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  1. how did the Corona Virus get in Italy? italians greet each other with a kiss. I like tat fact the Americans ate really bad food once they were free, lol.

  2. the audacity for these people to say that she's on Italy. 🙄🙄 Ok. we know green screen exists you dont have to pretend

  3. there was no closing of borders or restrictions on flights from certain countries for Ebola or swine flu or SARS so obviously the governments know something that their not telling us.

  4. It is here now, it is in 7 diff states. In Ca, they want to quarantine Costa mesa but their is a lawsuit by the citizens to NOT be quarantined so they are coming and going as they please, some to LA. We are shucked. I am asking everyone to get prepared, try to be as safe as you can. The first thing is trucks wont be able to deliver food here. Dont forget pets.

  5. CNN. Has the opportunity to reposition itself as an actual News Org.ATT. is a money making Co.
    Watch 5g- 1. A wealthy conservative could easily afford to purchase it / ATT does not need the bullshit and could sell for a substantial profit.
    Each and every Anchor should be fired and chastised and hassled with the same amount of illogical pressure and damage they have done to others.
    In. The end they must be profitable and with minus level ratings who needs ‘em?
    Don Lemon, Tapper, Stelter etc can work the overnight shift at Infowars as interns.
    Impeachment Over/ now what?

  6. russia russia trump russia putimn russaia RUSSAI RUSSAIA RUSSAIA LOL1 LOL1 LOL1LOL1LOL!!!!!!!!! what now its russia again? lol!

  7. China needs to 'fess up and LOSE FACE already!!! Fix this S**T, China!!! You OWE the world explanations as to why you have a second disease that flared up in the what is supposedly the 2nd most powerful country in the world…..

  8. this really bad This time the pandemic is real …people better run for the hills for your own survival watch this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPwQD_YeqEU

  9. This is why this is an unstoppable pandemic … 80% of people show no symptoms, even the common cold causes more symptoms, BUT 20% of people have severe reactions …. so the 80% will eventually spread it across the world

  10. Guys, central Italy here. Reports are accurate but concerns feel exagerated. The outbreak situation isn't at all as serious as it is being described – the mass hysteria is. And the deadliest blow is on the economy. We seem to have the highest contagion rate probably because there have been the most controls on the population. Everyone is freaking out even in areas that haven't been touched by the infection. They want to close the schools in our region (Marches) even though there hasn't been a single case yet. We should really all calm down a little!

  11. A www666ville ANTICHRIST UNHOLY ROMAN BIBLE EMPIRE of mass murderers holding earth hostage not heroes or service men and women but paid trained careered psychopath murderers holding us and humanity hostage. These are careered TRAITORS selling the con of a FAKE DEMOCRACY plundering our lives before we were born. Book The creature from jeckle island details all TREASONOUS www666ville government holding us hostage activities. We must March n revolt drag all traitors out down to lowest hometown judge lawyers jailers procecuters mayors govenors landlords hospital administrator's and all others who profit from Mark of the BEASTonome monitary slavery community untill we've purged our planet of these www666ville careered traitors and their demonically created families and institutions holding EARTH hostage before to late

  12. Fun fact: The Virus is now widespread world wide, to pretty much every major continent except Africa.

    There has been a total of ~80,000 confirmed cases, and the numbers and deaths increase each day!

    So even if you never even been to Asia, there is a chance you will get infected – have a nice day.

  13. CNN Breaking News HUGE Dinosaur T-REX roaming the streets making people sick and scaring people! Aww no guys it’s BARNEYs🦖 coughs people beware!

  14. These news people are so funny, although I don’t think they are trying to be. There is nothing Romeo and Juliette about this situation. FYI: this is not a situation where people will have mental scars. Good Grief. These news people are so lame!!

  15. has no one picked up the terrifying fact in this. "she still has no symptoms, but is testing positive for the virus." as in a possible carrier :O

  16. Plant base diets, why the hell are they eating fried food and God knows what type of chicken, and he had a hamburger? Wow that’s risky

  17. "A test really, for Western Liberal Western Democracy at keeping people essentially penned into their homes". "Ah, Melissa, not comforting they know so little, at the moment.."

  18. Virus outbreaks are very much like natural disasters like floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and so on. You can prepare and have steps in place to try and deal with it as best as possible… but nature is a force without limits. You can't ever be 100% prepared at what nature throws at you, even the seasonal flu has challenges that we sometimes aren't prepared for.


  20. Where will you go when you die? Prepare your Spirit as well as your Body for the sickness that is coming

    your way. Translations in menu. 

  21. Shut up about Coronavirus! Everyone know you can get better by slamming like a six pack of Corona Especial!

  22. Just watch, when it's eventually all over the US they will blame Trump. Trump, the guy they say is a xenophobe, and would probably shut down all incoming air travel from every single country that has coronavirus if he was allowed too, they will blame him. Once they find a way to blame Trump, THEN, AND ONLY THEN, will it dominate the news 24/7/365. It's mentioned now, but when its all over the US and Trump is blamed, THEN it will dominate the news.

  23. We here in Italy and we will support our country in any saitution because one day will taste death so it's much better to stay in our country pray for us

  24. Coronavirus cases suspectedly reported in Republic of Congo in a locality neighboring the third largest city Dolisie. Chinese executives and engineers expats working in a Chinese Cement Plant named Forspak just came back to their rotational leaves from China down to Congo to resume their duties. They flew Ethiopian Airlines which landed to Pointe Noire.
    Among those expats, one died suspectedly while on duty from Coronavirus according to what's being said at the Plant, two days ago. Four among them are in a critical conditions being quarantined at the Plant.

    Congo in third country and probably among the top five poorest countries on the continent with leaders governing the country in a heartless bad faith. So, this is an alert to the international community to prepare for the worse and get ready to plan for an efficient and swift response.

  25. Soars. 60 million in the country. 229 cases or whatever isn’t a soar. It’s barely a fart in the direction of the toilet paper roll.

    Look it moved.

  26. I just got back from travelling overseas, and I am feeling sick lately — got a lot of congestion and have had a little trouble breathing. But, I'm not gonna tell my bosses or co-workers, because I'm already low on my sick days. I hope I can push through it. So, I guess they should know I could be carrying, but I'm not telling them. Should I?

  27. You notice not one media outlet is discussing the current treatment regiment for those testing positive? Are the drugs we currently have making a difference? Are doctors letting Covid run its course in people? Report actual news.

  28. 37.7? Slighlty higher? My mum would better see me in pijamas and drinking that hot black tea amd watching home alone on VHS

  29. Is anyone working on a vaccination or something along those lines? Lots of talk about spreading but 0 talk of any antidote or vaccine or anything

  30. I think both China and the WHO have mismanaged this disease from the very beginning. It's just a mess. Let's just hope that there's no new virus spreading around at the same time, then, they'll be running around grabbing their asses while people drop dead.

  31. I heard a report today that stated the death rate of this virus is 2% which would make it less than the annual flu case in the US. If that is true why are we so fixated on this? Dying from whatever is a bad day but there has to be a hidden agenda in this story. A world wide clamor over something that kills less than the flu? How come they don't mention the 2% death rate in these stories? Is it just hype for clicks, ratings, promotion of the channel?

  32. CNN the most LAUGHED propaganda network, RATINGS LOWER than the food channel – NO ONE BELIEVES your crap any more , WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WHEN BERNIE WINS THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY , lol, haha – FOOLS

  33. You can't say patient 0 in Iraly, parient 0 can only be one person. And that person is the very first person who got infected. The person in Italy was many jumps later, please be correct in your coverage.

  34. Aad about the Coronavirus, but tut ou guys don't even talk about the pediatric flu and how many have died in the USA this year, Why is that?

  35. And if you think that's bad, I STILL haven't got my eBay purchase from China and it's been a month since I ordered it !!! Oh what will I do ?!!😭

  36. If China wants to kill the US all they have to do is send a bunch of people here. Trump has fired everyone from the CDC that actually worked in the pandemic response so we are screwed. The dufus Trump just put in charge was on Twitter asking his followers for help in figuring out what countries have been infected.

  37. Putting together all that's so far known and been reported over the last few weeks:
    – We assume this virus may be widespread in all metropolitan countries (and perhaps all countries), but is not detected as such because it looks like common cold/flu, because test kits are not universally available, and because it has a very long incubation period.
    – Once it really gets going it is nearly impossible to contain, for the above reasons. But it takes WEEKS TO MONTHS to get going from patient zero.
    – It may kill 3% or more of patients who get it, with death toll rising once hospitals get swamped, which has really only happened in China so far due to the timeline of the spread.
    – No one is immune, the infection rate is extreme, a vaccine will take until 2021.
    – It's airborne and does not seem to be killed off by higher temperatures as evidenced in Singapore. R0 maybe as high as 6.
    – Anecdotal reporting that getting reinfected after recovering can cause a cytokine explosion reaction leading to far higher mortality.
    – Every outbreak is causing countries to enact martial law enforced quarantines.
    – The economy is halted, which will cause financial crash at same time as run on commodities and goods, including health care equipment and medications.
    – Some reports circulated and then faded to background of evidence that the virus's DNA contains CRISPR hallmarks, and that it does not appear to be native to known bat populations. CCP actually admitted that it "might" have been released from their P4 research lab, which would explain the coincidence of a world expert virologist there, on the payroll of the DoD, had recently published a paper on the exact mechanism this virus uses to attach to cells. Regardless of what can and can't be known about this possibility, this virus seems almost designed to wreak havoc due to all the above traits.
    Or, as the mainstream media puts it, not as bad as the flu.

  38. Deception of the people. Salvation is worth the money.People worked 2010-2014. 4 years to sell everything and go to live in Russia.Left and received a super profit 2014-2020.Ukraine's pimps cheated.2014-2020.Without work, it is expensive and difficult to live.A 3-year-old child was killed .Son of a Deputy.The police forecast of death for 1 year is profitable.The forecast of the child's death is 3,6,9 years.Killed quickly 3 years.Live immediately.6 years.They live later.9 years old.They suffer for a long time.3 years of no patience.Deception killed in 3 years.Time is up to 9 years.The difference is that 6 or 9 years.You can conceive 6 times in 6 years.There is time.3 and 6 of pregnancy.Benefit.At 65, it is difficult and expensive to conceive.More than 2,500 died.75,000 people .8,000 for 1 the year will die.The difference is January 2020 and February 1 month.There are many finished ones.Wait.Wait 1 -9 months.The police and doctors are working.The forecast is unprofitable for 75,000 people.

  39. He will be sick in the next two weeks. I dont think this virus is not contagious after 30 days… Not buying it. This is a sneaky virus it last weeks undetected.

  40. Mr tRUMP, you’d been warned; There were much more important things in America to worry about? Other than pardoning your co-conspirator criminals. For one, the Coronavirus!!! Now, it’s come home to roost; with egg on your face!!! The stock market has crashed, as a result!!! If you were an honest POTUS, you’d too not need to waist time on a WH hit list..

  41. WHO Director's delayed response is taking the world into the economic recession in addition to poor health. Freedom of information=effective public health. Taiwan's absence in WHO due to Chin's fear of democracy creates a loophole in the global health. Support democracy and Taiwan to join WHO to defend your health safety. Tedros's inability to speak up early jeportisizes the world. https://www.change.org/p/united-nations-call-for-the-resignation-of-tedros-adhanom-ghebreyesus-who-director-general

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