Cleaning a Kitchen – An Autistic How-To Guide | JUST DO IT [CC]

Cleaning a Kitchen – An Autistic How-To Guide | JUST DO IT [CC]

With some aspects of cleaning my sensory difficulties don’t come into it at all in fact it’s more of the executive function that I struggle with and I can get really bogged down with this, how to do things, knowing when to do things, and which order to do things in can be really really difficult for me and today I thought I would show you guys the cleaning process from top to bottom in my kitchen for today’s JUST DO IT to kind of show you guys how I do things which order I do things in, in order to make sure that I’m cleaning the most efficiently and to the best of my ability and just hopefully giving you guys some tips and tricks along the way. So welcome back to my kitchen, today I thought I would show you guys my full kitchen cleanup routine and this actually follows on immediately from my washing up video. If you guys haven’t seen that video I will leave it as a link at the top of the screen for you guys to go and check out but if you want a full full cleanup routine I usually start with the washing up and loading the dishwasher which I’ve already shown you guys in a separate video and then I immediately go on to what I’m gonna show you today, so they do kind of flow together so if you want a full picture of what I do you can check out that last video and then come on to this video. In that last video the final thing that you saw me do was wipe down one of the surfaces with a Method antibacterial spray and just some dry cloth and that’s how I tend to start the full kitchen routine. I grab that Method antibacterial spray again and I also grab just like a dry sponge which I normally start with just getting that damp and just running that under the tap just to get it a little bit wet not soaking not completely saturated but just a bit damp and I will just take that antibacterial spray and I will go through and wipe down all of the kitchen surfaces that I have in my kitchen. So I will just spray a couple of sprays onto an area and then just wipe that down with the damp cloth. I’ll keep going back and forth and getting that cloth a bit more wet and rinsing it but I don’t think I really showed this in the video, me going back and I’m re-rinsing this cloth just to make sure that it’s clean and still sort of fairly damp. But I will continue to do this and wipe down the entire counter surface in my kitchen. I feel like the most important thing when it comes to having like a full clean out of a room that is actually more of the order that you do things in. I try and keep to a set structure and routine with the tasks that I do and the way that I do them so that it’s the most efficient and it’s actually making sure that everything is as clean as it can get and I’m not sort of backtracking or going back on myself. So I kind of with all the cleaning really I go from like the highest surface to the lowest surface so I start with anything that’s sort of like tabletop height and then I move down and down and then I eventually get to the floor. With these aspects of cleaning I don’t really have a lot of sensory issues it’s more of the executive function of figuring out what to do and when to do it. Then I grab a duster and some polish and I just go through and I wipe down my kitchen table which is wooden so I polish that. I don’t antibac that, I guess you could if you really wanted to but I just tend to polish it up. So I just go through that and just get any of the dust off and I also do the chairs and I move on to the radiator and I go on to the dresser that we’ve got in our kitchen and the butcher’s block so anything that’s a wooden surface that I don’t antibac, I just go through with a normal duster and some polish and just get all the dust off. Once that’s done I just head out to my cupboard and I grab my sweepy broom thing. I don’t know do people call these brooms anymore or they like sweepy brushes? I don’t know. But I grab one of those and I go through and I just sweep up all of the crumbs, the leftover food, the dust that’s fallen on the floor before I go on to mopping. It’s a really good tip to not mop a floor before you either vacuum it or you dust it and like get all of the, the dust and the crumbs because mopping there’s no point in mopping a floor if it’s got like bits and bobs on it because the mop is not gonna do anything for that so I tend to sweep up with my brush and I just I tend to go in a circular motion with this I always sweep into the middle of the room so I go around the edges and I sweep all of the dust and bits and bobs into the middle section of the room and I just leave little piles throughout the room that I will pick up at a later point. Whilst I’m sweeping up I also do the rug. I just go through the rug with the brush and get any bits and bobs off it and actually drag everything onto the main floor of the kitchen and then I’ll normally take the rug outside give it a bit of a a zhoosh and a beatdown and just make sure that there are no bits of dust left on it and I’ll actually leave the rug either on a table, or I’ll leave it outside if it’s a nice day just to have a nice free space that isn’t rugged or covered. Once I’ve finished with that and I’ve got a couple of bigger dust piles around the room and I’ve finished pretty much sweeping everything up I will go and grab my dustpan and brush and this will help just me being able to pick up These piles and actually get this dirt off the floor. So I will just get down on my hands and knees and brush up these bigger piles and I will just make sure I’m not missing any bits just quickly go around and make sure that there are no sort of loose bits of dust or food that I’ve missed with the bigger brush. A really good tip here and this is something that I’ve learnt a lot whilst doing sort of dustpan and brush-ing if that is a word, I keep moving the dustpan as much as possible, if you just sweep up and you keep the dustpan in one place you get this kind of line of dust that doesn’t move anywhere. It actually gets tucked under the seal of the dustpan so you need to keep moving that dustpan around and making sure that you’re not just sweeping in one place you’re actually picking it up and moving making sure that you’re not getting any dust that is getting trapped underneath the dustpan. So keep moving, keep doing different areas and attacking things from different angles and you’ll hopefully pick up as much as possible. I then go and grab my mop, this is a Vileda mop it’s a really great one, it’s one of those ones that you put some fluid in the top and you spray and yeah, it’s a really really cool mop – would recommend. So what I do with this is I grab a little bowl that we have in the bottom of our cleaning cupboard and I grab some Zoflora. If you watch any of Mrs Hinch’s Instagram story and if you are a Hincher you will know of Zoflora. It’s just basically a very very concentrated antibacterial solution. It comes in lots of different scents, but it’s brilliant for lots of cleaning stuff. You can use this in the bathroom, in the kitchen, literally anywhere. So what I do with this is I fill up the bowl with a bit of water and I will just put a bit of the Zoflora mixture in there and dilute it down so that it’s not so concentrated. You really don’t need a lot of the Zoflora. It’s, it’s so highly concentrated that you really don’t need a lot and then I’ll pour this mixture into the filter section of my mop which is when all of the fluid collects and I can spray this onto the floor – you’ll see in a minute. I then get straight into the mopping and like I said, this is one of those mops that has a handle at the top which kind of has a trigger it’s almost like a gun trigger or I don’t know some kind of squeezy trigger and as you pull that the spray comes out the bottom. So it just means that you don’t have to bend and twist and have like water in a bucket and go back and forth. It’s a really efficient way of doing things and it really helps if you have chronic pain to do it this way so you don’t have to keep bending down and moving back and forth and twisting, it’s, it’s a really really effective way of cleaning the floor. Now the difficulty I find with mopping the floor is the order that you do this in because you don’t want to end up getting trapped in a sea of wet floor and you’ve just got a tiny dry spot that you’re currently standing on and you don’t want to move and you are trapped. So before you do this, I would really recommend just sitting down in your kitchen or wherever you are mopping and just mapping out the best route so that you can not get trapped. I tend to start with the furthest point away from the door and then move around because my kitchen is more of a circular kind of thing because we have our table in the middle I’ve worked out a way that I can mop the entire floor and the finishing point for me is actually at the door. So I can wait for the floor to dry in another room, I can go and sit down and then I can come back to the kitchen without being you know stuck like a little island in the middle of all of this wet floor. And then once the floor is dry, I will bring back the rug and sort everything out, put everything back as it was and that is me pretty much done with my kitchen routine, that is pretty much everything that I do in one go and that is pretty much my full kitchen cleanup routine. So there we have it. That is how I tend to clean my kitchen from top to bottom, start to finish, dishwasher to floor. I really hope this video has helped you guys out. Let me know if that house by giving it a big thumbs up And as always be sure to comment down below any of your kitchen cleaning tips that can help us all out because I am no expert and I never claim to be so please feel free to help out this community in the comment section. I hope you’ve had a really really good day, and I will see you soon. Bye guys!

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  1. This is so helpful! I love this series 🙂 I have a tip! So that mess doesn't collect, I kneel down with a warm damp cloth and wipe the edges under cabinets and such so that I don't end up pushing dirt in to there when I mop.

  2. I’ve learned that I hate touching a dust pan and the whole process annoys me. I used to do the wet cloth method but that got gross because the dust/sand stays stuck. Now I have a little Dustbuster cordless vacuum I just vacuum up al my little piles. It’s amazing ?

  3. Cleaning is really interesting when you can't touch or wring out sponges or damp washcloths! I can't handle it. Lol

  4. I also struggle more with the executive function, but slight sensory issues as well. Regularity is the main thing though. Do you have any tips on how to find the energy to do these things regularly?

  5. Is it bad that it bothered me that there was a small patch of dust you kept missing when using the dust pan and brush after the demonstration why you shouldn't keep the pan still? ?

    On a serious note definitely identified with what you were saying about executive function and that is my biggest struggle with house chores in general. I struggle most if I have work (historically school or uni) but even when I have free time I struggle motivating to do these basic things.

  6. What helps me, especially when mopping, is wearing indoor shoes/slippers. I hate getting wet socks!! Or stuff stuck on them. cringe
    I also read, that it gives you a kind of energy boost because putting on shoes feels like one is about to go out and do something. Works!! (for me)

    Personally, I think I would have given the stove a special mention (unless you have and I missed it) because of splashes from cooking etc. so it's especially dirty and might need extra/special cleaning.
    Edit: and how to deal with rubbish.

  7. This is incredibly helpful and inspiring. Am working on doing a deep clean of my kitchen and dining area and it’s great hearing your tips for cleaning and your executive functioning struggles, that it’s more the order of tasks you struggle with. I think I struggle with that too. Maybe I should create a scheduled list of tasks for cleaning my kitchen and put it on my fridge to remind me. As always, love this series!!!

  8. thank you for posting this video! I just finished sweeping my bedroom floor after not having done so for many weeks. My motivation came from watching this video earlier in the day and seeing you sweep up your kitchen. Funny how my brain works like that – but it worked and you helped!

  9. I hate cleaning to but did those days it after work day is only 4h so can do it but when have long than this is come more difficult to me, because the my senses are all trigger and tried all of the day.

  10. Giving your fridge, microwave and oven a wipe down each time you clean prevents the buildup of grime that can take ages to clean.

  11. I have to ask, what's with the tongue making some appearances, lol. Anyway, if the mop has replaceable pads, I'm not seeing why you would need a broom when it's going to stick to the pad surface. It's like scrubbing dishes clean before putting them in the dishwasher.

  12. Thank you for making this video! My husband and I have been trying to find a way for me to learn to clean without getting overwhelmed. This helps a lot. ❤️

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