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  1. enough already! we're just now crawling out from under 70 years of misery caused by laws that are now being repealed due to a knee-jerk response to something that was misunderstood and labeled dangerous. it seems we can't wait to replace it with another.

  2. Vaping is like drowning! That liquid vapor you inhale is pure fluid and your lungs can't dispose all that fluid. Then you get a lung infection. Not to mention the chemicals they add for flavor.

  3. people who vape are so stupid they say they vape cause there stress like bruh there so dumb i swear when im stress i do a anti face mask and watch YouTube or Netflix like ughh it makes me so mad how dumb people are these days

  4. Confirmed in Ca to be caused by a thc cartridge bought on the street…. So you go all ahead with the "DOWN WITH VAPING" war cry. Shameful.

  5. Let's be realistic smoking no matter what kind you use is damaging yourself and God says your body is temple of God so you can't damage it , so stay away from all these junk that is not healthy . If you have problems smoking drinking or else it's not good all you need is God in your life pray to " God " in the name of " Yeahua "and you will feel better you don't need none of this dangerous stuff to feel better.

  6. All the insignificant CDC scary smoking ads that harmed ALL people with ALL lung diseases, and stigmatized non smokers as well as smokers. That's why there is no advancements or cures for ANY lung diseases, low funding, a disgrace. Kids are going to vape, some people will smoke, it's a fact. BUT, smokers get heart disease too, that they have advancements cure for that. The environment as well as the vaping and smoking is causing new cases of lung disease. If you breathe , it can be you next, your children…..we must be really loud on this, if you want them to breathe and live.

  7. Lots of moronic comments here. The problem with these kids and vaping stems from no working knowledge of what is at play, the same source as the ignorant comments below. Nicotine is a drug and you can get too much of it. Blaming responsible vapors for the damage these kids are doing to themselves cloud chasing is like blaming coffee and tea drinkers for people who have suffered consequences from abusing concentrated caffeine in pill or powder form

  8. If NBC News is so concerned about the health & welfare of American citizens then why do they allow Chantix to be advertised during their show. https://www.levinsimes.com/chantix-linked-to-heart-attack-stroke-suicide-depression-and-unexplained-aggression/

  9. 1:31 "We are confident that the final results will show that amateur-made street vapes containing THC or other drugs were responsible for these illnesses, not nicotine vaping products."

    People in these comments don't know how to listen I guess.

  10. The symptoms are all pretty nonspecific, but the most intriguing are the nausea, vomiting, gastric upset and diarrhea – symptoms normally segregated from what would otherwise be a respiratory illness. Taken with the respiratory effects, the dizziness and fever, this suggests something systemic. My best guess is that they've potentially inhaled something that is chronically toxic with acute presentation in high enough doses. That's a long list that can include heavy metal toxins such as Arsenic, Thallium and Lead, but also pesticides and insecticides and herbicides, in fact the symptoms remind me of chronic organophosphate poisoning. They mention both here and in several news articles that there may be an link with THC based products. Last I checked weed isn't legal in a lot of the states that this is happening in, which means no safety tests. Wonder what the chances that the Marijuana used to produce the THC extract might have been sprayed with organophosphates – which are really not supposed to be used on anything for human consumption – potentially to save cost/hide production, in ignorance of the dangers and that some it ended up contaminating the cannabis product that went into the vaping liquid.

  11. ya its called vaping too hot, they get super hot then inhale it into they're lungs, they need to restrict the battery to around 4.8 volts, problem solved.

  12. Who's forcing these people to use this product??? What's making these users sick is their stupidity and poor desicion making. Self inflicted deterioration. Who knew???

  13. It's a typical conspiratorial assassination of a hugely successful industry that always occurs.  ALWAYS! 

    For instance in high school my sociology professor had written on the board the following:

    "Those of you in this classroom who have ever eaten a pickle are going to die, ITS A FACT, and there's nothing you can do about it!".   

    This applies to this and other scares that the counter industry assassins do. 

    For instance, the news claims 193 cases "all of a sudden" (though vaping has been extremely popular for the past 11 years by 15 million+) of lung disease that "COULD" be attributed to vaping, right? 

    What they don't say is that in the same time period there have been 13,187 reported cases nationwide of hospital admissions for the normal medical occurrences of lung problems!  And that all the 193 cases have in common are that they have vaped.  However they likely drank a coke, ate a candy bar, had a glass of water?  So anyone wanting to assassinate an industry simply draws on a century old mass marketing formula. 

    So the following statement is factual: "Of the 13,197 cases of lung damage in the last 90 days, 90% of these could be attributed to the consumption of pickles in their lifetime because there is a common link between the 90% having consumed pickles and those reporting lung damage". 

    This technique has long been in use (for about a century) by groups to sway masses into certain channels of thought.  

    Personally I've been vaping since 2011, heavily!  I mean literally every waking breath I take.  How many breaths?  millions? 

    I also have never been sick from it,  run 3 miles every morning, work out, and haven't ever had any issues whatsoever. 

    This news will pass and they'll move on to the next thing like decaf or MSG lol.  Just know that even the FDA is saying "could be attributed" there's the clue. 

    yeah it'll affect sales for a week.  I guess knowing that cigarettes cause cancer for sure really ended the tobacco industry, whatever happened to the tobacco industry?  sugar industry?  alcohol industry?  

    Remember when eating eggs was criminal decades ago a death sentence?   Red meat?  Tap water? 

    Do I have a dog in the fight?  yes.  yet,  there have been no conclusive results attributing vaping to all this.

  14. Trying to smear vaping in all levels. One could easily research this themselves and see this has to do with the dank cartridges and alike. The part of this story this story that isn't highlighted says proven in California. Tobacco companies have lost millions over the years since vaping got more mainstream attention they seem a little mad.

  15. We need to stop calling this a THC problem when it's really people vaping poison like raid, spice, fentanyl, and whatever else these black market mixers find under their sink.

  16. Key word you morons bought of the street laced products black market not made by a professional company made a by joe blow behind a dumpster and sold to stupid ppl that buy products like that off the street and wonder why they have problems

  17. Its crazy how many people out here are defending vaping, I tried the Jewel and I got sick mutiple times while using it,not to mention having shortness of breath.No one knows the real long term effects yet but if it effects your immune system and causes lung damage,, its just as bad.Its too early to say what really caused this but either way I dont trust vaping.

  18. lots of misinformation here… its not vaping that caused this… its what they vaped..namely THC oil off the street…it has been verified in at least 21 out of the 22 cases that this is what they vaped…they all developed lipoid pneumonia which can be caused by vaping tainted oil, not water based vaping liquids…more research and proper market regulation is needed to ensure items sold are tested and not tainted… but to ask people to give up vaping all together is just pushing them back to smoking which is proven to be deadly…. vaping has been around for 15 years and there are millions of vapers…. but this sudden outbreak tells you there's something new in particular, either a bad batch or tainted product from unreputable sellers…and for the CDC to mislead people by not specifying where the risk is, they are contributing to more people getting sick rather than less people… all they need to do is issue a specific warning relating to buying THC oil off the street….preventing the next kid from getting sick .. when there's ecoli outbreak CDC specifies which food not to buy…they don't scream of the roof tops "people…there's ecoli outbreak…stop eating all food"…

  19. 94 cases? How about the tens of thousands of tabacco related deaths. To many to count. And lets just toss in alcohol too while we are at it. Did Big Tabacco pay for this?

  20. Inhaling high amounts of chemicals all day on a regular basis will cause health problems, we were meant to inhale only oxygen not chemicals or drugs. Common sense that anything we breath will go to our lungs then to our heart and other organs, why would anyone want chemicals and drugs going to their heart?

  21. Here we go again another vice that anti smoking members are trying to stop by getting their government lackeys to ban vaping and take away our right to be free and do what makes us happy welcome to America the land of the not so free and fascism news companies the are used to push propaganda from the wealthy lobbyists groups that because of their money they have a voice that silences our voice.

  22. The stupid masses will fall for any hysteria bs. Vaping has been around for awhile now and these cases are now popping up. So few cases you would almost think it had nothing to do with people trying to save a buck and buy off the street or shady companies. Yeah so let's attack vaping. People are such morons.

  23. This is what happens when you purchase your supply from Tyrone down on the corner at 1 AM, instead of in a dispensary. Nuff said.

  24. From the information that has been made public, it looks like it is mainly because of vitamin E asitate in the THC cartridges. There was also the problem of people getting a hold of bulk juul pods and filling them with their own unregulated juice. As long as you get your juice and cartridges from a REPUTABLE source, you have nothing to worry about. Juice and pods are regulated by the FDA and are made in clean labs by technicians. Vaping has been out for about 10 years and we are only now seeing this huge spike in lung illness now mainly among the younger demographic (apart from the one 55 year old who had preexisting illness). As for the whole flavour debate, we have a ridiculous amount of alcohol with MANY different flavours. We dont want people underage to drink either. If you take the same reasoning that many people are using, we are obviously marketing all that flavoured alchohol to minors as well, right? I very firmly say that no one under age should be vaping, drinking or smoking and those above age should do so after doing their own research and determining if they still want to partake. Although vaping 95% less harmful than cigarettes, so people moving from smoking to vaping, are making a healthier choice overall. The media is not doing their homework and neither is trump sadly. I leave you with this. Why are they going after vaping and not trying to ban smoking as well? Why not just ban everything all together? Smoking kills millions every year. Ask yourself, what is really going on. Do your homework, don't just take my word for it. Educate yourself!

  25. Of coarse if you breath in toxic chemicals it will affect you. FDA doesn't regulate THC carts. Their could be long term affects of using vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and flavors in vaping but, that hasn't been proven. Nicotine is shown to adversely affect living tissue in one study that submerged cell tissues in high dose nicotine. The thing this study has not determined is to what extent a solution can dilute and still cause harm. Salt for instants kills cells in high concentration. But it is not deemed harmful to swim in the ocean.

  26. Okay people you need to understand something it doesn't matter where you get your chemicals from it doesn't matter what it is that you are smoking in your vaping device or whatever they call them because I believe that there are several names you can take a car battery and stretch a Brillo pad from negative to positive and watch the steel burn watch it smoke that's exactly what you are smoking you're inhaling a steel coil that is burning inside this device and is meant to last longer than the Brillo pad is so once again it does not matter what you are smoking it is the device itself the crystal Leung that they are mentioning is irreversible there are no lung transplant people are dying from vaping faster they're dying from AIDS it's about the equivalent to Ebola continue to be silly and smoke up if you want but don't start crying once your lungs collapse and stick together

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