3 Bizarre Scenes In Otherwise Good Movies – Obsessive Pop Culture Disorder (Kingsmen, Ghostbusters)

3 Bizarre Scenes In Otherwise Good Movies – Obsessive Pop Culture Disorder (Kingsmen, Ghostbusters)

(digital tones) (beatbox beats) – Hello internet. I am Danny Joey Nicky O’Beat. And welcome to another
episode of Obsessive Pop Culture Disorder, the show that, if you’re watching this in the way way distant future, and most records have
been lost in some kind of horrible catastrophe, is the most popular show of all time. It was Beyonce’s favorite. It healed the nation. I’m what the bible is based on. And today’s record
setting episode explores. (beatbox drumroll) Few movies pop out of
the womb fully formed. It’s rare for a movie to
start with a clear idea in a person’s head and then have that idea translated perfectly. There are script rewrites,
studio notes, reshoots and actor demands that go into every film. The movie you end up seeing is often a hodgepodge of different
ideas that have come together at different points of
the movie making process. And sometimes it works,
and sometimes it doesn’t. As a result, we get some
pretty (bleep) scenes in some pretty decent movies. And I’m gonna talk about them now. I hate doing intros to this. People already know what
the episode is about based on the title that they clicked on. Why do we insist on doing this? Title card. (beatbox beats) Ghostbusters is a near
perfect movie about ghosts, busters and Bill Murray being great. – I’ve always wanted to do this. And (dishes shattering) The flowers are still standing. – It’s one of the amazing classic comedies that’s going to be
studied for years to come. And the plot is pretty straightforward. Ghosts are real, some
scientists saw this coming, and built some ghost entrapment
and containment devices to keep everyone safe,
because ghosts are bad. The relationship between man
and the ghost in this movie is not nuanced. Something happens when people
die that makes them evil. They become ghosts and ghosts are bad and need to be busted. Then in a fun montage about
ghost busting, this happens. (seductive trippy music) (groans) (laughs) Busting makes you feel good, indeed. That’s Dan Aykroyd’s Ray Stanz dressed kind of like Napoleon,
I guess, getting a blow job from a ghost in what may be a dream. I have a thousand questions. And the first 900 of them are no with a question mark on
them at the end of them, because no, don’t do that in your awesome Ghostbuster movie. This subplot involves Ray
and Winston going to a fort that was allegedly haunted. In this fort, Ray finds
an old officer’s uniform, which he puts on, sure. And then he falls asleep. And then a ghost sucks his dick for real, because if you’re a man in a writer’s room working on a movie, eventually
you’ll raise your hand and say, what if blank
sucked my dick in this scene? It’s just a thing that happens. I’ve been in a lot of writer’s rooms. I’ve no doubt that while
working on the Ghost and the Darkness, Val
Kilmer softly pitched, what if one of the lions
is suddenly friendly and like, blows me 110%? And then after, I’m like, we
can’t, and she purrs at me. But you’re so good at
getting your dick sucked and I’m like, I know, but we can’t. It’s man’s favorite idea for
a thing to happen in a movie. Guarantee you, that
happened behind the scenes of the Ghost and Darkness movie. This show is accessible. Anyway, all that stuff I said about the Ghostbusters going to
a haunted fort was cut, but the blow job sequence stayed, now reimagined as a dream
sequence because if they cut it, the audience might leave
the theater thinking, but can ghosts blow
people in dreams or what, why wasn’t that addressed? And Akyroyd couldn’t live with himself without resolving that issue. So the scene, for no
clear reason, was kept. Ray has a dream that he’s
dressed as Napoleon in a fort, and the ghost blows
him, and it’s so great, he crosses his eyes and
falls asleep in the dream. Nobody watching that
movie would have known about the behind the scenes subplot, so the scene doesn’t belong
in this or any movie. But Akyroyd wanted to keep it in, saying, “The ghost in the
fort, the seduction ghost, in paranormal research,
that’s a common thing. Ghosts doing sexual things to people. I have a friend who had
three women visit him in a haunted house in Louisiana and it was one of the greatest nights of his life. But in under two hours, you obviously can’t have everything.” Yeah, obviously you can’t have everything. Dan Akyroyd believes ghosts are real, and that a few of them (bleep) the (bleep) out of his buddy, a liar. And if his Ghostbuster movie
were a little big longer, he could’ve included
all of this information. That’s the amazing sort of
adorable part of all this. Akyroyd wanted to involve
a scene involving ghosts seducing people in haunted houses, because he believes there
is historical precedent for that kind of thing. But when told that
there wasn’t enough room in his movie for a clear
subplot explaining this, he compromised with uh, fine, but we’re keeping the blow job scene. No context, but people will understand. As a representative of the people, we do not. (beatbox beats) Kingsman horny butt sex princess? Did my title card operator have a stroke, or is someone making entry titles based on a random drawing of five cards against humanity white cards. Do we want to maybe try that again? (beatbox beats) Alright, fine, I know when I’m beaten. Kingsman, the Secret Service is a fun, gratuitously violent action-packed movie based on a comic book. It’s one of those ’nuff said movies. A movie that is kinda cool, but when people try to sell you on it, they resort to just
excitedly listing the bizarre ridiculous and outside of the box elements contained therein. So, if you ask someone
why you should watch Kingsman, they’d say, there’s
a lady with swords for legs, the president’s head explodes, Samuel L. Jackson plays a
tech billionaire villain with a lisp for no reason. – Seriously, it’s fine. – And Colin Firth does a
beautifully choreographed murder dance through a church. ‘Nuff said. I generally hate ’nuff said movies, but the charm, acting
and story of Kingsman really worked for me. It’s a fun, dumb movie
with cool characters and briefly, Mark Hamill. – Am I meant to find that reassuring? – ‘Nuff said. – All of it is pretty good. And then there’s this scene. (metal clanking) – Aren’t you that princess
that went missing? – Can you get me out? – Well if I do, will you give me a kiss? I’ve always wanted to kiss a princess. – If you get me out right now, I’ll give you more than just a kiss. – If you haven’t seen the movie, that guy in the glasses is our hero, a kind-hearted British street punk who is recruited for an
even more secret version of the secret service. The woman in prison is a princess who was captured because
she didn’t go along with Samuel L. Jackson’s evil plan of blowing up the stupid
and poor people of the world in an effort to reduce the population and address climate change. It’s a weird movie. Here is a sweet boy trying to
help and do the right thing. She is a princess who
chiefly has been notable for being one of the few people in power willing to stand up to Sam Jackson, which is why she’s in prison. This is the first time they’ve met, and he would rescue her, but he has to go save the world first. And he tells her. – Sorry love, gotta save the world. – If you save the world, we can do it in the asshole. – I’ll be right back. (dramatic music) – Everything about this is weird. But weirder still is that
our guy saves the world, and then she immediately
makes good on her promise. (romantic music) – You owe me Eggsy. (door closes) Eggsy? – She is a legitimate
princess who has been missing for quite some time, and
has an entire country to preside over. She’s got family that’s missing her, she’s got a country that’s
probably freaking out. And even if she were royalty, she’s a kidnapped person
who has been held captive by a maniac and his
sword-legged bodyguard. That is not a situation that immediately lends itself to horniness. You need to get home, see
your family, see a doctor. And you, Eggsy, our hero boy, you just killed a bunch of people indirectly, including
the last cool president of the United States. You also shouldn’t be thinking
about anal sex right now. It’s a weird bonkers non
tonal fit for this movie. Also, I hate hate hate
using this stupid ass show to make any kind of point, but we shouldn’t be perpetuating the idea of sex as a reward. The movie takes the sex as a reward idea to its most extreme point. If you save the world,
an undeniable good dead, you will get anal sex with a princess, an undeniable rare sexual
event for at least two reasons. The height of the circumstances, the ridiculousness of it makes it easy for us to brush it off. You save the world from
a McDonald’s loving Samuel L. Jackson, of course,
means you get to have anal sex with a beautiful princess. This movie’s wacky. But if you can consider
the sentiment behind it, it can only be insidious. World saving and princess butt sex is the extreme end of a spectrum, but if you zoom in on it, it becomes guy did something heroic and gets repaid with sex. And zoom in even further and it becomes, guys who do good things
are owed a sex treat, and that is exactly the
type of toxic lesson that we can’t still be teaching
in whatever year this is. It’s not enough that he
should save the world because he saves the world. It’s not enough that he
should save the world because it’s the right thing to do. He needs to also get special birthday sex from a princess? We shouldn’t be conflating
sex with reward / payment in movies in general. But we also don’t need it in Kingsman, a movie where we didn’t need
any additional motivation to have our humble, poor British punk taking down an insane rich technocrat. (groans) I hate how self important we got. Do we have any dumb entries I can look to? (beatbox beats) That feels pretty unimportant. Let’s get into it. Adam Sandler who can
do, whatever he wants, remade a prison football
movie, The Longest Yard. And it was mostly stupid. It was about some
prisoners playing football against their prison guards, and is a pretty fine
but forgettable movie. Sandler partners with
old hat Burt Reynolds and cool insider Chris Rock, while organizing their football games. And then, Chris Rock brutally burns alive. What? What? (twangy country music) – How do he listen to that cracker shit? (explosion) (dramatic music) – This has no impact on anything. It’s just a weird gross scene in a movie that otherwise was about a bunch of people
playing football together. It’s not a serious movie. It’s not about the justice system. It never positions itself
as an important movie, and yet, suddenly, let’s watch Chris Rock burn alive for no reason. (explosion) That’s (bleep) dark. I know I spent a bunch of
time on the first two entries, and this feels kind of short changed, but dude burned alive, right? It’s a forgettable Adam Sandler movie and there was a brutal fire death scene. That didn’t happen to
Mr. Deeds or Big Daddy or Wedding Singer. Probably it was just
like let’s burn this guy in this one movie. That’s (bleep) up. Anyway, join us next time when our topic will be Daniel leaves writing the final tag joke
for the last possible minute, and this time didn’t
feel like working on it, because it doesn’t actually matter. It actually hurst our
channel if we stick around reading meaningless content, because the audience is more
discerning and selective about their time. Okay, sounds good. Sounds like a meaty episode. Can’t wait to sink my teeth. Bye. (twangy upbeat music) Hey everybody, thank
you for watching that. Make sure you click
the big C to subscribe. And click one of the videos to my right to watch other funny videos. Make sure you click on that dumb (bleep) Youtube bell so you get notifications when we put out new videos. And if you’re still looking
for something to do, call your parents, tell
them you love them. And call mine too, I forgot to.

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  1. Ok…the butt sex thing I think you over thought that. I've seen the movie and at no point did I think that I cant wait to do something so awesome or good so I can get rewarded with sex of any kind. Youre over analyzing it

  2. Every time I watch a video with this guy he’s saying something bad about sex. It’s like he’s the holy roller of sex in cinema. What’s with him. Porn is bad. Butt sex is bad. All sex is bad. Get off your high horse. There all fucking movies dude.

  3. I haven’t watched anything from this channel in quite some time. Probably best, as I see they have jumped on the pussy wagon. Sex as a reward? Oh no! Guess what? Women treat it that way with their partners all the time. It ain’t Hollywood that’s perpetuating that idea, it’s women. But hey, let’s blame “toxic” males for that, right? Fuck off. And that little throw away line about the last “cool” president getting his head blown off? Enough with the Obama worship already. The prick nearly destroyed this country. He’s cool in a charismatic way, but as presidents go, he was shit.

  4. I agree with the first two, however longest yard was a remake that also had a dead scene. In both it creates the reason for the lead to be forced to throw the game. Seems like it's a rather needed scene. Did you just run out of shit to talk about?

  5. they probably spent a lot of money on the special effects for the ghost blow job so that's probably the reason they kept it in

  6. You're overthinking this. Saying that Kingsmen promotes 'toxic masculinity' is like saying Home Alone promotes neglective parenting.

  7. Awww let the kid, enjoy his butt sex princess… He asked for a kiss, she offered more… Besides he went through hell to get to the end. It's a movie don't get hurt thinking about it too much.

  8. THANK YOU! That horny princess scene ruined the whole experience. I loved the protagonist and the princess in that movie, until the princess starts acting like a prostitute and then the hero becomes a complete scum bag. Way to kill a movie, people. Talk about vomit inducing ending.

  9. Ugh people are so fucking self richious about that fucking Kingsman scene, it's not a serious scene and not a serious movie get over it!!

  10. The British have a long way to go in movie making before they can be worrying about your social problems. Things like tone and mood of Kingsman were compromised before that scene. Just as bad as the princess scene is the head exploding scene, with the 1812 Overture. Terrible. Ruined the tone, killed the movie.

  11. It has been pointed out but Chris Rock's character burning alive is in the original and the original was about more than prison football. The guards are cruel and the prison system is inhumane and the original movie was actually trying to say something. Just because you don't get it doesn't mean it doesn't make sense.

  12. Came here not expecting to listen to someone bitching about stupid liberal shit for a quarter of the video.

  13. For the Kingsman scene, it does make sense within the context and concept of the movie. Kingsman is a James Bond film at it's core, and James Bond always gets the girl in the end.

  14. I thought it was just a funny joke and that it was possible that ghosts can have sex with humans. I knew it was sex also as a child ?

  15. Just a nitpick on the Kingsman entry, but she was kidnapped by Samuel L. because he admired her and offered her the chance to come with him willingly so she would survive his population-ending attack. She refused, which is why he kidnapped her; he wanted to save her despite the fact that she hated his plan to save the Earth. It's mentioned that other famous people are missing (and is used to set up Poppy having Elton John locked up in the second movie), and is in fact the vehicle for Eggsy and Merlin killing all of his willing "survivors" towards the end of the movie (they have microchips in their heads to negate his sonic attack, while his captive survivors are locked in cells that will block out the rage-sound).

  16. Maybe we should start criticizing porn. I mean thats where most of these toxic ideas are viewed the most. I don't understand why people tend to give it a pass, like oh that's just fantasy. Any fantasy viewed over and over and over will affect the way you perceive the world

  17. Colin Firth's murder dance through a church is really all I need to see a movie. Much in the same way seeing Will Wheaton getting perforated was the reason I saw Toy Soldiers. Why else would I have seen Shoot 'Em Up?

  18. Or how about when Denzel Washington in training day got shot in the ass when he was fighting his partner and then said "you shot me in the ass"

  19. You made an unjustified jump there, eggsy was going to save her one way or the other. The fact she then had sex with him in no way implys he was owed sex. If she said just kidding let’s get out of here he would still have saved her.

  20. Blab blah blah. Sexism something something feminism empowerment harassment? That's about all I took away from this video.

  21. I legit wrote a whole ass dissertation on Kingsman and its relationship to James Bond in terms of its portrayal of class structure as it relates to the 'British Spy' as being an icon of national cinematic identity….so yeah, dumb movie. And every time I had to introduce someone to this movie about 'a working class man who has to challenge posh stereotypes about him so he can become the next James Bond', i would always have to say '…just don't watch the last 5 minutes. it's weird'

  22. "Are ye daft, O'Reilly? You've actually had sex with a ghost?" "Oh, beggin' your pardon, Father! I thought you said 'goat'!"

  23. The ghostjob in Ghostbusters was one of the best parts in it. That is what 2 was missing and why nobody liked it as much.

  24. Yeah I'm sorry Danny O-Boy but I can't hang with you on the Kingsman thing. Not only was it supposed to be a parody, but at the same time they would both be hopped up on adrenaline like normies like you and I couldn't imagine. Making a run at each other doesn't sound that strange to me. Plus, she's European and they just have much healthier attitudes about sex.

  25. I agree about the fire death.
    I would add the gruesome,, ridiculous deaths at the end of Unforgiven. And the gruesome, ridiculous deaths at the end of the Unbearable Lightness of Living.

  26. I’m glad you addressed the Ghostbusters thing bc I for years thought Ray just got sexually assaulted by a ghost out of nowhere. There’s ZERO context. It’s so weird.

  27. At the end of the episode he says to click the big C to subscribe… but the big C is not there 🙁

  28. You're seriously NOT going to point out that The Longest Yard was a remake and Caretaker died in the original also?!? What I really didn't understand about that movie is Courtney Cox didn't get screen credit after having to play Adam Sandler's gf.

  29. Are you butt-fucking kidding me mamas boy? There's absolutely no titty sucking doubt in my, yours nor the audiences' collective minds that Eggsy would have came back and rescued the Princess with or without the promise of birthday/anniversary sex. Also, there's no way I'd have put that in the movie because it's weird and it took me right out of the movie when she blurted it out, but it's in there and there isn't a female alive or dead that could have made me say so. You sir, are a bitch!

  30. Not saying that it's a necessary scene but Ray's probably over worked & hasn't had any time alone, sleeping in the same room as a bunch of guys. I guys he had a wet dream about the only thing he deals.
    Or it was a bad joke that didn't land

  31. This Asperger's patient really has the audacity to say that caretakers murder has no impact on a movie. Well I guess being a sociopath is okay in this world that you live in. However even just watching that little clip that you showed I almost shed some tears. How about going and finding some emotion somewhere maybe it'll be under a rock somewhere or maybe if you play Final Fantasy 29 or whatever we're at now maybe you'll get it there. Does it suck that Chris Rock's character dies. Yes it is powerfully sucking kind of like your mother did with the Asperger's guy that made you. Is it completely out of left field know they are in prison dumbass. Dumb video dumb people made it you make me sick.

  32. Remember he only asked for a kiss. Its less of reward and more of the girl wanted an excuse to take it further. He was shy and the girl was not, it was teard for her, after all he only wanted a kiss.

  33. The longest yard had a reason for the fire bomb. Maybe they cut the scenes out of the remake. It was originally retaliation.

  34. The blow job scene was both weird and un necessary. Also really stupid. Not all men think about sex all the time. That scene creeped me out. Also Kingsmen is the best movie ever to be made. I absolutely loved it. Especially the Butt sex scene. It was amazing to watch. I love British movies. Especially this one.

  35. I’m not sure what this guy has against sex, but between two consensual adults, how could it be wrong? Eggs was going to save the world regardless. The princess offered Him some love. He was attracted to her, why wouldn’t he take her up on her offers? Those that achieve should enjoy the pleasures of life. Otherwise, you’re teaching loser logic

  36. Ok, let me get this right…

    “we can’t be teaching man does something heroic and gets rewarded with sex”.

    But it’s ok to “teach” global warming is so bad we should kill most of the people on the planet on a theory that we’re all a virus,
    the evil rich guy doesn’t care if the princess dies because he’s a republican,
    and killing an entire church full of people is okay because their all racist, homophobic, pro-lifers. (Let me make it very clear, as to not trigger any of the SJWs I’m not agreeing with their opinion or points of view)

    Really? That’s the one that went too far? The good guy gets the girl?

  37. I don't think you can say he's a good president in this context considering he was part of the elites that where gonna let everyone fight to the death

  38. You know some people don't actually think sex is some big crazy taboo bullshit I'm sooo sic of you know it all oversensitive millinial ultra feminist fucks you know that actual adult women enjoy sex just as much as any dude and for one she made the offer I hate how the ultra fem agenda has seeped into this show

  39. I never minded the blowjob scene because since it pans over to everyone else sleeping fitfully I always took it as them being so absorbed in their work that it was affecting their dreams as well.

  40. Um maybe the princess likes being away from her responsibilities and wants to be a bit naughty and taboo. Kind of like a Catholic School girl thing. Many people in power want to submit, etc etc. No one knows where she is and her horrible situation just became a vacation.

  41. I literally laughed at the ghost busters scene out of context, absolutely loved the scene from Kingsman because it’s funny and a Bond throwback because there wasn’t a girl for Eggsy to get literally zoom all the way out and get off the movies back about it and the last one was whatever.

  42. We shouldn't be conflating sex with reward? What kind of super sensitive, SJW beta male are you? It's a movie.

  43. im pretty sure the but sex scene is supost to parody James Bond movies but then again america has show they suck at interpreting parody time and time again
    one example of this is star ship troopers which is absolutely blatant in its parody of the military and propaganda and saw it as propaganda because y'all thick

  44. I have a theory about the princess buttsex subplot. The movie is about Colin Firth's character training this new younger guy, but Colin Firth is way too awesome and the movie slumps hard when the new guy has to take over. I think the filmmakers realized this and the princess buttsex is their desperate attempt to make the new hero seem virile and desirable and cool. The subplot is completely superfluous, so it must have some non-diegetic reason for being there.

  45. Dan, you need to watch the Joe Rogan Pod cast with Dan Akroyd in it… he talks about how the ghost BJ scene is based on an apparent real experience of his when he was younger, well before his acting days. So it wasn't at all how you think, as a writers room juvenile thought… but rather as a genuine thing Dan claims to have experienced. You need to watch the whole episode to see just how much ghostbusters was a true passion for him, and not just a silly/great movie. Who knew…

  46. The "horny princess butt sex" was offered Ecksy was going to save the world any way.  If you want to be pretentious save it for when he asks for  kiss.

  47. Adam Sandler’s movie was a remake of British “Mean Machine” where British prisoners also play football with guards (the real football). So there was a scene where a supporting character died of explosion, not of the fire, and the whole thing really plucked some strings of my emotions. The original movie keeps a good balance of comedy, tragedy, moral and bromance. The characters in it were more flashed out, and cinematography plus style were more suited for this type of story.

  48. Caretakers death happened in the original (1974) version, so it had to be there in the (2005) remake. Daniel O'Brien watch the original before saying something is out of place.

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