Despicable Me (11/11) Movie CLIP – Gru Shrinks the Moon (2010) HD

Despicable Me (11/11) Movie CLIP – Gru Shrinks the Moon (2010) HD

– (CLANG) (HOWLING) Aha! I’ve got it! I’ve got the moon! (CHUCKLING) I’ve got the moon. (BEEPING) (GASPS) I can make it. (BEEP) – Wait a minute!
– Kevin! (KISSING) Come on! Come on!

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  1. MSM lies, the earth does not look like that from space!! We do not know what the earth looks like from space!!!

  2. He wasn't really doing this just for world domination. His whole life he's wanted to be an astronaut. He just wanted an excuse to go to the moon.

  3. Explanation for wolf and surfers. Moon's change in size affected the tide waves. Wolf was werewolf turned human LOL

  4. Did you notice at0:51 one minion bob kissed Kevin when he grew back Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  5. 0:56 There was NO WAY of being able to see that on a TV screen, there was no camera moving around the moon at that speed.

  6. 1:09 Nice reference to Werewolfs,considering that this was made by Universal who made films of those creatures
    Examples: The Wolfman (1941),American Werewolf in London (1981),Werewolf in London (1935) and The Wolf Man (2010)

  7. That’s one small step for Gru
    Oh wait, he didn’t walk on the moon
    He just shrunk it
    Edit: wait, but he did touch the moon

  8. wow…I actually found an animation error. watch the flask very closely at the beginning of the video. it changes locations.

  9. Y’all realize he’s literally lifting up the moon, with a mass of 7.34767309 × 10^22 KG, and he’s doing it with ease. This man is a GOD

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