9 Things That Can Change Your Eye Color

9 Things That Can Change Your Eye Color

Your eyes are wonderful things, and the colors
of your eyes says a lot about you. But have you wondered if you could change
your eye color? Because you can! Allow me to show you how. But before we start, don’t forget to subscribe
to the channel so that you don’t miss our weekly videos! 9. Contacts
If you’re looking for a very “bare bones” way to change your eye color, you can’t go
wrong with contact lenses. If you think about it, this is actually a
very easy and simple way to change your eye color…without changing your eye color. After all, you’d not be changing what is actually
there, but what is actually being “shown” to the people around you. After all, the way the contact lenses are
built is that they “mask” or cover up your iris and pupil and then allow you to “portray”
the color that you want to show. Now, while many of these contact lens have
more party-style color schemes, you can also get them in very basic colors. You can even get some that have slight effects
to them to have your eyes pop even more, which I’m sure many of you will appreciate in some
form or another. And of course, if you’re looking to have fun,
these contact lens can be gotten to make your eyes look REALLY interesting. You can make it look like you have cat eyes,
or an unnatural color like white or pure black. The only caution I have for you, is that if
you actually have true contact lenses (the prescription kind), don’t use these colored
lens as a “substitute”, they don’t work that way. If you want to use these lens in any way,
make sure you get ones that will enhance your vision, not make it worse. Still, it’s a simple way to change your eye
color, and it won’t cost much depending on what you get. Seems like a win-win here! 8. Surgery
They say there’s a surgery for everything in the world today, and so it honestly shouldn’t
be a surprise that there is a surgery that can change your eye color. But, being up front right now, the surgery
is not without side effects, and it’s very risky. How risky? Well, one person who got the surgery did go
partially blind. But, you also could get the different eye
colors that you want, so that’s something you’ll have to weigh the risk of. The question you likely are having right now
is, “How is it possible to surgically alter eye color?” Well if we’re being technical, there are two
ways. The one I was referencing before is a type
of laser surgery, not unlike Lasik. However, unlike Lasik, this surgery is used
to burn away the melanin in your eyes, which help create your eye color. So for a brown-eyed person, burning away the
Melanin will allow them to have blue eyes. That’s a big difference, and according to
the doctor, it only takes about 20 seconds to do the full operation. However, it does take a few weeks for the
effects of the operation to actually show up. Again, the surgery is NOT for everyone, and
one person posted on Instagram how they were blinded by it, and the doctor who created
the surgery acknowledged the fact that they needed to study the side effects of the process. So do know that before you go in. …what’s that? What’s the other way to change your eye color
through surgery? Well, it’s called an eye transplant. It’s also risky, but it has been done in the
past. 7. Your Age
Your body is many things, but one thing it almost always is…is evolving. For you when you are young, you look much
different than how you are when you’re an adult, because your body is literally growing
into your body. And if you pay attention to a baby and their
eye color, you’ll notice something that isn’t there when they grow up. Mainly, when babies are born, they tend to
have a greyish eye-color. Or, in other cases, they’ll have very light
blue eyes. Why is this? Well, because babies are new to life, they
don’t have all the Melanin they need to develop their true eye color. But, as they grow older, and their body evolves,
the Melanin increases, and then their eyes darken into what they’re “meant” to be. Now, for those wanting a more immediate solution,
this isn’t helpful, as you can’t just “grow melanin” when you’re an adult that’ll let
you change your eye color, sorry. There is a catch though, for when you grow
older, your body starts to lose all the Melanin that it stored up over the years, and thus,
your eye color starts to change once again. So if you are truly desperate to change your
eye color, just wait, it’ll happen eventually. 6. Lighting
Honest question, how many of you out there are actors and actresses? Could be professionally, could be for fun,
or it could be you’ve done it in high school and college, whatever works. That many huh? Well, then you’ll know the importance of lighting
on a stage. For having the right lighting sets the mood
for the scene that’s about to be portrayed, right? As well as keeping the focus on characters
that need to be focused on. What you might not notice at the time though
is that when you adjust the lighting in a room, you adjust your eye color. How can that work? Well, think about how your eye works. Your eye is comprised of many parts, but one
of the most important parts is the pupil, which is what you see out of. When you are in a brightly lit room, your
pupil contracts in order to protect your eye, as it won’t absorb as much light that way. In contrast, when you have a darker setting,
your pupil expands in order to capture all the light within the room. When the pupil expands or contracts like this,
it actually changes your eye color, because it compresses or loosens the pigments that
help define your eye color, and this makes it so that your eye color is lighter or darker
than before. Granted, it’s a short-term solution, but it’s
one that is proven by science. So, want to change your eye color? Dim the lights, or bring out the spotlight! 5. The Sun
Sticking with “lighting your way” to new eye color, there’s a big light ball in the sky
that can help you change your eye color. Yep, I’m talking about the sun. It’s through a bit of a roundabout way though,
so this is another “procedure” that isn’t for everyone. So, remember Melanin? The thing that helps give you eye color in
some cases? Well specifically, Melanin is a dark brown
pigment of color, and it helps darken your eyes to various shades depending on how much
you have. And it doesn’t just work on your eyes, it
also is within your skin. Anyway, Melanin is actually activated by the
suns rays. This is why if you stay out in the sun for
a good amount of time, you get a tan, because the Melanin in the body is activated. So, by that token, you can actually make your
eyes darker by having them exposed to the sun for a good amount of time. However, as school hopefully taught you, starring
directly at the sun is a surefire way to damage your eyes, and in the non-changing your eye
color way. You’ll have to get a bit creative, but if
you do it right, you’ll have darker eyes soon enough. 4. Makeup and Clothing
They say…that the clothes make the man…and the woman too. And while this is very much a subjective thing
(seriously people, dress how you want to dress…within reason!), how you portray yourself in terms
of clothes and makeup actually can help define your eye color. Now, by “define”, I don’t actually mean change,
however, it will change how people see it. Think of your iris and pupil like a painting. If you put a dot of some color on a white
background, it’s there, and visible, but it’s not exactly “popping”. But, if you add more details and life to the
background, the dot itself will seem to be more “vibrant” and “full of life”. For women, this can be done via eye liner,
mascara, and other such products. Using the right colors will actually bring
out the texture and detail of your eyes when others look at you. Same with the colors of your clothes. By accessorizing the right way, you actually
will make it seem like your eyes are more colorful. Again, this is not exactly true, your eyes
will still be the same color, but it is a step in the right direction if you’re willing
to try it out. 3. Emotions
This one might seem cliche, but it’s actually very true, emotions affect your body in all
sorts of ways, and not just in how you’re feeling at the moment. Your emotions actually stimulate your body
in ways that can affect you physically, including how your eye color looks. You won’t notice it because you’ll be feeling
one way or another, but when you’re feeling positive emotions, your irises tend to become
lighter, or brighter. Whereas when you are feeling low, and angry,
your eyes become darker due to the massive uptick of your heart rate and your breathing
patterns. Again, it’s subtle, and it’s not like you’ll
turn green or anything, but in this way, your eyes actually change colors all the time,
and that’s pretty cool. 2. Health
I’ll admit, this one is a bit more scary than the other ones, but there are times when your
body is sick that it actually changes your body chemistry, and thus, changes your eye
color. Sometimes, it’s as simple as having a cold,
but, there are also a variety of eye diseases that can change your eye color in a meaningful
way. That being said…I wouldn’t recommend trying
to go this path, after all, your health should be a major bigger factor than your eye color,
right? 1. Food
There are a lot of “snake oil” remedies for just about everything, especially when it
comes to food, but when you look at the hard science of what food does, you’ll find there
are certain types of food that can most definitely affect your eye color. Here’s a few of them for you. Spinach! Yes, the favorite food of Popeye the Sailor
Man won’t just make you stronger (in theory), but it will actually help your eyes. This is because the vegetable is rich in iron. And having a good amount of iron in your body
will lead to your eyes being healthier, younger looking, and will allow your eyes to “shine”
more, which will affect the color. There is a very terrible myth out there that
putting certain kinds of honey in your eyes will change your eye color. Do NOT do that. However, eating organic honey can help change
your color in the right way. For if done right, and with a little luck,
the hue of your eye will get brighter. Fish, Olive Oil, Onions, Nuts, Chamomile Tea,
and a few others are types of food that you can use to alter your eye color in some fashion. However, as in all things, you should consult
a source familiar with the process before trying it yourself. For a diet is only as good as the management
of it. Thanks for watching! Which of these methods do you think you’ll
try in order to change your eye color? Let me know in the comments below! Be sure to subscribe, and I’ll see you next

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  1. I have brown eyes.. But sometimes when I go to the lights it change to light brown, kinda like honey color..
    I've never use contact lenses, they're pretty but I don't like them..
    And I know it's dangerous to change your eyes color because it could make you blind..
    Awesome video as always..
    Thanks for sharing..?

  2. I have brown eyes. But if you look closely, especially in the light, they are brown and olive green. Does this mean I have hazel eyes? This always confuses me!

  3. Its really cool normally i have blue eyes in the lighti have blue with green inside and when i cry fully green

  4. Guess what's my eye color

    The half eye it's brown and the other half it's green o.o(!not the one green and the other brown!they are the same as I told! )

  5. I have a really dark brown and I always wish I had light blue hazel eyes but it didn't happen that's why I'm watching this video I need a change my eye color or I will die

  6. Question is do some of these actually work… Would you wear contacts or go spends hundreds of dollars to change your eye color when contacts are cheaper and can change daily

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