Billie Eilish Reacts To Teens React To Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish Reacts To Teens React To Billie Eilish

– (FBE) So welcome! Thanks for coming down,
joining us here on Teens React. – (chuckling)
– (FBE) How do you feel? Feel excited to react to these guys? – Yo, I’m so pumped. Oh-ho! When I was 12, 11,
I think at that age I’d seen every single one you guys did,
so all the Kids React, all the, you know,
Teens React, Elders React, YouTubers React. – (FBE) We’ll see what
the teens have to say if you want to grab those headphones.
– All right, all right. I freaked the [bleep] out. I was like, “Oh, my god.” I think I called
my brother and was like, “Yo, they did a Teens React to me.” Because, you know,
my whole family knew that I loved this channel. ♪ (punk rock intro) ♪ – ♪ (vocalizing) ♪
– (Christina) Billy Eilish! Yes! – She knew right away.
– (Anna) Oh, my god. – (Roberto) This morning,
I was listening to her and I was like, why have we
never reacted to her? And here we are! – ♪ I’ve been watching you ♪ – (Rae singing along)
♪ For sometime ♪ She’s so pretty. – ♪ Can’t stop staring… ♪ – (Jair singing along) ♪ At your… ♪
– Yo, she’s beautiful. – (Darius) She’s gonna play
a huge part in the music– – Darius. This was
one of my favorite dudes. It’s really weird because
I remember him being a kid. I would always agree
with his opinions on stuff and I just thought he was
so funny and cute. I was like… aaah! Okay, all right, all right. – (Anna) I know that
when she made this song, she was 14, right?
– I was 13. – (Anna) She was super young.
I love her! – Aww, I love you. This is the day after
my birthday that we shot this. I had just turned 14. They put makeup on me
that I did not want, and they did my hair
very [bleep] weird. The difference between a 13-year-old
and then a 16-year-old is so different. – (Rae) I went to Agenda,
which is like a festival. And I saw her there live. I punched my way
through that crowd and– – This is my girl. I like that she punched
her way up to the front. I like that she said that because
that’s how I am at shows. – (Noah) She sounds
like every pop female. – Lowkey, he got a point. He was just saying what
he thought instead of holding back and also I agree that me
then did sound like everybody else because I was 13
and I didn’t have a sound. It takes a minute to actually take
what you’re inspired by and make something new out of it
and instead of just re-creating it. – She’s so cute. – (Ulises singing along)
♪ I’m too young to go to jail ♪ – Yo, I love him. – (Rae) Her voice is just so good. Oh, I love her!
We stan a queen. – Pfft! (laughing) – (Ulises singing along)
– ♪ Maybe it’s in the… ♪ – (Jair singing along) ♪ …gutter ♪
– Oh, look at her jump. – (Jair singing along) ♪ My lover ♪
– She’s so cute! They’re all so sweet. I really like–
when I first watched this, I was like, they’re all gonna hate me
because so many people do. I just expect people to. – (Anna) I haven’t seen this one.
– Oh, this video. – (Anna singing along)
♪ Giving you what you’re begging for ♪ – (Christina) This music video
is artistically gorgeous. It’s so simple but so interesting.
– Thanks, baby. – (Noah) I don’t know
what’s happening. – (Mikaela) I like her outfits
she’s had in the videos. They’re pretty cool.
– Thank you. – (Jair) Aah, the vertical video! Oh. (singing along) ♪ Don’t be that way ♪ – (Noah) Is this supposed to be
just a handheld phone type of thing? – This video was made for Spotify and it’s called a vertical video. It was shot vertical,
so it’s supposed to be cut like this because the whole point
is that you open your phone and you go to Spotify and it shows up. But when we posted it,
it had a white border, so when it zooms in,
it cuts off and then it’s like… – (Rae) It’s so good! I just want her to be my mom
and sing to me every night. Like, oh, my god. – I’m on my way. – ♪ …if you’re honest ♪ – (Noah) I feel like all the songs
kinda are sounding the same though, which I’m not a huge fan of. – (Alberto) I wish she had
some upbeat songs and not– – See, but I do! Aaaah! I do! The two first ones were two songs
that are 13-year-old me, and then the songs
I make now are all upbeat, like I’m just trying
to mosh type [bleep] because that’s what I want to make. I just want to make music that’s good,
but that I can move to because that’s what
I’ve learned from touring. – (Anna) That’s so raw,
like how she looks in the mirror. It must have been super hard
for her to grow up with all these eyes on her
and people putting pressure on her to perform and be
like this perfect role model when she’s just a kid. – People come for you, dude. People are on your back
about everything. And no matter what you do,
(sighing) everyone’s gonna have a problem with it. So if you’re trying
to please other people and you’re not pleasing yourself,
don’t do that [bleep] because no matter what,
you’re not gonna please somebody, so you might as well just do
what you want and please nobody than do what everybody else
wants and please you. This is getting kind of deeper
but it was like her quote fake depressed.
Bitch, you’re 16. What do you know about that? Putting aside the fact
that that’s about me, which it is, that sentence
is like unbelievable to me, that you could say, you know,
a 16-year-old can’t be depressed or a 14-year-old
or an 11-year-old can’t and the thing is, yeah,
I’ve been through depression my whole life.
It’s something I’ve dealt with and I know tons
of other teenagers have and, you know, kids
and adults and elders and YouTubers, (laughing) all the people
that react to videos on this channel, everybody has their own emotions
and their own problems. Fake depressed is never something
you should ever say about anyone ever. – (Ulises) …”Lovely” with Khalid. Ah.
– Product placement. – (Mikaela) Beats promo.
– Yo, she got it! – ♪ So I guess I gotta stay now ♪
– (Jair sighing) (singing along) ♪ I hope someday ♪
– I’m in love with this girl. – (Anna singing along)
♪ …isn’t it lovely? ♪ – She looks good.
– ♪ (Anna vocalizing) ♪ – Were they sitting right here? – (Alberto) Her and Khalid are great
because they sing the same. – We met on the internet
because I remember I heard “Location” and then I looked him up on Twitter
and he was already following me, and he was this kid with
a couple hundred followers. He DM’d me and he was like,
I’m such a big fan of yours! I love “Ocean Eyes.”
It’s so– like, I just love it so much. It was like we were
nothing at the time, and then suddenly
he was this huge god. I know that it’s
a genuine relationship because of how we met each other
because we were fans of each other for the art instead of the clout. – (Darius) My soul likes this.
– (laughing) “My soul.” – (Ulises) Khalid was
the break-out star for last summer, and then released
this summer break-out star and they’re coming together.
– Does he think that? That’s crazy that he thinks that. Am I a break-out star? – (Anna) She is stunning!
– I love this video. – (Ulises) I listened
to this album on repeat for three months straight. This was the soundtrack of my life.
– Oh, my god. – (Christina) The dance
in this is just so good. – The choreography was sick in this.
– (Noah) That was different. I’m not the biggest fan of the music
but I think the videos are really cool to look at. – Yo, okay, listen. Honestly, that’s all I want really. Because I feel like I think of myself
more as a visual artist than anything else.
Visuals come first for me, so even when I’m making music,
I’m thinking about the visual beforehand. – (Mikaela) She has a beautiful voice.
I really like her visuals. – I like that girl’s brain. All these girls are so smart. – (FBE) So Billie
is just 16 years old. – (Anna) It makes me
feel so unaccomplished. I’m one year older than her–
– Nah, bro, you’re on Teens React! You’re completely accomplished. – (Darius) She’s limitless.
That’s dope. – (Rae) She seems like
someone who was born with kind of an old soul,
like just born more mature than a 16-year-old. – (Alberto) People already expect
so much of such a young person that when she’s older,
they’re gonna expect things to progress more. – (Noah) It’s easier now
for somebody to– – (exhaling) He hits something there.
That is for sure. – (FBE) So finally, Billie is continuing
to release new projects and songs all the time,
so as all of you grown up from teens to adults, do you think
that Billie will be one of the bigger artists
for your generation in the future? – (Jair) Hopefully, she stays
and doesn’t fall off. I thinks she’s headed in
a very good direction and her voice can, I think,
only get better at this point. I mean, she’s 16
and she’s singing like that? Man, I’m sure it’s
gonna be like, whew. It can only go up. – Aaah! That was so crazy. This is so sick. This is crazy. This is like (sighing) aaah! – (FBE) So it’s great
to have you here again. – (laughing) It’s crazy! I literally can’t believe it. I did a show here–
I met the Fine brothers. – (Benny) So how was it?
– (Rafi) How was it? – It was so great. – You’re telling me that
you grew up watching this? Like, it’s so surreal.
It’s so surreal because– – This is surreal. Oh, my god! You guys don’t even understand
how crazy this is. – (FBE) You are one
of our most requested artists to cover for a while
and so every time we put a video up, we’re
always in the comments for the first 30 minutes
and your fans were crazy demanding an episode for you.
– That’s my crew. It’s just very weird to have grown up as a fan, like a huge fan. I was a big fan
of a lot of artists, and it’s just weird that
now I’m that somehow. I don’t get that. – (FBE) So many teens seem to respond
to your personal musical style. Are you able to pinpoint
where you really discovered your own unique style
or are you always kind of evolving? – I mean, yeah, I’m always evolving
because everybody is. You never stop changing. And if you do, something’s wrong. If you found my Instagram,
you’d just be like, oh, she’s a fashion influencer,
which is what I am, but I’m also an artist
and if I wanted to be something else, I could just be that. I just feel like there
should never be a limit and I don’t ever want there
to be a limit. I never ever ever ever ever ever
want to be a genre, ever! I don’t want to have a sound. I don’t want to have a look. I don’t want to be in a genre. I just want to do what I want to do,
right when I want to do it. You know what I’m saying? You know, all songs,
all these songs sound the same. I agree with that,
with those actual songs, so that’s why I want to keep
creating more and more that sounds completely different. – (FBE) What’s next for you? What are your plans for the future? – Everything. I mean,
that sounds so stupid, but I’m working on an album right now. I’m going on tour again in October,
so that should be cool. Lots of videos. I’m working on something
really sick right now that will be out in a while,
but it’s gonna be worth it. – (FBE) So finally,
you were able to know what the teens
thought about your music. Now we wanted to see
if there’s anything you want to say back to the teens. – Hello. (laughing) I’m in shock
and thank you all for caring. I really was expecting
a lot of not positive reactions, so thank you for being real. Thank you so much to FBE. Make sure you subscribe
to this YouTube channel because the content
is (clicking tongue) sick! You can follow me on Instagram. All the links are below.
Thanks for watching. I love you, bye.

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  2. I like Billie elsih and the way she said that anybody can be depressed cause I have depression and it’s a hardship

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  4. Damn she’s about a year and half older than me wtf. Is she still in school? Bc I can’t imagine going to school with her like Oml.

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