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  1. I've suffered the last and most painful heart break I've ever had I say last cause I'm done looking fir or expecting love . I guess there is no love for me .I suffer alone and no mercy for me.

  2. If I took my tonsils for lips that's fine if I'm all about Elton John did somebody should f**** say something and Alaska and all them cold ass regions more like tender play games and stick their tongue or lips to pose and f**** metal put on some goddamn solar panels over there and then kind of places warm it up a little bit God damn people don't need to live in that kind of weather goddamn 20/20 coming up

  3. I lost my first wife in 2013 last song I sang ever on stage was the rose. Never thought I'd ever date or start a life with someone else. But I did,I wish I could say it's been great but that would be a lie. Every time I hear this song I ask God why. But tonight I beg him to just take me instead

  4. I asked out a girl and she said we can date in one year one year later I find out that someone else asked her out and she started dating them instead of me and then a year later I had a girl friend and she broke up with me because I was overprotective so if you ever are waiting for someone be careful and some people can sleep with them breaking another persons heart have mercy

  5. Anyone have a girl but your listening to music because she's insecure about her looks even though shes literally gorgeous so you're sad because you've tried everything you can and she's still insecure to the point to where she doesn't even want to go out in public. Just me? Ok 😪

  6. whenever I need a good cry I come to this video and read y'alls comments.. so heartbreaking. hope y'all are doing well. 💙

  7. I know this may sound random but before the song an ad played for the new Call of Duty. You know what game id play Call of Jihad: Modern Mohammed. And don't get all pissy with me either fuck tards I've been to Iraq and Afghanistan as a fucking grunt. Anyways, enjoy this break from the broken hearted. I just love this song.

  8. One of thee BEST songs ever written and sung so painfully Beautiful~ 👌🏻
    Looks like tonght Brett's singing in Indiana!!!
    Lucky them!!!
    🌬🙌🏻✨💞: ')

  9. My girlfriend told me I wasn't good enough for her ear haven't talked to her Monica shark always love you no matter 💯

  10. If I could find someone that would put at least half into our realationship that I would put into it I could die happy

  11. Mercy is one of the best songs that reminds me of my best friend, lover,wife and mother of my sons. I definitely remember when Susan heard this song. It made her cry. See my wife pass away on June 10th. At 5:50 a.m.

  12. It's been 11 months since I separated from my girlfriend. We've been in a relationship for 7 years and the worse feeling in the world is not knowing if you should continue going or not. I realize that we left out something really important in that time; "Communication". Don't do the same thing we did. Because you may regret it.

  13. I ask for Mercy and never got it and it broke my heart. I thank that's the a broking heart is the worst pain there is.

  14. Don’t let go of the ones you love that easy. Fight for them till there is no more fight left in you. Tell them you love them everyday, don’t wait till there gone. Tomorrow is not promised.

  15. It's 2am here in Brazil and i still can't sleep. Since my 10 year marriage (also two kids) ended, things changed and, as a big fool and a year waiting…waiting for someone who will never come back simply because she was never really here. All I'm asking you right now is just some Mercy and just break it.

  16. A few weeks ago I asked out a girl that I had liked for a few months at that point. I was rejected. The past two times I had been rejected I had been able to shake it off fairly quickly. So far this one has proven to last longer than both of the others and I don't foresee this going away any time soon.

  17. Ladies be careful of this man. If you ladies are like him. God bless. He will take your heart and break it. He says he's trustworthy, loyal and honest. Don't believe it. I loved this man. I fell in love with with heart. He's a liar ladies.

  18. I love this love, I have been hurt by so many men in my life, this song gets me through all that heartache. Thank you, Brett Young

  19. I've cried soooo many times with this beautiful song; Ty 4 Brett Young…
    Life is UNPREDICTABLE… Pple come & go n ur life.. Smetimes when it's not meant 2 b it just happens BUT when IT IS meant 2 b, things just work out 4 the good.. There is a SPECIAL PERSON out there 4 evrybody BUT WISHIN ME✞ღ✝❣❢❢ッ.. Keep ur head up.. Hav HOPE…
    Hav MERCY✞ღ✝❣❢❢ッ…

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