Could Lactose Explain the Milk – Parkinson’s Disease Link?

Could Lactose Explain the Milk – Parkinson’s Disease Link?

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  1. MILK IS FOR BABIES NOT ADULTS – no adult animal drinks or consumes milk – why are we lied to that we need it?? – any adult animal that you give milk has an adverse reaction to it – there is no reason for adults to drink milk

  2. My mother died of Parkinson's. We have always attributed it to DDT that was used on a peach orchard that she grew up on. I rather not see other people go through what she went through.

  3. it's all very speculative… maybe those who decend from Europeans that are most lactose tolerant are those which are most susceptible to Parkinson's for unknown reasons. after all there are zero causal factors identified in these studies.

  4. Here we go with the milk haters, sounds inconclusive to me. How about researching lactose intolerant people and I guarantee you they get Parkinson's as well.

  5. If milk is dangerous due to pesticide residue, aren't vegetarians exposed to the same danger? Cows got the pesticide from their diet, grasses and corns. Vegetarians have to eat a lot of plants due to the low calorie concentration of plants. Herbivores eat continuously all day long for the same reason (You may feel full by eating 200g of steak, but not by 200g of spinach.) So, doesn't eating more plants increase the danger anyway?

  6. this is interesting, my grandmother never liked dairy and is fine mentally, has lived the longest, and doesn't have Parkinson's. (I know this is anecdotal and I am using confirmation bias I just said it was interesting)

  7. I knew milk increased risk of parkinson's like a 2 month ago when i noticed my grandpa with Parkinson's always drank milk and one day i looked and dairy consumption and it correlation with parkinson's and it seemed the more dairy that was consumed the more of the people had parkinson's

  8. ihave the theori that its long term genitic damage over genereastion. i got it from scriptuer.the longer your family has eaten dead flesh and animals products (dicluding insects at this time)the more sick you will become from partaking of animal products. the damage is passed on generation to generation. i do think the revers is posibel as well. eating plants and bugs.will create helatheyer DNA over generation to generation. there are allready peple that are better at digesting plants because of long linia of plant only diets.

  9. How about some numbers … how many vegans have parkisons?
    How many milk drinkers do not get parkinsons.
    How many organic milks drinkers have problems.
    What about ice cream?
    And what kind of cheeses are we talking about?
    Processed American Cheesefood, or French Cheeses, organic cheese?
    The galactose argument could be just more sugar, that is it only registers with people who are already eating too many sugars?
    I really look forward to a day when science is not driven by all of these silly statistical studies on data they are not sure of, but people trying to proof something for their pet theories.

  10. There is no solid conclusion as yet. It is all very poorly substantiated. Hundreds of new studies are required. Maybe, after 10 years or even more, we 'll find out for sure. Be patient everybody.

  11. This is just speculation from the doctor without any proof.

    Besides, people have been fermenting milk which reduces lactose for thousands of years. If you are afraid of milk because of this make Kefir or yogurt. A lot of European cultures that are known for long life attribute this to eating a lot of yogurt.

  12. I would be really interested to hear more studies regarding Huntington Disease if you're aware of any! My friend and both his siblings have it and it seems there is very little information on whether there is a way to reduce or slow the deterioration and symptoms. He has recently started taking medication which also worries me as he seems to have deteriorated much faster in the past month.

  13. Typical vegan, talk about milk but never differentiate raw vs pasteurized.  Raw milk is good for the bones, and everything else.  Its much better than eating carrots and beans all day.

  14. Good evening Mr Greger,

    First of all, I am already convinced that a vegan diet is perfectly healthy if appropriately planned. I am myself a vegan. But I can't help but think that omnivore diets, appropriately planned (lots of fruits, vegetables, legumes, very few animal products), are not that bad. For instance, what about this study, ,which found a negative correlation between certain types of dairy products and type 2 diabetes risk:
    What, if anything, is wrong with that study?

    Furthermore, do we have any experimental study which compares vegans with adequate supplementation with omnivores with a diet containing few animal products?

    If anyone wants to comment on this, please cite research.

    Thank you very much,

    Antoine Bonzon

  15. It is impossible to get calcium lodged into the bones from dairy/milk. For calcium to get lodged into the bones and strengthen them, it must have co-factors. The Calcium must be in a perfect ratio of Calcium:Magnesium:Zinc:Iron for it to get into the bones. Milk lacks the co-factors, so when you consume dairy, the calcium must go somewhere and ends up in your joints (causing joint problems) it ends up in your kidneys (causing kidney stone) We all responde to the calcium that is lacking the co-factors differently. And none of these are good.
    If you want to strengthen your bones, do what the cows do to get their calcium and protein. Eat dark green leafy veggies like collard greens or spinach (humans need lemon with spinach to break down the oxalic acid). These two greens are the highest in bio-available calcium for human consumption.
    When someone tells you that you need milk for protein and calcium. Ask yourself, "Do cows go around sucking on each others teats to get their RDA of milk….?"
    Dairy is not designed for humans.
    Mothers (breast) milk is for babies…Not cows milk. NEJM 2008 and reported that they know the components that causes type 1 diabetes. 1) genetic predisposition. 2) grains causing intestinal permeability. 3) bovine protein in dairy (the antigen that engages the immune system to attack) 4) the nagalase in the MMR vaccines.
    Don't take my word for it this information was opened to the public as a part of the Freedom of Information Act. Look it up. And i ask, "why hasn't Dr Greger ever covered this research..?" by the year 2030 1/3 of the earths population will have type 1 or type 2 diabetes. I believe it is an important topic. And Dr Greger ignores the evidence.
    I love you Dr Greger, and I wish you wouldn't selectively eliminate the major cause of a major pandemic in your discussions. Contact me if you want the links to years of research that helped me reverse type 1. When the immune system is engaged by the presence of bovine protein, collateral damage occurs. The immune system mistakes your beta cells for the targeted bovine protein because they are structurally similar on a molecular level.
    Humans are not designed to drink cows milk. When we do chronic, lifelong, devastating conditions like type 1 diabetes occur. So I absolutely disagree with you about milk for babies unless you are talking about mothers breast milk. Eliminating the cause of disease is the first step in reversing it.

  16. Love your videos! I have been reversing PD, Cancers, coaching for 34 years now with a combination of raw, plant based, minerals, hair testing, Mind Body Medicine, Bodywork, Herbalist, 100s of books, courses, Ayurveda, Yoga Instructor, I built a "medicine bag," of my own liking and with100s of experiences, now 15 years full time in business helping a few people/families at a time. I guide people into a Way of Life that is stabilizing, detoxifying, and the healing. The most difficult part is those who have no idea that it is even possible! Thanks to the very recent documentaries, the work I have done for over 3 decades as a woman over 55, is just now becoming so popular we can often have a waiting list. Thank you for educating at such a high level with very important insights all people need to hear! love to link up sometime! truly.

  17. I trust you. However. When I tried to look up the study at 2:12,, I got this:

    help me understand the specifics please.

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