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  1. So how am I going to get the calcification out of my arteries? I assume in this video you were referring to soft plaque?

  2. I don't know if there's anyway out of this. Now I read a study that shows people with higher HDL have higher premature death….Who knows who to believe anymore. See link below


  3. Hi Dr. Thanks so much for this video… I've been confused as to all the info out there by folks who know a lot.
    Dr Greger states that HDL is NOT protective


    and also that Fat is the cause of insulin resistance and hence T2 diabetes…


    any thoughts? I'm very confused as to what to do and who's advice to follow..


  4. So if HDL is so protective why are doctors ignoring good HDL levels and insisting that their patients take statins to lower LDL?

  5. There are several Framingham coronary heart disease calculators available online, my current risk factor is 12% of an event in 10 years, moderate risk, if I can increase my HDL to over 65, reduces to 8%, risk is very low. Not sure if it worth the risk to increase the HDL by taking Statin drugs with the possible side effects to reduce my risk by 4%.

  6. Okay, Got it, it's the inflammation caused by insulin resistance that contributes to arteriosclerosis. Thanks Doctor Brewer.

  7. One mindset here I have issue with is the perceived notion that the LDL's only role is to deposit lipids to artery walls & the HDL's only role is to take it out. It's a bit more complicated than that.

    LDLs transport fat soluble vitamins & triglycerides to cells for structure, maintenance, & energy metabolism.

    HDLs also have multiple uses as well.

    Pointing a finger at concentration levels & manipulating with pharmaceutical means is fool hearty. The lipid system works well on its own.

    Diet, on the other hand, IS important. Garbage in, garbage out! Eat what we evolved eating. Eliminate processed foods. It's the best way to let the body take care of itself.

  8. what do you think when elevated Lp(a) comes into play? would HDL keep up with it? I don't think we have study on that

  9. My question is if you have arterial plaque, should you avoid calcium supplements? No one seems to address this but I am avoiding for now as I have enough in my arteries and elsewhere.

  10. Its no longer just in a simple LDL form once imbedded in the arterial wall. Its in a form known as "atheroma." So the question should be: "How do you remove atheroma?" Is it even possible?

  11. What if total cholesterol or LDL gets low enough to cause the body to pull the cholesterol out of the arterial lining in order to gain access to cholesterol for use in bodily functions

  12. Apparently the small LDL is the problem yes? Not the fluffy LDL. This info is not widely known because it seems the statin sells would drop. CAC test for deposits of calcium are important some say the only test that should matter. Stents have turned out to be worthless but reports aren’t widely read about follow up results.

  13. Fantastic video Dr. Brewer. This is the ONE I have been waiting for. Reading the comments below, great merit and direction is found. Nicotinic acid, exercise, low carb, weight loss, etc. Each post in addition to the video has merit and if time proves it to be without merit, is non-detrimental. My problem with the niacin is that ONCE I had niacin flush….once…..and I really do NOT want it again. Fortunately I was alone at work, but I had to take my shirt off due to the intense itching.

  14. I dropped the Metformin and my weight went up by five pounds. Of course, I haven't taken any of my Lisinopril or Simvastatin in probably five months (I'd have to check by records), and I've been on the keto diet, now, for about a year, along with daily intermittent fasting (about 15 hours per day).

    My BP and BG are sort of good, but I'm beginning to wonder if blood pressure is a good indicator or arterial plaque level. I work out every day, except for days I go sailing or any sort of outdoor adventure. For some reason, I used to believe that blood pressure was an indicator of plaque.

    I do take two Niacins daily, along with a bunch of other vitamins I've been convinced of (studied). I also add two heaping teaspoons of ground flax seed to my scrambled eggs every morning.

    As for the Metformin, yes, about five pounds of weight loss, but is it worth all of that for the five pounds? I think there are better ways to get those extra five pounds knocked down. I have hit a wall, at this point, and can't seem to drop below 155 (at one point, I was down to 144, and then popped back up).

  15. Dr. Brewer, at about 3:30 you mention testing – oral glucose tolerance and insulin surveys. What specifically are insulin surveys? Thanks Edit: Your Answer is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HcYC0uNi9Mo

  16. So even with high HDL's, if one has a "cat in the gutter," a good way to remove the "cat" from a cellular standpoint is to adopt more and longer periods of fasting. Fasting can be seen as one avenue to remove plaque in the "gutter" before the "cat" jumps out.

  17. Great vid again!
    NOTE: extra virgin olive oil is almost always mislabelled. Research showed it's often also soy or corn oil. Bad for vascular health.
    Check it.

  18. Dr. Brewer I have Atheroscelorsis and 2 Stents in my Heart… My LDL and Triglycerides are now low from the Lipitor,  but still only have around 42 HDL.   Is there any Pharmacetical  way to increase my HDL that would drastically help my survival rate ????

  19. Thank You V.V.Much.
    most , probaly all , vids never touch on thse two points of : 2 gret evil risk comparison: low hdl vs high ldl: which of the two evil is more preferable.
    like choosing between garbage.
    but then, only people on a tight leash in terms of time and risk factors will understand the value.
    Thank you once again.
    Best wishes, regards and respects.

  20. I have extremely high calcification score (top 1% percentile). My cardiologist prescribed atorvastatin to assist with soft plaque to hard plaque conversion. Is there a specific statin you recommend over other brands to remove and stabilize soft plaque (a.k.a. hot plaque)?

  21. I have lived with very low HDL (18) all my life. I discovered by accident that fasting elevated my HDL to 40. It was a crazy surprise.

  22. wow – did anyone understand that chart? I paused the video and studied it a lot. Seems like everything is just going up proportionately left to right and inversely proportionately front to back. I guess that would be LDL vs HDL but what are the color bars that are coming up from the bottom?

  23. I have high Lp(a). 1.5g niacin dropped 50%. Very healthy low carb diet, exercise and resistance training, BMI 21, taking Vit K2 and fish oil. However my CAC score at 400 and has increased by 30% despite regimen. Any suggestions?

  24. Thank you, Dr. Brewer, for your tireless work. I know I speak for many when I say you are an island of comfort in a sea of conflicting claims.

  25. You are absolutely right that fasting helps. Normally I couldn't walk more than 10 minutes but during the month of Ramadan (Muslim's Fasting month) it was surprising that even after 30 minutes of walking there was no pain when I was fasting for 16 hours a day for past 17 days.

  26. What can you do if you have genetically low HDL. One of my doctors who treated me for 9 years, after reviewing glucose tests every 3 months for all that time, said I had genetically low HDL. And now a few years after, it remains the same.

  27. Doc, you videos are fantastic and very illuminating. I beat diabetes with lifestyle changes and that had a huge affect on my heart health. Went from a A1c of 8.5 down to 4.2. I love seeing the science behind what I've done.

  28. Doctor Ford, what do you know about SCAD? I'm 57, slim, and fit, and I had a SCAD heart attack; according to my doctor I have no plaque in my arteries.

  29. Thank you so much. Two years ago my doctor scared me silly but now I see that my high HDL works to offset my high LDL. Still working on reducing inflammation too, Aloha.

  30. So it seem eating carbs lowers HDL… meaning don't eat carbs? I noticed on a ketogenic diet my HDL finally raised to good levels.. c

  31. Great video. And I like your graphics. We dont need slick presentation here… the information is what is important. I'm sure this was covered somewhere but what are some very good ways to get hdl to 60 or above?

  32. I thought LDL drops it's fat in the arteries to heal cement artery fissures. If your arteries are pliable and healthy LDL moves on it's path. Get your arteries checked out before you take pharma drugs. Cholesterol is good for the brain.

  33. It is outdated the concept "good" and "bad" cholesterol. the body would never create something bad to itself. The human been and your bad habits that ruins the whole body!

  34. Okinawa. Japan has the longest lifespan on earth! The vast majority of them have low HDL, as low as the twenties!

  35. I guess more specifically VLDL is problem and it is deposited in inflamed artery walls? Otherwise thanks for great videos and great knowledge you have, you are changing many lives to better with them and along this saving (literally) so many lives. You are one of my top favourites for quality data. 🙂 Along with dr. Berry, dr. Berg, dr. Westman, Thomas Delauer, … 🙂

  36. Dr ford brewer, sir very clearly explained the importance of HDL and the whole concept of plaque build up thanks and good wishes 11/12/2019

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