7 Explosive ‘Catfish’ Reveals That Didn’t Go Well | MTV Ranked

7 Explosive ‘Catfish’ Reveals That Didn’t Go Well | MTV Ranked

– Oh here’s a taxi. – What? Oh (beeping) – [Nev] It’s a taxi, and
it is definitely stopping. – Oh (beeping). (suspenseful music) – [Nev] Oh my god, no way. – [Man] Oh my god. – [Max] Whoa. – Oh, he don’t know her. – [Nev] Hey. – [Ricky] Hey how’s it going?
– [Nev] How you doing? – [Ricky] Pretty good. – [Nev] I’m Nev. – Nice to meet you, Nev. (suspenseful music) – I’m gonna guess your name is Rickie. AKA, Giovanni. – It’s a whole lot, it’s a whole lot, but the best thing you
could do is, you know, follow me inside. – Actually, what I’d like to
do is introduce you to Miracle. – [Rickie] I’ll do that for you. – [Nev] Let’s do that. – I’ll do that for you. Yep. I mean. – [Nev] You don’t wanna come down here? – I’d rather have her come up this way. – Why is that? – Like I said, you definitely
need to follow me inside. I got some. It’s hard to explain right now. It’s hard to explain. – Why don’t you just
walk down here with me? Wait, hold up, hold up, hold up. Where you going, man? – Nev. Don’t you follow no angry
black man into their house. – I guess he went back upstairs. I can understand he feels like we’re putting him in the hot seat. If he really needs us to go inside, I’m willing to go in. – It’s fine. Charlamagne, you have to come too. – Oh Lord, MTV aint paying
me enough for all this, bro. (suspenseful music) – Okay, we are in the house. – Do you know me form somewhere? Like have you seen me? – No. – So why me? – You know, I- it’s tough man, it’s hard. – [Nev] Let’s just talk for a second. She’s just feeling a lot
of anger and humiliation. – I get that, I get that. – So I think the best thing you can do is to just tell her and us
what’s going on with you. Whatever it is. – [Miracle] Oh god. – Give me a sec. – Think about it, no pressure. He’s just gonna take a second. I’d like to at least
give him an opportunity to just explain himself. (suspenseful music) Hi. – Hello, how are you?
– Hi. – I’m Nev. – I’m Kara. – Kara. – Yes.
– Hi. – Well, I’m Giovanni. – Meaning you are the person with whom Miracle has been texting. – Yes. – Which would mean that you’re the guy on the phone that she spoke to. – [Kara] Yes. – So together you guys created this– – Not together. – No. – I did it on my own. When Miracle wanted to speak with a guy, I didn’t know who else to turn to but my husband. I made a page because a friend of mine, her boyfriend was cheating on her and the girl that he was cheating with, I was trying to get her to
give me all of her information, so of course when I made the page, I’m just sending out friend
requests to everyone. – So you made the Giovanni Santos page to reach out to a girl that
your friend’s boyfriend was messing around with. – Yes. – Explain how we ended up here right now. ‘Cause there’s a big, there’s a big– – There is a big gap, well. I don’t work because I have Lupus. Most of the time I’m
just kinda laying around, kinda in bed not feeling good, so when she started
texting, it was like oh, not thinking that it
would have went this far. Not thinking that it would have lasted more than a week or two. – This some real Catfish (beeping). – Why you let your wife do this, though? Why you didn’t check your wife, bruh? – Like why didn’t you take the phone and say, “Miracle, this
my wife, she playing”? – She’s here majority of the time, I’m usually not here, I’m working. That’s what I do, you know? So I’m normally gone, so I didn’t realize how deep it had gotten. Girl, you need to stop with that. I didn’t realize that it went over what she originally
planned for it to be. – Once I got to know Miracle, like I thought she was
a really sweet girl. – Are your feelings– – Genuine, they’re genuine. Yes, everything through our text messages, that was all me. – But to be clear, you expressed, at least from the little bit
that was made apparent to us, like romantic feelings. – Um, some of it was pretend,
and some of it was real. But far as like, wanting
a relationship with it, no I don’t want to take it that far. – I mean, just from what I
got, it was a relationship. – No it wasn’t. – That you know, couldn’t
be put the risk, you know? You know, a month go past and, you still kind of have a thing with her, you still, this is what’s still going on? – This is some BS right now. You did make me feel like
that person was a real person. Now we on national television
looking crazy as hell. I have friends, I have
family, I have a daughter. I have a job, I have a career. I work for the damn state. I’m sitting here looking dumb as hell because of you, because of you. – I do apologize that you got wrapped up, but at the same time, it’s not like you, you, you, you, you, it’s not that. It’s us, we did it together. We was in this together, we
was- I wasn’t texting myself. – You’re trying to blame the victim. – Mind you, several
times, I did try to stop. – Every time you tried,
you were right back trying to keep me to stay there, saying all this weird stuff. Let’s just be real, do not
sit and say you was just sitting here like I’m
done, I’m done, I’m done, and I’m just sitting here
like some dumb ass female. And I’m still there. Come on man, let’s be real. – I tried more than once. – Is it Lupus or she’s psycho, which one? You’re a sick individual. – I am a (beeping) sick individual. I am a sick individual. – I know you are– – I have Lupus and I live
with it every (beeping) day. – Your mind, your mind.
– you’re talking about sick, my mind is good, my mind is good. There is nothing wrong,
but thinking like– – For you to sit and
do something like this. – I apologized, I said I’m sorry. What the (beeping) do you want me to do? Like, get on my knees and beg? I’m not gonna do that. – Ladies, ladies, ladies. – I’m be- I’m pissed. – We ain’t talking no more. We ain’t talking. – Maybe now is the appropriate time to– – Absolutely. You see me, don’t speak to me. – Trust me, there ain’t no reason to. Sweety, you basic. – Do you see your outfit though? – There’s the door. – Is that a fishnet? – There’s the door. – We can leave. ‘Cause this (beeping) is done. – [Nev] Okay. – All right bro, peace, man. – Take it easy. Have a good day. – You too. – They some sick ass individuals. They both some (beeping)
bums if you ask me. – Holler at your wife, though man. Don’t let her do that again to somebody. – You know the bottom line is, you don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes, basically
what I’m trying to say. – [Charlamagne] Y’all be cool, man. – [Miracle] I just need
the hell out of here. – Are we being stood up again? – I don’t know. – I don’t understand. – Oh. Hi. – Hi. – Hey. It’s him! What’s up? Nev. – Ray’Quan. – [Nev] Nice to meet you. – You too. – I think you know who this is. (suspenesful music) – Okay. – ‘Sup? – Do you not want to hug me? Like, I’m confused. – I’m confused, too. – Why are you confused? – I feel like a little bit betrayed, because you went to the extreme and just did all this. You got people like calling people I know, asking about me. – ‘Cause like, you don’t
ever answer the FaceTime. – Okay. – You blocked me, why am I blocked? – You were doing a little
bit too much for me. – What did I do? What’s the problem? – Yeah, I feel like
we’re missing something. – What did you come here for? Are we talking? Are we together? What’s going on? – I never said we was together. When did I say that to you? – Are you kidding me? – You’re Ray’Quan. – Yes. – And that Instagram account– – Yeah, that’s mine. – Okay, that’s you, okay. And it’s been you talking
to him this whole time? – Mhmm. – And only you? – Just me, yeah. – No one else is involved in this? Skevon has nothing to do with it? – So who was all these other people then? – Well that, no, so we were wrong. The good news is it
was him the whole time. So then the real question then, for me, was like, we got the impression from Truth that you guys were
interested in each other and that there was some chemistry, and that you were hopeful
that you’d meet up and see what happens, so it’s strange to me that this would be an inconvenience when in fact, it feels like
something you guys might have wanted to have done. – I mean, if it was something
I would have wanted done, I would have had it done. I flirted with him, but
as far as a relationship, we never talked about no relationship. – The last six months for you has been– – It just been somebody
to talk to a friend. – So you don’t think
that anything you said over the last six months
gave him the impression that you were interested
in him in a meaningful way? – If flirting gets you in a relationship, I’d be in about a whole bunch right now. – Have you had feelings for him? – Yeah, he was a cool person to talk to. He still is a cool person to talk to. – But if I’m a cool person? We we can’t FaceTime? Did your phone work? – Yeah my phone, it works. – So if your phone working, why you never couldn’t answer FaceTime? Answer that. – ‘Cause I didn’t want to. – Why did you waste six months of my life? – You wasted your own six months. Nobody said that we were in
a relationship, you did that. – Are you dumb? – No are you dumb? – Are you dumb? – No are you? – (beeping) Stupid, like, really? What was the point of you coming, if you’re gonna act like this? – Because y’all were gonna keep calling and texting everybody
asking, so I came out here. That’s why. – This is (beeping) nut, I can’t. – You guys talk for a second. This is Zeke by the way, sorry you didn’t get a chance to meet. – Nice to meet you. – You too. – I’m just gonna check,
I’ll be right back. – Like, why’d y’all bring me here? If y’all knew hew was gonna act like this? – I didn’t know it was gonna be him. – What the (beeping) is wrong with him? – I never said we was in a relationship. Never said that. And then you’re going
around asking people, having people call my phone. Oh it’s Catfish, you gonna Catfish? Are you trying to get in contact with me? That’s embarrassing as hell. – I understand your frustration. – I’m frustrated because I’ve
been in like a on and off again relationship, that’s why I never said anything sexual to him. I never said you’re my
boyfriend, let’s be boyfriends, ’cause I’m not, I wouldn’t
wanna bring nobody in here. – I don’t know I feel like he’s not telling us the whole story. Sounds to me like he
might have a boyfriend. – I need to ask him more questions. – Sure. Just keep it cool and collected. (groaning) – What’s Skevon gotta do with this? – What do you mean? – He got something to do with it. Didn’t he call you or y’all was texting? Y’all DM’d or something. – We, yeah, we DM’d yesterday. – And who’s Dedrick? – A friend of mine, a
real close friend of mine. What? – ‘Cause they ain’t more lit than me? I’m just about to say that, they ain’t me. – They are. Don’t worry about nobody
else, worry about yourself. – I’m lit. I can walk down the st– they want me. – So who’s so lit? Why you gotta go to Catfish
and stuff like that? Go get you somebody else
since you’re so (beeping) lit. – I’m very lit, I’m very lit. – Get beside yourself, shut up. – Who’s gonna chill me out? Imma stand right here. You got a boyfriend? – Yeah, on and off boyfriend. – So why you talking to me you
got a on and off boyfriend? – Every time we chatted,
me and my boyfriend wasn’t together, like I said, on and off. When I disconnected from
you, we were together. I respect you that much. – You don’t respect me that much. – You said they were on and off, but both of you deceived each other. – I didn’t deceive nobody. I don’t know what you’re talking about. You over here trying to be like extra. – I’m not trying to be extra. – Because why you going this way? – The only way for y’all to
clear the air is to be 100%. – And the thing about that
is, that’s funny to me. I’m not upset about that. Kudos to (beeping) you. – No. – Imma go in your Airbnb and sit down. – He just walking in people’s houses. (laughing) – You see, this is the
type of crazy (beeping), like nobody has the time to– – But you can understand
why he’s upset, can’t you? – I can’t. – He said I love you. – You could’ve at that
point been like, yo man. I’m not feeling that. – Let’s go out there. We’re just gonna diffuse. – How we gonna diffuse the situation? What’s gonna diffuse the situation? – The only way to diffuse
the situation is just be chill. – Look, so somehow, he got the impression that you guys were much more
serious than you thought. – He don’t give a (beeping)
about nothing you say to me. Look how he’s standing. – All right, all right, so let’s– – No one cares that he’s
taking off his book bag? I’m not scared of you. – So what are you saying? – You better get him. – [Zeke] Hey, hey. – [Truth] I’m not scared of you. Look at you, with this mesh shirt on with these burgundy pants
and these black shoes. – But you’re ugly as (beeping). – That’s fine, I love it. – You’re really ugly as (beeping). – That’s fine. – All right, let’s go for the moment, and maybe meet back up, and we can try and sort of reset this. – Okay. – Let’s go get some Fiji water. – Nice meeting you. – You too. – Get this (beeping) mic off of me. Get this (beeping) off of me. I’m down here looking crazy. Take this (beeping) off of me. Dumb ass bitch. – Here comes the car guys. All right, who’s inside? A guy? – [Max] Uh oh. – [Nev] Wait a second. – The (beeping) kinda (beeping). – [Nev] I don’t know what this is. – I know this ain’t the (beeping). (beeping) Is this? – Hey man, you wanna chill out a second? – Sh. – Excuse me. – (beeping) Is this, man? Real. – Don’t touch me. – You better back up, man. – Don’t touch me.
– You better back up. – (beeping) Kinda (beeping) is this? – You gotta chill out man. – What the (beeping) kinda
(beeping) is this, man? – We’re talking. Him and I are talking. – You (beeping) are you a (beeping)? – Hold on a second. – He and I are talking. I can tell you one thing right now buddy. One thing you’re gonna like. You’re gonna lean to love it too. – What the hell are you
talking about, dude? – I’m gonna be the one wearing
the pants in this (beeping). You understand that? – [Nev] Dude, you’re– – The (beeping) kinda (beeping) is this? – [Nev] You’re being unreasonable. – Straight up. The (beeping) kinda (beeping) is this? – I’m just asking you to take
it down a couple notches. – Hey. – You brought a lot of attitude. – By the way, a lot of
attitude last night. Thanks a lot, really
felt it too, you and I. Got to know you better, I loved it. But I’ll tell you I, we can do that later. Come here, we’re gonna talk, you and I. – What the (beeping) we got? We ain’t got (beeping), we don’t talk. (beeping) – You kidding me? You could still be my chocolate kiss, too. You don’t forget about that, baby. – Come on. – Come on, what the (beeping)
kinda (beeping) is that? – Do you know this? Do you know this guy?
– No I don’t know this (beeping). – [Nev] Are you Jess? – Yeah, I’m Jess. – [Max] You’re Jess. – Yeah. – Man, (beeping). What man? – That there. (beeping) That’s what I had. – What the (beeping) kinda
(beeping) is that, man? Oh hell no, (beeping) guy. – Not everything is as it seems. Not everything you see or want it to be can be
exactly what you want it to be, and I am living proof of that, and I felt that, and I felt the necessity to put myself out there. – This (beeping) is (beeping) crazy. – What are you so angry about? – Come on, the guy’s got a
family and he’s talking to me? He thinks he’s talking to some broad? – But he did think he was
talking to a girl as far as– – Exactly. – Right? So you’re a good actress. – Sure, I like that, yeah, why not? – That’s (beeping) up. Hell (beeping) no. – What’s your name by the way? You skipped that. – My name’s Justin. – I’m gonna take a stab at this. – Sure. – You’re gay. – Obviously, I’m not gay. – Well it’s not so obvious, I mean, you are pretending to be a girl online and having a romantic
relationship with a guy, so. – I give it to you, you got me there. – [Nev] Right. – So, maybe. What it was to begin with was just a, it was a joke, this fake profile, just playing around with people, what not. I didn’t think anything too
much of it until, you now, I started seeing guys
like him who are already in a relationship, so I was like, I kinda have this power
to use it for something. Use it for good. What I had with him was
a little bit personal, and obviously, you guys
got a taste of that. What my message is to tell people, look, you can’t just (beeping) around on relationships that you’re in. – You felt like it was your job to sort of teach him a lesson. – Yes. – I just wanna make sure I understand. – Yes. – You guys were having some sexual– – Oh yeah. – [Nev] Yeah.
– Oh yeah. – [Max] And you were just keeping that up for this moment so that you could catch him and confront him? – [Justin] Honestly, yeah. – Let’s see what she’s got to say. Hey. – How you doing? – Good morning. How you doing?
– Good morning. – Can we come in with the crew? – [Geralyn] Yeah. – All right, let’s do it guys. Have a seat. (sighing) So did you and Hundra
talk at all between– – No. – No? – Listen, uh, I’m gonna be honest with you guys. – Now she’s gonna be honest. All right, what’s up? – I don’t know Hundra. – You don’t know Hundra? – No. – What does that- what do you
mean you don’t know Hundra? – I’ve only been talking to
her for about like four weeks. – So you mean the whole nine months thing isn’t actually true? – It’s not true. – So you guys only started
talking four weeks ago? – Yes. – But you still have been talking to her? – Okay, um, well, obviously she contacted the show. – Right. – But it’s just like, it’s not true. Don’t know Hundra. Don’t like her at all like that. – Wait. – Melanie knew Hundra? – Yeah. – So Melanie knows that
this is all fake too? Either you guys are like
academy award-winning actors or like, ’cause you guys are… – Okay, so hold on, so you and Melanie are for real ex girlfriends. – Yeah. – Okay. And a month–
– That’s true. – And a month ago,
Hundra contacted you guys and said hey, I wanna
get on this show Catfish? – I don’t know. I don’t know if it was like that. I have no idea. – Absolute (beeping). There’s gotta be some reason
you’re involved in this. Was it because you thought
if you could get on the show? Why would you risk your reputation just to help some girl you don’t know? – If Melanie wanted to help her, then I love her, so I’m gonna help. – So Melanie asks you to help her and encouraged you to get involved? – Well, yeah, she needs help,
I’m gonna help her, okay? I’m down, I’m riding. – But help her what, though? Is Hundra even lesbian? Does she even like girls? – I have no idea, but the way she’s trying to make me look out there
was like I’m just trying to turn straight girls out, no. That’s not how, you don’t
portray a lesbian that way. I don’t wanna be made to look on TV like I’m that person. – I’m still not sure I
understand the situation. Why are we here? – I could be with my daughter
on Father’s Day right now. Does Hundra know that
we know this right now? That you told us? – Nope. – So Hundra thinks that we believe her? – Yep. – Piece of (beeping). I’m pretty (beeping) mad. There’s really no point in us being here. I’m (beeping) out, for sure. (beeping) Idiot. Let’s go get Hundra. I’m about to go crazy on
this little woman, man. – All right, hey ladies. Would love to chat. – And it was all like a
plot just to get on TV. Swear to god I’m mad as (beeping). – All right. ♪ Skin ♪ ♪ You know how to get there ♪ – I didn’t sing up here
to come help some stupid, little (beeping) girls find a little 15. – I know. – Not even minutes, 15
seconds of (beeping) fame. – What if Melanie was doing
some stupid (beeping) and– Right, the only person who
could manipulate Geralyn into doing this is Melanie, ’cause she’s got her
wrapped around her finger. – Yes. – I feel like she’s still not
giving us the whole truth, because she’s trying to protect Melanie. ♪ That I can’t hear ♪ – I am curious to just sort
of see if we can at least– – Find out why they did it. – Just like get it a straight
story that makes sense. – Yeah. Is this them pulling up? – Did you come with Hundra? – Uh, no. – No. Oh, here she is. (dramatic music) So what’s up? – Really? So you just steal pictures
and talk to people? I’m talking to you. – I can hear you. – So speak, like, you think that’s cool? – It’s over, yo. – What’s over? What’s over? – This whole thing is over. – What do you mean? – She spilled the beans. Y’all playing us. Hundra, you wanna tell us something? You knew them already, huh? – So that was it? You just wanted to come out? You had to have at least had a reason to want to be on Television. Why does the world need
to know that you’re gay? – When you’re in a culture that hates what you have to become, it’s not that easy, so yeah, in a way, the world
should give a (beeping). I don’t want to keep hiding to myself. – What’s the world gonna
take away from this? Right now, you’re setting a
really bad example for people. – How? – Because you lied. And you also speak on gays like they have a disease. – I feel like I can call
all of them certain names because I’ve been in
their world for a while. – On paper, like I think your crusade to liberate Haitian
women across the nation is beautiful, and like,
there are very real ways that one could do that, and
this is the worst way to do it. This is incredibly selfish. – You don’t look like a hero. – Okay, well, this is done. – Yeah, thank you. So why are you smiling? What’s funny? – It’s not funny, it’s
just (beeping) up, it is. – Then why did you go along with this? What do you have invested in her? – Sucker! You area sucker! You! Corny! You are corny! – So a random girl just hits you up on the internet and says hey, will you help me lie
on national television? And you’re like sure. – Well it wasn’t like that, I mean, she wasn’t a random girl,
I mean, we were friends. – I just don’t see you
and Hundra being friends. I don’t get that pairing. – But we are though, like,
I mean I wouldn’t say we’re like the best of friends, I’m like oh, now we’re not
friends, not after this. – I regret all of it. You’re corny, you’re not a hero. You are a shameful citizen, like. And she runs away from her problems. Are you kidding me? You know the (beeping)
I had to do to get here? What a coward, dude, you’re a coward, man. (suspenesful music) – [Nev] Hello. – What’s up? – Hey man. – What the (beeping)? Are you serious?! Trez really?! You been behind this the
whole (beeping) time? – Why you all bring her? – Wait, who’s Trez? – That’s my baby daddy,
what you mean, who’s they? How the (beeping) could you do this to me? – [Tiana] Oh, that’s no. – Trez! – No, are y’all in on this? – What you mean in on what? You really think I’m finna
set you up like that? What the (beeping)? You already know I don’t
even do (beeping) like that. – Clearly this is not something that you guys were in on together. So let’s not let this
get between you guys. – No, it’s gonna be between us, ’cause how does, who’s Trez? – Well, you don’t know this guy, but apparently they had a kid together. – So you have a child? – Yeah. – Wow. – Man, I’m through with this (beeping). – Wow. – I don’t want nothing
else to do with this. I’m ready to go. I’m (beeping) ready to go. The whole (beeping) time he been doing this (beeping) to her. – I had no idea that that
was what was happening here. Hold on a second. – This, like, I really don’t believe that. – So, obviously this is awkward, turning into a much bigger situation than we could have anticipated. – So that’s Aisha’s- I’m gonna go talk to Aisha. – Yeah, let’s figure this out. – The whole (beeping) time. The whole (beeping) time. You sat there and you lied to her! And then when it come to me
getting into a relationship with somebody, you come and you run away ’cause you don’t want me to
be with nobody else but you! – Hey, hold on, hold on. – No I’m gonna need an explanation. What the (beeping)? – Let’s not make this into– – You gone through all my ex boyfriends and you did all this (beeping) and then you had this lie going
for three (beeping) years. – Well it wasn’t supposed to be like that. – What you mean it wasn’t
supposed to be like that Trez? – It wasn’t supposed to be like that. – It’s crazy, but I’m the one who’s going through this, and y’all arguing. – You gone ran off all my ex boyfriends. You don’t want me to
be with nobody but you. Man I’m so over this. I can’t believe you did this to me. – It wasn’t like that. – [Nev] Hold on a
second, hold on a second. – Take me home! – This obviously some drama between them that we didn’t know was going on. – That I shouldn’t be put in. – Step in the car with me for a second. – Oh my goodness, I cannot
believe this (beeping) is happening right now. The whole (beeping) time. – Why have you been talking to her with this other guy’s picture
for the last three years and avoiding her all this time? – I met her through her, and I ain’t want it to be like this. I ain’t want it to be messy. I didn’t want it to be no messy situation. – Well. – That’s my kid’s dad. – [Max] Which kid? – My son, my seven year old son. I can’t keep no boyfriend,
’cause every time I get into a relationship, here
he come running on my way. He don’t want me to be
with nobody else but him, but every time I turn around it’s a new (beeping) bitch in the picture. – So you met because of Aisha, and you liked her. – Yeah. – But you couldn’t really pursue her because of your previous relationship. – Yeah. – I don’t even know who
he is, I never seen him. – We met at a party about
three years ago in October. And so it was a Halloween party. – Do you remember being here for Halloween a couple years ago? – That was right before
I moved to Washington. – We wasn’t even really
properly introduced, but I thought, I kinda
thought we liked each other. – So you were into her– – It wasn’t even supposed to be like this. I was going, I was really
just trying to holler, and. – That’s bull, that’s
really bull (beeping). – I’m sorry, I’m sorry. – Wow. – It wasn’t supposed to go this long. I was gonna come right out
and tell you who I was. I was gonna come right out and tell you who I was off the bat. – And then he hurt me
’cause that’s my friend TT. You know how many times this girl tell me she done fell in love with
the person she texting on the phone and come find
out it’s my baby daddy? Now she looking at me like I
got something to do with this, like, come on now. – You know, we brought Aisha
because they’re good friends. – Yeah. – And Aisha’s sorta been
there for her this whole time. – (beeping) Messy man. – And I understand the whole reason you wanted to sort of use this fake name was to avoid this mess, but maybe you didn’t think things through, cause I mean eventually, you
know she was gonna find out. – Yeah. I was gonna tell her. I was gonna tell, it was
never supposed to go this far. Especially when they started
getting close, you know. (beeping) Just, I had, seemed like I had to keep on stretching the lie out. – He takes care of my
other kids that’s not his, but the fact that, it’s not just no boy. This not just no boyfriend that I’ve been with for a year and a
half, I have been dealing with this man for almost
eight or nine years. – Here I am hiding my daughter, he’s saying he got multiple kids. What kinda bull (beeping) is this? – Had you ever– – TT I feel like I owe you an apology, but at the same time,
I knew nothing of this. – I’m in love with who? – My baby daddy, you’re
in love with my son’s dad. – How strong are your feelings for her? I mean, are they really– – They’re strong. I wouldn’t have even did
this if they weren’t strong. You know what I mean? – Do you still have feelings for Aisha? – Yeah, I love her, she’s my baby momma, but I’m not in love with her. – Do you think you’re in love Tiana? – I got strong feelings for her. I don’t wanna hurt her. – So why didn’t you
just meet up with Tiana? – I don’t know, dumb ass mistake. I should have. – Hang tight, let me
go check in with them. – I feel like I just got
hit in my (beeping) face. – [Tiana] That’s some bull (beeping). – [Aisha] Wow. – Does he have feelings for Tiana? – It’s not just feelings,
we’re supposed to be in love. – He ha- yeah, he definitely
has feelings for you. – I keep saying feelings,
we’re supposed to be in love. ♪ Promise to ruin it ♪ ♪ Slow my ocean ♪ – No. – Hi. (beeping) – It’s Joanna. – No. I don’t even want to
hear it, are you serious? – You don’t want to talk to me? – No, why would you, really? – Sorry. – No, I wanna hear from like your mouth, like is it really you? – Yeah. (suspenesful music) – Why? I don’t even know why, like why? You think it’s cool to just (beeping) with my emotions like that? – It’s not even like that. (soft music) I’m sorry. – It’s been you the whole time. Everything’s been you
the whole (beeping) time? – Yeah. I know, I’m sorry. – No (beeping). And then you’re going around
saying that we slept together? That’s what you said? – I never said we slept together. – That’s what you said.
– No. – [Woman] That’s what you (beeping) said. – You bull (beeping) too, dude. – How did I bull (beeping) what did I say? – Chill out, don’t talk to me like that. – No, (beeping) you, what did I say? What did I say? You think it’s cool to really (beeping) with my emotions, like, for what? (beeping) For what? Is this making you look good? – No it’s not– – Is this making you look good? – But you act like I’m the only one going around lying when you’re
bull (beeping) too. – How am I bull (beeping) about what? – You’re bull (beeping). – What? No, I’m not cool. I’m not at all. So you’re just lying? You didn’t say that we slept together? That’s not what you said? – I did say we slept
together, but I think you go around bull (beeping) lying about like, we did hook up twice, and like– – We hooked up twice? – Yeah, we did. – We hooked up twice? We hooked up twice? No, (beeping) that. – [Nev] Okay. – No, this is all for her to look good. (beeping). – No it’s not. – No, (beeping) you. (beeping) You bitch, I
don’t give a (beeping). (beeping) Don’t bring me out here for some bull (beeping) like this. (beeping) You. Not doing this (beeping). Not (beeping) doing this (beeping). – Well here’s a taxi. – [Man] What? – [Max] Oh, (beeping). – It’s a taxi, and it
is definitely stopping. – Oh, (beeping). (suspenesful music) Oh my god, no way. – Oh my god. – [Max] Whoa. – Hello. – Hello. – How you doing? – Good. – I’m Nev. – I’m Josiah. – Good to meet you, man. – Well hello, Jojo. – I guess you know these guys. – I guess so. – Hi. – Hey. – Nice to finally meet you. – Nice to finally meet you too. – Hello. – What’s up? – Not gonna shake my hand? – This is gonna be fun. – I just can’t believe you’re you. – Yeah, that’s the big surprise. – That’s the big surprise. – [Malik] Wow. – That never happens. – Wow. Seven years, huh? Took seven years for you to get here. – Five years. – Yeah, um, I’m not gonna be able to deal with both of them at one time. – Are you scared? – No I’m not scared. It’s just, it’s both of y’all. – Yeah, I mean we’ve never
had a situation like this, so. – So it’s like, it’s a lot. – We’re all trying to figure it out. What was the problem? I don’t understand, like. – Uh, I mean, it’s two different people. It’s two completely different stories. – Why not like video chat with them or meet up with them? – I mean because at that time, like I had a lot going on. – We all got things going on, Jojo. – If you’re gonna let me talk, then you know, I’ll talk, but don’t– – If it makes sense. – [Josiah] Don’t jump down my throat. – Let’s just figure out how we can make the situation go as best as possible. So right now, you have the floor. What’s your deal? – I’m from Philadelphia. I’m a home healthcare aid. I’m 22 years old. – Have you always lived in Philly or have you lived in other places? – I’ve lived in several different places. – Are there other guys aside from Dejay and Malik
that you’ve been talking to for a long time on the internet? – No. – They’re the only two. – The only two. – Do you have a kid? – Yes, I do have a son, two years old. – Are you in a relationship
with the mother? – No I’m not in a
relationship with the mother. – Great. – What other sort of bigger details about your life that
we don’t know or maybe we think we know or? – Well right now I’m
currently in a relationship. We’ve been together for two years. – Two years! – In real life. – Yes. (laughing) – That’s why I haven’t been able to use Skype or you know, meet. When I’m on the phone with
Malik, my boyfriend’s not around. If I’m texting Malik or
Dejay, even if I’m laying in bed with him, I’ll turn to the side, you know, so he doesn’t see. – You smart, you smart, okay. – I mean, y’all have
every right to be upset. – Upset is a understatement. – It’s nothing, I mean. Only thing I really can say is sorry and try to give you guys answers, but it’s not, there’s
nothing else I can really do. – But why do it for so long? – I have a special type
of connection with y’all, like it’s kinda hard to let y’all go. It’s difficult. – What are your feelings
towards these guys? – I love both of them. I mean, I might love
one more than the other, but I love both of them. – Who? – Well, I mean, I love
Dejay more than, you know, but just only because I know him so long. – Really, thank you. – I mean, I’m not trying
to hurt my feelings. Only thing I can say is sorry. – Do you feel like you’ve
been dishonest with them? – I feel like we haven’t sat down and said we’re together. For all I know he can
about two other people he’s about to text, you
know, once we leave. – You were lying when you first met Dejay. – Yes. But you know, Dejay caught me in that lie, and I showed him who I really
was and he accepted me. – So my question is why after
that did you never come? – So you really think during the summer I wanted to take my money and travel all the way to east bummer– – I would think if
you’re in a relationship and committed to someone, or
you’re feeling so strongly about someone, yeah, I would want to take my money to go there. – ‘Cause you’re not gonna listen to me. – You can’t stand having a hot seat. – Hold on a second. – Whatever.
– Whatever. – Whatever. – You can’t have a grown man
conversation for (beeping). He gets mad, he can’t stand still to talk to have a conversation. He has to move, hang up, or block you. I’m good. – I don’t got (beeping) to say. – Whether it was a little lie, whether it was a big
lie, (beeping) you lied. – Y’all playing, I’m done. I can’t with that. – [Nev] I understand, I understand. – This is why me and him can’t talk. That’s Dejay, it’s just. – He’s got a temper, okay. You had to know that coming here meant upsetting them and
potentially it not going well. – On some real (beeping), like I’m not even playing
right now, I feel, I’m over it. – He doesn’t seem to feel that guilty. – No. – Part of moving past all this now and like actually ending it is dealing with these guys and their feelings, which is sort of what you’ve been able to easily avoid. Just because you showed up doesn’t mean you really like, showed up. Now you gotta own up. All right? – Okay, I mean I have
no problem with talking to them, but I can’t talk to both of them. – Why don’t you talk to
one of them at a time. – Okay. – All right, so why don’t we walk back so that you can sit down with Malik. – Okay. (suspenesful music) – All right, so Malik, you
cool if I leave you guys? All right. I’m just gonna be right over here. – I never told you me and
you were in a relationship. – Okay. – So I mean, I don’t even
understand where all the attitude is coming from, we were never together. – But how you try to make it seem was even though we wasn’t together right now, in the future time, it was
gonna be something else. – You had your opportunity to come see me and I had my opportunity to come see you. – [Malik] And you didn’t do that. – And we both (beeping)
each other at the end. There has been several
times you were supposed to come and see me and you didn’t. – When did you do that? – And there were several times that I was supposed to come
and see you and I didn’t. – Can you listen? Can you listen? – Don’t talk to me like that. – Then be quiet then, ’cause you’re lying. – You are lying. All them people that you
talked to, are you serious? Lead a boy (beeping) for somebody else, because it’s not gonna work on me. I know the truth, and I can’t
wait to get on Facebook. – Can you simmer down? Simmer down, all the way down. – [Josiah] What is that?
– [Malik] Simmer it down. – Talk to me with English, English. – English.
– English. – English. – Simmer is something
you do when you cook. Get it together. – Okay. – Get it together.
– Okay. – Okay, I’m done talking to you. Y’all have said enough to me.
– No. – You’re dismissed. – No, I told you why I did it. – Act like oh, man (beeping) out of here. – You act like I didn’t
tell you (beeping), this is the thing, now you need to listen. – No I’m not. No I’m trying to get up,
no I’m trying to get up. I don’t need to listen. Shut the (beeping) up, you dumb ass bitch. Don’t follow me. Don’t (beeping) follow me. – Get out my (beeping) seat. – Then you just put your hands in my face, now if I smack the (beeping)
out of you is gonna be a (beeping) problem. Dumb ass bitch, (beeping) out of here. You wanna see who the (beeping) I am. – Shut the (beeping) up. – What the (beeping) you gonna do? Dumb ass bitch. – Hold on, let me take that. – I be done beat Malik up here. Y’all playing. I can’t, no, I have no words
for him because he’s lying. – Right, but are you at least open to trying this again, either
later today or tomorrow? Because I think you are old enough– – I’ll try it right now with Dejay, but I’m done with Malik right now. I’m done with him. – Right, I understand. So let’s just walk back,
we’ll take a second, we’ll put the mic back on you. (Dejay laughing) – I’m willing to listen. – [Producer] All right, cool. – You’re both adults. You have real feelings for each other. You need to communicate those, so here’s an opportunity to do that. It’s all right? – Right. – So I’ll let you guys do your thing. – Ah, this (beeping) is crazy. Dejay can I start by
saying one thing to you? – Yes. – I am sorry, I’m ser-
like dead ass serious. I’m sorry. – So then why even do it
in the first place then? – Because it’s just something there. It’s not, my attention– – What you mean something there, where? – My intentions, I still have feelings for you like that now, so give me that. – How am I supposed to sit here in my head to believe the fact that you’re still so strongly feeling
these feelings towards me if you bull (beeping) the
whole half of the relationship? – Listen, if you don’t believe me, then you just don’t believe me. There’s nothing I can
say to you that’s gonna make you believe me. – Yes it is. – We’re stuck on (beeping) that happened five years ago, seven years ago. That is your whole issue with me. – That’s not the only one. – What’s, what else? – You got a baby. – That’s not something
I like to talk about. – What? – That’s something I
don’t like to talk about. – I don’t understand that,
I’ve never understand a father not wanting to
talk about their child. – Hold, pause, now that’s
what I won’t let you do. Last time I seen my son was
he was seven months old. – But still, at the end of the day, whenever you saw your– – You asking me a question. – Bring it down. – No, you bring it down.
– Bring it down. – You’re asking me a question. – Because it’s not really that deep. You scooted up in your chair. – Stop talking to me like that. – I can talk however the (beeping) I want, I’m a grown ass man. This is my mouth. – Okay, that’s the end of that. – You are full of (beeping). – I refuse to sit around
people that’s not gonna listen, instead they’re gonna do is
open up their (beeping) mouth and just talk, talk, talk, talk, talk. And you don’t know the situation. And you don’t know the situation. – Sorry, one second, one sec– – That’s clear, that’s been clear for some mother (beeping) years. – Just now peeping. – Don’t test me. No, no, no, let me tell you something. I’m not the one sitting
in there, you know me. – [Nev] Dejay, Dejay,
can you just chill out? Can you just chill out a second? – Yeah, let me step out. – You said you wanna test me. – Shut the (beeping) up. Shut the (beeping) up. – Who do you think you are? I’m scared. – And act like a (beeping) dumb ass man. Bitch, I keep telling you, I’m the right, you got the right one. – [Nev] All right. – And you think your ass
is mother (beeping) 22 bout time you mother (beeping). – No you (beeping) you are! (yelling over each other) (beeping) – How’d that happen? – Know that because number one, if you’re gonna talk about my child, talk about it correctly. I haven’t seen my son
since he was seven months. What type of father don’t talk about it? I don’t talk about it because it’s a touchy (beeping) situation. (beeping) Them. I’m done, I have came here, I
have done what I set out to do and I’m not doing. – Hold on, before you leave, let’s. I understand.

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