You guys welcome back to the Aspie world what’s going on with my hair so today, we’re looking at five Autism life hacks that you need to get you from being like this to be more like this Coming right up, big hello to everybody and happy autumn, and I hope that these like autumn weather It is not kind of making too many of you sad I know that not only do I have Asperger’s syndrome? But I also have sads which is season affective disorder were like you The cold weather and the dark weather makes you feel a bit more less motivated and a drain of energy anyway I have a sunlamp that helps me get up in the morning. I’ll link it below Everybody’s interested anyway, but moving on with the video I’m just going to read out one comment for my youtube comment and the comment is from Lucille Liberty, and they said any video maybe on getting diagnosed late question mark like an adult and how to cope with this I Find it kind of hard to look back and to adjust on life, and that’s a really really good question now I want to do a video on this if you all think would be a good video About getting diagnosed later on in life what to do how to get it done and what to do after the diagnosis and please give The video a thumbs up and maybe I’ll do that video in the near future, so let’s roll along with the vid ok guys So here are 5 like life hacks that I think would be very essential to people on the spectrum who? May find daily living quite difficult, so these are just five hacks And I want to do more of these type of videos so please leave me a comment if you’d like to see more of this kind of video and give this video a thumbs up so I know that you like this kind of stuff ok so moving on ok so I have a pair of noise cancellation headphones called Bose headphones Basically you put them on and they have a function which is like noise canceling so normally so you can listen to music basically Anywhere and have a very isolated sound so basically they’re made for professionals like musicians and things like that studio mixes So you give these headphones on councils are all as a noise and you just hear what’s going into the headphones via your iPod or whatever But the interesting thing about these headphones is they have a noise Cancellation feature when you put the headphones on you click a button and it kind of get rid of all noise I don’t know how it works, but it’s pretty cool So I would highly recommend getting your hands on a pair of Bose Comfort headphones I’ll leave a link in the description for anything I’m mentioning here today, so you guys can check out for yourself, but I find them super super helpful and it’s probably one of the most easiest ways that I can just relax so I put these headphones on turn the noise cancellation a Feature on and then I just I’m able to just relax a little bit and kind of just have no noise no, it’s like Instant peace it’s super awesome Okay Guys so the next thing I’m gonna talk about is shoe laces now obviously have Asperger’s syndrome and shoelaces do not agree with me So I’m gonna take up one of my shoes and show you Okay, so this is my shoe this is a Vans shoe normally Vans shoes come with a load of laces now the laces are super annoying because laces Come undone you have to get you hand coordination right you have to get the technique right you have to tighten it Correctly you have to put the right strength on the tighten or that but not enough so that it doesn’t you can never get it Off okay look it’s super confusing, right? so I don’t shoe laces really get to me and because of that I Found difficult to find shoes that I like so I mean wearing slip ons for about I don’t know maybe five or six years Since trying to figure out I used to wear velcro shoes before that and but anyway I found this other hack these are rubber laces so basically. They’re they’re like little Little implant things that you put you take all your laces out And then you stick these little rubber ties and this is what they look like do you stick like whose rubber tie through that as? I don’t know if you can see that, but so basically it just goes through the shoe And then you pull it through and then it’s just you just put them in place the laces And they’re just really simple these are super super cheap, and I think I paid about ninety cents maybe one pound something like that for First set to do both shoes now I will link in description below, so you get to get hands on them, but they’ve been absolute lifesavers. There’s no more stress with shoelaces There’s no more trying to find out what shoes I can wear with shoes I can’t wear this turns every shoe into a slip-on and I think it’s absolutely Amazing so I will link that in the description below because yeah it makes you wouldn’t even know it’s the shoe you wouldn’t know it was a not a real Shoelace okay, so hack number three. I’m a Notorious for leaving stuff somewhere forgetting it was there and then moving away I have this really bad short-term memory issue I think a lot of people on the spectrum Do have show up some memory issues And I’ll actually link this in an I card above so you guys can see the video I did on autism and memory but anyway moving on from that the Fact of the matter is I can be notorious for leaving my phone or my keys or something somewhere and a forgetting that they are there so I have found a hack which I’ve been using pretty much my entire life to make sure I do not lose my wallet because My wallet had everything in its got my social security number in it. It’s got my credit card bank cards all kinds of stuff It’s got my autism alert card in there So I found a hack and the hack is to have your wallet on a chain so you can see this is on a chain We’ve got my keys inside, and then this is the wallet on the chain here so basically what happens I put one into my belt loop And then I have one end on the wallet the wallet comes into my pocket the cool thing about it is I could just like Forget about it walk away, but it would always be attached to me and it will fall And hit me so it’s a cool way to never lose your wallet You can also apply this to anything else like maybe you want to put your phone on a lanyard around your neck that would be Kind of cool, too or you can have a Like a retractable one for just like small wallet where it’s like more like a zipline thing and that works pretty cool as well But a lot of people use those things for keys But I totally have to use them for my wallet and my keys because again I’d forget okay So this is hack number four now I find this one quite interesting. This is not a physical object This is more of a technique now I can ask this question a lot a lot of people ask me like how do you deal with like being? P***** off in public or being around social anxiety or getting like overwhelmed and stuff. Let me try different techniques now I mean seeing councils for ages, and I’ve got like therapists, and they’re really cool So I’ve been combining all the information that I can get to find like a really simple hack now I’ve got a really really cool hack where so if you’re out and there’s somebody really like you know getting to you or something’s getting Overwhelming and you can’t go anywhere the best thing to do to calm yourself down instantly Is to breath in, so the idea is that you deep breathe by breathing in Hold it for a second, and then breathe out and count to five By doing this it releases an endorphin it actually helps you become more calm and it actually stabilizes the situation about moves and blood around your brain and Yeah, and it really does count me down. It’s pretty cool How that works okay so our fifth and final hack here is something to do if you have a mobile phone But and you’re out in public and you forgot your fidget spinner or fidget, cube or something that keeps you occupied Whilst out and keeps you calm because I know a lot of people do especially pull the ADHD Asperger’s syndrome and autism have like fatigue fidget cues and fidget spinners around with them when they’re out and about because Sometimes it can get a bit kind of crazy and you want to chill, but if you’ve forgotten it at home But you have your mobile with you There’s this awesome function on Google where you just type in fidget spinner on Google, and then you have this this digital fidget spinner where you can just play about with until your heart’s content, which is pretty cool because This is a really good one, say if you are with somebody say one of your friends has Asperger’s syndrome Or your kid has Asperger syndrome or autism and you’re out and you forgotten their fidget spinner But you have your phone on you because I’m pretty much everybody has their phone on them You can just go to google type in fidget Spinner and get that person to play with the digital fidget spinner on Google Which is super super cool? If you’d like to learn more about life with Asperger’s and autism, please make sure you hit that subscribe button above here You’ll see more videos like this. Also. Here is a video that I did last week and also over Here is a video that YouTube think you will like I’ll see you next time guys peace

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  1. I wore Bluetooth headphones round the clock for three years. It started to effect my hearing. This is such a drag because they gave me so much comfort.

  2. I think you enhance noises in your videos for some purpose. Either to show neurotyps what its like or maybe bring out others with autism who find it absolutely appalling.

  3. In order to not lock myself out by forgetting my keys, I made it a habit to always close the door with the key instead of just pulling it shut.

  4. Anyone found a noise reduction headphone that doesn't cost as much as a used car ??

    I'm not saying they aren't worth it, I just wonder if there is a cheaper uglier option

  5. My neighbor made an app that locks your windows, garage door and front door. Stuff like that is great for people who forget if they locked the front door, or shut the garage door.

    I would think he has aspergers, except he doesn’t have focused interests: he is an aspie like expert on EVERYTHING. Anything engineering, physics, chemicals, materials, electrical he is your man. He does carpentry and makes puzzles in his free time. We all love watching “how it’s made”, but he’s the crazy bastard to apply that knowledge.

  6. Here is a cure or I guess a fix that I figured out on fixing bad habit due to asperger. This is what I've been doing ever since I was in 3rd grade and that is to when someone point out something bad you did, memorize what you did and perform a self punishment such as slashing your arm or burning your arm. My personal favorite is BB guns cause they don't leave a mark and I wear long sleeve all the time to hide the marks so no one will recognize it.

  7. With fidget spinners and other tactile aids (I personally love having either small lengths of silky ribbon, or soft clothing in general on my person), I think that it is more about how it feels than how it looks. For example, I like it when my phone vibrates as I type on the keyboard. I honestly wish that someone would make an app where there are interactive fidget toys (such as an image of bubble wrap, small clicking switches, or fidget spinners) and when you play with them, it vibrates according to the feel of it. But if you want a stylish solution to forgetting a spinner, buy a spinner ring offline and keep it on you. There are many different designs, and it also looks very presentable.

  8. Where I am is getting kind of gloomy. It feels that way and as the Lords of Winterfell always say, "Winter Is Coming". Fidget spinners are awesome.

  9. I’ve just been diagnosed and suddenly everything in my life makes sense I understand why and what happened in my past ! Sadly I’m on my own with this one so I’m glad I’ve found your channel ! I really feel displaced in life everyday, It is a struggle, and I have no support on this glad to get to the end of the day sometimes ?

  10. Have you heard of an app called miracle modus? Its like a bunch of soothing patterns, things like cascading blocks and bouncing splines and raindrops. There is calming bell sounds which can be shut off, and four different color pallets in case somebody is bothered by certain colors. Some of the screens say they have touch events but ive never gotten them to work (except for lissajous figures which is my favorite)

  11. Awesome bro. I had my final diagnosis meeting today and I have Asperger's. My Phycologist mentioned you, she said she was at a meeting where you did a talk. She said you were from Holyhead. I'm originally from Anglesey and live in Bangor. I told her I discovered your videos last week. Keep up the good work?(I also carry a key chain, always have?)

  12. I have several vital items on lanyards (neck straps) attached to my backpack – keys, wallet, bus pass, cell phone so I don't worry about losing vital stuff. I can unclip one or several if I wish but mostly I have all clipped on and always with me so I don't stress (ok, I do live with chronic anxiety so I do stress but….) love your stuff.

  13. I have a pair of the Bose QC 35 II's, and they're a life saver for when I'm out in public and nearing a melt down from sensory overload. Would definitely recommend and they're easily the best purchase I've ever made even with the steep price tag.

  14. Personally I prefer the Sony WH-1000XM2. It's not quite as comfortable as the Bose QuietComfort 35's, but in my opinion the noise cancellation is better.

  15. I'm so happy I found this channel 🙂 I have Asperger + ADHD + bipolar, plus a lot of other diagnoses as "consequences" for not getting help. I'm so happy to see other YouTubers with Asperger/autism, since I've seen the comments on how bad it is more than once on this site 🙁

  16. I used to use Velcro. I'd like to get some boots that you lace up to fit your foot, then use a zipper on the side to take them on and off.
    I use a pocket system where my keys and wallet always go on the left. My knife and phone always go on the right.

  17. I had a bit of a rough childhood well i'm still a child i'm 15 but anyways, my parents would physically discipline me (Not light spanking more like hard slaps in the face and kicking me out of the house for 20-30 minutes even in winter) for my "bad" behavior. The schools kept asking my parents to agree to let me take a mental test but they kept refusing thinking I was just being a bad kid. This went on for years until a great principal and support teacher convinced my parents, it was then at the age of 12 they found out i had Asperger's Syndrome. Ever since they knew and I knew I had autism I've received help on how not let it effect my life as much. Now I'm getting 90's all classes and next year i'm receiving Honors. I'm telling you this so hopefully either a parent or perhaps an autistic child would read this and try to understand them. Have a great day everyone 🙂

  18. I always have an mp3 or music on my phone, and keep earbuds is my ears everywhere in public. Especially restaurants. They drive me crazy.

  19. Oh I hate laces! I would bind mines like under the tonque of the shoe as soon as I buy it, so that I never have to tie it again. I'm getting those too. And You actually made me laugh 😀 because independent of you, I use all of you hacks 😀 like I use rainycafe.com for my headphones to block out noises and I as a "lady" can't carrya wallet on a chain so I got one with a tail (it's like animal design and has a big furry tail on the zipper, helps as well), I do the breathing thing all the time and as for fidget spinner, great thing I kept from my childhood is that from like toddler age I always carries a bathrobe belt around me to swing and shuttel around and as it became kind of awkward to carry it around I found like 100 other possibilities a sock, gloves, scarf, a small chain or a bead bracelet… stuff like that is everywhere and mostly it doesn't even occure to other people. I'm so insecure if I can't get anything like it.

  20. If my shoes aren't the right tightness it drives me nuts. And they have to be the same tightness of I will re-tie until they're right.

  21. Dude, I love my VANS(laced and slipons) and Chucks, hate laces and tags, have had a chain on my wallet and keys for years, cuz I have/will lose them. I discovered people hate my fidget devices. I need the fidget app, good idea!

  22. There are headphones with active noise cancelation on amazon for about $50 that work almost as well as the Bose.
    Another suggestion I’ve heard is a DIY noise canceling headphones by putting on ear plugs in under your over the head headphones.
    Or you can buy the ear covers that construction workers use for relatively cheap

  23. You are going to live how those headphones work! The actually play back the sound coming through them! Though it’s at a delay, lined up just right. The peaks of the new waves play right over the troughs of the old waves. It works out like x-x=0, so there is almost no sound. It’s impossible to line it all up perfect after all. But technically those headphones give you twice as much sound!

  24. After watching this vid a couple of times, and then doing a bit of online research, I went out this afternoon and bought a pair of Bose QuietComfort 35 ii headphones. One of the best things I've done for myself. Thanks so much for a nudge in the right direction. (I'm wearing them now, by the way.)

  25. Hi, thanks for the video. I’m new to this, finding my way, after 48years I’ve finally realised that I need to see a doctor. I tried the headphones at home whilst working, AMAZING I have never been so productive! My journey starts here.

  26. And God bless Tommy Copper compression wear, they make shirts, pants, socks and gloves to be worn under your clothes in winter or short pants and t shirts that can be worn on their own. My 30 year old semi driving Asperger's son says they are like being hugged so he can wear them at night to help him settle or wear them all day if he's being overloaded and need extra comfort. He also hates laces on shoes so he wears boots, pull on type. He grew up in a house with a boarder line personality disorder mom, a narcissistic father and a genius older sister. We learned to laugh a lot, even push each other's buttons on purpose but most of all be there for one another always. My Dr asked me one did any members of my family ever suffer from mental illness? My answer was no, we all seem to enjoy it just fine. We've patched holes in walls, broken hands ( that's me) snapped in two pieces cell phones and to a small degree yelling or crying. But we got through each hour of each day and learned coping skills one by one. The bottom line with us was each family member getting what they NEEDED at that particular moment. I'm in my 60s now, husband in his 70s my daughter 35 married 16 years, my son the Asperger truck driver is 30 married 7 years and my husband and I just celebrated our 40th anniversary. We're none perfect yet we've found our way to love and help each other achieve the things we wanted to in our lives. We accept each other exactly the way we are and love each other anyway.✌️☮️?️?

  27. I found benefits of breathing through the nose.stopping mouth breathing has improved my sleep, my waking, I yawn less, I interrupt less, stammer less, I sigh less, and have even discovered it reduced meltdowns. Try it. I swear by it. I also recommend making your own oversized buckwheat pillows. Lay them on top of yourself when anxious. And if all else fails watch your favorite show again. I also swear by eye patching. I alternate between eyes maybe an hour a day. And when it comes to stmming I found its always great to own a good back scratcher. My last piece of advice, don't forget to look up ….then left and right. Orientation is central to our condition. Ever watch friends upside down? Or catch yourself staring at the ground. Disappear for a while, probably petit mal seizures. I reduce their frequency by meditating ten or fifteen minutes. Using a sleep mask. Then slowly increasing light levels. I also find these space-out sessions are often triggered by over use of screens. Good luck, sincerely Aspie Mountain.

  28. I don’t really like socks, my feet have a problem and the socks get wet then when I take them off and they get crusty which is SOOO GROSS

  29. On my god—I have all my tennis shoes tied and double knotted and loose enough that I pull them on. It drives me crazy that when I ice skate it takes so much fiddling to get them feeling like they’re laced up in a way I can live with. I never thought of this as a symptom or something others experience.

    I also never lose things like keys etc because I have rules I always stick to about where I put my things and I never change it. So my keys are always in my bag or in my hand and they never get lost. ?

  30. Hi, I've only recently found your channel but I am very glad that I did, I love the content. I was diagnosed myself with Aspergers in 2014 and I have accepted it very well. However, about 3 months ago I had my first ever panic attack and I legit thought that I was going to die. Ever since, I've had lots of anxiety and just feeling down in general every single day with lots of thoughts that I simply cannot stop thinking about due to my Aspergers I believe. I've contacted everyone that I can and I'm hopefully going to start therapy with a psychologist soon, it's really hard though. Some days I feel pretty fine, just lots of annoying thoughts but pretty alright in general. It always comes back though and I get lots of anxiety or even a panic attack. I've been thinking a lot lately if I should get antidepressants or not, I just want to be my old self again with Aspergers but not the depression/anxiety that I've had lately. Have you ever had any long period like this feeling like you have no energy and lots of anxiety? Have you recovered almost completely? I also have lots of family members on my mother's side that have had some similar experiences like me from time to time so unfortunately I was unlucky to get this and I am trying to accept that I may have long depression/anxiety periods for the rest of my life.

  31. I find them a bit difficult to wear, but my son really likes them. Especially for canceling out his Frozen singalong addicted sister.

  32. My school teacher, one of them, put my pencil in a lanyard made out a nasty measuring tape. She didn't deal with my nonallergic rhinitis well either, fed me up on garlic concoctions AND assumed any snot anywhere was mine, when I was pretty careful about cleaning up any accidentally wild sneezing. And I had really bad eczema at the time too. Didn't help my social isolation or self esteem. None of it. Fleaspray snotbags. So I'd struggle with the idea of going anywhere near a lanyard for therapeutic purposes. Even though it was a relatively minor part of it.

  33. It is around that tie, Daniel- as long as the weather does not bother when making videos, given to your other condition, SAD. By the way, it is abbreviated sad. LOL

  34. Currently, given to abundant amount of college work, I am becoming forget and often need to remind myself of upcoming events and chores around the house. I suppose I need to pace myself when working and relaxing.

  35. I have some bad issues with short term memory. So, I eat something and walk away and I never clean it because I forget it's there. And I get yelled at and causes some panic attacks. How do I fix this?

  36. I was diagnosed as a adult (being being a female, thank you for that video btw) and I was really relieved to know that a lot of people find out as adults as well. I felt so unbelievably out of touch with my body when I finally found out. I just assumed life was like this for everyone but they were braver than me.

  37. Omgosh! I need those plastic lasses. I never tie my shoes. One always feels tighter than the other. I've been late to things in the past because I've spent too much time adjusting and re adjusting my shoe laces.

  38. I am not diagnosed with ASD but I have a lot of the symptoms, your videos have helped me a lot, especially this one. Thank you

  39. Pro tip to not forget your EDCs , just count how many you have, i have 5 so when im leaving and i dont have 5 items on me that means i forgot something. Ive been doing this for years it works really well.

  40. Thank you for this video. I absolutely love it. Is there any cheaper headphones for best noise cancelling for 6 years old kids. I dont wanna spend that amount of money knowing my daughter can't be responsible for that. Thanks

  41. Hack for women on the spectrum, As a kid I lost purse after purse but I discovered that backpack purses are my life saver for not losing my things. I also have my wallet and keys attached to each other so I never drive without my license anymore.

  42. A video for those diagnosed later in life would be amazing! Trying to get a solid diagnosis now. Im 25 live in the usa. Love your channel and your tips help me a lot. Id love to learn how to create a youtube channel because you inspire me to be a voice for other aspie girls. Thanks for being you!

  43. I love these hacks ? Thank you so much awesome. I love the rubber laces, Defoe want to buy them. I hope the deep breathing helps in stressful situations ?

  44. Is it okey if I share my own experiences, and how I handle it?
    Here goes..

    1) I use earplugs made for musicians that that have different filters depending on how much noise you want removed. The result is I only hear people who talk closest or loudest. A lot less stressful and manageable, highly recommended it since other people can't easily see it. Good for like eating in public.
    2) Isolate againt sounds where you live and try meditate.
    3) what I do to fiddle with is something very simple. I think of a song i like and try to play part of the song on a air-synth on my knees or imagine as a drum-kit (please don't think me crazy) as part my imagination. Or look for geometrical shapes around you and calculate stuff 🙂 Never tried a fidget spinner.
    4) Wear a cap since it reduces to things you see around you, also less lighting. At summer time you can even add sunglasses 🙂

  45. I'm not sure why, but noise cancelling headphones hurt my ears. It's like they make my ears feel like they're under pressure. I wish they didnt do that because I would love to have some.

  46. I'm finding life rather difficult at the moment. I am very socially isolated just due to my ASD being diagnosed later at age 19, after years of difficulty at school that led to me losing the few friendships I was able to make. Now 24, and still have only 1 or 2 people I see maybe a couple times a year since these friendships give me anxiety. My life revolves around studying 3rd yr at uni and next year is work placement, I will be living away from home in a suitcase and moving every few months to a new place, if that wasn't terrifying enough I'm working a 9-5 unpaid job in hospitals and clinics filled with people, time to earn money and can't access disability payments. Absolute nightmare! I've tried getting in contact with local ASD support to no avail and I just wish there was more available for us diagnosed as adults.

  47. I keep my keys on a lanyard. If I don't I'll sit​ them down and forget where I left them. I left a remote in the refrigerator once lol

  48. I have high functioning autism and i have the same pair of headphones and they are great when things are too loud or i just want to ignore everyone when im working out

  49. Please please please do not carry your social security card with you. You probably don’t need it for anything (unlike a license), and if your wallet gets stolen, so will your identity. For Americans on Medicare (not just 65+, but disabilities), your card has your (or spouse’s) SS# on it.

  50. My SO is forgetful. Jokingly I asked an Apple Store salesperson if there were a “LoJack” for wallets and stuff. Turns out there is! It’s a white disk that connects to an iPhone app. Bed Bath and Beyond has a less expensive version.

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