Can I heal my eczema if I just quit worrying about diet and believe?

Can I heal my eczema if I just quit worrying about diet and believe?

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  1. Thank you for watching are video about is believing really enough to heal my eczema and not worry about diet? Please share this video to anyone you know suffering.

  2. You both are sooo beautiful thanks for the advices please could you tell is turmeric water good gor eczema and how about eating tomatoes are they…bad???

  3. I am at peace. I agree with what you are saying.Its been a difficult year but I am coming around to realizing it is not my fault .Finally got in to see a dermatologist and he has helped a lot. I guess feeling supported has helped me.

  4. Eczema is a serious problem that can cause physical discomfort and mental stress, my son had eczema from 1 year old to about 7 years old and it was a stressful situation for my entire family. There were days when I just wanted to cry when I saw my sons body. The medication just did not work. It was so raw with eczema sores.I believed that I could heal my son eczema even after the doctors said he had chronic eczema. I definitely agree with you all , its a spiritual thing when it comes to healing.At our lowest point, I decided to stop the medications and the cremes and come up with my own formulations.I took a year to research natural plant base meds and I came up with handmade creams, soaps and products to heal my son skin.Today he is eczema free and our family is so happy. I am using my discoveries to help people heal from Eczema.I also must say that diet have a lot to do with it too, but there is a combination of factors that cause eczema. so many things have too be looked into also to heal eczema.

    If any one is interested to learn more or try some of my products .Check us out here and lets get the healing started….

  5. I actually sort of healed my constipation problems by breathing properly on the toilet then a bad eczema blocking my nose omfg, and my lips has been swollen, nose red and swollen too for 6 months almost!!! used anti-fungal and antibacterial oppointments, got better but now they are back FULL FORCE. with the candida gut infection that i am so bloated my body start to hurt!!!

  6. Hi! I really got motivated by your video. I really wanna ask something out. I hade eczema and i healed it it has been 3 year since i had eczema , i have no itching at all its completely finished. But there are marks left on my whole body can you tell me what u did for those and were u even left with marks.?please reply

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