you ready to learn something new this is a Swiss beatbox tutorial how you doing today my name is napalm and today I’m gonna teach you three my signature sounds cough snare I would live bass and zipper okay so we’re gonna start wrong with the Costner so the way that I do the Costner and the way I’ve broken it down is it’s a really loud whisper with the cough as the initial hit so if you whisper really loudly it sounds like this quiet kids it’s quiet time so if you take that sound and make the cough the initial hit of it so it’s just like a but you don’t you don’t really want to focus on the cough too much you want the resonance of the sound to be the whisper part so whenever you put the two together it sounds like this that’s the Costner so next outward lip base so whenever I do my out with this lip base style I put two sounds together the regular like which everybody does as a kid right everybody’s gone but if you do that same sound with different like sounds on the inside of your mouth so that such as Schwartz we get sounds such as this see so it’s really just basic to basic sounds put together into one to make it this extra special tone and the last sound is the zipper you know whenever you have a balloon and you barely let any air out of it and it makes the sound like that’s exactly what the zipper sound is just with your mouth so you want to create a very small hole in your mouth so just barely any air can come through and I do mind breathing in anybody could do it in any way you can do a breathing in or out I found it to be easier breathing in but you want to create such a small little hole so only a little bit of air come in comes in only this much air only this much so whenever you breathe in and you can start on now I may take time to get used to the sound because the first time that you learn in your lips could get a little bit tingly and itchy and it will feel a little bit weird but after you get the hang of it you’ll be a zipper master so my last little tip is if you have two different sounds and you’re trying to come up with a new one you know you’re thinking to yourself man I wish I could just come up with a new sound you know don’t be afraid to put two sounds that you were to do together and make a new crazy sound with this such as I came up with one just several months ago and it includes the zipper and the throat kick and dude these are too easy sounds to learn so I put the two sounds together and it makes it sound like this and there are two completely different parts of my mouth but I’m able to put them together and create one sound with them so don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things and just believe in yourself whenever you’re trying to come up with new things and I’d also like to announce that this is the first kick off video to my YouTube tutorial series which you can find right here on my youtube channel you

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