Deaf dancer Chris Fonseca feels the music – The Greatest Dancer | Auditions

Deaf dancer Chris Fonseca feels the music – The Greatest Dancer | Auditions

Hey. Hi. How are you? I’m good thank you. So welcome to The Greatest Dancer. Very good!
You’ve made my day. Oh, stop it! How old are you?
I’m trying to work it out. How old do you think I am? Oh, my gosh. This one’s going to be
really interesting. I’m 28. 28. Is she flirting? She’s flirting! Oooh! You seem… You seem chilled.
You seem… You’re quite chatty. Yeah. I’m very talkative.
You have to know that about me. I could talk all day. Me, too. My name is Israel. I’m 18-years-old
and Chris is my older brother. When Chris was 23-months-old
he got meningitis. And as a result of that
he lost his hearing. How does this all work then? Obviously with music,
you have to be able to listen to it. But I feel the rhythm,
I feel the vibrations. The way that Chris is able to dance is that when he’s wearing
his hearing aid he’s able to detect slight
sounds and vibrations. He converts those vibrations
into sound and that’s how he’s able to dance. # Let it all go
Let it all go. # All the work that he has to put in,
like, harder than anyone else. He has to go above and beyond just
so he can get to this stage. Chris, it’s time for your audition.
If you want to head through. Good luck. Thank you. You guys need to open the mirror
for my brother because he’s extremely determined,
very unique and he’s very talented. Do you know what,
I reckon it’s going to be awesome. # To let it go # We strong enough # To let it go # Oh-oh-oh # Oh-oh. # Let’s go. Let’s go.
Let’s go. Let’s go. MUSIC: God’s Plan
by Drake Oh, he’s good. Like, really good. Wow. Definitely a yes from me. Come on. That mirror’s got to open.
Simple. Over half the lights already.
Let’s go, let’s go. Yes! Yes! That’s my brother! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Yeah! Yes! Obviously runs in the family. Hey! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Oh, my goodness! Chris Fonseca! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Woo! He was amazing. Literally amazing. I loved that so, so, so much. I enjoyed the popping,
the locking, the tutting, the fact that it was lyrical. I absolutely loved every single bit
of it so thank you so much. APPLAUSE You know, I dance personally
because I’m inspired by the music. And watching you, you were so extremely musical for
someone who can’t hear the music. You became your own music. It was so beautiful to watch,
so thank you. APPLAUSE You feel the music.
It’s an incredible thing to witness. That was absolutely stunning. APPLAUSE By the way, you’re also very handsome! I’m with you, Cheryl. Thank you, captains.
How did that feel? It’s amazing. An amazing experience. Through my dancing career
I’ve faced so many barriers so this has been my opportunity
really just to show who I am, show that I’m a deaf dancer,
but absolutely I can do this. Yeah! Woohoo! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE # Invincible # Invincible # Invincible # Love’s our protector # Invincible # Invincible

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  2. Not really impressed with street dance tbh
    However his dancing is extremely impressive, I once took a dance class with a deaf teacher and it was amazing

  3. When I was 6 months old I got meningitis but I am completely fine and some how it didn't give me any long term problems I am so lucky and he is an inspiration for me


  5. Love your culture.  My niece just made two video's.  Which would you recommend to a friend who wants to learn how to dance Punta?   1) or  2)

  6. People are cheering more for him because of his ability to dance while being deaf than because of his dancing skills. Which are to be honest, pretty average compared to other dancers.

  7. He was Fantastic to say the least! I'm biting my nails saying: "OPEN THOSE DOORS FOR HIM!"
    Truly gifted man & lite on his feet! He sort of Reminded me of: Mandy Harvey who's also deaf and was on AGT 2017. She not only sang like and Angel but also she played the Ukulele! Simon pressed the GOLDEN BUZZER for Mandy! So emotional to watch! She could feel the music within the floor and it was simply beautiful to watch. This guy was also beautiful to watch! If your interested & didn't see the video? Here's Mandy Harveys clip audition in 2017! Enjoy! XOXO Love This show with Dance!

  8. I think children should be taught the basic correct sign language at school. We want equality for everyone why shouldn’t we learn it?

  9. I can't believe this but I actually met him! He came all the way my town to come to my school!!! He was talking, not really talking but people said what he was signing, about his childhood and I got to ask him a question!

  10. Yes it's amazing that's he's a deaf dancer but I don't think he was anything special compared to some other Dancers with issues, more like a guy dancing at a party..

  11. This is breathtaking to see him come this far ? I want to see a dance battle between him and his brother ? I bet they are very close

  12. I’m so amazed by this cause my parents are deaf and I’m so inspired by them???❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  13. 3:56 im just wondering are u allowed to take part from other routines bc if you go on matt stephinas yt channel thats in his routine…just a thought

  14. So AMAZING ❤️❤️❤️am so moved and appreciate you for not giving up on ur dreams THANK YOU SO MUCH such people like you make the world a better place??

  15. Perfect example of someone making it because they’re a Pitts story due to being disabled. He was not a good dancer at all.

  16. This is the perfect show for this young man and the fact that his brother is his biggest cheerleader is absolutely admirable.i ?the both of them.

  17. This is soo good amazing I literally forgot he was deaf because when it was like 2 3 he got it exactly in the right time ?

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