Buying a Special Needs Dog EVERYTHING She Touches!

Buying a Special Needs Dog EVERYTHING She Touches!

– [Rocky] This is Freddie Mercury the dog and today is her very special day. Her very own dog’s day out. And we’re kicking her special day off with letting her buy anything
in the store she touches. And I couldn’t think of a better place to start than letting her pick a new bed that was just her size. – [Kelly] Do you want this one? – [Angela] It kinda looks like Freddie. – [Rocky] It does look like Freddy. Okay, let’s try it. – [Rocky] One dog, one day, one mission. Where I take homeless dogs out on their best day ever and work to raise awareness to get them adopted. I’m Rocky Kanaka and
this is Dog’s Day Out. (gentle guitar music) – [Female Speaker] Oh my gosh, Freddie. – [Rocky] It is so good
to see Freddie so happy because up until now,
she’s had it pretty rough. Freddie was found discarded
in a bag under a car. When they found her, they noticed that she had two rows of teeth. That combined with her
overbite made it really difficult for her to eat and this 10 month old puppy was malnourished. But the worst part
about it is you can tell someone gave up on her, tossed her aside, and that neglect and
abuse led her to broken bones which just added
to the complications. And with all these things
stacked against her, she didn’t have a fighting chance. But that’s where Marley’s Mutts stepped in and said, we’ll help. Where others turned away,
they saw her true potential and when Angela got her home,
it was an instant connection. And she knew at that
time that her and Freddie were meant to be together. She knew Freddie had been through enough and this was her home. And that’s where I come in. Because when I see a dog like Freddie, how hard she fought to survive, I think that she deserves to be taken out on the best day ever. And because Freddie Mercury has a home, she’s also bringing one of her friends that needs to be adopted. He’s a senior dog and they call him Bosco. (electric guitar music) The good news is, I think these two are going to make a really good team and be really great at shopping. In fact, I’m a little
concerned they’re gonna clean out my wallet because
today we’re starting out with a fun little thing called buying my dog anything he touches. Or in Freddie Mercury’s
case, anything she touches. But I think Bosco is gonna
be doing the heavy lifting. Alright, let’s have some fun. You want these? Oh look at this, I think he’s
going for those big toys. Yes, yes, good call! Alright, we have a what, a Margarita? Squeeze to squeak. (toy squeaks) What is that? Oh ya he knows how to pick ’em right. Okay I’ll put that there and what he picked this too, a sausage. Okay, that’s kinda weird. You like that one? (toy squeaks) Oh ya he does. Alright we got more shopping to do. He liked buying that one. Oh, you got these too, okay. Some treats and some toys. Those are your toys man, you got it. He wants his sausage. (laughing) (toy squeaks) You want that one? Get it, get it! (toy squeaks) That’s the one you want, okay. That one? Okay, you want those? Oh you think there’s food in there? He knows what a food bowl is at least. What else, do you want another one? Oh sorry did I throw that in there? Do you want to approve it? Needs management approval. Okay okay alright. Kinda sad it’s almost
like he doesn’t believe we’re gonna buy this stuff for him. I mean it’s in the cart,
aw it breaks my heart. It’s all yours bud, what
else do you want, man? Do you like that? You like that? Oh you like that! Uh oh, okay, I think we
found your favorite thing. What’s this? You like these? Good boy. Good boy. (laughing) Good boy. He loves it. You like this rope toy? Okay, okay, look. (toy squeaks) You’re squeaking on the one you land on. (toy squeaks) Okay come on let’s get more. That’s a tire man, you like those huh? Okay, okay. Alright, alright. He loves toys! He’s doing really good. Like you can tell he’s really excited. This is absolutely the first time he’s ever been in a pet store. Here’s what I want everyone to do, I want everyone to hit
that thumbs up button. Jam on that thumbs up button. If we hit thirty thousand thumbs up, and we’ve done it before, we will do another shopping spree. I’ll know that you guys love these and we’ll do it again, right Bosco? Good boy. Alright, lets do some more shopping. Come on buddy, come on. – This T-Rex toy, that looks like Freddie. – [Rocky] If Freddie
Mercury drools it’s cute. If Angela drools it’s not very cute. (laughing) I wonder like, sorry I
am enjoying this aisle as much as Bosco is. I kinda wonder if he likes… Oh, I think that’s a yes. – [Female Speaker] I
don’t know where it went. (laughing) Alright, lets go get another
tennis ball; we lost that one. Sorry, Pet Smart. We’re doing good, you can
tell he’s wearing down. Uh, Freddie Mercury hasn’t
had lunch today right? – [Angela] No. – Should we go try to have
Bosco pick out some dog food? – Yes. – Let’s do it, come on buddy. Okay, so Freddie needs a bowl and Bosco is really good
at picking stuff out so I’m gonna have Bosco
pick out which bowl he thinks Freddie would want. Ready boy? Let’s pick one out. What’s this, what’s this, which one? That’s the one, okay alright he knew. I think that’s nice. Oh ya. Alright, we have a lot of other fun things planned for the day but
first I wanna show you Freddie’s meal time because it
really is something special. I think it’s really
easy to look at Freddie and think broken, strange, different, but if you take a closer look, what you really see is
a dog that has courage. That after all she’s been through, she’s willing to forgive and to love and to live in the moment and be happy. Freddie, to me you are an inspiration. (gentle guitar music) – [Female Singer] ♪
You’re my heart’s desire ♪ ♪ I just wanna love you,
just wanna to hold you ♪ ♪ Just wanna be with
you till we grow old. ♪ ♪ Please tell me you’ll stay ♪ ♪ Or take me away ♪ ♪ I want you for myself every single day ♪ ♪ You set my world on fire. ♪ ♪ You set my world on fire. ♪ – [Rocky] Alright we
have more stuff to do. We need to go get a puppachino. We need to go to the park
and play with all these toys. He likes toys. So let’s check out and if you’re new here, I would love to have you as a subscriber. If you do subscribe, turn
on those notifications so you know right away when
the new videos come out. Other than that, lets keep
this Dog’s Day Out rolling. $326.25 – [Female Speaker] $326.25 (slurping) – [Rocky] Okay Freddie, are you ready for your very first puppachino? Hey she’s never had one, right? – Right, never. – You are in for a treat and you don’t even know it yet. Don’t even know it Freddie! It’s a puppachino. – Can I get a tall double soy latte? – [Rocky] Wow, we are
here for the dogs Kelly and this is what you do? – I need a pick me up. (laughing) We’re going to the park! – [Rocky] Where’s Bosco? Bosco? (whistling) You want a puppachino, buddy? Who’s a good boy? – [Employee] Welcome to Starbucks,
how are you doing today? – Oh pretty good, pretty
good, I’m here to get some puppachinos. – Now what kind of frappachinos are they? – No no, puppachinos for the dogs. Okay, see ya soon. – [Employee] Thank you – This is exciting. – It’s gonna be $11.45. – Oh okay alright. – Aw so cute. – Aw this is Freddie, you’re
talking about Freddie right? – Yes, of course! You’re welcome. – You’re already going in for it? We gotta go park. (laughing) She’s so happy. Hold on darlin’ we gotta go park first. Uh, you want to give this one to Bosco? – [Kelly] Yeah. – Here you go, all yours. (gentle guitar music) – You ready? (slurping) – If she spent all day she
could finish that puppachino Okay, okay. – [Kelly] He’s a little
faster than Freddie. – [Rocky] Get in there, get in there girl. Uh there you go. Good girl, did you like that? How was it? Need a little burp? (burp) (laughing) Little burp, okay good girl. Oh sorry. Look at that guy, let’s
find this guy a home. Share with everybody. What dog breed do you
think Freddie Mercury is? – My best guess is like
an Italian Gray Hound that went wrong. (laughing) – So I have a DNA test kit here, and we’re gonna do a DNA test. It takes a few weeks to get the results, but you’ll post them
on Freddie’s Instagram? – Yeah. – Okay, so follow Freddie
Mercury’s Instagram. I’ll put it right here
or you can go to mine at Rocky Kanaka and then
I’ll share hers when that comes up, but I don’t know. What do you think Freddie Mercury is? Put your best guess
down below on what breed or breeds you think she is. Alright, we’re at the
park right over there. We are gonna grab his toys,
we’re gonna grab Bosco and we’re gonna go have some fun. We’ll leave Freddie in the car. Freddie is not as good with toys. – [Kelly] Oh good we got the sausage. – [Rocky] He really liked the sausage. Okay, hup, good boy. Alright, Angela brought
a really long leash so that we could have some fun. We’re gonna keep a lead on him because ya know we don’t know we don’t want him running off or anything like that. Okay, what do you got man? What are all these toys? (electric guitar) (toys squeaking) Good boy. – [Kelly] Are those toys for you or Bosco? – I mean I think he’ll share them with me. – [Rocky] Oh yeah, oh yeah! I love how much fun Bosco is
having playing with his toys. Hit that thumbs up button
so we can do this again. Don’t forget I need your help so that we can find him a loving home. Please share this with
everyone that you can because you never know who
might see this and adopt Bosco. And if you think Bosco should
be a part of your family, a link to his adoption application is in the comments below.

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  1. Who the hell abused this dog they are a damn monster. Thank you for doing something like this and helping this dog here’s to her finding a home

  2. I haven’t cried this hard in so long. I was even gasping for hair. She didn’t deserve to be treated like that or be given up. I’m happy she’s happy now♥️

  3. Aww your dog is so cute it breaks my heart to see a dog like Freddie this made me cry and it's rare for me to cry

  4. After this video it just change my life about dogs know mater what kind of dog u have just be happy u have a dog this video made me cry ?? one like one prayer for Freddie ?????

  5. This made me Cry, and I'm a grown man. Well … sort of . . . ish
    I'm 25 years young.
    This Is Inexpressibly Beautiful.
    I see a WARRIOR In Freddy Mercury, and he Is Absolutely Precious. A Real Blessing. Filled with LOVE, and JOY, and LIFE!
    Freddy Is an Inspiration to me as well.
    Wow, I'm Very Thankful I randomly came across this video. I am Very Thankful for what each of you do. You're a Light.
    Bosco Is Amazing! too.
    I Will be Praying that the Right Family will adopt Bosco, and he Is going to Bless that Family as well.
    This Is Awesome?
    I'm humbled.
    Keep doing what you you do. My Heart Will Still be smiling In the days, weeks, months, years … to come from experiencing this Special moment today 🙂

  6. This is soo sad…I litterly cried!!
    Like the fact she was tossed thru the room and ended with broken Bones…! 1 like= 1 love for freddie

  7. Aww he's/shes so cute. I have a kitten with a nubed tail everyone makes fun of her but I love my kitten.we named her nubs

  8. I would do anything for that Cute Dog ?❤️?I don’t care what anyone thinks,But I know it’s worth that cutie !

    Edit:I would totally do anything for BOTH DOGS❤️??Their both worth it !

  9. All the dogies are cuiuuttttteeeeeee!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????❤️??❤️??????❤️?❤️???❤️??????????

  10. Bosco is beautiful. He sat for his toys. That is the best boy. I’m so in love ?. I want him. How do I get him?? And Freddie has a forever home as I understood or she needs a home too?

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