A fan of Virus Outbreak Movies? – Check these 8 Sci-Fi Films Out  – Movie Suggestions

A fan of Virus Outbreak Movies? – Check these 8 Sci-Fi Films Out – Movie Suggestions

A fan of Virus Outbreak movies? Check these
8 films out Always remember that whenever you end up catching
a cold, there are plenty of things you can contract that are
far far worse. Especially if you live within a horror movie. So today I thought
I’d cover films which plots that revolve around viral outbreaks. Where an outbreak is a sudden occurrence of
a disease within a particular place and time frame. In which it can affect
a small town or an entire continent. Within the movie universe it’s usually super
lethal & highly contagious, or it just turns you into some form of zombie, so
for the sake of simplicity- I’m going to focus on a mix of both types.. But
I’m saving most of the zombie ones for another video. Director Wolfgang Petersen’s Action Drama,
Outbreak 1995 Follows Virologist Col Sam Daniels’ whose
job within the military is to investigate nasty diseases. When a deadly
airborne virus finds its way into a small town within the USA, it rapidly starts
killing off the local population. where it’s now up to Col Daniels
and his team, to try and control this viral outbreak. The reason why most millennia’s are afraid
of monkeys, Outbreak is a cheesy film with an all-star cast filled with
all the stereotypes and clich�s you would expect from a 90’s movie. This film will definitely require your suspension
of disbelief at times, with its unnecessary yet fun action scenes and
unintentionally funny parts. But overall outbreak is a good popcorn movie,
that should entertain and hold your attention throughout. Directors Balagureo & Plaza’s, Mystery Horror,
[Rec] 2007 Set in Barcelona, where a television reporter
and her cameraman are following a local fire crew for their Tv Show.
Whilst filming the fire-fighters they receive a distress call from a local
apartment building. When they arrive everything seems normal, until they
go inside. Shot as found footage, and absolutely terrifying-
[REC] is a Spanish horror that is done exceptionally well. and as I’m
personally not a fan of this sub- genre it came as quite a surprise how much
I liked it. While I wouldn’t say that it adds anything
new, that doesn’t take away from the fact that this film is a solid benchmark
for what found footage movies�should attempt to achieve. If you’re
a fan of the Blair Witch Project or Cloverfield then give [Rec] a go. Director Breck Eisner’s, Horror Thriller,
The Crazies 2010 Set in a small Iowa town where everything
is pretty normal. Until one day a man burns down his own house, while another
walks onto a school baseball game with a loaded shotgun. With all these
crazy events happening, it doesn’t take the Sherriff long to figure out
that something is definitely affecting the people in his town. Well shot with plenty of jumps scares and
gore, The Crazies is a pretty good remake with solid acting and a surprisingly
engaging story. While I wouldn’t say it’s particularly scary, I’d
say the movies strength lies with how unsettling it is, where it makes you feel
tense for the whole of the third act. Technically it’s not a true zombie
movie, but it does have an original twist on the survival horror genre,
that’s fairly unique. Director, Bruce McDonald’s, Fantasy Horror,
Pontypool 2008 Follows�radio announcer�Grant Mazzy, who
has a new job in the small town of Pontypool. Whilst listening to their reporter
describing a rather strange sounding riot, the call gets abruptly cut
off. When the reporter calls back, Grant & his team, become aware that something
horrible is occurring just a few miles away from them. An intelligent horror that delivers more,
than the usual cheap jump scares Pontypool is a tension filled movie clearly
inspired by Orson Wells’ the war of the worlds. It’s supported by top notch
acting, combined with some of the best suspense I’ve ever experienced within
film. Pontypool is completely different to your
standard virus outbreak movies, mainly due to it taking place entirely within
a radio station- where it’s completely down to your imagination to fuel
the fear. Director, David Cronenberg’s, Horror sci-fi,
Shivers 1975 Set in a luxury apartment building, where
there appears to be a bizarre murder-suicide, in which a misguided biology
researcher kills his mistress to assure funding for his project. But when the
residents of the building start getting sexually assaulted by their fellow
tenants, it becomes clear there was something more to that suicide. Where this is more of a parasite based movie,
than a straight forward virus film, Shivers actually has a pretty disturbing
premise, where nobody really wants to be sexually violated in order to
pass on a parasite! While the picture and sound quality are fairly
poor, and the acting n effects are OK it won’t matter if you’re a fan of
low budget horror or David Cronenberg. But if you’re expecting more,
then it might disappoint you. Director Sung-su Kim’s, Drama Thriller, Flu
2013 After smuggling illegal immigrants into South
Korea, a smuggler catches an unknown virus from one of their prisoners.
Soon after, the same symptoms start to plague the residents within the suburbs
of the city of Seoul.�Where this new kind of deadly disease can kill a
person within 36 hours. An impressive disaster movie with a rather
tense premise, Flu�really delivers on suspense and action, with characters
that are very engaging. But it does have some tonal issues in regards
to a few over-sentimental scenes. But Despite its flaws and it’s over
the top moments, Flu is a pretty entertaining film. It’s just a pity that if
the story had stuck to a darker tone this could have been a very powerful movie. Director Fernando Meirelles, Mystery sci-fi,
Blindness 2008 Where a city is devastated by a mysterious
epidemic of instant white blindness. Among the first infected is an
ophthalmologist and his wife who become quarantined by the government. Sent
to an abandoned mental asylum, and without any medical supplies or
visual aide, hundreds of infected are left to their own means to survive. With an awesome cast, solid cinematography,
and great direction Blindness is a gritty film which has a very different
take on the outbreak genre. While some people will see this as letdown
in comparison to the novel it’s based on. I think it succeeds at what it tries
to accomplish; demonstrating the human experience under terrible circumstances. Blindness is a tough film to watch, and definitely
not for everyone, but if you’re curious- then give it a try. Director Danny Boyle’s, Sci-fi Horror, 28
days later 2002 Follows Jim, who wakes up from a short term
coma to see that the world has drastically changed. London has become
like something from a post apocalyptic movie and no-one can be found.
Unknown to Jim there are plenty of people about, it’s just that they’ve
all become blood-crazed psychopaths. The low budget instant classic that redefined
the zombie genre,�28 Days later has loads of horror & terror with just
about the right amount of realism. The characters are well developed,
the plot is straight forward and haunting and the pacing is tight. 28 days
later, is very thought-provoking, with a focus on survival and what it means
to be human.�I honestly don’t really have anything bad to say about this
movie, so if you haven’t seen it yet, check it out. A fan of Virus Outbreak movies? Check these
8 films out

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  1. I loved Rec when I first saw it, but then I've watched the sequel. In it it's revealed that it's not a virus, but the devil or a demon or something similar. That ruined the first movie for me.

  2. I'd seen them all except for Shivers. Flu is really confronting in some scenes and Blindness is a really yucky movie that i don't recommend if you don't like seeing women sexually assaulted, just a heads up. I loved Pontypool tho

  3. Hi Hyperdrive, I have just subscribed because I am really loving your videos. Creative, comprehensive, nicely narrated, from start to end brilliantly done. I'll be looking forward to more space related charts you come up with, as I'm putting most of your suggestions in my watch list. Awesome job, keep it up ?

  4. Anyone who watches "Outbreak" and thinks about it intelligently and rationally will quickly realize that the actions of Dustin Hoffman's character would have brought about an outcome that was exactly the opposite of the one that occurred in the film.

  5. Though 'tis a TV show and not a film, TNT's "The Last Ship" is rather good and entertaining, and it fits right into this category perfectly.

  6. not a fan of found footage films. all the shaky cam gives me a headache.

    if you've finished moving, my prop offer still stands ?

  7. I'd recommend It Comes At Night! The movie was mis-marketed as a monster flick, but it's absolutely actually an outbreak movie about family and morality. Perfectly captures the paranoia and tension in its premise. Just don't expect too many answers.

  8. Watched rec when I still had no idea about that found footage, outbreak type horror movies. And of course i watched it alone, at night, headphones on, simply the best thing to do when you have no idea what you're about to see. Had me fucked up really good for a few nights.

  9. Preferred the old Crazies to the remake, lot more story to it. I can remember a film called Search and Destroy, pretty much a rip off of The Crazies. Don't remember it being all that good but it's one to look up if you like these type of films. There was another one about rabies I can remember, a so bad it's good one, can't remember the name tho. It was about a gang of hippies who come to a town and end up raping a girl, her little brother takes some blood from a rabid dog that was shot and injects it into a pie and gives it to the hippies, hilarious chaos ensues.

  10. Thanks to you I just watched Pontypool. I didn't like the ending, and the premise got a little wonky, but the suspense was properly frightening and frankly I really enjoyed it. Thanks to you, HyperDrive.

  11. Wow, I've seen all of these except Shivers (which I will watch now). With Flu though, I will say that it becomes very nationalistic when they kill off the immigrant in order for the Korean native girl to be the hero as patient zero. That actually turned me off from the film because there was really no reason to kill that character. And Pontypool is one of my absolute fave horror films.

  12. Where is a contagion movie? Its one of the best out there that touches the subject with a support od WHO doctors.
    Outbreak have nothing on that film.
    Also Bastion is pretty good

  13. Please take a sec to look at my short movie "UNARMED". This movie is about the effects POLICE BRUTALITY can have on a family. I poured my heart & soul into this film and you would literally make my DREAMS COME TRUE by watching and giving feedback. I am a student filmmaker and I literally went broke to produce this film! All feedback is wanted, Thanks!!!

  14. Contagion is the best virus outbreak movie. It's horrors are the true nature of unpredictable virus. I'd say a way better version of Outbreak film from 1995 where they added cheesy 90's plot.

  15. saving zombie movies for another video? no I wont give you a like or subscribe or worse go to your channel and search for the video. Please tell me when is the right time if its not now for a zombie movies? an virus outbreak is surely not doing about flowers…..

  16. Train to Busan is a great infection film. In my opinion one of the best films within this genre to come out! I highly suggest it to all of those who enjoy virus/infection/zombie films!

  17. The Stand is one of my favorites, even though it deals less with the science fiction aspect of a deadly outbreak and more on the supernatural post outbreak phenomena of the survivors and the human spirit. Still the beginning sequence and the Blue Oyster Cult track that plays out as the accident happens, sets the tone of the film for me. It had enough going on for me to get through it and enjoy it in the end, and I've watched it a couple of times since. If you can handle a lengthy but decently done 90s adaption of a classic Stephen King novel and if you at a fan, definitely give it a watch!

  18. A little bit of trivia; the movie "Outbreak" was taken from the book "Outbreak", written by far-leftist author Robin Cooke. Contrary to the norm, the movie was much better than the book.

  19. No zombie movies in this video guys! All of them are in an other video!
    proceeds to name like multiple fucking zombie movies.

  20. I can’t find the movie I’m looking for ? all I remember was the trailer. A small scene in the trailer. All I remember was 3 people go on a elivator to the lab. They have a lot of blood samples and somehow they accidentally broke one of the blood sample tubes. I don’t remember the name ?‍♂️ I do remember how the trailer looks like

  21. Okay so is Rec a different version of Quarantine??

    Edit: Welp never mind just realized Rec was the original Quarantine hmm ya learn something new everyday lol

  22. Why does everyone think 28 days later is a zombie movie? Zombies do not starve to death like in 28 days later, they are already dead.

  23. You did not just diss th Flu for not having more zombies… Shakes fist at screen. (Seriously wtf dude it was amazing. Train to Busan sucked).

    Guess I'm just more experienced than you.

  24. Rec, is called something else as well. I have the movie, but can't remember the other name.
    I stored it away a few years ago. Wish I could remember.
    I'm thinking it's called Contagion but I'm not sure.

  25. Firstly thank you , thanks, tnx So much for labeling " 28 Days Later " correctly as an infection movie .. Secondly my movie suggestions I'm not sure they fit into one category # 1 David Croninbergs " Rabid " , #2 are Rutger Hauer Movies that I could watch forever ( which I suppose technically could be a classification ! Lol.? ) they are "Lady Hawk", "the Osterman Weekend ", " Surviving the Game", "Blind Fury", "Split second" , "Omega Doom", and " Hobo w/ a shotgun " Plus "Blade Runner" & maybe "the Blood of Heros" … #3 " the Boogens " / "the Unseen" / the Unnamiable 1&2 .. Plus two little remembered tv series Kolshak: the Night Stalker & the Dark Room. .

  26. I have one complaint about your videos: Why do you use the same background music in every single one? At the very least, change it to something more appropriate when you're doing more serious stuff like horror.

  27. Your missing the most accurate of all of the movies about outbreaks. And one that is still very suspenseful. And that is the 1st Andromeda Strain movie. And personally I like the original The Crazies movie better than the remake. I know that in most ways the remake is better. But I like the way things spiralled out of control in the 1st movie – through miscommunication & distrust more than through the actions of a sinister government. The movie is kind of a case for the saying never put something down to malice that can be explained by stupidity (or something to that effect).

  28. Man, I watched Shivers when I was a kid and geez it stayed with me for decades! Haha! For years when I was older I would always think
    about it anytime I watched a movie that was set in a big apartment building. And I didn’t even know what the movie was called or that it was a David Cronenberg movie. Not that slugs are something you forget anyway, but I DEFINITELY don’t think of slugs the same way others do thanks to Shivers.

  29. I really thought "Virus" (Fukkatsu no hi – Day of Resurrection) would be on this list… but the fact Cronenberg "Shivers" was on it [almost] weights it up.

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