50 million have Autoimmune Disease | Do You?

50 million have Autoimmune Disease | Do You?

50 million Americans are suffering from autoimmune-related diseases right now. That’s your mom, your grandfather, your sister, your neighbor, your coworker, your boss, that lady you always see in the grocery store or the elevator and maybe even your barista. And since you’re listening to this video, maybe, just maybe, it’s you. 80 different kinds of autoimmune disorders. Some of the most common are: arthritis, lupus, celiac disease, anemia, and the list goes on and on and on. So today, I want to make a juice recipe that will give your immune system hundreds of healing micronutrients and put your foot on the first step into your true wellness. Pull out your juicer and let’s make an amazing anti-inflammatory gut-healing juice recipe. Here’s the ingredients: 1 cup of fresh pineapple, 4 stocks of celery, 1 cucumber, 2 to 3 inches of turmeric root, half a green apple, 1 lemon, 1 cup of spinach Let’s talk about how it will be a great remedy for autoimmune disease. Now there’s a lot of myths out there about autoimmune disorders. Just because a lot of people believe something doesn’t make it true. And if these myths were harmless, that would be one thing. But unfortunately, a lot of these beliefs about autoimmune diseases are actually hurting those people that have them. There is one, however, that really, really makes my heart ache. And that is, there’s nothing you can do about it. That goes right through your heart like a piercing knife. And it strips you of hope. And I can promise you that you will never hear those words come out of my mouth. There’s always hope. And in the case of autoimmune condition, there’s a ton of success stories and research to actually prove it. So take a deep breath. Breathe out. Here are three ways to begin walking to the road of real vibrant health. Number one, it’s simple, lower inflammation. If you are suffering from an autoimmune disease, then your system is on a never-ending alert. (alert sound) Where there’s chronic inflammation exists for too long, it triggers any genetic potential for autoimmune conditions. If you want to improve the condition, then you have to tackle the inflammation in your body. Turmeric is one of the most powerful things when it comes to attacking inflammation. It’s one of the greatest inflammatory plants in the planet, which is why I include it in most of my juice recipes and why it’s in the juice recipe today. Number two is to simply heal your gut. I’ve said it literally a thousand times and I’ll say it again, your health begins and ends in your gut. There’s simply no way around it. 70 to 80 percent of your immune system is in your gut right behind that very thin gut lining. Undigested particles slip through the cracks into your bloodstream leading to food allergies and many unpleasant symptoms. Your immune system’s always on the alert, it’s always busy. A healthy immune system is absolutely dependent on a healthy gut. Green juice takes little to no energy to digest. You’ve heard me talk about it. Number three is ditch the gluten. Nobody wants to hear that they should quit their gluten habit. Here’s the facts. Studies have found that when anyone with a gluten sensitivity, (which I have by the way, I’m a little intolerant to gluten) that the body responds by producing a chemical in the body called zonulin. Now this chemical causes the intestinal walls to open up and become permeable and leaking. When this happens, all kinds of things start to slip in your bloodstream including toxins, microbes. Now this obviously freaks your body out and it causes all this inflammation to start to pop up. And you keep eating it, and eating it. Pizza, hamburgers, hot dog buns. And the leaky gut gets worse and worse and worse. And so do your symptoms. So you find yourself on the path of developing an autoimmune condition. Maybe even more than one. So you ditched the gluten. You start to heal your gut. And you start to drink green juice. Like you heard a few weeks ago, protein is essential for thyroid health. If you don’t have time to cook or prepare healthy organic high protein, then pre-order a bottle of Organifi Complete Protein right now. It’s a two-in-one multivitamin protein shake so it’s perfectly balanced. And it’s a meal. Your body is absolutely going to love it. What’s more is you’ll get a copy of my Complete Protein Meal Plan, filling meals to boost your metabolism and stop the cravings. I’m gonna give this to you at a steeply discounted price right now. This is my undercover gift for you for watching this whole entire video and being a part of this amazing community. This promotion will be over soon and it will go back to normal price in just a few days. So click the link below to pre-order right now. And remember, we’re in this together. And I’ll see you next week.

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  1. Thx. I will have to Sub Apple and Pear with ginger instead of Pineapple. Pineapple is too High in Histamine for me. Makes me sneeze. Apples are anti-inflammatory with Quercetin, and some apples have lower Oxalate 🙂

  2. Great video Drew. I wish I had a juicer! I love your videos and your inspiration. I need a juicer so badly. Please help me help my husband lose his 300 lbs of weight and clean up his blood pressure before it's too late!

  3. that's me too 🙁 autoimmune gastritis, ibs, and numerous other issues, I probably have other autoimmune diseases not yet discovered in my gut. I also had to undergo invasive surgery… I wish there was more research on it.

  4. I am hoping that going gluten free will help with my itchy skin, pain in my joints, severe fatigue, and the worst for me brain fog!!!! I'm going to try to adhere to a gluten free diet. Thanks for the information!

  5. Hello. What is the name of your juicer. I like it and would like to own one. I have high blood pressure, anemia and osteoarthritis. I would one of those juicer.

  6. There's nothing you can do about it… I have been told that many times with regards to my vitiligo… however since I have been drinking home made green smoothies, the spreading of the white patches have stop… Now I would also like to juice as smoothies can be quite heavy at times… What is the model of the Kurving juicer you are using Drew, please? Love the channel, picked up loads of useful infos! Hello from London!!!

  7. You forgot to mention Fibromyalgia. I know because I have both Fibro and Rheumatoid Arthritis. I tried Turmeric capsules and saw no improvement at all. I suspect the dose was too low to make a difference. What is the minimum dose that actually makes a difference?

  8. "I am not sure from where you got the "50 million have Autoimmune Disease

    "About 24 million (7%) of people in the United States are affected by an autoimmune disease"

  9. I Know this has nothing to do with the video but I was searching the whole internet and I couldn't find the difference between Red Kale and Green Kale PLEASE HELP ME OUT! thank you

  10. My name is Ronni and I am 31 yrs old. I was feeling sluggish and having chest pains, was always tired and my life was slowly going down hill. On Oct.2 I weighed 208lbs after watching your videos and make shake with your recipes I now weight 165lbs. I feel 100% and everything in my life is positive and I am a better partner to my wife and step mother to our 3 beautiful kids who like talking to me and doing things with me now. Thank you for helping me change my life.

  11. Lemon Nomel, what is your disease if I may ask. I have a couple of my own.  Honestly, I would give juicing and eating a plant based diet a try. the way I look at it, is I have tried the normal diet of grains, soda, sugar, carbs and such. That was not working for me. so now I stay away from soda and trying to stop with the extra sugar. I eat more fruit, veggies and getting away from meat. it could not hurt at this stage for me. honestly if it gives you time without being in pain and feeling better, why not try it. what do you have to lose?  Don't give up hope. it is all we have left:)
    There is Fat, Sick and nearly Dead that you can watch on Netflix, Kristina fully Raw that you can follow on here or face book.
    I would say don't forget to talk to your DR. and let them know what you are embarking on.

  12. i have antiphospholipid syndrome and im very anemic. ive had multiple blood clots in legs and lungs, and im always cold and exhausted. i cannot wait to try this juice….i have a blender but no juicer….will that work?

  13. YOU are so brilliant to make your videos look like a very special form of entertainment in order to subconsciously appeal to the masses! Gorgeous work! Intentional or not it's working!!!! Godspeed.


  15. I now have more hope than I ever had before that I will be made new before I get to Heaven, forgive me Lord ], it will be with your help I will stay the course

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