Antifragile: Things That Gain From Disorder – Nassim Taleb – Animated Book Review

Antifragile: Things That Gain From Disorder – Nassim Taleb – Animated Book Review

all right let’s talk about and I
fragility written by me some to leave so when you think of something that isn’t I
fragile when you think oh well let’s start by diagnosing something that is
fragile take a box and you can get a couple
times but there’s something fragile and it’s going to break its going to weaken
it’s going to get worse however if you take a box something like steel and
they’re still in the box leaking around it’s probably not going to we can do
something that breaks is fragile something that remains the same is
called robust and something that is anti fragile actually gets better the more I
get kicked around so we’re gonna look into muscles when you go to the weight
room and you lift you know what you’re actually doing the muscle fibers in your
arm or chest her legs actually break these muscle fibers breaks in whenever
you go to sleep that night they were over compensate for the pain they felt
they will go back stronger and this is just like a lot of vaccinations
vaccinations are small dose of the disease they are body can build an
immunity to it and you can look up words like misrepresentation or missus which
basically means becoming immune to poison by giving yourself a little bit
of a poison a time until you build up an immunity and this is basically will
enter fragility means it means becoming better through your struggles the author says that us as humans should
always crave this order being anti fragile means being alive if you take a
porcelain cup in your throat on the ground it’s pretty fragile and it’s
going to break however if you take a human and make them do push-ups into I
can’t do anymore they’re going to get stronger as long as they get enough
recovery time there are two things that can break into a fragile structure and
that is far too much dressers or not enough recovery time imagining banker’s
banker makes around $50,000 a year and he always knows that his paycheck is
going to come on this thursday or what is he relying on he’s relying on his job
now imagine a taxi driver makes around $50,000 a year to however he does not
always get a paycheck I reliable source one day he might make $150 another day
he might only make twenty however his job is very adaptable so if we look at
the banker the banker is pretty fragile because of the bank start to collapse he
will lose his job over the taxi drivers very anti fred is very adaptable to
situations and he will always find a way to make enough money and that is because
he craves chaos he craves disorder you have two failed to get to success let’s
say that there is no randomness in your life you wake up you go to work for eight
hours you come home you do the same thing every night you watch TV for a
couple hours and then you go to bed you know this is called this is called a rut living in a rut there is no randomness
in your body will eventually start to break down there is no minder money
growth if you start seeing this in your life if there are no stressors you
should be aware you should try to make something in your life that is a little
stressful that way you can grow from it take for example the criticism of this
channel this channel grows from all the criticism that I receive may learn how
to make it better I learned what to improve and how to improve it will take
another example if you tell someone this is a secret don’t tell anyone has a big
secret what’s going to happen it’s going to get cold even more often because its
anti fragile is going to grow even more about banned books everyone in my school
wanted to read the books that were banned the books that were not allowed
even the people that didn’t want to read books they wanted to figure out what
these books were about to go back to my main point and say that you should try
to make your life a zentai fragile as possible how can you learn to grow from
the situations that most people would frown upon that are stressful how can
you make yourself a better person think every situation that happened
today over the next month I look for the bright side for the side that can make
you stronger version of yourself I really enjoyed reading this book and the
author does an amazing job of making it so fun to read there’s actually a little bit of humor
in this book that he does analyze a lot of financial and economical and social
situations with the entire trilogy principle can be applied but this book
was awesome and because of that I’m going to give it a 90 was a book that I
wouldn’t recommend any time was a book that I would recommend hardly leave a
comment below of the next workday you like me to review and I’ll ship it to
your house if I think it don’t forget to like this video and I hope you learned
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  1. Awesome do BETTER THAN BEFORE
    Mastering the Habits of
    Our Everyday Lives
    GRETCHEN RUBIN It's the first pretty nice short paged book about habits

  2. 'The Charge: Activating the 10 Human Drives That Make You Feel Alive' by Brendon Burchard
    keep making great videos :))

  3. Perfect video! read : "gary vaynerchuk #askgaryvee" You will love it, trust me! Look gary vaynerchuk on YouTube

  4. My life's been an endless series of major stressors piled on top of one another, but look – I'm here now! 😀

  5. I'm almost half-way through this book. It started off being really helpful, as I have a fair amount of anxiety issues I've been trying to work on, and the notion of becoming antifragile really helped change my mind-set.  However, as I progress with the book I'm becoming more and more resentful and disheartened by the world we live in; to the point that I've stopped caring about my university degree and am going through some pretty extreme peaks and troughs with depression.  There are, of course, other factors influencing this, but I feel that Antifragile is a major one.  I'm hoping that by continuing with the book I will be able to shift my thinking to a more optimistic approach where everything is more in perspective.

    Good review, by the way!

  6. And want you have a look at this book # If you can change your mind, you can change your life –> By William James.

  7. You're Doing A Great Job Buddy, Keep It Up.
    BTW, Can You Do A Review On :-
    Deep Work By Cal Newport. And
    Flow By Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

  8. Nice work overall, but some of the parallels aren't great representations of anti-fragility. The taxi driver, for one, is a poor example. Neither the driver nor the job gets stronger/better over time due to stressors. He/She can very easily fall into the same rut as someone with a more stable income. Yes, perhaps there's more volatility in the taxi driver's paycheck than a banker's fixed salary, but this has little to do with anti-fragility. 

    In other words, disorder–in and of itself–does not automatically render growth. In fact, disorder without troubleshooting, without self-awareness, and without discipline can and does often destroy people/relationships/businesses (ergo resulting in their apparent fragility).

  9. Just a suggestion, you need to slow down when narrating the script, its hard to listen for non-native english speakers

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