*sexy hair flip* WHAT’S UP? Today… I am… have a guest everybody! (i wonder who am the guest ;oo) i’m- , i have a guest everybody a surprise guest A surprise guest… A surprise guest… that doesn’t wanna come out apparently. (*Marzia pops out of oblivion*) Pewds: We practiced this! It’s Marzia, everybody! 😀 *claps* Pewds: Can you do this, Marzia? M: No, I clearly cannot. *sexy close-up shots* P: Today I have a challenge for you, Marzia! (Whatcha up to now, Pewds?) M: Mmhm, I’m ready (serious face) :3 Who is the best gamer? *sigh* Me 🙂 (That’s all, folks!) P: Which game are we playing?! M: Dancing Line!

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  1. @$#!5^××_£?????????????????????? just plain I want to meet the guy if you're not play I want me to send your emojis cute if you're not playing want to be the guy does play play play play I want to be the guy please play I want to be the guide these play I wanna be the guy please play I want to meet the guy please play I want to meet the

  2. wHY u not NiCe to Queen pewds, we NeeD to PrOtEcT da Queen
    STop beIng nOt REspecTful TO women Or We gOtTa ChoP cHOp You!!!!!§§§§

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