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  1. Thanks for the information. Gamma knife surgery prevents another aneurism in my brain but I am still suffering from long, violent epileptic seizures. I want to try this when I get the money.

  2. Hemp Bombs "Watermelon Kush" is the shit!
    Lays me out flat for some strange reason, unlike other cbd oils.

  3. If you want to vape something that has an actual psychoactive effect, check out Buddha Blend. It’s a vape/smoke mixture you can find on eBay and Etsy that’s infused with a hemp extract. Strongest legal CBD vape product I’ve found. But I prefer the full spectrum capsules from EE, I’m not crazy about inhaling anything

  4. For people who have trouble paying for the very high cost of CBD, google Low Income CBD or CBD Assistance Programs. You will find lists of companies that offer discounts for low income people & veterans. Some of the companies doing this are highly rated, eg, BluebirdBotanicals, NuLeaf, American Shaman, Charlotte's Web & more. I contacted Bluebird 2 days ago, but I heard it takes at least 3 days to get a decision on your application. Good luck.

  5. Its not vibrating its heating up a coiled wire that vaporizes the oil and you took quite a few hits these little oil capsules are refered to as cartridges, the oil lasts anywhere from a week to a month possibly two depending on how much you smoke

  6. I tried the tincture orange dream..for my anxiety..helped calm my anxiety..slept good , those vivid dreams though sheesh the whole entire night. I usually don’t dream much..but last night seemed like an overload. Maybe it was the oil..??‍♀️ as long as it calmed my anxiety I’m all for it.

  7. If anyone is interested in CBD, I highly recommend trying out smokable hemp flower! It have essentially no THC (<0.3%) and around 15%-20% CBD. Many find the full spectrum of cannabinoids in flower provides more effective relief than oils (unless they are full spectrum) and tinctures! It's legal in all 50 states and can be ordered online for cheap (~$5/gram). Different strains can provide varying individual effects, some like Lifter are lower in myrcene making it better for daytime use. Others like Special Sauce or Elektra tend to be higher in myrcene, making them ideal for sleep aid. Most strains are effective for boosting mood and reducing anxiety!

  8. I have not been my true self in over 12 years. 🙁 just started using CBD oil. Hasnt done too much for me, gonna try this company next maybe, or just get a higher potency. my gf on the other hand says the CBD vape juice i got helps her relax. I will say tho, When i do have a headache, smoking my CBD def helps. lol

  9. Is this bad for a kid because I am going to start doing cbd and I’m 13 and I don’t know what type to get, I want a cheap effective way and I need my mom to approve

  10. wow anyone else notice the difference in his face from the beginning of the video compared to the end? that shit lit up, impressive stuff

  11. I'm really curious to try the PhenoPen. But people scare me by telling me all these harmful things that vape pens do. What should I do?

  12. You made my day man. Thank you. Im experimenting with cbd oil starting tommorow. I have anxiety, insomia, always have migraines, and my general mood is pissy. I ordered online for a vape mod pen, and bought two types of cbd oil. Im just jumping on this with full force. I want to be a better person. A calmer less aggresive chill dude. I don't want to smoke pot, for its illegal and i work as a truck driver. So i need to be alert all the time. My work requires alot of heavy lifitng. So pretty much i have constant pain in my legs, feet and my back. Im looking for alternatives. So your video helped me alot. Thanks again. Keep making videos and greetings from mexico.

  13. When I smoke a little too much I start to hear stuff like Doors opening or people talking. Am I the only one?

  14. Sounds like a sales pitch for the penile pen. Sorry but 40 bucks? Geez, just buy a pen-cig and a tank that is above 1ohm, get yourself some liquid that has at least 300mg and mix it with your own e-juice. You will get far more use/hits out of it. Anyways I'm off to smoke a spliff. You're a great communicator and you're channel is clearly successful but I know what affiliate marketing is and I didn't fall for the pitch bro. Anyways, keep up your work as you are clearly helping people in spite of your sales tactics.

  15. I tried a topical cbd product recently and it made my vision blurry it really freaked me out! But being ignorant I tried it again the next day and sure enough my vision went blurry again! Not cool! It went away but still freaky!

  16. CBD works wonders!!! God gave us plants for healing. My husband and I opened a CBD retail store in Kernersville, NC. Check us out online, **PURE HEAVEN DISPENSARY**

  17. I just vaped CBD for the first time after feeling so hopeless with anxiety and depression. My headache has finally eased and I feel lighter (only 1 puff). I cant wait to keep going.

  18. I've tried cbd cigarettes for the first time, and it is finally the first thing I've found that helps with my anxiety and depression. And it works instantly. I'm so excited that I finally found something after all these years that actually WORKS!

  19. you said you needed the mouthpiece adaptor to smoke it then you smoked it without the mouthpiece, that was really annyoing

  20. Cbd is awesome, you feel relaxed and happy without the fucking high of thc which basically turns you dysfunctional

  21. It works but the vape doesn't last long for me for some reason. When I smoke a joint of regular bud, I'm stoned for the whole day. With CBD Distillate, a few hits only lasts an hour maybe

  22. First marijuana smoke gave me panic attacks. Struggling for a decade. Does CBD oil help me or because smoking cannabis gave me panic attacks it would make my panic attacks worse? Appreciate any helpful reply

  23. I started cbd 4 days ago for depression and anxiety. I actually feel more depressed than what I was feeling. How long before you notice a difference? I’m not sure if I should continue using it?

  24. This sounds a lot like a promotion. Even have a “get 15% off by clicking this link”. Pretty fucked up for you to claim that you’re talking about anxiety when you’re actually just trying to make some money.

  25. I tried CBD oil and I’m on my second day now, I have a cold, so I don’t know if it’s doing anymore good or not but we shall see in the next few days. I don’t know when you made this video but any update yet?

  26. I started taking cbd and yes it does help. I have arthritis in my left ankle and it sucks. The swelling, the pain, and the stiffness sucks. I would take 600mg of ibuprofen almost daily just to bear the pain. After work my ankle is at its worse. I started taking cbd edibles and smoking indica cartridges. Wow! What a difference. Little to no swelling, pain or stiffness. Cbd all the way. And if you want some THC that will also relieve pain. Look for indica strains. Girl scout cookies is my favorite. Cheers!

  27. Works 4 some not 4 others I took 60mg candy cbd could tell if did anything 4me…keep take it mite take longer 4 others..

  28. Dose the oil have thc in It cuz i get headaches ever day after I quit smoking bud for my job cuz they drug test . I'm trying to find some that won't get me fired. That will help with it that's not pills .

  29. I’ve recently started vaping cbd with some disposable pens. I’ve had no headaches either and I always get headaches.

  30. I tried CBD for anxiety and it works a treat, I don't smoke it every day, only when I really need it. I also use cbd balm to relax my stiff jaw. Totally recommend giving it a go 🙂

  31. Been smoking bud which has cbd in it and have not had a headache in 3 years. Defiantly could have helped!

  32. Vaping CBD oil has really helped my joints and great for my knees. Sativa strain will help your energy level also. Sour Diesel is mild on your thought

  33. I tried some Charlottes Web this morning and I felt very mellow all day. I took about 1/3 of the dropper which may have been too much for the first time, it made me kind of lazy.

  34. all CBD oild does is give you a buzz so you don’t feel the pain it doesn’t fix depression just a stupid drug and i thought this channel was amazing ti’ll this so i’m unsubscribing and Teach your younger audience better things then this cause it won’t help you at all just make you a pot head.

  35. I've been taking kratom and cbd isolate that I put in my coffee every morning I have depression, and chronic pain and the combo of both together is amazing truly makes my quality of life better. I get more energy, euphoria/happiness, and pain relief. If you guys have any advice on natural things that can help it would be much appreciated.

  36. I vape the flower with a dry herb pen. It makes my eyes red and I feel a little bit high but not really. Just kinda feels like right before you get high if that makes since. You could say it's just psychological but it does the same thing everytime and some of it does better than others from the same site. Starseed botanicals

  37. The scripts and modern food are the problem in my view , I saw a physical change in you after CBD within 2 nd puff , I'm 2 times your age had depression and anxiety , and chronic pain, I now use 3 naturals, low oral dose THC , reg dose CBD oral, few grams kratom leaves po, wder oral , I promise you far less pain, off all script meds, mood normal, anxiety gone , god bless you all

  38. I notice there’s a lot of YouTubers from Canada. Almost all the things I enjoy watching the people are Canadian.

  39. I didn't know about the CBD being smoked? I got THC 1 gram in a Panda Pen? I got it to help my pain and my anxiety I got the blood orange it doesn't leave a bad smell in my house like I thought. has this upset anyone stomach?

  40. I've never smoked a day in my life I want to try it I've got anxiety and depression and I get headache alot

  41. I have been diagnosed w/ BPII and put on many medications the last couple of years. Enter CBD. I can't tell you how much this stuff has changed my Outlook on everything around me. I enjoy life like I am a 10 year old again. I'm goofy but know my boundaries, I'm conservative and don't waste food or money or anything for that matter. I am CONTENT. I feel an overwhelming sense of connectedness is the only way to describe it. Connectedness to my environment and also a sense of euphoria as some other posters have indicated. It is truly like a Devine gift from above. ???

    I have thought about trying some strains with just a tad of THC to experience the entrourage effect. But for now CBD is all that I can get without breaking the law.

    Thank you Lord for this wonderful healing plant!

  42. My friend was in a serious car accident to include 2 failed back surgeries that had left him in chronic pain- seeing a pain management specialist.. neulogististfor bad head aches..therapist after therapy to help him with the Anxiety the serious Axiety that he has led to horrible headacheds feeling of disassociation at times horrific panic attacks. He was so scared all the time:!!!!!!( He would pace uncontrollably ,depression headaches. Nothing seemed to help him relax. Just recently he's been trying CBD oil for 2 weeks and I I see such a shift in him. Less over thinkjng , head aches decreased, less pacing from the chron ic pain, he's able to sleep longer. He really became so depressed and hopeless.
    CBD… TRULY amazing stuff. I see the calm in his eyes again.:)???

  43. I just started vaping CBD 6 days ago. I have never smoked or vaped before, so, the first time was dreadful. I violently coughed for at least 3 minutes and it felt like my head was going to explode. It felt like I had a migraine. About 5 seconds after I finished coughing, the headache went away totally. I was flabbergasted. I was not wanting to get into another coughing fit but I tried again half an hour later and I was able to inhale normally. Now I feel like I could blow smoke rings. I started with CBD for arthritis pain and it has helped me tremendously. I am also a lot less stressed out. I don't feel like I'm on any drugs, I just feel content throughout my day. Big thumbs up for me.

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