Beyond Words

Beyond Words

Choice is the source of all creation. We choose and we create something. We have this weird point of view
that things have been chosen for us. It’s destined, it’s destiny,
it’s karma, it’s anything except choice. The reality is, every choice we’ve
made has created what we live today. If you change what you choose, what you have for tomorrow is different,
greater and more amazing. There’s an upwelling of energy
and awareness from the Earth itself about all of us that are
seeking something different. The incredible contribution we
are that hasn’t been acknowledged – we haven’t been acknowledging it. We haven’t been
looking for it in ourselves. We haven’t been willing
to realize that we are a gift. In some way that we
don’t even understand because it makes no sense, we end up invalidating
it or never even seeing it. Glenn Sheppard – Author It is hard to believe that I have been able to communicate telepathically since I was born. We didn’t know Glenn,
we did not know. How sad was that? But great now, mum! I am so happy for
Access coming into my world, through Delaney. Magical Delaney! The thing that’s most
amazing about the Bars to me is the fact that what should be possible,
becomes possible. What is impossible – suddenly the reason
for it being impossible changes or goes away
and then it becomes possible. There’s this amazing gift that the Bars are,
that accesses parts of us that nobody’s ever acknowledged,
including us and few people ever see,
including us. What occurs is the
doors open to a greater reality than what we think it’s actually so. One of the wonderful things about Bars,
for Glenn has been, there are times where he’s
almost like at war with his body and there’s a physical fight going on and I don’t even have to actually run
his Bars by putting my hands on his head. I can actually just
energetically ignite those points and that gives him peace with his body. A lot of my work has been
with people with so-called disabilities and I definitely have some real gifts in
relation to communication with people that have autism and that line of disability. So communication without words has been this amazing journey for me. The discovery that spoken
word is not my first language, and that in fact energy is. Because I’m willing to be a space that allows this
communication to actually be. I don’t project at him constantly. What I discover is that our projections, because it’s the same with us
and it highlights to a great degree how we all limit ourselves because they’re limited by the
projections that we put on them. So, when you can be a
space that’s no judgment, they can all of a sudden
be eating spaghetti bolognese, when they’re not supposed
to like spaghetti bolognese. “Give me another red wine
– thank you!” And, “Hey, I loved that movie!” when they’re not
supposed to love that movie. You know, like all of those things,
and it really highlighted to me, “Wow, that’s exactly
what’s happening with all of this!” With them you can see it really strongly because their lives are limited, they don’t have the physical capability
to move through the world on their own. They actually need support,
they need physical support. They need support
to just bathe themselves, to feed themselves and all of that. It seems to intensify it,
so you really do see, “Oh, my god, our projections are actually impacting on
this person really dramatically.” I mean, when you’re willing
to look at it for you, it’s like, “Oh my god, I have been
limiting myself from the projections.” The Bars and the tools and processing that Access has brought to my life, has actually allowed me to receive myself in a way that I never
dreamed was possible. To actually like myself. To actually care about myself. That has generated
a whole different way of living and being in the world. There’s an authenticity
and a simplicity to this that words – spoken words, don’t often find the mark. We can measure things that
we couldn’t measure five years ago. That’s the difference because it’s not
a lack of understanding the science, it’s not a lack of people
wanting to do the science. it’s been the technology. Now technology is increasing to the point, you know just the stuff we do, is moving so fast
it’s very hard to keep up with it. So, it’s going to continue that way. It’s technology that is the new currency. In our clinic we do brain mapping and work with people who have ADD,
anxiety, depression. We work with professional athletes, improving performance there. We also work with veterans
that have post-traumatic stress and professional athletes
who have had head injuries. I guess this is where
it’s all been leading towards what we’re doing with the
Access Consciousness group. People would have
these amazing experiences… This is where the fascination
with the Bars came in. One is the giver and one is the receiver
and the giver is running the Bars. There are 32 locations on the head. They use what I would describe
as acupressure. They put very light pressure on your head and what it does is it opens
up energy and allows it to flow. When we’re measuring things like
with the gas discharge visualization, one of the things we’re able
to look at is chakra alignment. Energy centers in our body and
that’s what these chakras are. We have these different centers
that have electromagnetic energy in these meridians. They generate energy at
different locations through the body. What we do is we will take
a pre and post brain mapping. We have some very
high-tech headgear. During the Bars session we have the giver wearing this
headgear and exercising the Bars. We also have a Sputnik in the
room measuring the changes in energy. We’re looking at this relationship between electro-magnetics and bio-photonic energy and being able to show the changes in that. So, what we’re actually
measuring empirically, is the changes in thoughts,
emotions and stress. People who we’ve measured who have remediated some
of the effects of Parkinson’s disease. We’ve had an individual
who had a brain tumor and then after the event went to the
MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston to have his scan done and
they could find no trace of the tumor. People who have gotten rid of
the effects of Hashimoto’s disease. That’s really where we’re at is
learning how to utilize the energy, not only the energy around us,
the energy within our body to harness that, to refine it, to utilize it, because really,
all disease is nothing more than a dysregulation of
the energies of the body. It’s that simple. Medicine has it’s place, pharmaceuticals have their
place and helping us do that. But really when you get down to it, it’s about helping people
learn how to realign the energies. or having a facilitator. You know the magic is
not within the facilitator. They’re just a person
who facilitates the process of realigning the energy
or getting the energy to flow in ways that it needs to and
then the body can heal itself. That’s why I keep doing what I do. I work 12 hours a day,
28 days a month. Why? Because I want to
get the world to change. Because unfortunately
from my perspective, unless we change
the world rather dynamically, we’re not gotta have a planet to live on. Consciousness changes all kinds of things. More consciousness, more possibility. More possibility, more choice. More choice, more question. More question, more contribution from the world
– the universe. That’s how I see it. We have to learn to live with the
universe in the question of possibility rather than the conclusion
of what we want it to be and how we want it to look. I’m always looking from, “Okay, so what else is possible,
what else can we create here?” “What else have we not been able
to perceive, know, be and receive?” That’s what we do as an infinite being – perceive, know, be and receive. What are we aware of constantly, that we act like we have no awareness of? It’s like when you walk into a
room where somebody’s angry, you always know somebody’s angry. Then you get all weird
and start backing off and try not to say anything or whatever. That doesn’t create because
you’ve come to the conclusion and the decisions and the
judgment and the computation that that anger is
something you can’t change. The reality is, you can change
anything if you live in question. But you have to live in question of it and ask the questions
that give you the awareness, not come to conclusion,
“Oh, this is the way it is.” When we decide this the way it is,
guess what? Nothing else can change. Bars are 32 different points on the head. It’s like a computer bank of all the thoughts, feelings, emotions, attitudes and considerations you’ve ever had in any lifetime
that get stored in there. When you clean them by running the Bars what happens is that
deletes the file on that and suddenly you’re different,
your whole life could change. It can change physically, mentally,
emotionally, in all kinds of different ways. Do I know what it’s going to be? No, even you don’t know
what it’s going to be but you change. I watch people have
these 32 different points run and watch them get
up off the table different. They never go back to
being who they used to be. That’s the thing I love most about it is nobody gets to go
back to where they used to be they only can move forward
into what else they can be. That’s an amazing gift to give the world. it’s an amazing gift to give
someone and for them to have that place where they
can start to create their lives. One thing it does is it
opens the door to receiving everything you actually know. That to me is a gift that I
had not found anywhere else, on anything else ever I’ve ever done. If everybody in the world
could be present as themselves and never judge themselves, this would be a world worth living in. That’s what I want to create. One of the great gifts
of the Bars is actually giving people that space
of where they can explore and expand their capacity
with non-verbal communication. That space that comes and the shut down that so many of us
are living with all the time. The Bars actually, as we know, creates that space
where that doesn’t have to be. So, that then allows people like Glenn, to have more ease and be
able to contribute more to people and communicate in a different way. When Pam and Glenn in
February did their first Bars class, it was so easy for him to be in that
space and he wasn’t grinding his teeth and he wasn’t humming the
whole time and having to block out. It was much easier
to just be in that space because people’s head are … [space] Even as we’re here now, he’s really grateful that
you came to a space in nature as much for him but for everybody else,
for the whole team. Because it allows that
space to be much easier. The team is very
focused on what they’re doing and so there isn’t continual
extraneous crap going. That makes it easier
for him to actually be here and to not have to be in battle with them. So, that space that is created with the Bars is one of the greatest gift
to the planet in so many areas and certainly in relation to
communication beyond words. It’s really both of us have the point of view – or is it
an awareness? – that this is the thing that’s going
to actually advance that capacity with great speed. And question, so… Is he speaking to you
telepathically right now? Yes. As a society we will spend
billions of dollars seeking happiness and billions of dollars trying to find peace. Yet, if you’re willing to receive it – people that have been locked
away because of their difference because they’re considered
disabled or intellectually handicapped, or whatever the label is – what they can contribute to you and what you can
contribute to them is astounding. There is a sense of joy
that can be generated here that a lot of us are seeking. Yet it’s right here and we won’t receive it, We won’t actually take the time to actually be with people
that are different and receive that. This really is a paradigm shift. That people have to shift
away from what they know, to something different and
talk about the laws of the universe and the quantum physics of things. The law in physics basically
says that energy that is vibrating, a thought wanted or unwanted,
has a particular vibration. When other thoughts that
are like that come together, it could now affect particle energy. So, that’s what creates our reality. What I began to discover is
every time you ask a question, the universe opens the
door to a greater possibility. When you come to conclusion, it closes all the doors that don’t match it
– your conclusion. So, it’s like you literally
cut off so much awareness by this willingness or necessity to have to come to conclusion or
decision or judgment or computation, where if you ask the
question, the universe goes, “Sure, here’s what you want to know.” It’s never worried me
much sitting in the corner. I have a big universe to play in. What’s really great though
is how much fun it is to be a part of the party and not
to be sitting in the corner anymore. It’s gone beyond the words now.

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