Aged 21 And Only 23 Inches Tall

Aged 21 And Only 23 Inches Tall

COMM: At just 23 inches tall, 21-year-old Manpreet Singh is one of the smallest people
in the world. COMM: Unable to walk or talk, he weighs just 15 pounds. Since the age of 12, he has been
worshipped as the reincarnation of a Hindu god by the local villagers. People visit him
every day to be blessed and approach him in public. COMM: Manpreet has two siblings, a sister aged 19 and a brother who is 7, and they are
both standard height. Despite a long pregnancy of ten and a half months, his parents say
that everything was normal when Manpreet was born, but he stopped growing once he reached
6 months old. COMM: Local doctors examined him but didn’t know what was wrong with him. It was thought
he had a thyroid problem, but no drugs that were prescribed for him had any effect. COMM: Today he has been brought to doctor Hemraj for the first time. He too believes it to be a thyroid problem, but is unable to treat it himself. COMM: Manpreet’s family has never been able to afford to take him to a hospital with specialist
doctors, but they hope if he becomes well known that they might be able to get the money to help with his treatment.

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  1. Lots of questions keep running across my mind ? eg:How is his mental status???… is it like a 6 months old or 20’s
    Can he express himself in his own way???
    How about eating ?….baby foods or normal food ?

  2. Why every one become God in india
    ..same in some islamic countries people just involved with fake peer faqeer lose their faith

  3. Why does he look like the grinch when he was a kid sorry that was mean but robe honest that’s true to me though

  4. Hindus worship anything and everything. They need to read the Hindu scriptures properly and learn their religion rather than worshipping anything that's unusual

  5. Being different means god thinks we are special. Because I have a lower shoulder then the other one and you can see my shoulder blade

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  7. I see so many crazy diseases that come from India must be because of pollution or water I think he should've been watched closer a 10 1/2 month pregnancy isn't normal it's a shame they're worshipping him cause of his disease instead of trying to give him a normal comfortable life in peace and because of how long it's been happening he's use to it and has accepted it

  8. Im confused is he like intelligent and smart, like he was blessing people like it was nothing

  9. I have a hard time believing he's 21. Thinking this is just a publicity scam. Looks like a fairly normal baby to me.

  10. this dude could order off the kids menu and not even be judged or denied bc of older age. so there’s one silver lining lol

  11. I'm not making fun of nobody but if you've seen the Grinch movie he kind of looks like the baby version of him and I think it's the cutest thing in the world special human being very adorable

  12. I wish all of the comments weren't about how "cute" he is. It's infantilising, he's 21 years old, no matter how he looks.

  13. Does anyone have an update on him? I can’t find anyone the web that’s recent about him. I would like to know how he is doing.

  14. The people of India have many deformities because they worship many false gods. The curses are in the lineage. Ancestral curses. They are foolish enough to even worship people with deformities as gods. HOW FOOLISH CAN YOU BE? YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP.

  15. Perhaps being worshiped has saved his life by helping the family care for him. Worshipers must give something.

  16. If all the people who stopped to get blessed by him since they see him as a god each person should leave a donation watch him have all the money for treatment in no time

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