20-Year-Old Says Plan to Storm Area 51 Was Just a Joke

20-Year-Old Says Plan to Storm Area 51 Was Just a Joke

he’s the 20 year old college student behind a plan to storm area 51 I figured that the FBI would be knocking on my door right about now but nobody has shown up nobody’s tried to contact me area 51 is the top-secret Air Force Base long associated in the public mind with extraterrestrials and UFOs how do you get funding for something like this it lies deep in the desert 150 miles from Las Vegas it bristles with signs warning the curious to keep out last month Maddie Roberts launched a Facebook page he called storm area 51 let’s see them aliens it says they can’t stop all of us now three million people have signed up to storm the base the Air Force is taking it seriously and issued this warning the US Air Force always stands ready to protect America and its assets now Maddie says he was just kidding I don’t want anybody to actually get hurt with this it was just it started out it’s just from a pure stroke of imagination it’s just meant to be funny I want to do something cool out there now that we have a bunch of people but I don’t want anybody to get hurt the Facebook page advises people if we Naruto run we can move faster than their bullets that’s a reference to a Japanese anime character who dodges bullets by running like this Maddie even demonstrated the late-night comics are having a field day the event is called storm area 51 they can’t stop all of us maybe not but they can’t stop some of you [Music] you [Music]

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  1. 3 million people signing up to storm area 51:
    The 3 people that end up going: ???
    Mom screaming in the back after the three people refuse to storm it cause they thought there was gonna be 3 million people: I SPENT MONEY ON TICKETS TO SEE YOU GET KILLED AND THEN YOU REFUSED?!

  2. He protected
    He attack
    But most importantly we will strike back
    And if you shoot us your gay for your rest of your life

  3. Guys look for a red unmarked airplane in mclaren international airport in Las Vegas that will outsmart the military

  4. This was made up by a 20 year old i tought it was made up by a 13 year old wow this is pretty sad good luck storming in have fun with the cancer you end up with run like nartuto die like a idiot

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