you a hug. You are a beautiful lady and are growing another human! You'll get your body back don't worry and a gorgeous baby. Xx

  11. Such a relief that your baby is low risk for down syndrome. Don't mind negative comments, you look beautiful and radiant and your skin is flawless xx ❤

  12. Pregnancy suits you hunni,you are so radiant & beautiful 🙂 It's so nice to get past the tired sicky stage! Hope you're feeling ok :)Love to all xxxxx

  13. Hey Hun, you look beautiful! I think people can be so rude without meaning to be! I had twins so I literally was the size of a house, and my body sadly will never ever be the same. But yes, it's a small price to pay for such a blessing. You don't have to show the bump shots if you don't feel comfortable doing it, I think whenever someone said I was huge, I just tried to take it as a compliment. Big baby's are healthy babies 🙂

  14. I feel you! My father in law thought it was cute to make horrible comments about how INCREDIBLY HUGE I was and how I looked like a whale and what not. I went from 130 to 200 lbs (still healthy eating not any junk food or sodas or crap that's just how my body does) and now that I'm thinner he always comments like "oh my god you look amazing blah blah" and it then pisses me off more because I'm carrying 10-15 extra lb that I can't seem to lose — and I'd just rather NOT think that people are even thinking about what my body looks like – good OR bad !
    So awful!! But aside from that you're a total BABE so don't get down on the round belly because it's a big beautiful baby house! Xx

  15. In America you get your gender results when you get Down's syndrome results if you get that test – do they not do that over there? Also , do they still do gas and air over there? I wish we had that option instead

  16. I really didn't enjoy pregnancy. I felt so tired and so uncomfortable as I got bigger. I am only 4ft 7in so showed quite early too.

  17. Hormones!!! I'm 5'3 and look like an elephant when I'm pregnant……every flipping time (3 times). On the last, When we moved house, my new neighbour (first time I met her) asked when I was due, I was about 6 mths at the time, and she said "but you're already so big" I just smiled and rubbed my massive baby belly! Everyone is different and you get the best present at the end. Best of luck and congratulations x

  18. Aww Emily, I'm sorry to hear u have been feeling a bit low, I know what u mean re comments about your body changing, I had that happen to me in my prev job when I was pregnant with Ollie. The most obnoxious woman on the planet told me how awful I looked and how I had put on a massive amount of weight (which I hadn't at that point) but it stuck with me and really upset me. Don't let it get u like it did me, u look amazing, you are glowing and u are growing a beautiful new little life. We as women are pretty awesome with what we can do with our bodies, embrace it gorgeous momma xxx

  19. I've loved all of your pregnancy updates so far! And it's great that you're so honest with how you're feeling! I'm so excited for you! X

  20. I totally understand how you feel. With my last I was so excited to have a baby and then you start getting big and you remember how much it sucks to put on all that weight. I also get absolutely huge, people always ask if I'm having twins. I'm 5'3 as well and my babies are huge, my one daughter was 9 pounds and the other was 10.5.

  21. You look fabulous X on my 2nd boy I was massive he was a big boy to and I had them comments to , it's true thou would would say that to just anybody xx

  22. Oh Emily! I know it can be difficult ( i had a baby 10 months ago and I am still working on the bump ? ) your body goes through so much…i think mostly in the begging and at the end, our hormones are everywhere that is why you are emotional…just know you are not alone! Show your bump proudly as it is a miracle growing inside. Focus on your and baby's health the rest really does not matter… weight can be lost latter… Your time being pregnant with your baby is only now. Take care ! ?

  23. Emily I'm glad your more upbeat now. Although I have a 9and a half month old son,I've never been pregnant as I can't have children. I was very lucky at the age of 40 when my best friend offered to be a surrogate for us. I remember pushing him out when he was a couple of weeks old and a lady stopped me to admire him,she said oh I like your top it hides all lumps and bumps when you have just had a baby haha. And although I must of looked shocked,I have waited so long nothing was going spoil how excited I was. What I'm trying to say is,you look great and your on your third,so don't think about your weight at the moment. Loving all these videos. We found out Harry's sex at 16+3,and he was tiny weighed only 6Ib at birth. Take care. Xx

  24. I totally know how you feel – I got all those comments too and they are so hurtful. I got to the point where I would tell people that their comment hurt my feelings – it usually made them realize how daft they were and also, hopefully, prevented them from hurting another mummy! You look fabulous and I can't wait to see your maternity wardrobe!

  25. Ah I remember those meany comments and actually I had a 'smallish' bump and people's comments would worry me… 'Oh, your bump is tiny, is your baby growing okay?' Then as I did get a bigger bump I would get the opposite, 'oh, I was like you, big all round' it's hard to not feel sensitive towards the comments when the hormones are racing! Lots of love xx

  26. This was a very heartfelt video for me because I went through these feelings also with my pregnancy and looking back at photographs I was an absolute whale. I'm just a tad shorter than you and I never knew my butt could stick out that far! It's definitely something I fear for my next pregnancy, regardless of growing a previous beautiful baby inside of you, it's very hard to cope with! I just want to say though no matter what stage you are in your pregnancy you will always look gorgeous ? Thank you for your honesty, we all need to share these things so we don't feel alone xx.

  27. Love your honesty. Don't let anyone's silly comments get you down. All pregnant women are beautiful because you are making a whole new person inside and that is amazing!! Xoxo

  28. I got that down syndrome screening with my son and it turned out 1 in 8 high risk. I was mortified. I got the amniocentesis and everything was ok. Now my son is going to be 9 in April and a great little guy. Please check out my channel too. I'm a mom of 3. I just started my channel and could use all the support. I subbed your channel, please sub me back 🙂

  29. So glad I found your channel! Been trying to find a vlogger doing pregnancy updated around the same time as me! I'm 13 and half weeks! Can't wait too see more

  30. I can relate to this update…both of my baby' have been big baby's and. I would always get upset with peoples mean comments about how big I was. I don't think people think before they speak to or touch pregnant person. I used to hate it when people would just come up and touch my belly.

  31. you look amazing.. when I was rpeggo with my children people would ask omg are you due tomorrow when I was 24 weeks. ugh people are rude. you look amazing

  32. Oh Emily I'm watching this video 12 weeks pregnant with my second and you have literally taken the words out of my mouth. I got so many comments about how big I was in my previous pregnancy (my boy was late and 6lb12!) and I got to the point where I felt embarrassed about my bump which is just terrible. I'm already really showing this time round and feeling anxious about all the comments to come. As you said, it's terrible how other people feel they have the right to say those sorts of things x

  33. i feel exactly the same way! but yes every soul is beautiful were just in our hormones and some not use to the extra weight, as you said short people. im 5'0ft and 13 wks and 2 days and jus feel like extra full and bloated yet always hungry. /: i keep looking at other people seeing what they look like but every body is different. your beautiful and so is the life that is being created(:

  34. I love how honest you were in this video. You are awesome! I do hate how entitled people feel on commenting on a woman's body during pregnancy. I never thought that was right. Jackson is adorable by the way! Congratulations.

  35. Thank you for being so real in this video. So many people would edit out that raw feeling and I am so glad you didn't. I am 15 wks and am seeing my body change in a less attractive way and it gets you down

  36. I've just gotten into the 14th week and girl! You took the words right out of my mouth!!

    It's my first, and I've never experienced real body changes before and this is so awkward! You just look like you had too much for dinner … and if you happen to skip a BM that day, my lord the bloat gets bad. I've been so blue about it and it's hard for my husband to grasp.

    It's lovely knowing I'm not alone in this feeling.

  37. Thank you so much for sharing that. I'm first time pregnant and I've always had issues with my body image. It's getting a lot harder realising how many changes are going to happen to my body during pregnancy and my boyfriend definitely doesn't understand how big of a change it is for me. So it was refreshing to see someone speak so open about it without sounding ungrateful about having a healthy pregnancy ❤️

  38. You were gorgeous here. People are seriously weird…goodluck when they are in this position (me right now) SO HARD…. worth it but very mentally challenging.

  39. I am 13 weeks pregnant right now and this is EXACTLY how I feel right now!! People keep commenting on how 'huge' I am as this is third baby and I am really showing so early. A bit fed up but it really helped to watch your video.

  40. Going through this right now. Thank you so much for sharing. Its been so hard for me to deal with my body changing. Nice to know I'm not alone in this feeling.

  41. I'm so glad I've found your vlog!! Im 11 weeks pregnant and I've been panicking as I've not had much in the way of symptoms so it's been so reassuring watching your updates. Thank you xx

  42. i needed this video. I feel like a portobello mushrooms. im waddling too at 12 weeks 6 days. i hear the twin comment and its just hard to deal with. this is my first. i dont know what to expect… this lets me know im not alone, everyone else thats preggo is cute smaller and further along.

  43. First time pregnant and so true people think it's ok to tell u what to eat/drink/do or not. I'm 5"2 so when my belly popped out I got the twins and that I'll be early comments.

  44. Seriously who cares how big or small ur bump is! after ur first pregnancy ur belly gets bigger quicker cuz it already stretched before and besides thats part of pregnancy , getting big and all the nasties that come with it. smh

  45. These videos are great because they are still so relevant and real, beat you tuber in my eyes. Seriously one of your biggest fans over here in Australia ??

  46. I realize this video is several years old, but I'm newly pregnant and I've been watching ALL of your videos. You are so charming and I really appreciate how honest you are about how it all feels. I'm also in that stage of being just a little overweight and people are already pointing out the bump, it's pretty uncomfortable and I find myself saying "that's not baby, that's just fat."

  47. I am currently going onto my 12th week and I so appreciate how honest and real you are in this video! Honestly, so amazing! ????????????

  48. Hi Emily just wanted to say even though this is an old video is that you have done an amazing job you have looked beautiful all the way through your pregnancy and now your a mommy to 3 gorgeous boys and you really had nothing to worry about with your weight because you have done a great done in losing the baby weight well done you xxxx my favourite utuber xxxx

  49. Im a Texas girl and at 6:09 I thought she said Miller Light ( which is beer) and I was like Whaaaaaaa? lol I love her accent! I wish I had a nifty accent like that instead of my Texas Twang.

  50. I know you posted this so long ago but I am pregnant with my second and I’m ten weeks and it feels like I’m 20 weeks!! I can so relate to your feelings! Thank you for making this video so long ago! Gave me a lot of comfort today!

  51. I've not been feeling like myself either. I'm 13 weeks also (I know you might of posted this video a while back) but totally can relate to you and those unwelcomed comments. However, I tell myself, "whatever, I'm making a human! I have super powers" you are awesome! Thanks for your honesty!

  52. Reoccuring nightmares can be a sign of low iron. I think it is better not to post pics if you dont want comments on your body. Some people just have no filter! Best of luck ❤️?

  53. I felt this video. When she says my husband doesn’t have to give up anything. She’s the ones who gains the weight, gets the stretch marks and gives up everything. I’m currently 13 weeks and this helps!

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