7 Famous People With AUTISM YOU Never Knew! (INTRIGUING)

7 Famous People With AUTISM YOU Never Knew! (INTRIGUING)

in this video I’m discussing 7
famous people with autism coming up hey guys welcome back to The Aspie World
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famous people that people probably don’t even know how an autism spectrum
condition and so I’m super pumped to get this done so let’s stop hey guys before
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so let’s go through the questions so the first question here is from Daniel Cyr
and just got five and they said good steering toys the best image wise is a
fidgety spinner and a click so my clicks is one of my favorite fidget toys I’ll
try and leave a link for the description below if I can remember but if not just
check it out clicks is the name of this toy it’s amazing
ok so the next comment here is from sensory box cult and they said how are
you enjoying your sensory toy box I am loving my sensory toy box and I loved it
so much so there’s I did a video review of the sensory toy box so I’ll try and
leave it in a card above here so you guys can see it and you can buy your own
one as well ok the next question here is from mrs. crystal and scorp Pope and
they said autism in babies my ten-year-old is diagnosed what early
signs to look for in 9 month or in my name is old I guess early signs are like
flapping hounds not like responding to names continuing to do floppy hounds
when there’s no reason for it it’s like looking for stimming basically and
slowing development is another one as well so a lot of people who are autistic
when they younger they’re slowly developing then you know typical newer
typical kids ok guys oh I’m so pumped I like did a video ages ago about like
people who have like autism and who were famous and it was really good
the video I had fun but I feel like I wanted to do like more that I didn’t
cover then and there’s been like way more I’ve read about and found out about
that you know I didn’t even know it existed but I have autism it was super
super crazy so here goes nothing here are seven celebrities or famous people
who have autism it probably didn’t even know so the first one I’m super excited
about was a guy called Satoshi Tajiri and he is the guy who created Pokemon
now he’s been diagnosed with Asperger syndrome which was what my diagnosis was
and now it’s changed to autism spectrum disorder not Asperger’s syndrome but
it’s the same thing his colleagues have described him has been reclusive and
eccentric but the unreal brain is the mastermind behind one of the highest
grossing franchises of all time as we know is Pokemon this is really
interesting because Pokemon was like one of my like favorite things ever a friend
of mine Anna Moomin who’s also got a channel called Anna moon and she is an
autistic female and a youtuber but she also was obsessed on his obsessive
Pokemon and I love the Pokemon right and most of my friends who are on the
spectrum love Pokemon and it’s really funny that the guy who created it is on
the spectrum so it’s like well it makes sense that we’d all love Pokemon I mean
like that’s super cool okay guys number two this was a relatively new one but
super impacting right now this is Greta Sundberg now Greta is a an activist a
climate activists from Europe she is like killing it right now blogs of
activism she just like sailed across like some ocean somewhere like prove a
point that she could do it and she said that she was using ostriches as her
superpower which is awesome because I what we talked about on this channel
with my superhero fan base and like all that stuff is super super dope
she’s also leading the world climate change efforts to kind of save the
planet this woman is just and real she’s super young as well and she’s like maybe
like 1819 really influential she’s taken it like a boss you get loads of
criticism and I think she’s a very inspirational person definitely check
her out and if you’d like to see a video just on Greta then but make sure to give
this video a thumbs up so I can know if you want me to do a video just on her
I’ll be super super awesome okay number three
is an interesting one because this came out about a year ago a guy called Chris
Packham who is a very famous TV presenter of personality over here in
United Kingdom and Chris is really it’s like wildlife I think like that think
that’s his thing he liked wildlife documentaries in like nature and things
like that and so he does all that kind of stuff but anyway he came out as
saying he had an autism spectrum diagnosis and it was really cool because
like the the country just greeted him with open arms it was this fascinating
experience and he does a lot of work with the National Autistic Society who I
also do some work with which is where this plaque behind me here is from and
there yeah I think Chris is a really cool guys doing a lot of cool stuff for
the community and it’s nice to see people in like you know big high up kind
of like professional jobs like that on the spectrum and you kind of helps you
feel like you can achieve those goals right I think that’s awesome we all need
role models number four is Susan Boyle good old subo
so Susan Boyle if you don’t know is a competition winner from something called
x-factor which was a British television show created by a psycho media and it
was aired on ITV which is like a channel over here in United Kingdom for years
and years you know people just thought Super Bowl was super odd and she was
like a bit different from you know your average person and yeah I’ve all kind of
judged her for what she did and the her actions of stuff like that but then it
turns out that she said she had Asperger’s syndrome and everyone was
kind of like oh it’s a kind of make sense why she’s so kind of like uniquely
quirky and all that kind of cool stuff and yeah she’s just very inspirational
because like she’s a very very successful singer she was like very
focused on singing she’s got a fantastic voice and she works really really hard
so again for young ladies you know who are wanting to get into like creative
aspects who are on the spectrum just like a Susan Bob man this woman did it
you know she’s living the dream and she has that kind of like you know Slumdog
Millionaire like story to it I think it’s amazing and she’s very influential
so thank you super well for being super awesome okay guys number five very
interesting and this one is Sir Anthony Hopkins no Anthony Hopkins is an
American actor and he was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome because his wife
said something like she was trying to figure out who she was married to and he
credits Asperger syndrome we’re making him extremely relentless and trying to
get his stuff done in his work and he says he’s only usually half working
he says this is down to his autism spectrum condition but he kind of
empowers it man in this case huge it’s like a Hollywood movie stuff I mean just
think about it if you’re on the spectrum you want to get into acting there’s
nothing stopping you’re holding you back certainly in Hopkins done it very very
well and this guys are some of the biggest movies you’ll ever see but he’s
a fantastic actor and this leads me to believe again that like people on the
spectrum have this ability to just excel at the things that they really like or
the hyper focus on oh they love you know we all have achievements and this is
something that I really want to get across that we all have the ability to
do amazing things and these are just examples I mean we’re up to five right
now and these are just amazing examples of amazing people who have a not
satisfaction condition that is not letting it like stop them doing anything
that they want to do that’s amazing so yeah definitely taken over that okay so
the next person on my list I actually really enjoyed their music and this
woman is called Courtney Love now call me love is an American singer and
musician she was actually famously known for
marrying Cobain of the late Cobain from the band Nirvana who were very very big
in the 90s unfortunately cocoa beans deceased and
then Courtney Love continued and play music after their kind of you know upset
so Satya that she was diagnosed at the age of nine and she struggled when she
was like a really young girl we think she’s had quite a traumatic life but
also having an autism spectrum diagnosis of nine was super interesting she has a
musical talent obviously she plays guitar and she like rocks out she’s very
very creative and I think she says up but she puts that down to being autistic
like she has this really like really full mind of like creative things I love
that I just love this whole creative aspect it makes me just feel super warm
and super welcomed in this high community and like you know you feel a
part of it because I get passionate about stuff and I’m thinking i’ma gonna
so weird but then I see other autistic people who get passionate about things
I’m just like yeah dude that’s dope I love it
so yeah Courtney Love amazingly inspirational and I just I know music’s
awesome hub and hole just so awesome I really like them
okay guys number seven and now this is the last one on my list
and this one came about because I was I did a video last time about famous
people not people they like commented saying oh this person has an autism
spectrum condition bla bla and so I want to check it out now this guy is a
musician called Gary Numan now Gary Neumann was a musician a very famous
musician from the 70s he’s British and he’s always been quite odd and
quirky he’s like a glam rock star I guess I like alternative like Industrial
glam rock I don’t know I don’t know what to have a music you call his music right
but Gary Numan is a super awesome guy he’s got a very unique style he’s got
he’s very talented he’s very creative and he just has this like glow about him
that’s like just super awesome now I love that about Gary Numan and I love
that he really empowers autism in most interviews he’ll who want to mention his
autistic traits and he’ll like say how you know how much he enjoys being
autistic and and how he’s used that like fuel his creativity
this guy’s super inspirational I definitely recommend checking out some
speeches or any articles he’s written on being autistic because it’s nice to see
you know other people coming out and saying oh I have an Austin special
condition but I do this and that because it helps younger people have role models
and get inspired I love it I just love all this stuff guys that was my list of
seven famous people if you have any to add to this pop it in a comment down
below because I read and respond to every single comment and I’d love to
have a discussion and dialogue with you if you’d like to see more videos like
this also let me know in the comments section below
but guys but I’ll further do I’ll see you in the next video peace

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  2. Hey mate! Cool video!

    Quick question: do you think Robin Williams had autism? I've seen some speculation online and in books that he had it, but no official confirmation. I have a hunch he did… I was just wondering if you agree?

  3. Hi Dan.

    Bill Gates

    Sir Issac Newton

    Albert Einstein could have autism.

    And myself on the autistic spectrum.

    Thank you for your videos I learn a lot from them.

  4. It's all my favorite. None of it did I not like. Hit the video like button and Subscribe to The Aspie World YouTube Channel.

  5. Is it possible for aspies to recognize aspergers in other people? I actually figured out Susan Boyle had autism before she announced it.

  6. I wasn't really surprised to hear abt actor Anthony Hopkins being on the autistic spectrum ; it truly fit his profile in the movies: tenacious,

  7. A lot of autism psychologist made the connection.
    That Pokemon create had aspergers.
    And they say the create of mindcraft has aspergers.

    I know mind craft though Connor (shout out) and mindcraft creates your own world which is a gift of autism.
    Rather than playing ready made levels in Sonic for example.
    That myth is total proved wrong with mindcraft the imagination it take to build the Disney castle or Aladdin the musical like Connor did. check out the Connorcraft Channel.

  8. Aspergers here. Adult diagnoses at 50. My most successful working places were companies that had lots of room for advancement and shifting from different jobs and departments where I could learn everything I wanted to learn. After I master a job it bores me and I want to learn something more to fit into my fuller understanding of the product or company. Soft and hardware quality assurance was the perfect fit.

    Question: How does everyone get to sleep? My brain won't shut up. Meditation is useless. It's exhausting but I'm wide awake.

  9. I can think of three well know Canadians with autism, actor Dan Aykroyd (Blues Brothers and the original Ghostbusters), Temple Grandin, and the late classical pianist, Glen Gould. We are everywhere!

  10. Everyone has special abilities. I also worked with different disabilities and all of them really has unique talents..

  11. Thank you so much for this awesome vid,it’s always interesting to learn that there are famous people with ASD..although they haven’t been formally diagnosed,it’s been suggested that Bob Dylan ( U.S famous Rock legend and brilliant lyricist ) and similarly Neil Young ( Canada born Rock legend) are on the ASD..and are what was known as ‘ Aspies’ 🇨🇦

  12. I like this vid. Thanks! I knew about a couple but the rest no. There's a lot more on the spectrum or thought to be that you can be.

  13. Jim Eisenreich was a Major League Baseball player that played for the Philadelphia Phillies when they went to the World Series in 1993. He played his whole career undiagnosed, so he's not well known as autistic. People know him as the baseball player with Tourette's syndrome.

  14. Courtney Love has also cultivated quite an acting (film) career. Nominated/won for several awards, including a nomination for an Oscar (People v Larry Flynt).

  15. I have been checking out Frankie Howerd lately on YouTube, including biographical items. I wonder if he was on the spectrum too!

  16. Some people with current mild autism like myself were actually neurotypical until I was 6 years old annd a major life event triggered it. In some it doesn't show up noticibly until 5o 6 yo especially with mild autism. I love the magnet fidgets with the sticks and balls.

  17. Best stimming toy is a jaw harp!! They're easy to figure out and leave you feeling very mellow. Do your research and get a good one Leaves spinners in the dust….


  18. Why was it changed from Aspergers to Autism Spectrum. If it’s because Dr Asperger was associated with the Nazis, then the EU being founded on a Nazi system is in real trouble.😂 FYI, I have Aspergers & am now full locked on Brexit. Nearly four years I’m drained.

  19. Hello, I have high functioning autism, diagnosed when I was 31 years old. I have since graduated from university with a 2:2 in BSc (Hons) Physiological Sciences Audiology. I am now an Audiologist 👩🏼‍🎓☺️

    I was told by many “you can’t do this, you can’t do that, you’re not capable, you’ll never be able to do this, you’ll never be able to do that”. I’ve proved so many people wrong.😁 Yes I am autistic and yes I face many challenges on a regular basis, things that we take for granted can be monumental task for me, but I do it. With the right support, understanding and education about autism, you can do anything you put your mind to. Never let anyone stop you from following your dreams!☺️👩🏼‍🎓

    Ps love your videos!

  20. I have to admit I'm an Aspie and I never really did like Pokemon. I got into it younger so I could fit in but I never really liked it. But it sure is it explains a lot about that show lol 🙂 🙂

  21. Another thing to look for in babies is 'lack of eye contact'. That is the first 'symptom' my mom noticed when I was 16 mo old. I was also told that I was 'delayed' in forming complete sentences.

  22. I have met Chris Pakcham, he's very nice and is a regular at Birdfair. I don't agree with all of his ethics because I am a farmer's wife but I think he would be willing to discuss this in a fair way. Greta is sixteen btw still at school, hence the school strikes.

  23. Should watch Anthony Hopkins in 'The Remains of the Day' He plays a Butler who just has to be on the Spectrum in the 1930s

  24. I'm a new subscriber here and I have autism. One of my friends, who has Asperger’s, shared this video with me on Facebook Messenger and this is a very interesting. I was especially surprised to hear about Courtney Love and Gary Numan.

  25. Gary Numan and Anthony Hopkins are bloody amazing. I'm an Aspie performer too (I grew up on classical training on a half-dozen instruments, as well as ballet, and stage acting has come to me naturally.), and Gary's music has always hit close to home for me. As did Sir Anthony's brilliant turn as Hannibal Lecter. This is all rather dark, but hey, I was an old-school goth girl, and seeing Gary Numan perform with Trent Reznor (another suspected Aspie) was better than Christmas. These days, I'm running an Art Therapy group for LGBTQ youth, looking into going back to school for my MFA, and helping my nieces with their dancing. We are fucking unstoppable.

  26. An interesting thing about Sir Anthony Hopkins is that he didn’t receive his diagnosis until he was 70. It’s never too late to gain personal insight.

  27. Anne Hegerty, one of the chasers from 'The Chase' on ITV mentioned that she's been diagnosed with aspergers in 2005 when she was on 'I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!'.

  28. The British actor Paddy Considine is also autistic. He's fairly well known among British audiences I'd imagine anyway.

  29. You changed the intro… I missed the uploads for a while, but, you changed it. You usually say "what's going on with my hair" and you didn't.

  30. I recently learned that Bill Murray has ASD. I looked up after I watched the man who knew too little. I realized that he often plays characters who are awkwardly trying to navigate the world while being oblivious to social cues.

  31. Thank you for all that you do in helping the autism community. Feeling so empowered right now! Thank you 🙏🏽

  32. I can't remember his name right now, but the guy who designed the flaming guitars for KISS is on the spectrum. He put out a book about his life titled Look Me in the Eyes. Very good book and just don't try doing the some of the things he did.

  33. Greta is 16 and is not allowed to vote. But since she is obliged to attend school she used this as a way to show her discontent by going on a school strike. If she had been an adult she would have been acting within the political system. That's her point.

  34. This is the excellent documentary Chris Packham made about his autistic self: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IjdEJdr-vfs

  35. A bunch of great people! Please don't take my thumbs up as a vote to do a video on Greta. Its all about the people who have been very successful in what they want to do and have not let the diagnosis hamper them. I have found that young women who are on the spectrum, but not yet diagnosed, can find the diagnosis to be life changing and even life saving!!! It is as if they finally know why life has been so different for them. It is setting some people free!

  36. Great video matey yeah heard about the creator of Pokémon being Autistic, definitely know about Susan Boyle one that really surprised us was Anthony Hopkins it just proves that people with Autism can do amazing stuff 😃

  37. Greta Thunberg is sick for real and she is worldwide because she's the mat to stuff the real problems under. Socialism and globalism is the real problem!

  38. Satoshi Tajiri was never confirmed to be on the spectrum. There's no records of this besides an unofficial biography and all articles that make this claim are just referencing one another. Due to the stigma against neurological disorders in Japan it's unlikely that he would admit it even if he was on the spectrum. It takes a while to find the relevant posts online, if I could understand Japanese maybe I could find more information.

  39. Dan Aykroyd and Daryl Hannah also has ASD, Dan has a police badge from when he was a kid that he carries around with him for when he gets anxious, great job as usual Dan, Thank u ^_^

  40. I don't know how many of you read Manga (Japanese comics), but I recently found a title called "Asperu Kanojo", that deals with he challenges of living with Autism…

  41. Ye bc I am autistic I started talking and reading at 1 but couldn’t walk until I was 3. BTW not like big books just like kiddie books lol😂❤️

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