ASPERGERS in adults: 9 way for YOU to spot the symptoms

ASPERGERS in adults: 9 way for YOU to spot the symptoms

so Asperger’s in adults in this video
we’re going to covering nine ways that you can spot Asperger’s and somebody quickly
coming up hey I’m Dan I have Asperger syndrome
ADHD OCD and dyslexia I make weekly videos on the subject so make sure to
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learn more in this video I’ll be covering some symptoms that have been
proven to help identify Asperger’s in somebody hey everyone welcome back to
the Aspie World where we understand autism from an autistic person’s point
of view and so before we get into the video I just want to ask you guys a
quick question and I would love to know what your background is if you’re a
parent or partner or loved one of somebody who’s on the spectrum or you’re
a healthcare professional or industry professional in the field let me know in
the comments below just cuz I’d love to start that
conversation with you okay so let’s get started number one people will
absolutely syndrome you’ll find social situations very confusing and they won’t
really understand a lot of the social cues where typically people will
understand body language a lot more with social cues like whose turn is to talk
next when to finish talking how long to talk for what the boundaries and the
conversation and things like that but people last bigger syndrome just
sometimes don’t have that ability and this is one way to identify it and it’s
super common within people with Asperger syndrome I myself suffer from this issue
as well so social situations can be very confusing and because of that I kind of
tend to ignore and isolate myself from social situations I don’t want to get
involved and I avoid them like the plague
this is boil down to the fact that what is immune occation part of the brain and
this is why it’s a neurological disorder and this is how you can really tell it’s
like the first steps is really telling if somebody has a neurological issue
where there may be something on the autism spectrum there so this is a
really good one to look out for so number two people Asperger syndrome will
find it quite difficult to make small talk now small talk is the conversation
that people have in social situations that just kind of comes naturally to
them and they have this natural ability to just talk
to somebody who they may have met in a bus stop or in a shopping center or
whatever but people lost burger syndrome have a huge issue in engaging in this
talk I mean how do you start a conversation quite difficult I find a
quite difficult start conversation with a stranger or somebody I don’t really
know or somebody who I’ve just encountered for a few seconds I mean I’m
not sure why there needs to be a conversation in the first place but this
is something that I found that I do differently to a lot of other people and
that I go is kind of like notice that this is a trait so when you’re dealing
with somebody who you think may be on the autism spectrum look out for this
fact that they more often than not will have difficulty to Smalltalk ok so
number 3 the person with Asperger’s syndrome may find it difficult to have
some imagination and or just imagine imaginative story writing or when
someone telling the story they can’t really imagine it I have this massive
issue right so this is an example for me my girlfriend she’ll come in and she’ll
say like I did this and work today and this person is over here and they stood
there and they have this thing here and it was this position there and I’m just
like I have no idea what I can’t imagine how the layout of her office looks or
whatever I can’t understand how you know the layout of of the the school or
whatever it’s really difficult I have to really see it with my own eyes
understand it and I find this really difficult and it actually kind of also
affects my directions as well and I’m like when we’re driving somewhere trying
to find some of my directions are really cool because I can’t imagine what’s next
and stuff so this is something to look out for because it’s a huge huge one but
um you know definitely affects people on the autism spectrum with Asperger’s
syndrome number for people with Asperger’s syndrome are normally pretty
good with picking up details and facts about something that they may be really
into so it’s fine details quite often common so for instance when I want to
first met a guy who I’m not friends with called Tom he I noticed that he changed
his trousers during the day we were in we were in a college course together and
happy through the day he changed his trousers or his hoodie and I’d always
noticed like he changed his clothes and I’d always say to him like hey you know
you’re changing your clothes all like when somebody does something quite minor
like they maybe change the hair halfway through the day I’ll notice out the
change is that and so those small small details are
really interesting because a lot of people just ignore them and they don’t
really realize them at people with Asperger syndrome really find those fine
details and I’m good with facts like I love learning about facts and I always
retain information about facts I don’t know why but I find this fascinating but
people on the autism spectrum definitely retain these facts especially
that Asperger’s and dominates their crucial one to look out for now number
five is social imagination or trying to understand what the other person is
thinking so people with Asperger’s syndrome have an issue with figuring out
how the other person feels or how another person you know what they may be
thinking so for instance I was talking to somebody about a topic and that topic
upset them I wouldn’t really notice that it upset them I’d have to wait for them
to tell me Dallas’s upset me you shouldn’t really
talk about this topic and this happens all the time especially their feelings
as well I don’t understand other people’s feelings I don’t know if
they’re happy or sad they have to really kind of tell me I mean very extreme
levels on Oh someone’s happy or sad but generally it’s difficult to judge that
I’ll gauge that so this is something to look out for when you’re trying to spot
if Asperger’s is the condition that I certain person has if you guys are
interested I did a video on unusual Asperger’s symptoms which are more
unusual types and I’ll leave that in a card above here so you can check that
out after this video if you’re interested in seeing some unusual traits
of Asperger’s syndrome okay so number six people Asperger’s
syndrome can usually focus on certain things for long periods of times now a
lot of people call this zoning out but I like the color zoning in so a lot of
people say other zoning out of kind of reality but it’s more like a zoning in
and it’s kind of like what I like for instance sometimes I’ll be somewhere and
I’ll see something on the floor maybe I’ll be a bit of electronic equipment
and then I’ll just look at it and and I just zone it right into it and I’ll
start thinking about the complexities of it how it got there what was made of
what its purpose was what I could really use it for how it could take it apart
use it for something else what it looks like what it kind of resembles and all
this kind of stuff you know it may take moments and moments out of the day for
me in my mind but it’ll be like minutes and minutes for everybody else this is
something to remember if you see somebody zoning into something and
zoning out of what you’d call a typical environment then this could be another
causing factor be it absolutely syndrome so number seven
being rude and intentionally now I have this a lot a lot of people find me
arrogant or rude but it’s not like my intentions I’ve never intended to do
that so people with Asperger syndrome never intend to be rude or arrogant it
just may come across like that because again it’s all down to that social
communication and the social imagination and understanding what is going on in
that conversation and where your boundaries are so I may say something
which is an obvious fact but something to be aware of is being tactful in your
approach to conversations so one thing I’m not is I’m not very tactful in
conversations I may say the wrong thing at the wrong time and it’s really
difficult to gauge that so somebody with Asperger’s syndrome will definitely have
those issues trying to really pinpoint the the right things to say at the right
times okay number eight is strong narrow interests now people with Asperger’s
syndrome everybody ain’t no on the spectrum on loads of people now thanks
to YouTube we all have the narrow specific interests like my specific
interest is like UFO conspiracy theories and I know like as much as I can get my
hands on up by books on it and then just like over indulge in it and I just I
just love learning about it and it’s like I just love focusing on it it’s
almost like my relaxation in the way but people with Asperger syndrome may have a
specific topic that they’re really really into and it could be anything it
could just be you know it could be a movie star
it could be learning about movies it could be anime it could be Pokemon it
could be absolutely anything but if you notice that they have an obsessive
unusual or typical but obsessive focus on an interest I know a lot about it
like a hyper hyper focus then this could be a causing factory again toutes
Asperger’s syndrome number nine is routine so people with
Asperger syndrome like to do things in a certain way that inflexible they’re very
repetitive so like I like to get up the same way every single day I like to do
the same thing I like to wear the same clothes I like to have my morning
routine exactly the same I like to have my day routine the same or when we go
anywhere I like to plan out what we’re doing and have that routine in place
because those things make me feel calm and make me feel more secure and safe
and without them it would cause a meltdown or an outburst
or and it would just seriously upset me and so people on the autism spectrum
especially Asperger syndrome love routine and certain rigid inflexible
patterns it’s just comfortable to live your life like that I find it chaos
outside of these patterns my brain can’t cope with it my mind can’t cope with it
it’s it’s difficult to explain but it’s something that is there and it’s a it’s
a huge huge factor in Asperger’s syndrome
okay so I know I said I was only gonna give me nine but I’m just gonna give you
an extra bonus one this is number ten now number ten I hear this a lot from
people who I know people with Asperger syndrome may find it really difficult to
make new friends I’ll just make friends in general I remember in primary school
this was really difficult for me to make friends I didn’t really have many
friends in primary school and in a secondary school it was even more
difficult to make friends but I found that by playing music because I’m a
multi musician as well and I taught myself to play instruments by playing
music I found other people who played music and I then made friends of those
people making my friends they’re my only friends really that I’ve had to my
entire life so it’s difficult to make friends because you have to find some
way relating to them and often the world can be very isolating so if you see
somebody who’s got a huge difficulty in making friends they skip you down to the
fact that they have Asperger syndrome if you’d like to learn more about autism
and Asperger’s make sure you hit that subscribe button over here and to see my
next video which is a playlist on what is autism click up here to watch that
I’ll see you next time guys peace

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  1. I'm pretty sure I have adhd and asbergers, but I don't know how to get a diagnoses. Most people don't believe me when I say I think I have these just because I did well in school when I was younger, despite the fact that I ended up having to drop out when I was 17. I've had these symptoms for most of my life, and I'm really struggling to cope with them now. I'm currently 19 and going to university and I'm terrified I'll have to drop out again because I have no way of coping or dealing with this by myself.

  2. Hi!

    I'm someone who suffered a lot in my short life (28 years), through many forms but one thing had the biggest impact.

    I never understood myself and others, until I started thinking "Hey… maybe I'm an Aspie!".

    Here's my reaction to each symptom:

    1 – True. To me, social interaction is completely bonkers. We should all be telepaths… xD

    2 – I hate small talk. I don't understand why people do it. I avoid it completely…

    3 – That sort of happens to me… I have a big imagination. But it doesn't always help when people tell me "stories". As for the sense of orientation, I don't use my imagination; I use my memory.

    4 – I notice everything… Not just about things I like. And facts… I'm a sponge! I'm fascinated about everything but I don't always remember everything I learn, because it's so many facts… =D

    5 – I had this issue. But I became fascinated by mentalism, body language, psychology, etc. I don't read minds but I try to read their bodies. It also helps to read things from Buddhism, Taoism, philosophy in general; that increased my understanding of the world.

    6 – I always say I'm "persistent" but yeah… Hyper focus is more accurate. I don't give up on something, until I end it, unless I have something more important to do.

    7 – I'm not unintentionally rude… I'm honest. It doesn't matter if I don't mean it or if I do, I always try to say the truth. It that a part of Aspergers?

    8 – I don't have this, unfortunately. I can't be obsessed with just one thing! If I could, I probably had a job… I like everything! I obsess with everything in the Universe! But this contradicts the "hyper focus"…

    9 – I love routine. I love order. But I also understand that some things that happen are out of our control and we just can't do a thing…

    10 – I never had many friends. I can say that "I met people" in my life. I lived with people. But friendship seems like a mirage…

  3. #no11 (from personal experience): People with aspergers don't like their friends to change or develop during the friendship, they always want the old friend who used to be and if the friend's personality changes a lot more than they used to know or like, they end it.

  4. Ditto on most all except i worked hard as a child to learn what to do on some things. I also have a 27 and 8 yer old with it

  5. A lot of this made sense for me as is the way you speak and convey your thoughts. I know how fast you think.

  6. First of all, I’d like you to be on my Jeopardy Team ?.
    Seriously, THANK YOU for this very helpful video. It’s not easy being vulnerable to the world. I bet you are helping many people . Much love to you, friend! ✨?✨
    P.S. I LOVE UFO and conspiracy topics, as well. I don’t have Aspergers Syndrome but I have a 9 year old nephew who has some Asperger traits. He and I are very alike in some ways but not in others. I try to help him with social cues when we discuss cool things. He is very intelligent (like you , clearly, are.) Another common trait in people with Aspergers : a higher than average IQ.

  7. I have just been diagnosed with ASD about a week ago. I still can't believe I have ( I have a hard accept new diagnosis). I had always wonder if I have it or not since I was a kid but I finally got enough courage to go to a doctor and see if I do and got diagnosis at 19

  8. This was a top class and intelligent insight, I will be more aware going forward. However, the Labour Party want to politicise the condition and even want the Armed Forces to accept recruits with Asperger's. How about interviewing some politicians anyway?
    Also, you talked about music and learning an instrument, I have seen music and playing hugely beneficial for other conditions such as dementia.
    Keep it up, this is quality

  9. Thanks for sharing. I dated a man w Asperger's and found it very difficult to connect. We broke up after just 6 months. I'd like to understand more about this syndrome as I process what happened.

  10. I saw movie called Adam and it was about a person with aspegers so I looked in google and your video popped up

  11. I totally relate to thinking about how I can take things apart & put it back 2gether. I always NEED 2 know HOW EVERYTHING works & WHY. I'm a female w/ ASD, ADHD, & OCD. I have a crazy imagination since as long as I can remember. I'm CONSTANTLY analyzing & questioning how & why things are, work, etc etc. I'm in my head 99% of the time thinking, like my brain is playing 1,000 movies all @ once. That's how I always describe it. & the obsessive need 2 want 2 know, learn, & understand EVERYTHING that crosses my mind – which is A LOT! Lol

  12. I'm high functioning autistic and trying to find videos and other ways to explain my mental state to my few friends and family. I have a problem with communicating my feelings and problems.

  13. This sucks and is kinda scary because i feel everything your saying like actually feel it. Like i really believe i have this.

  14. I have difficulty not just starting a short conversation, but also figuring out how to end it without leaving the other person cold. I tend to stay too long and then my mind goes blank and I slither away – awkward AF.

  15. You cannot have aspergers and ADD. Such false information in this video. Aspergers people actually have a more intense imagination than normies not less. Again, you spread lies. Aspergers people are more in tune to social ques than normies. You confuse aspergers with autism. Almost everything in this video is bullshit. Shame on you.

  16. I have trouble in social situations they are very hard for me. I can't do small talk. I have a special interest in Harry Potter and horses. I love history and learning new stuff. I have trouble telling people's emotions. I'm also not interested in stuff nt girls are interested in like having nails and getting my hair done.

  17. I'm 22 and currently only diagnosed with ADHD…I really resonate with most of these comments and certainly this video. ..I feel like I've been dissecting myself for years and just ignored this..

  18. I am ASD1/ADHD (Dxed at 48), I am also a parent to an adult son ASD1/ADHD (self Dxed) and a daughter ASD2/ADHD (Dx at 1 month before 14th birthday) who is almost 16.

  19. I'm a 38 year old engineer and my wife is an occupational therapist. She told me years ago that I am on the spectrum but I didnt realize this was true until taking an extremely stressful job in a loud,noisy, bright and hot environment. There are triggers galore and it drains me, creates me to blow up when plans are changed at last minute and I absolutely lose it. How have I missed this for 38 years? I am obsessed with numbers and noticing trends or patterns in anything.

  20. I have problem in taking with people plz what I need to da I don't like to take with people I like ur vidio

  21. I've been wondering if my fiance has aspergers as he's always been a bit off with the social side. At first I thought it was due to shyness or poor social skills, but I do think there's something more there. And indeed, it seems quite many of these signs could apply to him! So thank you for making these videos and helping us understand aspergers/autism better ?

  22. My son has Aspergers and hes only 4… he has a hard time not getting his way (probably just because of the high sense of emotions he feels) what is something I can do to help him validate what he is feeling and channel the sudden outburts? ☺️

  23. I have some of these symptoms like lack of imagination, rudeness and fixation/obsessions, but have no problem starting a conversation with a complete stranger and am particularly good at reading emotions in facial expressions and body language. I do believe I am on the autism spectrum. The funny thing with me is that as a child my autism was about an order of magnitude more severe than now. I always knew I was different but it never occurred to me I had autism.

    My daughter has a much stronger case of ASD than me. She also has other issues.

  24. What about exterme, bitter anger? I work in a factory and I sometimes have inner outbursts when I feel that others don't work as hard as I do or just get angry at people for not acting like I think they should… Never really understood my anger.

  25. I am a medical professional, meet people with Aspbergers all the time in my private life close to me for decades now. I just started understanding, that the love of my life, the woman who got closest to being my wife, has Aspbergers, her daughter has it too and actually I am not sure if I have it too. Great content, thanks for sharing…
    I match some symptoms strongly, others ot at all.(1+++,2+++,3– yet I got lost a lot even with a map, 4+++, 5 —, 6+++,7+++,8++,9++, 10+

  26. Poor social interaction, spotting fine details, difficulties with social thinking, unintentional rudeness, obsessive interests, difficulties in making friends. That's me. No problems with imagination, though. Not sure about routine and zoning in, tbh.

  27. My husband is on the spectrum. When we both realised he was more than dyslexic we asked for an assessment. Then we dis research; since finding out about aspie our marriage has been way better. We have a deeper love for one another and our bond is more respectful and kind.

  28. Does anyone else who has/thinks they have Aspergers get obsessed (Hyper focused) with a craft/sport/topic and then after a few months that drive just vanishes? This has been a cycle in my life where I could have been very successful in many different opportunities but out of nowhere I become immediately disinterested and give it up completely, only to find a new interest to become obsessed with. Has anyone dealt with this that could give advice to someone like me?

  29. One of my buds is autistic. He's really smart and inquisitive about things and I like hanging out with him because we have good conversations about our interests. I also like that he's not judgmental at all.

  30. This video is very helpful for me. I am 57 and was diagnosed 4 months ago. I always wondered why it is so hard for me to make and keep friends.

  31. I am mom to an amazing 5 year old boy that we just find out about 2 weeks ago, even though I have been asking doctors for answers for 4 years and they basically shut me down, I didn’t even think to myself that he may have this. Being told over and over that “oh that’s just a phase” or “your overeating”

  32. i have Aspergers ptsd and anxiety how do i shut off my god damn mind about worrying? its extra hard with autism!

  33. lol i suck at small talk when someone says hi and i feel in the mood to be friendly and talkive or feel lonely i just awkwardly stand there wanting to talk and not know how to end or be able to tell if they even want to talk

  34. My son 23 has all of the social issues you spoke of, but has an massive imagination and is a DM it is his main interest ( the dungeons and dragons). He just can’t seem to communicate enough to learn task enough to work, drive or keep his own schedule. Help?

  35. Is it very common for people with Asperger's syndrome to get bored easily, like people with ADHD? Routine bores us ADHDers but we somehow need it for discipline sake and it somehow calms us down (at least, in my experience)

  36. I love zoning in! Going through the materials and how it's made. Assembly and disassemble. Alternate uses of the materials. OK I digress haha.

  37. I want to get formally diagnosed but I can't see a doctor because I'm too nervous and I really don't want to go off routine. Also, I don't really have people in my life (by choice) so I'm kind of on my own with this.

  38. Everyone Aspergers is different. The presence of a trait can be a positive identifier, but the absence of a trait might not mean anything.

  39. The love of my life has Asperger's. He is undiagnosed still but we are looking into where to get him diagnosed. Hes 32. Our primary doctor said she couldnt do it and that its really hard to diagnose an adult but i have faith we will find someone to diagnose him. Do u feel u needed the diagnosis or would u have been ok since u knew your symptoms matched with aspergers? I ask only incase we can't find someone who will diagnose an adult where we live. I am doing all the re search i can and so far i havent seen a medicine for it so the diagnosis would be more for us. Thats also why i ask

  40. i can and can’t relate to the imagination part. because i can daydream a whole world but i also can’t write anything with great detail or even describe certain things to people

  41. They have removed Asperger's syndrome from DSM V (lumped into a bigger category) and I am a PA student wanting to learn more. Thank you for posting this.

  42. I am a clinical psychologist and do parents- counselling of kids with Asperger Syndrome. I find your Videos helpful, eventhough they refer more to the male type of Asperger…Thank you for Posting…

  43. This video made me breakdown because it feels like a déjà vu, as if a stranger called you and described your entire personality in details. It feels like a veteran who hated his weakness and night terrors having an MRI and realizing he might not just be all fucked up inside, might be an actual condition.

  44. I don't respond well to jokes. I'm not sure if this is a common trait. When people aim a joke at me or laugh at me, I'm not sure if it's an insult or harmless banter. I can't really tell. I recognise humour, but I have a sensitive mind that over analyses everything.

  45. I have aspergers and people ask me “why don’t you talk much?” and I respond with “Because I don’t suffer from verbal diarrhoea”. Lol

  46. THANK YOU DAN!!!! I am married to an Aspie. We have been married 34 years. I am so glad that you are doing this channel! It will be so helpful for so many people. I wonder if I can ask you for your help? I am doing a survey for my statistics class and the questionnaire is for people in AT/NT relationships of AT /AT relationships. I need just 5 people to fill out the survey. This is only for my class and I will not contact them for anything other than the survey and will not sell emails etc. at all. It is simply for my class. May I contact you to chat? It is my hope that I can do a Ted Talk in the future and help those in relationships lower frustration levels and increase happiness in relationships.

  47. @ The Aspie World:
    My brother has both ADHD and ASD.
    Our father very likely had ASD, too telling by his behavior when he was still alive.
    There are other relatives with ASD traits (probably too few for diagnosis, but still seems to be genetic) on my mothers side (she seems to be neurotypical herself, but aware & understanding).
    I watch your videos for three reasons:
    1. Gain a better understanding of my brother (Sadly diagnosed as late as 34. His life could have been so much easier if he would have been diagnosed earlier ?) I hope to get along with him better as it is very difficult sometimes to tell which of his behavior is caused by ADHD or ASD (and to which extent) and which not.
    Although he has no verbal problems he has no intent to talk about such things.
    2. Understand memories of my father better.
    3. Analyze myself. I sure have some ASD tendencies, but I am not sure enough yet, if it is enough for me to decide to seek diagnosis.
    Some I have not been aware of, others I have been aware of, but had no clue that they might be connected this way.

    For all of these aims your videos are awesome?
    Keep up the good work ?

    PS: Could you make a video on how your autism traits showed when you were a kid? That might be useful to those of us who are in the process of deciding whether to seek diagnosis and maybe those in the process of getting it, as there might be so many long forgotten details belonging in that picture that we dismissed as "Oh well. They others surely are the same way."

  48. How about love life? Can you love your parter? Can you tell them ypu love them? Can you complement them sometimes?

  49. I get talked over or interrupted all the time to the point that I just stopped talking to people. Its even worse when someone notices it happen and tries to let me finish but I take it as pity and just give up

  50. My specialty is human behavior/trends. Before all my concussions I could read and understand humans so well I might as well be able to tell the future.

  51. I'm pretty sure I have aspergers as I've been researching it for over a year now but not sure what to do about it. Can't really afford to go see a psychologist for a diagnosis or anything because I'm unemployed.

  52. My best friend has Asperger's. Ironically I am the one with the small talk problems while she does great!

  53. How easy is it to live with a piece of metal sitting on your lip all the time? I would find that a real annoyance, complicating life unnecessarily. Plus, how many times are people fixing on your lower lip?

  54. my son likes to wear certain clothing colors and they are usually solid colors lie white grey black. i notice now in your video you sort of do that too. also his clothes must be flexible and soft and allow him to move without being restricted.

  55. Hi, I am a parent of a 22 yrs old with aspergers, and I am an elementary teacher who has worked with many kids with autism.

  56. LOOOOL The auto generated subtitles (An absolute necessity) for mekeep interpreting “lost burger syndrome”

  57. I have suffered Aspergers for an entire life time. It is only very recently that I have been diagnosed with it. I still do not know what kind or type I have so I still do not know how to spot or catch myself in certain social interactions. You have a new subscriber.

  58. Boundaries is a definite problem for me. My manager constantly takes me aside and has to tell me what I said to a customer was rude or insensitive.

  59. I'm dating a man on the spectrum and I absolutely love him dearly.
    I want nothing more then to understand him and how he thinks. I've a child with Down syndrome who displays unusual behaviour so I feel I'm open to various behaviors outside the social norm.
    Your videos are helping me a lot.

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