All Essential Oils Uses And Their Benefits For Sleep, Skin Care, Anxiety & Depression

All Essential Oils Uses And Their Benefits For Sleep, Skin Care, Anxiety & Depression

LIST OF ALL ESSENTIAL OILS AND USES. If you want to know what all essential oils
are used for, this video is all your need. Sit tight and watch this information-rich
video to the end. Essential oils are extracted from herbal plants
and possess wonderful health properties. These oils can be used topically (applying
them to the skin), by inhaling them (aromatherapy), or by ingestion. Essential oils have healing effects that make
them useful in the treatment of health conditions. Their use dates as far back as Medieval times
and they find application as laxatives, analgesics, anti-depressants, and other purposes. Enough of the preamble, let�s get to know
some of these essential oils and how beneficial they are. � Thyme oil. Thyme has been used for a long time in herbalism
for its healing properties. Respiratory problems like bronchitis and laryngitis
can be treated by using oil extract from thyme. � Cinnamon oil. The medicinal benefits of cinnamon oil include
cleansing the body of toxins, treatment of urinary tract infections, lowering blood sugar
levels, and promoting metabolism. � Spearmint oil. The oil from this plant can help in the treatment
of the following. flatulence due to its carminative property,
nausea, depression, and fatigue, headaches, and exhaustion. � Rosemary oil. Fight off arthritis, neuralgia, rheumatism,
dandruff, exhaustion, gout pain, and fatigue by using rosemary oil. � Peppermint oil. Peppermint oil has a calming effect that makes
it suitable for treating stress and fatigue. It can also be used for scabies and vertigo. � Melissa oil. Melissa oil helps to promote good night sleep
and in protecting the body against infections. � Coriander oil. Coriander oil finds great importance in treating
low libido in men, reducing pains, and for reducing stress due to its calming effect. � Lime oil. Lime belongs to the citrus family that includes
orange and lemon. Lime oil has detoxifying properties which
make it good for the skin. � Lavender oil. Lavender is an ancient herb that has been
used for the treatment of stress and skin conditions. The oil has a calming effect and is helpful
in promoting sleep. � Eucalyptus oil. Eucalyptus oil is used in cosmetic products
for its beautifying effects. It can be used as a natural cleanser and for
promoting relaxation. � Cypress oil. The cypress is an evergreen tree and the branches
are packed with healthy nutrients. The oil is used in treating stress due to
its soothing aroma. It can also be applied topically on the skin
to improve blood circulation and to lighten to skin tone. � Basil oil. Basil oil has calming properties that make
it suitable for treating the symptoms of anxiety such as restlessness, and also for skin irritation. � Cilantro oil. The health benefits of using cilantro oil
range from boosting the immune system, relieving aching muscles, to improving digestion. � Cedarwood oil. Cedarwood oil finds use beyond being used
as a wood polish or insect repellant. The oil offers the benefit of promoting healthy
skin and good sleep. � Fennel oil. The fennel plant is a common plant known for
its medicinal properties. The seeds have great health benefits as well
as the oil extract. Overweight persons and those suffering from
respiratory problems can benefit from this oil. � Bergamot oil. Bergamot oil is gotten from the rind of the
bergamot fruit. This oil is unique for its soothing aroma. It is used in the treatment of mood swings
and anxiety. � Cumin oil. Cumin contains essential vitamins and minerals
needed by the body in combating ailments such as indigestion and protection from infections. � Cardamom oil. For stomach upset and indigestion, adding
few drops of cardamom oil to your beverage can bring you relief. It can also be used topically or inhaled for
its soothing aroma. � Dill oil. Dill belongs to the same family as cumin and
as such can be used for treating indigestion. The oil can also be used to detoxify the body. � Black pepper oil. Black pepper is filled with antioxidants and
essential minerals that help in treating indigestion and poor fluid circulation. This oil can also be used as a mood booster. � Oregano oil. This native Greek herb can be used for treating
coughs, digestion, and respiratory problems. � Cassia oil. Cassia belongs to the same family as cinnamon. This age-old herbal plant offers great health
benefits. The oil gotten from its bark helps to maintain
a healthy heart, as well as in aiding digestion and for boosting the immune system. � Clary sage oil. This perennial herb has been used by herbalists
since the Middle Ages. The oil can benefit the hair and skin as well
as in promoting good sleep and reducing the symptoms of anxiety. � Douglas fir oil. Native to New Zealand, the Douglas fir tree
helps to purify the skin and promote free breathing. Unlike some other oils, this oil cannot be
ingested. � Frankincense oil. Frankincense oil can be applied topically,
ingested or inhaled. The oil helps in reducing anxiety and for
boosting the immune system against infections. � Geranium oil. Like other essential oils, geranium oil has
a soothing effect when inhaled. It is also beneficial to the skin as it helps
to promote healthy skin. � Lemon oil. Varicose veins, flu, colds, and oily skin
can be remedied using lemon oil. This oil also helps in uplifting a bad mood
and in treating respiratory issues. � Hyssop oil. People suffering from respiratory diseases
like coughing and sore throat, nervousness, and lack of concentration can benefit from
the use of hyssop oil. � Jasmine oil. Jasmine oil has anti-inflammatory and anti-depressant
properties that make it effective in treating anxiety, labor pains, dry and sensitive skin,
and fatigue. � Lemongrass oil. The oil extract of the lemongrass herb is
a good remedy for digestive problems like flatulence and constipation. The oil can also be used for treating fatigue
and stress. � Myrtle. If you are battling with addiction or depression,
myrtle oil can help you in winning the war. Other conditions that can be improved with
the use of myrtle oil include asthma, hemorrhoids, and acne. � Neroli. Neroli oil is used as a treatment for skin
defects like stretch marks and oily skin. You can also use this oil for treating anxiety
and its symptoms. � Majoram oil. Majoram contains anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic,
and pain-relieving properties for the treatment of body aches and pains including arthritis
and stress. � Juniper berry oil. For treatment of rheumatism, obesity, hemorrhoids,
and for detoxification, this oil should come to mind. � Helichrysum oil. This oil can be used in the treatment of hernias,
skin diseases like acne, dermatitis, eczema, and sunburns, as well as in reducing panic
and panic attacks. � Ginger oil. Ginger oil is healthy for the digestive system. It helps in the treatment of indigestion and
bloating. � Grapefruit oil. This essential oil can be a good mood-lifter. It can also help in the treatment of skin
blemishes and for promoting metabolism. � Sandalwood oil. The health benefits of sandalwood oil include
being a remedy for anxiety, depression, oily and dry skin, bronchitis, fatigue, and loss
of concentration. � Yarrow. Yarrow oil is helpful in the treatment of
acne, hypertension, insomnia, stress, and arthritis. � Violet. Oil extract from violet leaf can benefit sufferers
of arthritis, stress, insomnia, acne and other skin conditions. � Arborvitae oil. The oil gotten from the bark of the arborvitae
tree is used in the treatment of fevers, coughs, inflammations, and body aches. � Clove oil. This oil possesses many health benefits due
to the presence of antioxidants. It is used in cooking, but beyond this can
help in treating bad breath and gums. Clove oil is also good for the heart. Recommended Products.Look in the description
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