4 Ways to Treat Salivary Gland Swelling at Home

4 Ways to Treat Salivary Gland Swelling at Home

Just like any gland in the body, the salivary
gland can become infected or obstructed with a stone causing swelling and pain. There are 2 main salivary glands in the body
called the parotid gland (in purple) located in the cheek and the submandibular gland located
under the jawline (in green). The submandibular gland drains out through
an opening under the tongue tip whereas the parotid gland drains out through an opening
in the cheek. If the gland swells due to an obstructed stone,
the salivary gland will fluctuate in size, becoming much larger with eating followed
by decrease in size after eating. But if the gland is infected, such size fluctuation
will not occur. Regardless whether the salivary gland is inflamed
due to a stone or infection, there are a few things you can start doing at home immediately
to treat this problem. #1: Drink lots of water. With water, you are trying to thin out the
saliva as much as possible to either help flush the infection out of the salivary gland
or to help push a stone out. If you are dehydrated, the saliva becomes
thicker making it harder to pass, just like it is harder to suck a milkshake compared
to water through a straw. To reiterate, drink lots of water… not just
one large cup, but multiple large cups a day. #2: Massage the area With massage, you are manually helping to
push the stone or infection out of the gland. ALWAYS massage from the back towards the front. If the parotid gland is involved, massage
from the ear towards the lip. If the submandibular gland is involved, massage
from below the ear towards the chin. #3: Use warm compresses Apply warm compresses to the affected salivary
gland. With warm compresses, you are opening up the
salivary gland to help with salivary flow. #4: Suck on sour candy Sucking on sour candy like lemon drops many
times a day increases salivary production more than any other flavor to help push a
stone out or to help flush the infection out of the gland if infected. Of course, with an infection, beyond these
four steps, antibiotics with or without steroids may be needed, so make sure you make an appointment
to see your doctor if that’s the case. Keep in mind that it is not uncommon for complete
salivary gland swelling to take a few weeks to resolve.

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  1. Thank you. I was told by the doctor I had a stone today. It was a relief to know the swelling was not something I needed to worry to much about.

  2. Mmmmm mines a lump and you can see the shape, it’s squishy and it’s plain out annoying like fuck and the doctors won’t do anything!

  3. How about for parotid gland tumours? I already had 2 surgery and they removed more than 100 tumors followed by radiotherapy and they still insist? I already don't have the nerve responsible for the movement of my right side. Anything I can do to help, please I am sick of surgeries and I already suffered too much for another surgery.

  4. I have sjogrens i am sure its the same for us. Just fyi, sometimes it sucks to chew gum because due to excessive dry mouth your gum dissolves and gets stuck on your teeth

  5. Time stamps
    0:00 An explanation of what a Salivary Gland is.
    1:00 Step 1(Drink lots of water) + reason
    1:31 Step 2(Massage) + How to do it.
    2:06 Step 3(Apply warm compresses) + reason
    2:21 Step 4(Suck on sour candy)+ What kind of flavor you should buy.
    2:41 Go see your doctor to check if it's infected, or not.
    Thank you, all! 🙂 Cya, I hope this helps.

  6. What's treatment for salivary gland blockage at home… I also treated myself to the specialist by laser treatment

  7. I was told by my doctor not to eat sour,spicy and salty foods and not to eat even fruits and he said I can eat sweet stuffs

  8. Thank u v much. I was telling a Chinese and she told me it’s due to lack of water. Indeed. I have been drinking little amt of water for weeks. The doc prescribed antibiotics n also steroids. I’m not keen on steroids. Is it possible to skip it? It actually subside n no longer painful on day two even though I missed one dose of antibiotics. Thank u

  9. OMG, I just realized 2 days I had a stone under my tongue. And yes I am a smart kid in my class. This will definitely work.

  10. I had two small stones pop out from my tongue tip. However, my gland is still painful especially when I eat. It’s affecting my ear now… is it normal or does it mean there’s still a stone inside?

  11. Oh man. I got this while on a business trip. The left side of my face swelled up and it hurt to chew. It was embarrassing to say the least. My friend who is a doctor told me to drink a lot of water to flush the gland and to heat up my face with an electric heating fan. I did this for four nights in my hotel room and it started getting smaller. Within a week it was gone.

  12. THANK YOU SO MUCH I just got one like an hour ago and I didn’t know what it was so I looked it up then keep across this video and I chug a bottle of water, BOOM! It’s gone 🙂

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