Hello, everyone and welcome to authentic mental health today. We’ve got another Mental Health test video for you, it is Do you have bipolar now before I get into the questions and the actual video itself. I just want to make a disclaimer That this isn’t a self diagnosis video This video is designed to see if maybe you do possibly and I stress the word Possibly have bipolar and then at the end of the video if you think that you do I will go over the options that You have and what you can do moving forwards Now some of you may have seen my anxiety and depression test video But for those of you that [haven’t] how these [test] will work is I will ask Six questions, and you will either answer yes, or no Now you can [either] keep a track of it in your head or write the scores down on the piece of paper is totally up to you now enough of me rambling on I know you want to get this over and done with [so] The first question is are you? sometimes more talkative than other times question [two] Are you sometimes really hyper and really active for no reason at all and then other times? You are not quite proactive At all and you just feel lazy, and you don’t want to do anything Question three are you sometimes? overly confident and then the other times you’re filled with self-Doubt question four do you randomly cry for no apparent reason at all and then suddenly you become really happy without an explanation question five Do you feel like you have no hope or you don’t know what to do? who to turn to and you feel that sometimes life isn’t worth living and the last question is do you get easily Irritable and angry for no apparent reason Whatsoever, [so] now is the time of truth for you guys to see if you have or Possibly have bipolar or not if you answered and the two yeses [it] is Highly highly unlikely that you have bipolar if you answered three four five or six Yeses it is. Extremely likely that you are suffering or starting to suffer from Bipolar Now there’s no need to worry And that’s a promise that I can make to you There’s no need to worry, and I can help you out with a few things and I can tell you What you can do moving forwards from now? Now the first thing is there’s a link in my description Box down below For a 7 yes. It’s like a 7 day free trial to talk to an online Professional therapist about [how] you are feeling now It doesn’t just have to be bipolar could be any mental health condition such as anxiety depression Schizophrenia Bipolar you name it you can go on there And you can talk to an online professional therapist about how you are feeling 7-Day free Trial if you hit the code down below now the second thing that you can do and if you are still unsure or You you know now that you’re highly likely to [be] suffering from Bipolar is making an appointment With your doctors or local GP and going talk to them go and tell them you’ve done online tests You’ve done a bit of research you you think you may have bipolar Tell them the exact reasons why? So relate to the questions in this video if you said yes to them Then tell them all about that the third thing you can do is I’ll leave my email address in the description Box down below So if you want to talk to someone you want some more advice About what you want to do You’re not sure about how you feeling [you] [can] email me. I’ll email back or one of the team will email You back and go out of your options in a bit further detail before I end this video If you haven’t already you can check out my other mental health tests such as anxiety and depression But also, I want to let you guys know that I’ve recently Opened up a patreon account. So if you want to make pledges, or get bonuses extra content from Authentic mental housing myself Go over to Patreon now. You can make a monthly pledge of $1 $5 $10 all the way up to $50 Depending [on] what you want from all centac mental health now the different price bracket means you get different benefits including including You could get a 16 minute Skype facetime, what’s that video call? Whatever you want to do session with myself per month plus unlimited Whatsapp messages and depending on which pledge you decide to go [on] I will be making Bonus videos just especially for you. I’m Content that you want not content that I decide to make Content that you have asked me to do and I depend again depending on how much you pledge each month I? Can make up to five different videos a month just for you? Anyway, thanks a lot for watching my videos once again I really appreciate it if you haven’t already hit the subscribe button down below Leave your scores in the comment section down below so other people can offer their advice Tell us or tell me tell you the people what you’re going to do to move forwards Have a good chat guys like always I will go in [between] our reply to all the comments I [can] and thank you once again Take that you

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  2. Both my grandmother and father were bipolar, and I said yes to all the questions. The thing is I don’t know how to approach my mom about how I’m feeling, suggestions?

  3. Please keep in mind that these bipolar symptoms aren’t just "sometimes". It’s a serious issue and every mania episode can last at least a week. Also these symptoms have to be triggered by no apparent reasons and not be reactions to actions. In any case, if you doubt, see a doctor. It starts around the age 16 and if by your twenties you’re experiencing cyclical depression, it may be bipolar disorder. This entire video was just to promote this guys sponsor.

  4. I'm from India and I don't know how to tell my parents about this… They are not understanding that I need help… It feels like nothing from inside💔🙏plz I need help…

  5. People need to understand that you can have symptoms of a mental disorder and still not have it this isn’t a proper diagnosis so please do not go round saying you have it just because a video you saw says you do go to a psychiatrist please as someone who suffers with bipolar disorder this isn’t something you should go around saying you have when you don’t get diagnosed professionally

  6. 5.i already have many disorders and however i''m stable highly unique.O.C.D,Narcissism,Schozphrenia,Extreme introversion,dependent personality disorder,Avoidant personality disorder,maladaptive daydreaming disorder,Messianic complex.I'm a son of divorced,Got abused by relatives.Friends trash me long ago.I live in graveyard wilderness.I look like okay.Don't know why happened this to me.

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