Best Friends Found Footage

Best Friends Found Footage

– Cila, – What? – I screwed up. – What happened? – I don’t have a vlog for today. – So what are you gonna do? – Well, good news guys,
I have found footage. So I was going through the SD cards and I was like, where, I don’t have a vlog for today, like, nothing. I just, I miscounted, I suppose. I don’t know what happened. But I found some footage, some video, that the kids shot, Isaiah and Summer and Sky and Abby, when they were at Target, and its ridiculously cute, you gotta watch this. – Is it? – It’s so cute. – Okay. – But the end, I don’t
know how that started. Just, I don’t know. I don’t know how it began,
but it was hilarious. Okay, enjoy it. (playful music) – Summer, we’re in Target. – We’re in Target, why are you whispering? – We’re in Target, I don’t know. I was just excited. This is my excited whisper. I know, we don’t have one. We didn’t have one near
us for a long time. – Right, and now you have a Super Target. – And now we have a Super Target, we have the big Target. – [Isaiah] We got a Super Target. – Where are the bathing suits? – Skyler didn’t bring a bathing suit. – [Together] This Floridian
didn’t bring a bathing suit. – That’s like not owning
flip flops, oh wait. – That’s you, sir. – That’s me, I don’t own flip flops. I’m lying. I own one pair of flip flops. That’s all you need. You don’t need multiple pairs. Okay. Do I ever wear them? No, but that’s not important. Yeah, so we are here buying Skyler – [Summer] a bathing suit, a bathing suit, because she’s a fool. – [Isaiah] Abby, you don’t seem
like you are in a good mood. – I think she’s in a good mood, she’s just chill. I think its hot outside, so she’s like bleh. – [Isaiah] Yeah, that’s true, she’s gets like that 100%. All right kid, lets do it. – [Together] Hey. Hey. – [Isaiah] Maim. – Can you stand up? – [Isaiah] Maim, can you
please stand up in Target? – Come on. Come on. – [Isaiah] Look at you. Look at you. – I need a little effort. Come on. Come on. Thank you, oh my goodness. – [Isaiah] Kid. – She just took me down. She walked up and went, like this, look, ready, you were me, and I’m you,
(dramatically falls). That’s what you did. – [Isaiah] You’re a trip, kid. Don’t be swatting. Swatting. (slap hands) (slap hands) (gives kiss) – [Isaiah] So sweet. So sweet. Can I have a kiss? Can I have a kiss? Thank you. – Awh. – [Isaiah] Thank you so much. – Awh my goodness. (upbeat music) – [Summer] You want to touch them? – [Isaiah] Touch them. Try it. (machines beeping) – [Summer] What are you doing? – [Summer] Why are you
putting your head on that? – [Summer] Put them
on, uh-uh, put them on. Oh my gosh. – On your face. – [Summer] Put them on. (laughing) – [Isaiah] You got it? – Oh, Abby. Ready, 1, 2, 3. Stand up. Can you put these on? That’s what I wanted you to do. – [Isaiah] Put them on. – Let me see, 10, Okay, we can do, 5, 4, Oh my goodness.. – [Together] 3, 2… – [Summer] 1, Thumbs up. (laughing) – [Isaiah] On your eyes, there you go. – 5, 4, 3… Oh number 1. We’re number 1. Good job. – [Isaiah] Hey, good job. – Here, put it back over here. – [Isaiah] Hi. – [Summer] She likes that guy. – It’s so bright. So
bright. Abby did so good. – She did. – Didn’t she? – Yeah, she did really well. She’s tired. – Yeah, she’s super tired. – So she kept walking up and laying down; – Am I blurry? I might be blurry. – But other than that.. – Yeah, I think she did great. – It’s cool Skyler got
her bathing suit bottoms. – Whoo. – Whoo. – So yeah. – Yeah, yeah she’s been
doing really good recently in my opinion. – Yeah. – So, good job kid, high five? Thanks, Okay, I’ll take what I can get. – She’s like, get me in the pool, its hot. – Right, get me in the
pool, its something. – [Skyler] Holy crap, (murmurs). – It is super hot. (crosstalk) – You jump. – You wanna see my jump,
I’ll show you my jump. – [Isaiah] Watch out, Maverick. – Watch out, Maverick. – [Summer] Mav, move. (laughing hysterically) – I’m so glad I can jump higher than you. – Screw you. – All right, I’m going to try,
I want to try, one more time. – [Summer] Go Ace. (murmurs) – [Asa] I’ve already gotten it once, so.. – You got it? – [Asa] Yeah. – You’re shorter than I am. – [Asa] I swear, I got it. – [Priscilla] You’re shorter than I am. – Oh, you’re so close. – And I’m fatter, like a lot. (laughing) – [Phil] You touch it? – Yeah. (laugh hysterically) – Don’t you break my french doors. – It doesn’t matter, I
got it the first time. – Come on, we’ll do it together. Lets do it together, do it again. Ready? Ready? – Oh god, I don’t know if
the floor can handle that. Its a hundred years old. – Are you going to help or what? – Yeah. Yeah, I’m gonna help and we are going to lift
each other, group thing. – [Summer] Go. – [Priscilla] Do not run
into my french doors. – [Phil] Watch your head. – [Isaiah] You got it. – [Phil] You got it. You’re going to get up there. – [Asa] Its a lot to get up there. (laughing) I mean, like this is
a lot to get up there. – [Phil] I wish I didn’t
eat that much tonight. – Gravity. – [Phil] If I knew we were doing this, I wouldn’t of ate that much. – We are not on the moon. Like, I feel like I
can get there you know, like I look at it and I’m like yeah, I can do that. – [Phil] Go. Go. Make it.
Make it. Be there. Be there. – Did you get it? (laughs hysterically) – He boosted me. – I went.. – [Phil] Somehow I don’t believe it. – [Asa] Get pumped up. – I’m so close. – [Summer] Go dad, go. Come on. – [Asa] (grunting) Get pumped up. This is so stupid. (laughing) – I can’t believe I can’t do that. I’m stronger than that dude, hold on. Oh God, I’m so mad I can’t get up there. – Get up there, come on, one more. – Yeah. – Hey Phil, don’t boost me this time. – Okay. You got it, you got it. (laughing) – You gotta get bumped, you gotta. – [Phil] Be there, be there,
be there, be there, be there. (cheering) – You totally touched it. (laughing) – [Asa] You touched it, and I hate you. – [Phil] Go Sky. – Phil, that looks really tough. – [Phil] Magliochetti’s son. (laughing) – That looks really tough. – How tall are you, dude? (laughing) – That’s really hard, isn’t it? (unintelligible) sound like that. – I’m so close. – (sighing) Do it again. – Okay. – Oh. (laughing) – [Asa] One more time.
Once more. Once more. My kids cooler than yours. (laughing hysterically) – [Summer] Ooh.

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  1. I would have laughed so hard if Abbie had walked in all chill and jumped out of nowhere and touched it and then just walked away.

  2. I love the ending I love seeing a family having genuine fun, now days a lot of family’s don’t have the love care and support each other like you guys do. Your family is beautiful. Even the hard times you guys vlog just shows how perfectly imperfect life can be and that it’s okay to have bad days and everyone can get through them. Love you guys! You both are amazing people with amazing people in your life and have raised amazing kids.

    I never had a family growing up like this( every other divorced drug addiction family story) so you guys definitely shine from where I stand as well

  3. Isn't it crazy that no matter condition a person may have , a smile on their face means happiness and joy in that very moment

  4. I haven't got to the comments yet and I am SURE I'm not the first or last to say this, but Issiah is SO much like Asa!! I see SO MANY of his fathers mannerisms in him in this vlog!! He is so patient with Abs.❤ love you all!

  5. I love that as a family you play. Seems like a strange word for it but you genuinely have fun and be silly together. It's something I didn't have a lot of growing up but I've embraced as I've gotten older and now enjoy annoying the living daylights out of my parents and brother with my silliness. Top tip: it's even more fun in public with unwilling participants.

  6. I have to admit I had a couple happy tears from seeing Abbie and Summer walking together, holding hands. BFF's <3

  7. Amazing video!!! I love your family and the love your family shows to the world. Have a fantastic day!!! Sending lots of love from the Midwest to y’all!!!❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️☀️?☀️?☀️?

  8. Ha!!! This is the cutest! Abby has the epitome of “teenager face” in this video. She’s too precious. They all are.

  9. Just found this channel yesterday and now i am hooked Love this so much. Send Love to the whole family from me in Sweden

  10. Why do you think you need to put content out almost every day? Yes, your show is popular, but you have a personal life too. Maybe you guys make lots of money with how popular you are on YouTube, but seriously you don't need to show everything, you don't need to post daily or twice a day. The world will keep moving, and maybe you'll actually just enjoy your family a few days a week instead of holding a camera and recording everything. We don't need to see everything, maybe respect your own privacy a little more, I mean no one needs to see a childs bedroom tour, its really invasive to show your sons room, he's a kid no one needs to see it.
    I'm not trying to tell you how to run your life, or do your job, but your personal life is more important than your public life. I understand that your public life brings monetary fulfillment, but at what expense. Enjoy your family, your son will be out of school in 1 year, and his whole life is on camera, he has no anonymity what so ever.

  11. This is so cute and fun! Also, my sister’s got that exact butterfly wallpaper haha, I love watching you guys, your family is beautiful <3

  12. Can I like this video a million times??? You guys are one amazing family. This footage had me smiling and giggling the whole time! You both are wonderful parents raising wonderful children and Summer is just an angel!

  13. Isiah is so patient kind and loving with his sister. Oh my goodness this video blessed me! Because Isiah is a BLESSING he will be blessed. Summer is also pretty special!

  14. So sweet.

    Was Abbie Dx with Low muscle tone as a child. I notice she is on the ground a lot after a while whenever you goes go shopping.

  15. Oh my goodness. What a fun vlog. I really enjoyed seeing Abbi so chill, they were having so much fun. Then switch to you guys playing some made up impromptu game having fun. It was a smile and giggle fest fun me. Thank you.???

  16. Asa, can you (next time you need subject matter for a vlog) talk about your editing software you use as well as your computer system? We're redoing a mid century modern house and I'm trying to get my husband to edit the videos. Also, did you take any classes to learn how to use the editing software? Is the software used friendly and economical? How many and what size SD cards so you use for your videos? Thanks in advance

  17. Question does abby's meds make her sleepy? I feel like she is like in that zombie mode. I dont mean to come off as rude or ignorant but I have seen those side effects sometimes from meds. My daughter is also special needs and sometimes meds will make her sleepy or zombie like. BTW love all of your videos!! Your vlogs never get boring!!

  18. Are you people kidding me!!! One of the most touching, loving videos out there. Would love to see more like this!

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