Autism: Child Gets Better When Dairy, Gluten & Heavy Metals Are Removed

Autism: Child Gets Better When Dairy, Gluten & Heavy Metals Are Removed

I’m a mother of an eight-year-old boy with
autism. He was actually born with some symptoms of autism, but at the time, I didn’t know.
He had illnesses, vomiting, constipation, things like that – very sick child. But
at 15 months, it was apparent that he had autism, and he was diagnosed with autism.
Even though I have the diagnosis kind of thrown out there, I didn’t know what to do; still
trying to solve his physical illnesses. He was very unhappy, very sad, very angry little
child. Went to six or seven different pediatricians, trying to find answers. Pretty much told me,
“Well, he has autism. They’re supposed to throw up,” and that was it. I felt horrible.
I wanted to help my child. He was 18 months old, 19 months old, found a DAN! Doctor, and
within 24 hours of seeing the DAN! Doctor, my son stopped vomiting because he said, “Get
him off of milk.” Something so simple – I couldn’t believe it. He stopped vomiting,
and he started having kind of regular bowel movements and he could start sleeping. It
was a miracle. And then working with this DAN! Doctor for the next year or two, changing
the diet and adding supplements really improved my child’s health. Maybe a year after that,
doing some chelation therapy, and my son went from being a miserable, sick little boy to
a happy little boy who still has autism and a lot of autism symptoms, but he’s happy
and he’s healthy and he has a childhood now. And we enjoy being with him now. We look
forward to the future because it’ll just keep getting better and better. We keep trying
new things all the time, and it’s very exciting. My name is Megan, and I am a nutrition student
at California State University Long Beach, and I’m also a caregiver and a behavioral
therapist for children with autism. And I’ve been working with Wren’s son for a little
over three years, and I’ve definitely noticed remarkable differences with his behaviors
and his mood and all those sorts of things since she is giving him alternative treatments
and supplements. And he’s more functioning. He is more interested in learning. He has
better attention, and he’s happier and healthier. She’s right: He likes to play now and be
interactive with kids who are around him. I’m here at my eighth DAN Conference, which
is a Defeat Autism Now Conference here in Long Beach where they explain Biomedical Treatment
for Autism. And the reason why I keep coming back is because every year, there is new information
and it’s very complex sometimes and very overwhelming, all the information they give
you because it’s so much great stuff that sometimes it’s hard to get it all at once.
And there’s no way you can do it all at once, so I’m here eight times, and I’m
learning new things and I am trying to implement all that I can that fit my son. There’s a
lot of information that they give you, and you need to incorporate that into your individual
child. Everyone here is great. They’re here to help you, and even though it feels overwhelming
and you’re kind of afraid about alternative medicine or it’s too high-level – too
much medical speak… No, I’m not good with that stuff, and here I am, for the eighth
time, and I actually enjoy coming and learning. And my son is benefiting so much from it,
and I meet a lot of great people. There’s a lot of support, so I’ll be back again
next year. I have had the best luck with alternative medicine. Alternative medicine, to me, seems
to be more – I think we should call it – common sense treatments. Sometimes you
want to do what the doctor says because you think doctors are smarter or have somehow
gone to a school that they learn secrets that you don’t know about so you have to trust
them, and sometimes that’s true, except it’s great to use your own mind and research
all the information you can. And if you really look not all alternative treatments are great,
but a lot of them are and they just make sense. And some of them can be so simple, and some
of them can make such a great difference. As a parent with a child with autism, I recommend
the first thing to do starting off is to alternate and experiment with changes in your diet.
For us, eliminating milk – dairy products – was a huge thing. It might not be for
every child, but that’s a good place to start. You can do your research and try other
things – gluten, soy, elimination diets. It’s not hard to do. You can do it. You
just have to keep at it, and also eliminating synthetic foods and chemicals in your child’s
diet is a big one, too. From there, you can schedule an appointment with a DAN! Doctor,
and they can go further into supplements, vitamins, minerals, deficiencies, toxicities,
stuff like that that you need kind of guidance and they’re there to help you.

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  1. @domaro3 Yes, it can be expensive. Which is one reason why I'm making these videos to educate parents about the alternative treatments. Diet plays a big role, according to the parents I've interviewed thus far. For many parents, they've been able to recover their children 100% with biomedical intervention. Unfortunately, it costs money to make that happen.

  2. @g31n3z3w5k1 Go to vaccine rights (dot) com and buy the eBook. Most states have exemptions, but doing it right is very important. Also, google Generation Rescue or Talk Abut Curing Autism and look at their materials. I've done quite a few interviews, and that MMR vaccine seems to be the one that puts vulnerable kids over the edge and into Autism.

  3. @CodenameSailorv1 Every young woman i know in my area had a normal pregnancy and my son was fine until he had his last set of shots. He showed no symptoms of autism but the others did after their vaccinations. Women begged me not to but I had him taken in for his last set of shots/vaccinations and an hour after the set of shots, he got violently ill and was hospitalized because of high fever,reaction to shots. he never came back mentally after that day. My son is now Autistic.

  4. Wonder if medical marijuana and canabous oil would be a positive impact. If it cures some cancers…help children who have seasures and multiple sclarosis …head aches…and many other things y not children and adults with autisum?

  5. I am 100% behind alternate therapy, but I read that marijuana and canabous plant itself attracts the metal mercury. Some Ayurveda doctors believe that there are some beneficial metals that the body needs but I am not ready to risk mercury. Do your own reading and do what you feel is best after a LOT of research. Blessings and be well.

  6. ok. Is it safe to have my baby around small kids that are recently vaccinated, like his cousins? Could their saliva carry the disease they were vaccinated for, and pose a risk to my baby if they kiss on him?

  7. Wren, I love your statement…"He's happy & Healthy Now. So nice to see improvements and moving forward towards progress. Although we all focus on a full recovery for our children it's a beautiful result to hear that he's HAPPY & HEALTHY. God bless. Wish you continued progress. 

  8. Pharmaceuticals are a big cash cow so causing sickness & disorders through toxic foods & water plays a big role along with what we breathe

  9. When people in America understand how this system works only then will they see all the lies they been fed by the people they thought they could trust. Big Corp ties to Big Pharm, it's all about money. Monsanto's GMO's will only create more sickness & diseases and what's funny is they own some Pharmaceutical companies

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