22-Year-Old With Severe Skin Condition Lives Life To The Fullest

22-Year-Old With Severe Skin Condition Lives Life To The Fullest

JAMES: My motto in life is #YOLO, you only live once. I just believe if you have that
simple thought, you can do anything. COMM: James Dunn was born with epidermolysis bullosa, a rare skin condition which is the
equivalent of third degree burns. JAMES: My skin just comes off in blisters and scars with friction, so it’s basically
a genetic skin condition that’s very rare and very severe. It’s very painful, there
isn’t a moment that goes by when I’m not in pain, I have to have morphine ever four
hours. COMM: But despite the constant pain the 22-year-old refuses to let it dampen his spirits. JAMES: You just grow to be positive and the more obstacles you face, the more troubles
in life that come to you, the more positive you get, the more happier you get. You come
out at the end of it smiling no matter what happens. LESLEY: The way James handles his condition is, let’s just say, amazing, I really do.
I think if I was going through that there is no way I’d be like him. GEMMA: He is the most positive person I do know. Inspirational, he doesn’t let anything
get in his way. COMM: EB sufferers can have a shortened life expectancy but James is determined to fulfil
his dreams. KIERAN: I think he has got a great attitude to life in terms of making the most of life
and making most of experiences, and I think we all got to learn from James’ example
really. JAMES: So far on my bucket list, I have crossed off quite a few things. One of the highest
things on my bucket list as a youngster was to visit Las Vegas because I am really into
magic and the big shows out there, and I have been there six times now. Been to South Africa,
that was another big thing. When you are achieving something that you have always wanted to do,
it just makes you think sky is the limit sometimes, you can do anything you put your mind to. JAMES: I’ve always wanted to like to get in a plane that’s adapted so I could fly
it easily. I think that would be awesome, just to be able to fly on my own with no help
from anyone else. That would be the next achievement in my life. COMM: And he keeps himself busy closer to home as well. JAMES: I love playing wheelchair football. I do play that once a week. I love travelling.
Love a bit of Netflix, love watching TV, YouTube, photography. Really into my photography. I
go out a few times a week with a friend of mine called Mark. We just do fun stuff really,
we just get out and do what every 22-year-old does; just shop, have fun, talk about girls,
everything. COMM: James maintains his positivity despite having suffered from the condition his whole
life. LESLEY: I first discovered James having EB when he was actually born. He had no skin
on his feet, couple of digits were missing the skin and also his face where the midwife
had handled him, her finger marks had taken his skin off his face. JAMES: Every other day I have to change my bandages which takes three to four hours,
and it’s not just a matter of taking them off and putting them back on again. As well
as the physical pain and the hardship that way, there is also mentally it’s quite hard
because you have gotta make sure you are focusing, you gotta blank everything else out, and just
focus on looking at my skin and making sure it’s all okay and bandaged properly. COMM: Unsurprisingly the bond between mother and son is strong. JAMES: My main support in life is my mom. She is not only a brilliant mother but she
is also my best friend to be honest. Me and my mom spend a lot of time together. She gave
up work when I was born to become a full-time carer. She will most probably will laugh at
this and like say I am mushy, I am, I am soft, I am because I tell her all the time. But
honesty I don’t know how I would live without her, I love her to bits. She is my rock in
the world and I can’t think of a day without her. I can’t think of what it would be like
to live without her. JAMES: Obviously future, in terms of what will happen medically, it’s progressive
so the condition will get worse, my skin will get worse. It will carry on scarring, it will
carry on blistering and sometimes you know people with my condition get skin cancer so
that’s most probably what will end up happening to me, medically but I’ve already had it
once. I actually had it few months ago in December. I had it removed and now it’s
all gone. JAMES: When people ask me you know what my motto is or how I live life, the rules I go
by in life, it’s #YOLO basically – you only live once. Just believe that you only got
once chance at this life, so while we are here let’s go out there, all guns blazing,
let’s have fun along the way. Let’s create some awesome memories, have some good times
and yeah, everything will be good.

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  1. omg if i were him…well im not sayin he should…but if i ever had that i would prolly give up…….but this 22 year old is a strong man…he can inspire the ones tjat have just givein up and are just tired of the pain…..he can help others with pain like that or a sickness that they were born with and have bee in pain all their lives…..i gotta say this boy is strong

  2. I have a 22 year old daughter. I'm so sorry for his situation and hold him in my prayers. He seems happy.

  3. Omg little trooper?? I know their life span is about to 25 so to see that he's come so far in life is amazing!!! Everyone should have a positive attitude just like him

  4. "Fortunately" within the bad, at least he has a well-off family that can offer him tratment and a "better" life, because I have seen worse cases in poor children suffering agonies 🙁

  5. I would like to meet this hero personally and ask him to slap me in the face for my problems that i give so much fuck..which is nothing compared to his… He has a blessed soul

  6. he's a true soldier god bless u bro. ur definitely a motivator I wish u the best in everything u do . ur inspiring also u got swag to

  7. The dude is simply stronger than most of us. Many people go through their lives voicing their grievances, related to work, education etc but they are eclipsed by this guy's position in life, but like he is seen in the video, this does not stop his positivety showing through.

  8. poor him 🙁 terrible what some people hv to go through … he look younger then 22. wish him the best

  9. There are both brave, It hurt a lot for a mother to see a son suffer everyday like that and for this men because of his condition ! God bless them

  10. Dude you are so so inspirational. I'm going to remember you and the other kid jonathan for a long time. Thanks so much and well done. No words.

  11. I woke up this morning bitching and crying because my knee was hurting a little bit.
    I saw this video and this guy makes me feel like a pussy.
    Stay strong, I'll see you on the other side.

  12. wonder if someone with Epidermolysis Bullosa can be treated with monistat and eat fresh garlic everyday Garlic Chopped up and swallowed with water so it doesn’t burn the mouth as much

  13. Articles online indicate James Dunn passed away.

  14. Any time you think you have it rough. Always remember other’s have it lots
    Worse! I pray for all people who are suffering.

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