ABA Therapy Did This…Independence, Freedom, and A Happier Future

ABA Therapy Did This…Independence, Freedom, and A Happier Future

– What’s up guys welcome to another video, we’re all wearing the same clothes ’cause we’re shooting a lot of videos on the same day. It’s okay, you’ll be fine,
don’t worry about it. We’re shopping. We’re gonna show you guys
Abigail’s progression, how good she’s gotten at shopping, why are you laughing at me? – ‘Cause, take three. – Shut up, we’re gonna
go in here into Target and show you guys how good she does. She’s really come a long way since we first started shopping with ABA therapy, what’s the matter? – It’s so hot! – You gotta turn off the AC
to vlog sometimes, I’m sorry. Vlog life, let’s go. – Can you look that way?
– You keep stopping, you gotta look though. Look both ways. – [Priscilla] Look that
way, and look this way. – [Asa] Look that way,
no cars you’re safe. – Okay, go ahead. (Abbie hums) So she is getting older so
she doesn’t always wanna hold our hand which is fine, but we have to teach her that road safety ’cause she has none of that yet. – [Asa] But the just the
fact that she doesn’t have to hold our hand anymore is huge. – [Priscilla] Yeah it’s huge. – I mean she used to be
a leash kid, remember? – Yeah. – Up until like three or four maybe? Maybe older than that, five? I don’t know, we’d go to Disney and stuff and we had her monkey
backpack with the tail, like the leash, you guys know what I’m talking about. (Abbie vocalizes) We’re gonna get a cart. (Abbie hums) Yeah you can pull it out for her. – The other one’s parked
there, it’s always– – [Asa] Yeah, that was pretty
necessary up until recently. (mumbling) – Right here and right
here, so you push even. – [Asa] But since we’ve
start working on that ABA therapy and shopping, then we don’t use it anymore. We get her to do a lot of it. (Abbie vocalizes) – You know I’ve progressed a lot. – [Asa] Have you? – Yeah, I’m great in stores now. – [Asa] You are, no more
hiding in clothes racks. – See Ab–
– That’s fun. (cart rattling) – [Asa] Dude that steering though. – [Isaiah] That was good. – [Asa] Holy cow, she’s gotten so good at, oh that’s a tight squeeze, nobody could’ve made that, it’s okay. I’ll help you.
(Abbie vocalizes) Push. (Abbie vocalizes) – [Isaiah] Is Daenerys– – [Asa] Turn. – [Isaiah] Hey is Daenerys– – Nice job.
– A superhero? (Abbie vocalizes)
– Oh my gosh look at you go! – [Priscilla] Look at you Ab. – [Asa] She’s so good at this. – Stop. ‘Kay, are we gonna go left or right? Can you point which way you wanna go? Okay, we’re going left. – [Asa] There’s a wall, turn your cart. – Nice.
– That’s impressive. – Is Daenerys Targaryen a superhero? – [Asa] Hmm, not really. – Okay.
– She would be a villain, right? – [Isaiah] Yeah, true. – Spoiler. The kids new superhero stuff for camp, so that’s the superhero reference. We’re looking for Wonder Woman,
do you want Wonder Woman? We’re struggling through some lack of afternoon nap here too, so. – [Priscilla] Yeah. – I’m a little annoyed with the lack of superhero stuff in the
girls’ section, just saying. – What the heck? – It’s kinda sexist, but not out there. I mean it’s not like we don’t have worthy candidates for superhero females. Wonder Woman. – Captain Marvel.
– Captain Marvel. I’m thinking of the recent ones. Black Widow is coming out with a movie. – The Batman girl. – [Men] Batgirl. – Batgirl. – So it’s not just about
learning life skills, which obviously that’s
the major part of it but then you also have, there’s a sensory aspect to it so pushing the card provides
resistance, steering, it makes her brain work, so it’s keeping her busy
and active the whole time that we’re here too, which is gonna reduce behaviors. Y’know it’s gonna make her less prone to try to run off, or do
something that she shouldn’t because she’s actively
engaged in whatever activity that we’re doing at the moment. Whether it’s her helping
us put stuff in the cart or pushing it whatever. (upbeat music) – That one? One. Good job. You got two. (thudding) Get your bags, and put your bags in there. (rattling) That way. – [Isaiah] Look to the right. – [Priscilla] Look over here. – [Asa] Ab you gotta look. – Ab, are you ready? He’s gonna let you go. – Okay we’re good, come over here? (upbeat music) Successful shopping trip, good job yeah. All done, you wanna say bye? Say bye, you wanna close it out? (beeps) But then if we stop for too long while brother’s getting a shirt, and she hasn’t had her
nap this is what happens. Just chill for a minute. – Na na na na na! – We’re shopping, we’re
gonna take Abbie in, we’re gonna show you guys
her progression, hopefully, with shopping, how well
she has, how well she has. Areas and spaces and I
don’t know what I’m saying. We’re gonna show you guys
Abigail’s progression, how good she’s gotten at shopping, why are you laughing at me? – ‘Cause, take three. – Shut up. (upbeat music)

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  1. I’m so proud of Abbie… she’s so grown up and wants to do all the things by herself! Love her and all of you guys very much! Happiest and most emotionally connected family I’ve ever seen! 🙂

  2. I’ve been binge watching y’all all day and it’s so crazy how much all of you have progressed in everything! Asa, your editing and the way you talk to the camera. Priscilla, your weight loss is absolutely amazing!! Isaiah, you have grown into an amazing person! Abbie, you have progressed so much in every way! Y’all are so amazing!!!

  3. Poor girl was like sleep walking! Lol that's how I will be tomorrow night, as its night 3 of VBS. ? she did awesome! Also, I agree! We need to be able to just find super hero stuff in the girls/women's! I will sometimes go to the boys (little boys for me lol ) and find a shirt there.

  4. She did awesome! Sure that makes it much much easier on everyone. Aba is the best! I couldn't imagine life without our therapists!?

  5. I’ve just started watching your videos because friends of mine have children with autism. I’ve only watch a few but to see this one, with Abbie pushing the cart, choosing items and placing them in the cart and on the conveyor belt, just warms my heart. To see her progress is wonderful. Way to go Abbie and family!

  6. Thank you for your videos <3 My little brother has autism too, I just graduated from college and I'm working on registering as an RBT right now! Your videos (and my lil bro, obviously) have kept me goin'!!! <3

  7. Im with abbie on the floor. Yesterday my 2 younger brothers were taking forever in the store and I got I wanted all in 10 minutes. we were there for a hour. I am not joking I was over it fast. Plus it was the store I work at but it was busy and I was hungry.

  8. Of course she is showing marked improvement, you are shopping at a much better store this time. Target is easier with the lighting, noise level and crowded areas, especially when checking out. A much better experience all around every time IMHO. ?

  9. Love that you pointed out the Caroline's Cart when you were in Target =) it is so useful I use it all the time for one of the individuals I provide care for. The individual has CP and is nonverbal but can walk however is limited on mobility and makes shopping much easier of the cart is used (plus they love riding in it which is a bonus). When did you guys stop using the cart for Abbi?

  10. I have a job interview for an ABA therapist position this week! Thank you Abbie for teaching me to be be a friend and advocate for people like you.

  11. I was gonna comment about the need for a “gender free” vocabulary, but then I realized most people who aren’t autistic need that categorization of social structures.. yay for being autistic!!

  12. You guys waked right past the dollar spot!! Aaauuuuggghhhh every teachers favorite place ❤️❤️ ?

  13. Great job Abbie!!!!!! I love the fact that when she's tired or needs a break no matter where she is, she just finds a spot on the floor.." Yep I've had enough for now!"????

  14. Abby at the end "Do you want to close it out?" and she closes it so fast like "I am so done with this". But she did great.

  15. You guys are awesome parents for your daughter! Teaching a kid how to be independent like this is one of the best things any parent can do, and you guys nailed it!

  16. it really warms my heart to see such progress in Abby. You guys are by far the best parents i have EVER seen and i COMMEND your team
    work! it’s always a blessing to see 2 parents be on the same team at all times and show so much love to your children. Most of all, the amount of hard work you both put into bettering her future. I’m from Canada, Vancouver, and i would LOVE to meet all of you some day. Keep going the way your going because your babygirl will reach for the stars and have a bright and successful future. Bless all of you ❤️❤️

  17. I'm really proud of Isaiah, I just want to give him credit for how well he does in the store. I didn't see him whine for anything even once.

  18. Abbie you are doing so great! My daughter, with Autism, no longer wants me to hold her hand. Great steering Abbie. Isaiah you have progressed to?.

  19. I’m so happy to hear positive things about ABA therapy. My grandson has recently been diagnosed as on the Autism Spectrum and will be getting ABA therapy. I have a friend whose grandson is also Austistic but she, the grandma, is dead set against ABA therapy. She says that Autistic people should be allowed to be who they are. My grandson has some behaviors that won’t allow him to live in society unless they are changed. Her grandson is mild, compliant and doesn’t have any behavior issues. It’s sad that there are people who don’t seem to understand that certain behaviors ( aggression) are just not going to be tolerated in the real world.

  20. 'She may not be able to speak or answers but she can hear your words and feels your kindness' ?? Sweet Home
    ???? Sweet Home?

  21. hahaha the fun shirts are in the boys department. my daughter will rant on sexism due to that issue.

  22. Amazing how far she has come just since I’ve started watching less than a year ago. Way to go Abbie!

  23. I start as an RBT next Monday, and your channel has been such an inspiration! I’m so excited. Keep doing what you do!

  24. Spidergirl from into the spidervwrse

    Love this as a BCBA that you are showing the world that ABA isn't just sit at a table it's real life

  25. What do you think can be done to improve the academic interchange between the justice system and the mental health sector?

  26. Abbie"s progress is amazing! I noticed she didn't have to stim while pushing the shopping cart!
    GO ABBIE!!!

  27. Hi???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????❤️

  28. My mom thinks Abbie is finally Babbling a little.(This is coming from someone who has 3 grown adults..) I know she is nonverbal but that what I think whats happen in these newer vlogs.

    Also she isndoing so much better. Xoxo

  29. Abbie is rocking the whole independent gig!! I have neurotypical kids and I have to get them off the floor after 30 minutes of shopping too. ??

  30. What apps do yall use for Abbie to be able to talk to yall do they cost can they be found on apple or android play stores

  31. I think it’s so wonderful that you all are teaching Abbie life skills!! ❤️❤️?? Haha!! Love the bloopers at the end!! ??

  32. I love isaiah’s humor, my family does the same thing when someone (who doesn’t understand physically disabled people can be also be neuro-typical) uses baby talk when talking to me. My brothers will answer for me and it’s so great ? I’m a UCLA student so we just have to laugh because they don’t understand. If you don’t grow up around someone with a disability then it’s so easy to lack awareness. Thankful for you guys!

  33. A lot of people hate on aba therapy, but every autistic person is different, and aba therapy works for abbie, so that's what matters. Im so proud of her!!!

  34. I get really anxious and overwhelmed in stores. So pushing a cart is excellent heavy work and is really grounding for me.

  35. That was so cool to watch! I remember you holding her hand & she was bolting very often (which is of course dangerous) & Isaiah or Asa running after her. Also, that one video where she would lay down on the floor, legs crossed, not as tired & then take random items and put them in the cart, or mouth. I think it was the one video where she took a real bite of a swimming noodle.
    So exciting & proud to see Abbie so chill in a store like Target with lots of stimuli. She was tired, but very relaxed. And that made you guys more relaxed, too.
    Maybe the next big challenge could be WALMART. I know how much you both, Abbie & Asa, hate Walmart. 😀 ("Like father, like daughter." "Being of the same egg." Did I use these sayings correctly? I don't know. 😀 )

  36. The other day I saw a family with a little boy who is also Autistic/Non-Verbal. He looked slightly older than Abigail and his young Mother was still using the toddler leash.l system. Her son had the cutest vocal Stims that included singing, humming and making happy and loud vocalizations. I could tell she was stressed and worried about how loud he was while we were all in line at the grocery store.

    We chatted for a bit in line and I ended up pulling out my phone and sharing your blog with her! One of the things we discussed was how as a family you guys get out and do SO much, which really helps Abbie be adaptable and able to just have FUN!

    I could tell the combination of 1. Another Mom/Community member who had gained a lot of Autism awareness despite not having a special needs child 2. Your family sharing the way you get out and about and the positive affects it’s had on Abbie, really helped inspire this young Mom to literally “Cut the leash.”

    I think she was using it not so much because she couldn’t keep her child safe/close, but more because she felt she needed to fit in with how neuro-typical families appear in society.

    At the end of the conversation she was in tears saying she genuinely thought everyone in her community was “judging her child’s vocal stims and even more so, criticizing her as a parent for not silencing him.” After seeing your blog and chatting with me, a parent of a neuro-typical child who was making a conscious effort to learn more about Autism, she said she felt enough courage to get out and about and let her son “be who he is with no apologies.”

    I thought I would share that with you guys because if you don’t know the REAL difference your vlog makes to parents everywhere, I Hope now you know! Thanks for your lessons, patience and inspiration! You’ve made me a better Mom!

  37. Stumbled across your vlog, and now I am addicted! Great job with the cart, Ab! What an amazing family she has. This is what unconditional love looks like.?

  38. I'm disabled too and my mom touted me independent at 10 and grab it buy it myself if I really want too. I'm happy you're doing that same stuff with Abby. I think it made my disability more high functioning.

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