DETOX WATER RECIPES! How To Get Clear Skin + Energy!

DETOX WATER RECIPES! How To Get Clear Skin + Energy!

hey everyone welcome back Santa day is a video we are going to be doing it’s um detox fruit infused waters now the you not to like you know lose weight quick or any kind of miracle drink but they’re just things to either help you out depending on what your needs are so I have one for clear skin y know for like bloating and digestive issues and then one to kind of give you a boost of energy as always if you are new I would love for you to subscribe either this red button here or the one down below and it just lets you know when I post a new video and I have lots of fun ones coming up so make sure you are subscribed so that you can see them don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and let’s get into the video so first off we are starting with this 104 clear glowing skin so I’m just cutting up an orange and orange is great because it’s packed with vitamin C it’s got a lot of stuff that’s going to help with hyperpigmentation and also give you a glow and then lime is great for any anti-aging because you know it’s never too early to start then I’m putting in some blueberries which has tons of antioxidants and does wonders for acne prone skin then I’m just putting on my fruit into a jar and it topping it off with water and you want to leave this to sit as long as you can just drink it throughout the day and that is your detox water next up we are going to be doing a bloating a detox water or one for like digestive issues so we’re starting off by cutting up some of my cucumber which is great for digestion helping to get things moving so just slice a bunch of this up and then cut up some lemon which is really good for keeping the bad bacteria at bay in your stomach so just squeeze that in and get all the juice out then I’m taking a few with Springs of mint which really relaxes the digestive system so any kind of a cramping or any kind of stomach issue and then I’m just going to put all those leaves inside next up I’m not grading some ginger which is a powerhouse for a digestive aid it’s also good with nausea or anything like that and of course topping it off with water lastly I’m showing you guys a great energy boosting of water so I’m starting off with some strawberries which has tons of antioxidants and they’re really ripe and they’re in season right now which is perfect and they’re going to give you a great boost of energy and then I’m going it to put in some lemon again lemon is just is great for so many things and it’s really going to help wake up your system and then basil is also great because it increases the blood flow in your body which is going to increase energy because you know your blood is pumping and then we’re topping it off again with water today you guys for watching if you enjoyed it give that good old thumbs up so that I know and leave me a quest on below and I will see you in my next video bye guys

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  1. what is the pixel film pack where it changes filters with the diamonds?! I really want to get it but can't find it?! 🙂

  2. Leaving citrus in my water for too long causes the water to get very bitter (due to their skin I think). Is there any suggestion for this problem?

  3. I love your video and you r so beauty i subscribed your chanel i will see ? all new videos u uplaod wating u???

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