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  1. I think I have bpd and anxiety at the same time
    it's weird and scary how my emotions are hard to deal with I feel like I'm going mad at some points doctor and it actually started after a hard time with depression even though I think I brought this to my self by loseing hope in my life and it started getting worse after I became 18 do you think that the second book could help me with bpd and anxiety? ?

  2. and lately I've been dealing with it by killing my emotions like turning it off entirely and I'm afraid of loseing the ability of feeling anything what should I do? ?

  3. Hello dr Marks, thank you for your job and your efforts. I have a question about eating disorders: I've been suffering from bulimia in the past 4 years, I'm on Fluoxetine and it's working wonders but sometimes I still get back on the binging-purging routine. Any advice on how to deal with this instability? I'd like to get stronger and avoid turning to food anytime I feel down. Thank you so much,


  4. My mind reading days have been over for a long time. Don't you hate it when somebody wants you to anticipate their thoughts and wants. With out reciprocating❗️

  5. I think this is happening to me because I keep to my self alot I mean I don't even talk to my mother much even to my older sisters I just keep everything I feel or think in my head I had deep depression because that and panic disorders for long every day I had panic attacks and there is no logical reasons for it to happen I used to cry almost every night and have every thing damage my mind even feel my heart ache so much while I'm crying and then wipe my eyes and sit like a broken doll with my family emotionless and silent I don't even ask them for anything like when they ask what I like to eat or if iwant something in particular I just don't want anything at first actually no body believed me they said I'm pretending only and that made me hate talking about anything with them not like I was talkative before but it got worse what should I do? ?

  6. I love this Thankyou! I did watch your video on personality vs bipolar . I have one query. I have been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and depression (though I'm not sure I have depression as I feel great off my meds. Anyway.. I certainly get myself in trouble with spur of the moment impulses. I quit my job. I spent money I didn't have etc. Is this also part of my borderline personality disorder? It's not my usual way it's I just get over exited about things and act impulsively usually with bad outcomes. Thankyou 💜

  7. Hello Dr. Marks,
    Could you address the Barnum effect in a future video? It may be a useful tool for individuals to understand themselves better. This is to avoid someone over pathologizing themselves. As it can be quite a scary process!

    In addition, I have some issues with the use of labels such as depression, BPD, etc. Are these labels useful? They can be used negatively, rather than as actual clinical diagnoses. They seem to be more useful to psychiatrists rather than the other way round! What should we do about this?

    Overall, i love your videos and they helped me a lot.
    many thanks!

  8. Not to be too funny but that scenario you displayed seemed like usual male female relationship interaction that ends up in an argument for no reason. There are so many sketch comedy videos depicting this on YouTube

  9. You cant manage your emotions, you can only feel them. I prefer managing the situation instead.some people feel more than others

  10. it was an interesting question indeed. I'm curious as to what you describe as dramatic (clinically) and how that differs from teenage dramatic for example or people who stay immature in their adult relationships because of their insecurities. The example you gave could have been teenagers and everyone makes assumptions too. I think showing it as you did with the man like a role play is a great idea. I would suggest however to make it clearer of what would be a typical (albeit insecure) behaviour versus an example of behaviour from someone suffering from BPD. On the ward I worked on, dramatic was clear: self-harm, physical threats, suicide attempts, and suddenly shouts. So in your example, some would have shut down, acted as if fine, left to their room and attempt self-harm straight away. Another one would have regressed to a child at first, guilt tripping you and if didn't work would have been angry in a second (to escalate either to tears, self-harm, the threat of violence, verbal abuse). Yet another one would have straight away started shouting and insulting you. That's 'dramatic' indeed. Whereas those with insecurities, I believe, could still misinterpret as the person not wanting to be there and sometimes be too unaware that it taps into deeper pain to receive the message as intended. However, they would likely revert to complaining to friends to get someone to side with them, passive aggression when the partner returns, full compliance or even privately cry for a short while. So I think it's tricky.
    I'm also very curious about your take on the differences between C-PTSD and BPD. Where is your position on the debate that BPD is a trauma disorder or an attachment disorder?
    Always a pleasure to listen to your input on mental health and disorders 😉

  11. Thank you Tracey for being so concise, and very absorbable examples… I recently watched your video on rapid/ultarian bipolar. I'm diagnosed borderline, but am gathering the difference between mood (wide ranging effects, general outlook) vs emotion (intense, changeable feelings)… I definately experience the latter but might mention to my therapist the former, my whole outlook can change every day or days. Thanks again! Oh, I truly apologize, Dr. Marks, realized I called you by simply your first name. The clinical experts in these fields have done an amazing amount of work, and dedicated their lives to helping segments of the public that a lot of people don't understand or care about. My therapists are not doctors, but they have changed my life.

  12. That's very interesting. I'm not really sure what i suffer from, but iv'e been diagnosed lots of times with BPD and also with depressive disorder.

    My mood can change drastically because of some minor event. Though most of the time i already feel on the edge, stressed out, irritated, very tired.

    Then what happens is that i'm ok, functioning on a high level and then something makes me upset. I act badly and i realize it quite fast, and then i hate myself. I get to a really bad state of mind, i feel restless through out my body and my head. I get this bad memories running through my head which makes it worse. I feel like hurting my self (which i did many times in the past). The day afterwards i wake up with no energy in my body. I barely get out of bed, not doing anything, barely eat and drink, not taking showers, etc. And i still can get this feeling of anxiety snd restlesness. This state can last between a few hours to a week. Mostly is takes a day or two until i get my energy back, and act normal again. I'm not really sure what is this thing.

    I also suffer from traumatic events. I heard about a connection between BPD and Complex PTSD.

    I'm interested to know what your thoughts are. Thank you so much for your videos. Sorry for my English 🙂

  13. Dr. Marks I remember starting to watch your videos a year. Congratulations on your channels success and growth.

  14. This video was great mainly because I have both bpd and bipolar depression so I’m constantly fighting myself then when I feel good I’m back down in a depression mood so I definitely know how hard it is , that’s y I’m trying to figure out the best way to handle it whether it’s talking or just listening to other people I’m not going to give up just figuring out how to deal with it .

  15. This is a real good broken down video and reallly enjoyed the skit to display your points .. Great video and I hope you have a wonderful day

  16. It's so hard to keep my emotions in tact when I'm going through a spell of my depression and anxiety.

  17. I absolutely look forward to your videos. So much helpful information!! Thank you!!! I just started DBT 3 months ago. It’s a year program, and it is the best decision I have ever made. I went through a long testing process and I have depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder, PTSD, bipolar one and OCD. Through my life I never knew what was wrong with me I just thought I was having a bad day, or a bad week, or a bad month. I’m kind of embarrassed to say I have all those illnesses, I’m just really happy that I have these names to go with my emotions and behaviors. Now I can use these tools to implement my daily life. It’s not a fix all, but it sure is helping. Now I’m just trying to get the right medications to work. I have hope and I won’t give up.

  18. Hi Dr. Marks,
    I am very sensitive and have trouble controlling my emotions, most particularly I cannot stop tears once they start falling. Is this normal? How can I learn to control it?
    By the way, I do not meet criteria for depression or bipolar however both are linked to a first degree relative..
    Thanks, your videos are very insightful!
    Maria S

  19. Great video! I especially like the question does the intensity of your emotion match the situation. I will be implementing this, thank you

  20. You’re honestly a god sent! My biggest fear was facing this alone or people thinking I was weird. As the days go by I’m excited to finally begin treatment! All my life I was misdiagnosed until my mental health councilor cracked it open. Prior to getting properly diagnosed at a young age I was put in anger management courses, told it was stress/anxiety, and given incorrect medication. My life felt like I was trapped, but now I feel as if the wheels are once rolling again! Thank you so much for this information!

  21. @DR. Tracey Marks… I simply wanted to thank you for investing your personal time in sharing this knowledge with us. I think a lot of us want to self diagnose ourselves. I personally have been able to identify specific traits of various diagnoses. The fact is for every trait I identify with, theres a bunch of others that simply do not fit. That really makes this self diagnosis tricky. At the end of the day you've helped with clarification on many of these things. Thank you for your dedication to help others work towards building a healthier self. Sincere Gratitude… Be Well.👍

  22. i’ve been very confused about my relationship with my mom for a long time she doesn’t believe in mental illness but she has crazy mood swings and usually they happen in episodes that last months of weeks like she’ll have normal emotions and have control of her anger and be in a good mood for a few months and then for the next few months she will get angry at small and weird things and be annoyed by everyone and then suddenly want to go out and party and be all over expressing her love for us a lot and constantly reminding me how much she loves me here’s an example: i tend to adjust to my moms mood so one day i was bringing her lunch to work and i got her a salad from panera she got very mad at me because i had gotten her a small salad with no meat (not what she wanted) she got very angry and said that if i cared about her i would’ve known what salad to get her stating that she had been starving the whole day and working hard and that she couldn’t believe that this “shit” was what i brought her. Skip to a few months later i brought her lunch again but was running late and mostly packed snack like things she was disappointed but told me it was okay because she could buy some food at her job she did not get angry and on the other hand told me she was glad i brought her lunch. This happens quite a lot where she will get very angry over certain things and months later not give a single thought to them when they happen again and then a few months later get angry over the same things again i just need some input and this is long but please help i apologize for the length and the lack of punctuation

  23. Hey mam, I request you to make a video on social Rhythm Therapy and interpersonal therapy for bipolar disorder.

  24. I'm on a school break but I keep coming back to watch more videos. you're definitely one of the best psychiatrists out there!! I wish you were my teacher, I would never miss a class.

  25. My extremely violent ex-wife just got diagnosed with high-functioning BPD. I feel like I'm more inclined to forgive her now for everything she put me through. I have bipolar disorder I, so I very well know how little control you can have over your mental ailments.

  26. Can you please make a video about ADHD, sugar and coffee??
    Is it a connection for those 3? Why do some feel so addicted to sugar and coffee?

  27. I am grateful that i didn't suffer from any mental illness despite of the mind blowing and roller coaster ride happened to me for this past years. my emotions is stable and calm. i call it miracle drugs because i survived all the mind blowing events that normally people find stressful and suicidal. i didn't suffer from depression and any mental illness. i do believe it can be hard for people suffering from any type of mental illness. being ill is an excused for freedom of expression in a democratic country. you can expect that everything you say will not take against you. i have a great doctor who monitor my condition although i can't see anything alarming but i trust the process maybe this is the best for me. i do believe suffering from any type of mental illness can be hard for someone and medicines will help them manage the symptoms so they can live a more fulfilling and productive lives. i don't need any therapy or counselling for im not suffering from any form of mental illness. Thank God, i survived and now closer to recovery! I only want to share my experiences. Thank You Dr. Tracey Marks for making educational, informative and useful videos on mental illness. You are helping many people being mindful of symptoms and discussing important informations and seeking professional help early diagnosis can save lives of millions of people suffering from different types of mental illness.🤯🤕🤒😭

  28. i do believe that no human being deserve to suffer from any types of mental illness, Universal HealthCare for all. Generic Medicines are now more affordable. based on my experience due to my incapacitated and vulnerabilities taking medicines is now a part of my daily life. Thank God, i survived all the mind blowing and roller coaster ride of emotions, dramatic scenes and nervous breakdown. i don't suffer from anxiety, trauma, depressions, psychosis and any other types of mental illness. i have a very supportive family. Thank God! despite of all that i'll been through im still alive standing strong. This is a works of God, a miracle have happened and save me from impending death. now i can surpassed all because i know how to handle my self and control situations. 🙄😐😑

  29. I love you dr. Marks!! These ideas you gave, are useful to all of us. Even though we might know how to do these things already, having someone reinforcing the idea is fantastic. Thank you for another great video!

  30. I wish I could find out what disorder I have lol. I feel as though I have so many problems. I had to break up with the only person I felt I loved because of my ways, there goes four years. I seek therapy but I feel as though it's just not enough. I have no friends bc of my ways. No family. I cannot understand people, I tried to fit in but its exhausting and pointless. I preach about success but cannot attain it here bc I get distracted looking for love, what a waste of years. Now I prey on the weak and I cannot help it. I'm not a killer but I feel I am like the voice that whispers shoot.There is truly a satan and I can understand his pain and frustration with the human race. Using his name for bad, blaming him for all life's bad just like satan I feel pushed backed and hated and misunderstood when we are truly filled with love. It is hard me to exist because all I see is nothing. I didn't come from poverty nor am I slow and I'm a handsome guy, but I been thru some of life's bad experience. What I've learnt from this is not to hate people and also not be like them, aim at goals and try to enjoy life here. Keep my mouth shut because people will only think I'm crazy. Would you believe me if I said that life doesn't really exist or matter here. Would you believe if I said no one gets their prayers answered by God. Would you believe if I said that no one but one from each country or island will truly find life after death. I want to help people but now myself and people are too manipulated.

  31. In our current political situation, I find it very easy to react more emotionally than is healthy. When the facts support my negative assumptions, all I can do is try to control the level of emotion. This is something I am historically terrible at. Every day I have to make a concerted effort to look at the world through "their" eyes, to try to understand why they think what they think. It's daunting most of the time and too often I can't find a rational explination. Why do people make choices that seemingly contradict their own best interests? A timeless question…

    Once again Dr. Marks, thanks for getting this info out to the masses. I've shared your videos and have always been thanked for it. Simple, easy terminology and descriptions that we can all understand.

  32. I was told by my doctor today that I have complex personality disorder. Thinking I could just go home and look up the definition, I didn't ask for further details. Unfortunately, this term doesn't seem to exist. What does complex personality disorder mean?

  33. Hi, excellent video!! Thanks for posting. I would like to ask you, if possible of you could explain the differences between BPD and Schizophrenia, and if a person could have both at the same time. Thank you.

  34. Dr Marks,
    Agreed DBT and CBT seems to be so common these days but DBT seems to be hard to find do you think that these college students would study something about DBT but they don’t all they get is the degree for cognitive behavioral therapy General counseling social work etc. I think DBT should be available the more people they it be a big help. As usual excellent video very nicely stated I always enjoy watching your videos Dr. Marks !
    General repair

  35. Great video i was raised by 2 parents who were narcissists and my mother pushed me away when i wanted hugs my father did unspeakable stuff and i believe was also bordeline. My question is if you were raised by people with these disorders is it normal to attract people like this and feel like you can save them? Which i know better not to do that anymore but is it also natural to pick up or absorb you parents thinking even though your not like them? Growing up was pretty rough i had to learn to be normal and not like my parents and ive been told im not like them but i feel i absorbed some of the dysfunctional thinking. My past therapist just say i have depression which started from a child and being in that enviroment.

  36. I have watched your video on imposter syndrome. Now I don't want to go to school or find a job (I am 20). But I still enjoy my interest. Am I just lazy? What if I have totally recovered? Now I just want to retire from the world and put myself into an asylum forever so that there will be someone looking after me 24/7. Is this thought normal?

  37. Hi! Stumbled across your channel and really love your work. I have a long history of being bipolar type one. I was diagnosed early twenties but that's because of parental denial and lack of medical insurance or care (I started symptoms at the age it appeared in my son ~9-10 yo). It has been observed that I have exhibited mixed episodes, rapid cycling, and full blown mania that has lasted a few weeks to up to a year. My problem is I REALLY want to quit smoking. I am usually able to put them down for up to a few months, long after all the nicotine has left my system. I have quit up to two years. The problem is my mania kicks in and the longer I go without cigarettes the worse it gets (I have even passed thru being symptomatic, thru crisis and have caught myself several times heading into suicide territory. Please please believe me when I tell you I have tried every conceivable way to quit (including chantix (shudder)). What can I do to keep my bipolar in check when I quit? I have begged my psychiatrist to give me something anything to help me quit. Welbutrin is m&Ms. I am in my forties diabetic thyroid and cholesterol problems. So naturally this limits what they want to give me. Any advice would be most helpful. After I relapse on smoking it can take up to 6 months to a year to get my mania back under control. I have smoked 30 years and have a cyst/benign mass in my lungs. Any advice you can give would be most helpful. Sorry for the length and this being off topic.

  38. Dr. Marks does BPD run in the family? My dads psychiatrist thinks that he has BPD, and my younger sister has BPD with Major depressive disorder. Last Sunday, I waited for my husband to wake up which was around 11 PM and I was looking forward to spending time with him and he told me that he was going to go over to his mothers for the day I ran outside crying because I’m so upset with him and felt like he didn’t want to spend time with me. I’m wondering if I have this as well? I’ve been struggling with my emotions either have depression or D realization, or extreme anxiety. I’m always juggling between the two

  39. You are great! Thank you SO much for your time spent making videos for people like me, someone who is desperate to find answers. You have given me new hope in my struggle with mental health. Thank you!

  40. Dr. Tracy I have been diagnosed with BPD and I absolutely hate when people touch me even family and i don't like when my partner initiate touching either. It makes my family feel hurt and unloved but, I cant help it. It makes me super uncomfortable. When I use to go to church I hated when people would try to hug me it absolutely makes me uncomfortable. I only like when my kids hug me that's it. Do you have any suggestions on how I can work on this. I have been like this since a child. I always felt that I was weird.

  41. I recently started watching your videos and I love how you break down your explanations! Could you do a video covering suicidal ideation?

  42. hi doctor, i have a major depressive disorder i am taking zoloft for 1 month and i still kinda sad and depressed what i should do! thanks

  43. I just found your videos there great. I have a question how do you know if you have DID? I have schizophrenia and I think maybe my doctor's and I have overlooked a possible diagnosis of DID. My situation is complicated cause I have multiple other diagnosises as well. Could you make a comparison video of what this would look like. Thanks:)

  44. Dr. Marks I take Latuda as a mood stabilizer for bipolar II. Lately the commercials for Latuda says it treats bipolar depression which is a different kind of depression. I thought I understood why I was prescribed wellbutrin and latuda to treat bipolar II but what Exactly is bipolar depression?

  45. Hi Dr Marks, can you make a video outlining ADHD rejection sensitivity? A lot of times someone who's diagnosed with borderline might actually have ADHD related rejection sensitivity. A lot of the symptoms match but there are some core differences. Thanks!

  46. Why this psychological ilness cannot be cured like any other disease ? Why we are more prone to treat it through therapies.

  47. Hiya Doc! Great vid! I'm especially taken with the concept/treatment of focussing on the positive aspects of one's life (or life in general)…a truly sound treatment imo, as it's right there in the Bible! Philippians 4:8

  48. Good information. Thank you.
    I have a question: if a patient suspects they maybe BP should you bring it up to your therapist? Especially if it’s your very first visit?

  49. Thank you Dr. Marks.
    Your instructional vids are thorough and accessible to us "lay" people.
    I just "broke through" but not before destroying my marriage and career.
    WHY do we burn our lives down???!
    Please touch on that topic some day

  50. Thank you for making these videos. I struggle with trusting my own judgment of people and or decisions. This could be because of long childhood trauma but I’m not sure. I double check my self all the time. Is there a video that you have that can help me with this. Sometimes I’m so unsure if my decisions are right or wrong. Often I even find myself rethinking decisions I made years ago. Any understanding would be helpful.

  51. I was wondering as someone with a husband who suffers from depression- why does depression cause someone to become selfish/self absorbed? I mean this with no malice, my husband just seems to go into a bubble where the only thing that matters is himself.

  52. Thankyou so much . because it means a lot . i have a question where were these diseases a century ago ? why are the number of people suffering is increasing every year ? what is causing this ?

  53. Can someone help me. I keep going into these ruts where I hate specific things about my personality. Right now I hate my pretentiousness and bossiness. If someone can tell me something I can do to fix these things/ manage them or somehow become content with them/ get out of these episodes, that would be very helpful. This would mean the world to me.

  54. This was very help. Could you do a video on bipolar disorder and major depression disorder. I feel like both are very similar and they get mixed up very often. It seem that bipolar depression fluctuates and major depression stays the same.

  55. The CORRECT response is.. On your way back from the Gym be sure to stop by POPEYE'S and get some chicken and an extra tub of Cajun Dirty Rice.🤩😍😎

  56. Does being bipolar mean they have to be rude and disrespectful 99% of the time. And how can I get the rest of the family to understand how to deal with the bipolar family member.

  57. So, if you use to assume things, like for example if you call smb ( even your dr) Who doesn t answer or tell you that is busy/ unaivable/ on vacation, etc untill september, and you think that he or she might actually trying to get rid of you bc he/she dont like you or worse considers you a lost, hopeless case Who stands no chance to recover and to be a normal person to interract with, it means that you are likely to have borderline personality disorder? ??

  58. I know this is a long shot, however, can I schedule an appointment with you if I'm from Ontario I have no problem flying down for my appointment???? I really enjoy your videos and feel like you would be a great help. sucks that you're so far </3 Or is there any drs you can recommend in Ontario Canada?

  59. Dear Dr., I think I may have borderline….How would this impact my day to day life. There seems to be a lack of information online.

  60. I recently stumbled upon your channel and i would like yo say THANK YOU. The videos you put out help me to better understand my diagnosis and how to deal/ live with them. I love the way you explain things in detail. Thank you for helping me.

  61. What do you think about the show "crazy ex-girlfriend" and how they show borderline personality?

    I had heard of it before and felt like it fitted how i felt and the show honestly sealed the deal for me on that

    (Note im still going to get a therapist i just really love psychology so of course id end up searching for the terms for how i feel as well)

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