ASPERGERS TEST: How To Test For Aspergers (FAST)

ASPERGERS TEST: How To Test For Aspergers (FAST)

in this video you’re gonna learn how to
test for Asperger syndrome at home effectively and fast coming right up hey what’s up I’m Dan I have Asperger’s
Syndrome ADHD and OCD I make videos on helping people understand autism from an
artistic point of view every single week so if you want to learn more remember to hit
that subscribe button so I’ve looked around on the internet for other ways
and other websites that have tests for Asperger syndrome when I found this one
in this video the most effective way to test for Asperger’s syndrome in your own
home as a starting point oh and I’d also like to know do you prefer saying
Asperger syndrome or autism spectrum disorder let me know in the comments
below welcome back Aspie World Fam the most
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this awesome accepting movement so we’re going to talk about what is Asperger’s
syndrome what is the aq test and how we test for
Asperger’s syndrome why this test is effective and then what
do you do after you get your score from this test because they’re not sort of
question a lot of people actually have so why is Asperger’s syndrome
Asperger’s syndrome is a neurological condition that impairs people’s social
interaction and communication abilities this is more common with people when
they’re trying to communicate socially when they’re trying to learn and
understand in an academic point of view that this is kind of a pattern that you
may see somebody struggling in these areas and it could be because they may
be on the autism spectrum and Asperger’s syndrome is part of the autism spectrum
it is at the higher end of the more high-functioning autism spectrum
disorders but it is still nonetheless a very serious condition and Asperger’s
syndrome is part of the autism spectrum disorder and is still on the autism
spectrum condition and this is something that we need to remember so as
absolutely symptoms sometimes it’s called the hidden disability a lot of
people don’t really know that they have it because it’s not you know if you’re
physically disabled people could spot it mildly because it’s identifiable by a
you know a third party it’s a wheelchair or something or a crutch or whatever
that may be but with Asperger’s syndrome and autism
these are classed as hidden disabilities so how do you know if you have a hidden
disability or not well the best way to do it is
to do some home checks I’ll do some kind of maybe home testing and see if it’s
right I mean you can sit down for ages and do loads on those research and read
like a ton of books and see if any of those books actually help match up to
the condition and then say well maybe this person has it and then you have to
go through all process of talking to specialists and stuff but before you do
that there is another way that you can test for Asperger syndrome and see if
you or a person you know how’s the condition if they’re willing to take
this test so why is it aq test well on aq test is an Asperger’s quiz Asperger’s
quota which basically means that it’s a series of questions that you answer
honestly and openly in a certain format and then it will score you on how well
you did so basically how it works is that you’ll have a list of about 50
questions and each of the questions is very specific to the condition of
Asperger’s syndrome now you have four options you have like strongly agree
slightly agree so I disagree and strongly disagree so you have to answer
the question about one of those four items so once you do that and you have
to go through every single one and the best thing I can say about this actual
test is that within aq test you have to be honest and you have to go okay don’t
don’t try and think about how you you know you think seven inspection could
feel or how you think somebody who’s new nurotypical should feel think about how
you feel and how you will answer the question specifically because again this
is testing how much characteristics or traits you have that align with this
condition so that you can get the help and access to help that you need
effectively and efficiently so once you’ve actually gone through all of the
50 questions and answer them honestly and this is the best of your ability you
can then click go get my score and then it will score you so the scoring process
can be anywhere from one to fifty and the idea is that if you are between you
know 28 and 33 that’s kind of like borderline autism or Asperger’s syndrome
but if you are from like 33 to 50 that bracket means that you are more than
likely on the spectrum or definitely have of the condition that you’re on the
spectrum and this would advise you to seek it further now for instance I
scored 48 on the test when I did it and this is one of the things
that I did to go and get my diagnosis and I’m going to talk about that in a
short while if you’re interested in learning more about symptoms and traits
of autism click the card above here because I made a video on that
specifically so why is the aq test effective
now the aq test isn’t just something that somebody’s plonked online and said
oh this will tell you if you have autism or not no no this is an accredited way
of doing it so when you go through an autism screening when I have my
diagnosis I actually took two or three of the aq tests with different
psychologists on autism specialists because they use it as a base like a
baseline for answering those specific questions that affect the tride of
impairment which is how they diagnose autism in people so this test is highly
effective and it is the most effective way to test for autism and Asperger’s
syndrome in a person but the beauty of it is you can do it from your own home I
have actually left a link for this test in the description below so you can
actually do the test after this video I find it very very effective and this is
what I did so I wanted to talk about you know what do you do have to get your aq
test score and what do you do you know so you’ve got you squeezed any test you
got your score what’s next well if your score is lower than 33 I wouldn’t think
too much about it but maybe revisit it again maybe in a year or two to see if
you feel like you’re gaining more symptoms or something that isn’t right
because again let’s also do the timing you may be feeling really good and
positive on one day and you may answer the quiz it may not honestly reflect how
you are as a person and how your traits affect you but what I would say is that
if you’re from 33 to 50 I would say that you should do what I did and what I did
is I got this score result and then I went to see my doctor but before going
to see my doctor to speak about getting a referral to an Asperger’s specialist
or an autistic unit or an autism specialist or a mental health team to
talk further about this in process of getting a diagnosis I actually then
compiled a list of things well I didn’t do it my family members on my partner
she wrote down that list of traits that she could see in me that were kind of
non neurotypical traits where obviously I couldn’t really pick them up because
yeah they are me and this is my daily life but she could also find out if
something was not really new typical in the sense so
once you’ve compiled your list and you have your aq test score you can take
both of these documents to the doctor and ask for a referral to a mental
health team or an autism specialist or an Asperger specialist because they will
be the ones to help diagnose you but the thing is if you’re helping them do their
work for them and you’ve got an aq test score and then you’ve also got this list
of traits you’re kind of ahead of the game and or help speed up the process
because it is a long process to learn more about autism check out the next
video in this line and hit that subscribe button so you notified every
single time I upload a video I’ll see you next time guys peace

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  1. 30/50 prolly won't ever see anyone bout it…we don't ask for help in my family… unless we're literally bleeding out in front of them.

  2. Thank you! I joined your membership because what you are sharing is soooo helpful for me with ASD. I appreciated greatly the female guest you had who shared her issues. That was extremely helpful. ALSO, I need suggestions I guess for being in the public situations, having surprises (like surprise visitors or communication I wasn't prepared for). Anything that helps in the workplace and Social Interactions. I find that technology use has helped me a great deal in functioning at work vs having to talk all the time. BUT the forced talk all the time is I think helped me to get better at being in front of people with less anxiety than before.

  3. Hi! great videos! Question: are you Welsh? if so, how have you managed the English/Welsh language thing with your dislexia? I have some dislexic friends who grew up in bilingual homes and had a tough time being bilingual at a young age. Thanks

  4. From a medical standpoint, aspergers was removed from the DSMV years ago. It’s just autism, and it’s separated now by distinguishing between autism and a com-morbid or separate social phobia.

  5. I saw the movie “Adam” and said holy shit I have that. Went to a doctor he said no you don’t but here is a book about Asperger syndrome that will help you. ? doctors are such idiots sometimes.

  6. Got 43/50 tho by this point I've kind of mentally deconstructed and memorised how to do a lot of things they were asking about so I kind of had to try not to let that affect the score as much as possible so other than that the test was p cool tho I agree with others, the questions should have at least have a wider range of topics/ categories etc. to include the symptoms they hadn't really covered

  7. Ive done it about 23 times now, and each time more thought goes into it. 39/50 is my latest, m first was 37, my highest highest was 41 and my lowest was 37. I am going to do it some more and more though is bound to go into it. my current psychiatrist believes that I have it and its also believed that I have adhd, social and somewhat general anxiety and depression as well, I have a friend with Asperger's and he acts somewhat different from me, however we do have quite similar experiences. over the years I have learned a little more than basic social skills. I do believe myself of having it, I believe a referral has already happened. Thanks for reading.

  8. 43/50
    I prefer Aspie or Asperger's. Saying ASD makes NT people assume you count cards in Vegas and think K-Mart sucks. LOL! ??

  9. I scored 36, but the thing is that I started therapy in the purpose of having a diagnosis
    But I live in France, where neurological disorders are considered as real as unicorn by mental health professionals
    Even if they think it's valid, they still are REALLY uneducated on the subject. I know more than my therapist on the subject, how can I trust her opinion on whether I look Aspie or not ?
    And no professionals in my city 🙁

  10. I have been told i have had/do have aspects of Aspergers. I tested and got a 37 out of 50 and didn't knoewthere was a different test for females…….

  11. It depends upon my audience what I use. "On the spectrum" "Aspergers" "I'm a bit Aspergery" 🙂 this last one is what I said at first, testing the waters to see how people would react, coming to grips with it myself. Thank you so much! I'll let you know if this is the AQ test I took, one that was conceived by an Ivy League college that my old therapist said was right on with the questions used to test kids except with more adult ones added.

  12. Scored 44/50?? I’m waiting to be assessed, I’m a 22 female, if I am on the spectrum, when will it get easier?

  13. Right now I want to punch the person now, she won't shut up on the train. Glad I'm near the end of my trip. I had this feeling before.

  14. 37/50, that’s a bit scary but at least i’m on a waiting list to be tested for any disorders, so it should be sorted soon

  15. 34… I've barely passed(high functioning so…) Not the first test I've tried. I think I took another 50 point test for about 30 too.

  16. A lot of the other comments are saying that that the females are getting a lower score even when the have been diagnosed but I got a score of 41 and I am a female, also I have not been diagnosed with anything. I have just been interested because I saw that I had some of the traits that he has talked about.

  17. I prefer Asperger's over Autism Spectrum Disorder. The latter sounds way too politically correct, and the former gets to the heart of what the condition is.

  18. I prefer to simply say "autism". I don't think we need to divide aspergians from other autistics and I'm not a fan of "disorder"

  19. For this test my score was 31. However, most written tests place me in the borderline category. They don't take into account how much I've changed and adapted over the years since childhood. When the test asked about friends and social situations it didn't really make a distinction between obligatory social situations and other types of social settings where there are people of similar interests. For example, I am usually very nervous during obligatory social situations where I might be forced to interact with people whom I don't relate to very well. I am totally out of place at a sports bar but take me to Sci-Fi Convention and I'll need to pull my star fleet uniform out of the closet.

  20. Well, I just did the AQ test and scored 39. I had to think about some of the questions because I'm not sure all of them applied to me. The reason for this is I have Klinefelter Syndrome, which is a chromosomal abnormality that also affects social functioning, via language-based learning difficulties. What all that means is I don't know where one syndrome ends and the next one begins. I guess seeing a doctor is the thing to do; maybe work out some sort of next steps.

  21. Darn, I only scored 41.. Also is good in my opinion and you can get a snowflake graph, actually being witty, check it out.. Later folks..David.

  22. 11/50. My therapist is obviously way off. Thank you. This will definitely help to get my correct diagnosis at least.

  23. Well this confirms it. I took the test and I definitely have Aspergers. My family will probably get a higher result. I got 37.

  24. I’m a female and not diagnosed. First time I took it I got 39. Second time I got 43.

    I think, I’m going to take it 3 more times (distributed over a couple of days) and then take the highest and lowest score out and then take the average of the middle 3 to get a more accurate score.

    That’s how we do it in speedcubing and it’s great.

  25. I just recently found your channel, my son is 13 and has Aspergers. I just gave him the test and he scored a 42 out of 50.

  26. I'm 35 out of 50, it was almost spooky that those questions were so relatable. That was interesting 🙂

  27. Was diagnosed with ASD Level 1 this year. Not sure what I prefer being called by as referring to my diagnosis. My wife said in a speech that I had to give when she was introducing me is that “I was diagnosed with ‘Autism’ “. It felt really weird hearing that and think I would have said ‘Autism Spectrum Disorder’ myself. Now I was not diagnosed during the era of ‘Aspergers’ so don’t know how I feel about that either??‍♂️

  28. I prefer Aspergers syndrom because then you know what it is. Autism is too wide can be almost anything.

  29. The problem with this test and others, for me, is that that are too umbiguos. The questions are not specific enough, so I find dificult answering It. And they are not including traits of Asperger in girls. =(

  30. I took the test and I got a 46. I feel like I should definitely show my mom, but I don't know how. I honestly am very scared of what she is going to say. Can I have some advice?

  31. I’ve been on medication for a long time now for depression and anxiety, but have always known since i was a kid that I was “different” to my mates. Im 31 now and always knew that the medication I’m on is not the medication I should be taking. After being told by a few people that they think I have some sort or autism and that it could be Aspergers, I’ve looked it up and everything rings so true to me! I’m going to make an appointment at my doctors and see where I can go from there. Thanks for you channel, it’s been a massive help! ?

  32. i am a 21 yr old female and scored a 45 out of 50. My mom has been fighting since i was very little to get me diagnosed, im 21 and i cannot do things by myself such as go to a dr or the grocery store. i had no friends growing up and still do not have friends, when someone tries to talk to me i start to panic and get a lump in my throat like i want to cry and run away. i have to have things explained to me in order to understand for instance the questions i had to have most of them explained so i could understand what it meant. we are still fighting to try and get some sort of diagnose so we can understand what is wrong with me.

  33. I scored 33/50 but I was diagnosed when I was very young as far as I know. That number has confused me. There where more thing than what was asked i the questions.

  34. 35… but at 47 years old, best to just hope others don't suffer the same fate and that mental illness (neurological or not) is recognized earlier and viewed with less stigma. Thanks for sharing!

  35. 48 / 50 here as well. Not surprising to be honest. Kind of goes hand-in-hand with my ISTJ type (all scores at the max).

  36. I got a 42 out of 50 as a female. Does anyone know of any tests directed toward females so I can compare and go to a specialist?

  37. Thank you Dan really helpful video : – D !!
    I have been referred to the autism group to get a diagnosis soon as a phychologist believed that I have aspergers syndrome. I have completed a similar test that you have put with this video, it felt amazing to see questions that I was not able to explain myself but made total sence when answering. This will help lots of people :- ) cool!!

    Thank you again and take care!!

  38. I just took this test and got a 47. I have not been diagnosed with ASD by a doctor, but I do think that I am somewhere on the spectrum based on things I’ve read about it and from watching YouTube videos and thinking to myself “holy shit that’s me”. I want to find out for sure one way or the other, but it seems like it’s easier said than done to get diagnosed as an adult.

  39. I scored 38 but I'm too afraid to tell my mum because she will probably be mad at me for taking a test without telling her anything.

  40. I scored 18 out of 50, my father thinks I have it but I don't relate to it beyond being an introvert and argumentative really. Therapists have told me no upon asking but I feel like they just tell you what you wanna hear a lot.

    I have a lot of out of the ordinary and conflicting experiences though and I want to know for sure. So it'd be cool to talk to someone here

  41. Just took the AQ test… I scored 45/50.

    I feel like I'm going to cry. I have been trying to tell my mental health providers that I would like to be tested for ASD, and every response I get back is, "I feel you like you're trying too hard to identify with a diagnosis, and you need to just be you" or "My theory is, you think something is wrong with you, when there really isn't." I'm going to upset my therapist tomorrow, as my homework is "get out of the mental health box," but I'm going to print out the AQ test to show what I answered, then show him the total score, and go from there. My real goal of being diagnosed is so that I can understand why I have always felt so different from other people, and to utilize tools on how to work with my difficulties. Not to "add another diagnosis to my belt."

  42. I've taken the test 3 times over the course of the last 6 months (just incase my score was being influenced by my mood). I score a 35 every time. How do I know if it's social anxiety or more?

  43. I have anxiety issues for years, and as a child would have wild meltdowns. I also have from what I understand to be now as sensory issues. I took the test just now and scored a 43. Very interesting!

  44. I always have a hunch that I have an undiagnosed Autism and the test result just confirmed this. I got 35 out of 50. That explains everything. Thanks for posting this up, Dan. I feel better knowing that I am in fact have significant Autistic traits because that explains why I am like ‘this’. Much love for you and keep up this amazing work ?

  45. I got a 35 but I also have an anxiety disorder. So I don't know how "contaminated" the score is. And I get the feeling that the test cannot give me that second opinion that a diagnosis might give me.

  46. Does anyone else HATE the echo like omg I’m actually about to start crying or at at least feel very upset by the sound
    Edit:I just took the test and got 38

  47. But the questions are so vague…it says would I rather got to the library or the “theater” but does that mean Movie theater or a Play? Do I enjoy social situations? If I’m with friends who I’m comfortable with yes, but there’s always a good part of me that is uncomfortable so what am I supposed to put? Because the score depends on my answer, but my answer isn’t even definite ???

  48. I was diagnosed with the disease as an adult. I went to a psychiatrist for depression, and he told me I was clearly an Aspie. I’m old (50) so I was just considered an awkward child—nobody ever considered something else was going on when I was a kid. I will take the test, but my first psychiatrist spoke to me on our first appointment and told me it was clear that I was on the spectrum. A second psychiatrist has confirmed this. I was never given this test. It was just obvious, I guess, that I was on the spectrum. I never knew and it seems it was clear to everyone but me.

  49. i got 44 but there was 1 that was a weird question for me 'you would rather go to the library then a party' i wouldnt go to ether 😡 to many people. every quiz/test ive found ive got high scores on every single 1. not just some where in the middle….close to the top. but when i told my counsler and showed her the test she was just like. 'i dont thing you do its probly just anxiety'. why tf do i keep scoring so high on all these things then

  50. It's strange hearing you suggest taking the test before looking into it further as I've only just discovered it through this video and I took the test and got 41 as soon as you mentioned the test. I was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome when I was about 18 or 19 after an aspie friend of mine told me he sees traits in me. Since my diagnosis everything makes sense and I'll be 21 in November 🙂

  51. I got a 34….so now what? I am 70! I don't think there is too much of a point in seeking a diagnosis! And my score is fairly borderline.

  52. Aspgerger's syndrome sounds so much better than autism. Because people associate aspgerger's syndrome with social ackward genius. But people associate autism with retardation.

  53. I know I am late to the party here but I've taken 3 tests so far, I've gotten 27, 33 and 29 so I suppose I may have Aspergers. I've always struggled with eye contact tho so it IS possible. But I am skeptical, because some of the questions I am not really sure about them.

  54. I’m an INFJ female (took Myers-Briggs several times over several decades). I am not on the spectrum, but live with two people who definitely are (don’t need a test to confirm that). I think, because these tests concentrate on social interactions, and INFJs are quite socially awkward, that’s why I got a 33 on the AQ test, and 14 on the RAADS-A test (lowest score for possible Asperger’s Syndrome).

  55. I am a female. I scored 47/50. I'm going to be tested a week from when I am making this comment. I am currently 20 years old but I've been thinking that I may be on the spectrum since I was 14. The only reason I haven't done anything about it yet is because when I asked my parents about it, they said that people with Autism don't talk and act like two year olds. In fact, after meeting a boy diagnosed with Asperger's when I was a kid, my mom said that she though his mom was just making excuses for him being "a little asshole". She also thinks that mental illnesses, like depression and anxiety, are only spiritual problems that can be prayed away. With this knowledge, I'm going to get the help I need.

  56. I scored 39 ^^' that's quite a result for a woman (I saw from the comments the test is more focused towards male presentation). Oh well… one more proof that being me is a journey full of adventures 🙂

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