Carson Daly Opens Up About His Anxiety Disorder: ‘I Know I’m Going To Be OK’ | TODAY

Carson Daly Opens Up About His Anxiety Disorder: ‘I Know I’m Going To Be OK’ | TODAY

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  1. Thank you for talking about your anxiety disorder. I have generalized anxiety disorder. Sometimes i will have melt downs. You are bringing light to this issues. Thank you.

  2. I know there's still a stigma but anyone with anxiety needs to try medical cannabis. A minimal amount can change a life. It's not for everyone just like any other anti anxiety/anti depressant, etc… but to not give it a shot is just dumb at this point.

  3. My anxiety was so out of control, I ruined my entire honeymoon, left early during my own birthday party, missed so many memories with my kids and the list continues. Talk Therapy really helps me as well as nutrition

  4. Man he hit the nail on the head. Wish I could afford to see a doctor that would help me and not just throw pills at me

  5. Omg it could literally be my story. I am still so driven and somewhat successful but I have to push myself through this anxious feeling every single day! Some days much worse than others. It has manifested in many scary ways. I also feel so sensitive and there are many beautiful flip sides to it. Wow. This really spoke to me, Carson!

  6. You don’t want to get hooked on benzos. 5HTP/ 5HTP with melatonin or the slow release 5HTP. Use coping skills. Recovery from symptoms is possible . Not a cure but manageable. Self help books ? podcasts on mental health. Embrace and understand.

  7. I have general anxiety disorder, chronic adjustment disorder and major depressive disorder. I’ve always had it, but over the years, it’s increased. I always took care of my guys and never took the time for myself. Finally, I’m seeking help, and all I want to do is get out of the Army now. I just want to be by myself.

  8. I have this, how is he able to do public speaking for a living. I'm having severe problems at college with presentations to the point where I stopped speaking and nearly blacked out. I tried again and couldn't speak again. My classmates and teachers don't have it as bad as me because their advice is "just push through it and speak" but they don't understand that I physically can't speak. I can't take medication because I get a reaction to it =(

  9. What do you when your 11 and your biggest fear is being at school and anxiety comes out of no where? Motivation rewarding system and bribing doesnt work. Im a desperate mother and i dont know what to do for my child? Hes on meds to help . he's falling behind in school my husband and i didnt give on our first and we're not going to with this one.

  10. Question: "What does the Bible say about anxiety?"

    Answer: The Bible has a lot to say about anxiety, but the word itself may not be found all that often. In the English Standard Version, it is used 8 times. In the New International Version, it is found 7 times. The King James Version does not use the word at all. Synonyms like trouble, heaviness, distress, and cares are used in its place.

    The specific causes of anxiety are probably more than can be enumerated, but a few examples from the Bible point to some general causes. In Genesis 32, Jacob is returning home after many years away. One of the reasons he had left home was to escape the anger of his brother, Esau, from whom Jacob had stolen the birthright and blessing from their father. Now, as Jacob nears his homeland, he hears that Esau is coming to meet him with 400 men. Jacob is immediately anxious, expecting a horrible battle with his brother. In this case, the anxiety is caused by a broken relationship and a guilty conscience.

    In 1 Samuel 1, Hannah is distressed because she was unable to conceive children and she was being taunted by Peninnah, her husband's other wife. Her distress is caused by unfulfilled desires and the harassment of a rival.

    In Esther 4, the Jewish people are anxious because of a royal decree allowing them to be massacred. Queen Esther is anxious because she was planning to risk her life on behalf of her people. Fear of death and the unknown is a key element of anxiety.

    Not all anxiety is sinful. In 1 Corinthians 7:32, Paul states that an unmarried man is “anxious” about pleasing the Lord, while a married man is “anxious” about pleasing his wife (ESV). In this case, the anxiety isn't a sinful fear but a deep, proper concern.

    Probably the best-known passage on anxiety comes from the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 6. Our Lord warns us against being anxious about the various cares of this life. For the child of God, even necessities like food and clothing are nothing to worry about. Using examples from God's creation, Jesus teaches that our Heavenly Father knows our needs and cares about them. If God takes care of simple things like grass, flowers, and birds, won't He also care for people who are created in His image? Rather than worry over things we cannot control, we should "seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things [the necessities of life] will be added to you" (verse 33). Putting God first is a cure for anxiety.

    Many times, anxiety or concern is a result of sin, and the cure is to deal with the sin. Psalm 32:1-5 says that the person whose sin is forgiven is blessed, and the heavy weight of guilt is taken away when sins are confessed. Is a broken relationship creating anxiety? Try to make peace (2 Corinthians 13:11). Is fear of the unknown leading to anxiety? Turn the situation over to the God who knows everything and is in control of it all (Psalm 68:20). Are overwhelming circumstances causing anxiety? Have faith in God. When the disciples became distressed in a storm, Jesus first rebuked their lack of faith, then rebuked the wind and the waves (Matthew 8:23-27). As long as we are with Jesus, there is nothing to fear.

    We can count on the Lord to provide for our needs, protect us from evil, guide us, and keep our souls secure for eternity. We may not be able to prevent anxious thoughts from entering our minds, but we can practice the right response. Philippians 4:6, 7 instructs us to "not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus."

  11. There is a way out. Eat food that doesnt raise or drop blood sugar too much so less processed carbs, more fats and proteins and daily meditation. It will work

  12. I don't believe that this guy has actually suffered from panic attacks. The way he describes his experience sounds like he's reading from a script. It's all so comprehensively outlined. He's just checking off all the signs and symptoms using the appropriate descriptions, occasionally working them into his more colloquial language.

    He also doesn't show any emotional pain in his recounting of his history with panic attacks. True sufferers know how terrifying and life-depriving the disorder is. It would not be so easy to recall your painful experiences.

    They then flash a few images of his hands shaking, face looking a little stressed, body fidgeting…lazily trying to convey his "anxiety disorder".

    He then tenses his arms for a few seconds and quickly announces how awash he is with relaxation, indicating to people who know better that he doesn't have experience with the technique, and so is making the mistake of overselling its effect during his act.

    He just seems to be playing the part of a anxiety disorder sufferer for the sake of this segment.

  13. yes i have panick attacks that started 4 months ago. I changed my diet and I dont have many anymore I drink alot of water No caffine, sugar or fast food. When I get nervous I get mild attack The first time my heart went at 220 per min Skipped heartbeat. I already have heart disease and thought I was dying. Cant breath too. Nothing was wrong. Now I am not scared if I feel an attack. I handle it and know that it wont hurt me. Low blood sugar causes my panic attack to. It is a terrible experience. I am glad I am not alone and ty for opening up.

  14. Everything you said im with you. The disorder, and being a man, and feeling the way we do when it hits. Thanks man. Really…thank you

  15. Well done Carson. Dya know EVERYONE has something to deal with. I never judge people's behaviour because we truly do not know what underlines their actions. I suffer daily with anxiety , I contain it to function but man it is hard.

  16. @Anna Julian and any1else suffering…by the age of 16yrs old I suffered from anxiety attacks left untreated developed a panic disorder/agoraphobia PLEASE know that you are NOT alone…I held to my faith in Christ & got treatment…I'm 43 and YOU can overcome!! Don't loose hope..You are loved! You are understood! Some of the best minds suffered this condition…Keep faith! Love & Prayers!! To ALL!! RACHEL ?? (((HUGS)))

  17. I can't imagine that being in show business would be good for a person who is anxious or very sensitive. He should do something else.

  18. i have the same issue also with angina problems,,,,,,anxiety is awful,,,,,i am glad that i am helping myself with going to the gym and trying to eat different

  19. I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks as well but I’ve learned how to control the situation by focusing on things that I have to look forward to and by focusing on the positive things instead of the things that worry me

  20. I pray for all of you all who suffer from anxiety. I have suffered for years myself. With therapy and medication I am better. I still have my days when I have to take it very easy because I will end up worse if I rush things. An active prayer life is key to all problems,so never,ever forget to make God the central part of your antianxiety regimen. With his help we will get through this. God bless!

  21. Interesting..I noticed you on the Today show maybe looking a little uncomfortable and now I understand what you had gone through. I’m glad you are ok and kudos for sharing your story.

  22. Thank you Carson, for sharing this. So brave of you to keep on coping, especially considering the high stress profession you have❤️

  23. Carson , I’m so glad to see you talk about this . I’m a yoga teacher that healed myself from Crohn’s disease and other physical issues. Mindfulness through breathing and learning to be a “Technician “ to your computer with a soul . I have been in remission for about 15 years . I wonder if you ever had the chance to grieve your dad . I’m here to help if you need guidance ??

  24. his anxiety cant be that bad! i have anxiety and social phobia and cant work for a living i am 56 now but managed to work for 35 years because jobs were willing to work with me. but now i cant work or go to parties.

  25. Panic attacks are often sudden drops in blood sugar. Even if it isn’t “low” drops can cause it. If you panic late afternoon and early evening, eat a snack. Also, once the cycle of fearing the fear starts, you’re gonna need to figure out how to break the cycle. Ask your doc for 5 Xanax for panic rescue. It fixed me. You can do it.

  26. I’ve been battling anxiety disorder for a couple years and it’s gotten bad over the last 4-5 weeks. I’ve learned so much about myself, my strength, and God’s love for me. I’m so blessed to be going through this and when I see others who have struggled, it helps me know I’m not alone and that there is a higher purpose for why He has allowed us to endure this. You are not alone –

  27. Carson you brought me to tears. We are so much alike. Thank you for letting us know it’s okay to have anxiety and that we shouldn’t have shame about it. ❤️❤️❤️

  28. Proud of you Carson for opening up i struggle with anxiety it sure sucks but we will have our good days and lead a normal life we are never alone in this battle.

  29. I have anxiety over real things like anxiety over walking home late at night. How can you have anxiety over a imaginary sabre tooth tiger?

  30. i was fine 2yrs ago man i really miss who i was and i really dont want to be like this for the rest of my life

  31. Thank you for sharing your experiences, Carson! Anxiety changed my life 5 years ago and every day is a struggle but hearing you talk sounded exactly like what I and so many others go through.

  32. Glad to see a man coming forth to talk about it. Prayers to my fellow sufferers. Peace and love and grace to you.

  33. Whenever My anxiety happens I get nervous and my heart starts pounding fast and just wants to be alone and listen to my music

  34. I used to have anxiety attacks multiple times a day. I literally had difficulty breathing and I thought I was going to die on every bout – just totally freaking out. I used to go downstairs of my condo and hang out by the security guards so that if I dropped dead someone could help bring me back to life. It's not good. I rarely get them anymore. The key for me was exercise, eating well and getting a dog. I think exercise helped the most, not sure why but when there's a stretch where I get lazy and stop going to the gym, some of the symptoms come back.

  35. I will keep him perfect peace whose mind is stayed on him Jesus said because all things work together for the good for those who love God and are called according to his purpose. and that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God

  36. I have anxiety as well. It held me back until I took meds, and it made me a better therapist. I was worried who'd I be without anxiety, and it turns out I'm me, but more confident, although anxiety is there sometimes

  37. Man lots of respect for this guy now. Good job on talking about it man. I am a disabled veteran. It ruined my life. I struggle every single day with anxiety. It has gotten better and more manageable. But yeah, it really is a downer. I hope one day God will deliver me from it completely. But I guess the good thing is, in this, I rely more on my creator than if I was ok everyday. And that's ok with me.

  38. Carson was the face of my childhood. I think alot of kids born in the early to late 90s could say that. He introduced me to all of my favorite musicians as a child. The fact that he goes through this the way I feel most of us do is heartbreaking and inspiring. Love you Carson!

  39. I am struggling with this so much right now and am really glad I stumbled across this video. Thank you for pointing out the beautiful parts of this painful mental illness as well – things like empathy, sensitivity, kindness and compassion. This made me feel less afraid.

  40. I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder and adjustment disorder with depressive mood almost a month ago. I will admit I thought there was something wrong with me until friends that have mental illnesses were telling me that I wasn’t alone and there’s nothing wrong with you. Today, I been speaking with therapists and I’m trying to smile more.

  41. Yeah I struggle really bad too I won’t to the ER about a month ago it’s a hard struggle I’ve learned just to be strong and don’t give up and turn to god

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