238:Danger hai Dahi:1 Galti Hai 7 Bade Rogo Ka Karan|| Dahi Khane Ka Sahi Tarika Sikh Lo

it is said that “once bitten twice shy” i.e once a person gets into trouble with something next time he gets aware of it but most of us we get personally affected by it similarly, there is a thing called “curd” yes…Curd now we all know the love of curd and in our country (India) it is said that “there is no kitchen without yogurt” a kitchen without yogurt or yogurt without kitchen means the food or kitchen is wasted but this affection of curd had led to several diseases and while treating patients we come through many diseases caused by improper intake of curd and it is not like only the people of this era are following the improper usage of curd this mistake has been followed from thousands of years and due to this mistake people have been spoiling their Time, body,, and money so, let us know what are the myths Charak rishi says, improper usage of curd especially causes seven types of diseases that is why the sloka written by him says “dadhi pariah” means Curd Lovers so, let us know what are the diseases caused by improper usage of curd Also what the main seven diseases and what is the right way to consume curd by which you can be safe even after eating curd firstly he says,

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