Detroit: Become Human #1 / MY FANS FORCED ME TO DO THIS

Detroit: Become Human #1 / MY FANS FORCED ME TO DO THIS

👏👏👏👏 FINALLY [I’m] playing a videogame everybody, hooray! 👏👏👏 Detroit: Become Human, the dumbest title ever. I can never remember it. like Beyond Two Souls. What the hell is that? “Detroit: Become Human” Come up with a normal title, please. I spent the last five minutes just being like: ‘What, what was the name of the game again?’ Android whamen: Hello,
Felix: Oh God. AW: Welcome to the Detroit experience.
Felix: *sound of disgust* AW: I’m an Android and I’ll be your hostess. Felix: Oh, this is uncomfortable. Hostess: Before we begin, let’s make some adjustments to optimize your experience. Felix: oof. Hostess: These language settings were detected on your console, Hostess: Are they correct? Felix: Oh my god, She’s breaking the fourth WAAALLLL!! *Pewds laughs at his own joke* Felix: Oh, that’s awesome. Felix: I’ll do medium [text size]. I’m a medium kind of guy. Felix: Man, It’s weird. Felix: It’s weird when you see uhh… Felix : You know [what], I won’t go there. *mad cackle* Hostess: Please adjust your screen settings. Felix: Okay they’re fine. Felix: They’re fine. Trust me, they’re fine. Felix: Okay? Just–
Hostess: Thank you Felix: You’re welcome .
Hostess: Now select your profile. Felix: What do you want- What profile?? Felix: Ex– I want immersive game play… with advanced controls. Felix: Uh, well, if you pick casual you shouldn’t even be playing. Felix: Here we go. Hostess: When this sign is displayed, please do not turn off your console. Felix (showing respecc): Well, you can’t tell me what to do. Hostess: You are now ready to begin DETROIT. Felix: Thank you
Hostess: Remember: Hostess: This is not just a story… Hostess: /This/ is our future. *Pewds giggles quietly* Felix: Sure. SURE BUDDY. Felix: Anyway, I’m really excited to play this game. I love Heavy Rain, it’s one of my favorite games. Beyond Two Souls, you know, it was entertaining but, no, it wasn’t good. So that’s why I was kind of hesitant when this came out. I didn’t really want to check it out right away, until [the] reviews came in, and then I just got off the hype train, And everyone had already played it, so I thought maybe I shouldn’t play it, but then I realized that it’s actually really cool. I, I want to play it. I genuinely want to play it. So here we are. I hope you guys join me on this…. uhhh, journey, It’s always fun to do Let’s Plays… if it’s a good game, and I’m told this is good. Guy (relaying into walkie-talkie): Repeat, Negotiator on site. And I’m walking everybody Lady, in hysterics: No, stop… I… I… I can’t leave her. *giggles*
You hear stuff in the background. HEY, lemme take this.
*Lady crying in the background* For those of you who are not familiar with these type of games: They’re always very story-oriented. Uhh.. leaving you with random options in front of you
*Lady keeps crying in the background* Heavy Rain was so revolutionary in the genre–
Lady: PLEASE, Felix: I don’t care about your girl!
Lady: Please, you gotta save my little girl–! Let me go off on a monologue. Lady: Wait…you’re sending an android? Police: Alright Ma’am. You need to go.
Lady: You can’t… You do that! You woul– Lady: Why aren’t you sending a real person!? Felix: Hey, I am a real person, thank you.
Lady: Don’t let that thing near her! Felix: Alright, Captain Allen. Felix: “Consult your objectives”. All right, what do we got- find Cap- It looks like he’s– Felix: What’s going on here? Felix: Hey bro, Android here. uwu uwu uwu been ewwor in system Felix: Hello? *laughs at Negotiator being ignored(?)* *chuckle* Felix: Umm Felix: I don’t know [what to pick]. What’s the name, I guess? Felix: Uuuumm How is he acting? I don’t know what’s happening, so it’s kinda hard to determine [what to choose]. So it was a hostage [situation]. Felix: Ohhhh, I see what’s happening [here]. “Probability of Success” “Every Second Counts”. WHAT? “Understand What Happened”? Okay. “Save Hostage at All Costs”. I’ll save the hostage. “Understand what happened”? Sorry. My objective is what? Oh, it’s all of these things? I thought I could pick. This is really interesting All right, analyze. He’s trying to. Alright, what happened to you? The first officer that responded. Okay, we gotta find clues. Okay, that’s cool. Alright, what have we got? Collecting data P.O Deckart, Antony Yeah, no one will care about anyone named Antony *scoffs* What a loser “Lead styphnate” I’m joking. Stop crying. “Only one shot” okay. Alright *mumbling* need one more for the… *gasp* Look! I found it guys. I must be some sort of detective. All right, “right heart ventricle…”. Okay, alright. Lets DECONSTRUCT THIS, EVERYONE. “Use L2 to rec–” Okay, so we can see what happened. Ah, thats cool. 🎵Shot through the heart
And you’re to blame, darling, you give love-🎵 🎵a bad name🎵 “Cop shot the deviant” “Rewind to search for a new clue” Aaaaaand… There was a hostage… giving some moral support, got it. Okay. And then, there must be another clue here somewhere. Let’s see, now There it is. I am G-. Honestly, I’m a genius. You’re watching a genius let’s play here everyone. You’re welcome. We found it. We found the gun. It’s under the table *broken laugh* No one, thanks to hyper *purr* Technology we managed to found the unfound weapon. It’s been here for years No one could ever possibly have found it without me Well, I guess I can’t leave fingerprints if I’m gonna Android so I’ll just go ahead and you want to stir that one Century, more Androids, less work Connor, is that his name? He gives no fuAAH That’s close guys, don’t worry YouTube bots aren’t on us yet Yes, I love this so far Okay, so our probability of success increases the more information Dude! You just.. Alright we found the hostage Why does he kind of strangely look like me? What’s your name? I mean, my name is Con… So I skipped two things nah fam I’m playing this game wrong. I’ll go back. I don’t I’m yeah, okay, since I’m replaying this I might as well let’s say what I wanted to say, which is.. I love- these type of games Especially heavy rain. The reason why I heavy rain is one of my favourite games is because you truly felt like You impacted the story with your decisions there’s so many different endings in that game and if you messed up the goal was to save your son right and if you messed up you could actually It’s such a dark ending and if you make it the game continues, I don’t know I thought it was brilliant and then beyond two souls games out And the whole game basically just plays itself I think is an insult to video games Almost in retrospect but what I’m seeing so far is that this is actually they they’ve gone back to the rules I love these type of games where you really feel. Okay, we’re back. Okay, we’re back I was gonna say I love these type of games where it really feels like Your decision makes an impact but also it’s hard to play for YouTube- Oh my god Because people get so mad if they know you make the wrong mistake or the wrong move I will tell you I will try my best to make the right decisions But I hit that there’s not family was about to have dinner So we have two more things to do search the hostage room and examine the victims now we did that. Probably if we go out like I did and we fail The story will be different or they’re just giving us BS and the story will go on no matter what the same way That’s the problem with these games. They a lot of it is just making You think that you have a choice I think that’s why the telltale games got so stale is you play it the first time in your life and you’re like, Whoa! I really feel like I’m making an impact on the story and I’m making my own decisions” and then you realize no It’s the same for everyone Not a PlayStation VR Wow missed opportunity wait it’s headphones. Oh the child didn’t hear gunshots Wait is it a meme? if you if you love the life you live you will live a life of what that’s the dumbest thing I ever heard What’s your watching are you buying on YouTube I’m swiping on my thing. Zoella. No Wow, Daniel you don’t seem so cool now Conveniently have that video played I don’t buy this this is too eyy our probability of success has increased. Alright Examine the victims. Who’s the victims? Ah, here’s the victim How you doing? Not so good? I don’t know why I asked ok. So- oh an eye Audience Okay, same same mean different guy All right along aroma ex who doesn’t I wanted those what a crybaby What an absolutely okay. I know he’s dead. Where am I supposed to look at Where must be on his face must be his hair Ah, it was his titty I knew it Yes best let’s play on YouTube everyone Okay, what did we get he was just sitting chillin he was holding something All right, interesting. Very interesting. What else did we got? Oh My god A guy just shot him. That’s not nice. *Giggle* What does that mean? Okay, we analyzed everything oh He dropped us something. you mean them.You- Are you kidding me? You could have just found that without all the..oh.. Oh yeah.. you got a.. Nice. Aw. He was about to get replaced! You son of a gun? How could you? All right, so we still only have 76.. 70.. Percent uh, what is the flow chart? Oh..What? So we missed some stuff. Talk to Captain Alan… Whaat? Whaat? wHaAt? No.. Thats… Okay, so… locate the hostage it’s the only thing left Okay, there’s here.. The gun. All right so we know we… Well, we already found the gun. What else could there be… Huh..Bullets. Okay, so there is more The Deviant took the father’s gun, okay So we know he’s armed basically. 78 Still? Wuat the Friak? I guess there is still some chance. *Gasp* EVery second counts! I gotta hurry! *Chuckles* Noo.. Okay.. I think we officially did everything We have no choice at this point, okay? Come on 78% Those are good odds. Why would you shoot me? I dubbed nothing Dan: Don’t come any closer or I’ll jump He would never hurt her Con: Hi Daniel Oh, oh Yass *disappointed* uhh.. Come on, guys. You totally ruin it Okay, we found him Approach slowly. Okay. All right Daniel come Then let the girl go Daniel. Uhh Lie Damn it “Emma and you”, yeah, let’s do that. Con: You think she betrayed you but she’s done nothing wrong Dan: She lied to me! Did you lie Emma? Angst Dan: She’s just like all the others humans Aw come on Daniel, you’re being a total part of your brain. What’s possible cause All right. Let’s do that. Con: That’s what happened He thought it was part of his family There’s something in the pool. Dan: But I was just there toy.. something you throw away when you’re done Sympathetic Con: Listen, I know it’s not your fault Con: These emotions you’re feeling are just errors in your software Oh, it’s going up we’re doing good *high pitch* hEcK yeAH You’re being a total crybaby Dan: I can’t stand that noise anymore Top Dan: Tell that helicopter to get out of here Ohh.. Okay accept *Chuckles* No..No it isn’t. *LOLs* Le oh, that’s … Come on, last chance. Aww damn it. Come on. I’m just trying to push a little bit *Mocks* EmMI nIMe *saliva noises* No, fam. Okay..*chuckes* you know what? Intimidate *Grunty Laugh* *Mob boss voice* Yueah wut naow-ha-ha Ey come on man come on Whoa, what what what? Oh No Are you kidding me? did I? You’re being a total doofus Oh my god Dammit! I am so pissed There you go There you go. Okay, so there are one two three four five Maybe even six if I use the gun that was another option, I guess to shoot him. That is so cool that they show you See this is what I mean now, I actually feel like Aah I wasted too much time apparently. Oh my god. This is so cool Can I go back though, that’s the real question. I don’t think I can. Ok, leave the gun. Sorry, I thought I could play it cool guess not Come on You’re not going to die we’re just going to talk YAASSSS Trust me. Okay. I trust you Don’t make don’t shoot me in the face, please Yeah That’s what you get Daniel, oh my god, this is Mortal Kombat scene, yeah Okay, we did it guys we did it finally it took a while. You son of a…… I mean..ehya You shot me technically you shot me okay, so I don’t know what to tell you Connor gives the fattest dab right now. No Mission success. Yes Pretty cool seems really promising so far What are you guys think smash like everybody smash like Wait Wait, what did I just play that without saving? No, no, no, no. No, are you kidding me? I can’t I cannot Okay, I gotta pee. all right, we’re back everybody yay, we’re gonna play more *wOW* That took me a lot longer than probably what the video is All right, who is this annoying little prick I can already tell Ten thousand different dishes, what is this machine? I’m sorry. Tell me more about this. Oh the part that an Android. Oh Am I one of the showcases oh I am arn”t I That’s awesome Are we gonna come up next to me? Just this one gives amazing handjob At night Contacts emergency services it was breaking or if it detects smoke. I mean, that’s pretty awesome Does that one know all the fortnight dances Oh really can you do the L Danes? Absolutely me anytime anywhere else Oh God. Don’t buy me difficult getting it back in working order It was really I’m repaired A car hit it stupid accident I see Anyway, it’s as good as new now, except that we had to reset it. Meaning we had to wipe its memory Hope you don’t mind. I’ll be fine. Damn. I don’t know what’s gonna add you give it a name my daughter did We bought home register your name movie’ my home Dammit I’m a lady My name is Kara Kara So innocent so sweet. Oh my god This is a cover of It’s a movie soundtrack, so I don’t know if David cage still work on this it’s not his name David cage He’s like the first Game developer that really tried to make games into movies you play one of his first games actually, it’s the second one What is it called comments? Help me out. I forgot (Fahrenheit) And I remember you play it and it just says play movie and rewind and all that stuff. That was a fun game actually You guys remember that did you watch me play that game? That was a long time ago. That was really fun Hey, it’s come a long way since then it’s pretty impressive to see that development how these games improved throughout It seems also like they learned from The last one which wasn’t bad it just bad ideas They desperately wanted to be a movie so bad I think there was the first game that they beyond two souls was the first one the last one That they showed it like a movie festival can movie festival or something like that? If you guys had an Android what would you do it with it? It’s kind of weird cuz like if you play with VR and you see Other enemies or people It’s so fun to just mess around with and I feel like if there was an Android you do the same thing Okay, it’s David Cage still working on it. Of course he is Another thing about this game is that they always just look incredible and then we got a really ugly shot about tree great Just the faces the way they did faces. I remember playing heavy rain before I did youtube I Spent my last bit of money on that game. I bought a PlayStation 3 and Heavy rain and it was such I had such a blast It was at a time where I didn’t really know what I was doing with my life. I Was such a good escapism All right, we’re playing as this guy now, I don’t know why Sorry, I love talking about myself. What do you want I have no objectives retrieve order 66 I Have to go to Bellini PaintShop Okay So he is just sending out its Androids to do his errands this is so cool Plastic idiots We solve racism by adding androids now you can hate them instead, press r2 to use GPS. All right Bellini Paints, not this way. All right this way everybody Hot dogs, all right, you’re doing a terrible job for an Android Open your eyes Boy Can’t swear just empty since let’s check it out here Demon oh really? Where is the dab option come on Right, I forgot we’re in Detroit He’s the guy on the cover, isn’t he? Guess there is a thing with the slaves and the black men, maybe they’ll play into that I don’t know Okay, so where is the stupid paint shop there it is right there Bellini Paints color since 2009 a very good Herrow, give me your finest paint, please Identification verified. Oh, he’s an Android too. This should be awkward Here is your order number eight four seven Please confirm payment. Hey, it’s the cover everyone of the game payment confirmed Transaction complete Obviously you guys probably heard that you can put like a chip in in your hand and then in some places very few I think you can pay using the chip Controls are still awkward as ever would you guys ever do with that consider doing something like that? You know things that seems crazy now might be perfectly fine in the future It’s fun paying for stuff so awkward already like put in the card putting the pen awkwardly awkwardly waiting Any time I’am waiting to pay something and you wait for the machine, right? I’m always considering like doing small talk or do I just blankly stare at this machinery? It’s my dilemma every single time. What do you guys do? Please? Let me know. I genuinely wanna know Cuz it’s so awkward right? It’s like just too much time not to talk No, the opposite of what I said and just enough time that you could talk No one cares I get it Why do you hate me? I mean, they’re literally everywhere. I don’t know why hey Hey, hey, oh my god. Don’t swear, please They terk our debs Come on does he not know kung fu come on Neo download some moves. You job stealer All right It’s enough it alone. Let us teach this bastard a lesson Hey, hey, yeah, I’m gonna have to fine you Damage it huh. They’re gonna take your job next.They took our job Let’s go It sounds like you don’t even need a job if you got another guy just doing everything for you get androids, right? And then just make them do your job and you get a commission for it. Great Alright oh I gotta get the bus you know people always get mad at Destructive technology at least people jobless and it’s understandable But those those technologies bring in more jobs anyway it’s always a cycle that we know has gone through It’s like wheat farming back in the day when they got machinery for farming Oh they get to their it come on that has to be some sort of Rosa Park thing They get to ride at their special place in the bus Well, that was pretty pointless Okay, wait, so Yeah, it couldn’t have gone different ways, but we could have explored more I guess so Let’s Marcus took the bus everybody Interesting. Oh, this reminds me heavy rain so much I you know what? Maybe you guys are judging this guy. I’m sure he’s a wonderful guy. I’m sure he’s gonna take great care of us I feel really excited about this. How can he afford her though? Im baack use r1 to switch camera angle So awkward if you have to move your Movement stick everyone. Hello. I’m a gamer epic gamer here. two weeks. So the place is a mess Not my fault washing you cook the meals and you take care of Swearing! Stop it. That’s Alice look after her homework bath all that crap Got it. Yes Todd
Get started down here. Then you do upstairs. I Really hope there’s not gonna be any sexual favors, please Hold r2 to scan the environment. Okay. So alright we’re gonna clean that. Oh thank god game now. This is a game Alright a whamen simulation I’m joking Okay, collect the trash Kitchen, alright, what do we get? I could just gotta take you don’t start by taking the trash out you damn big old dingus What do I do now? How do I put it down? Yeah, okay okay Yeah, yeah I can get that all right, all right clean the counter Where its oh You nasty boy you nasty you dirty Disgust, oh she just throw away the plates didn’t she, look at that Why wash the plates when you can dab on the plates clean the coffee table Excuse me herrow. T.V. on This guy eats a lot of pizza How does she fit all those pizza cartons in that trash bag? Huh? What is this magical? Cardboard Plus you can’t mix. Oh, okay. She has two bags. Thank God about the future A credit card application form. All right, and the bank is not doing You know, it was me if I had papers like that I probably would have oh this is awkward The thing with control your walking this direction and then all of a sudden you’re walking the opposite and then you start walking Whatever. I know you don’t care Oh, yeah Detroit had all these really bad neighborhood it does something doesn’t, they do they? I know that movie um We have to be quiet with a blind guy Reminds me this house reminds me of that one. You’re welcome. Everyone. Yes for being so articulate The TV dumbass, what do you think? Hey you get that get the fuck out here. Oh, I’m sorry. I like hockey. Is that a problem? He has a curved screen Wow Alright, let’s talk to her Alright, let’s not talk to her Jesus. What else do we gotta clean? report to Todd Collect the dishes activate the vacuum option(optional) tasks! Of course, we’re gonna vacuum. What do you think? This is some game? Nah, I care about cleaning What is he doing Oh What is that sound What is wrong with you? I think some weird drugs I’ve made a good start down here. I’ll head upstairs do what you have to do, but stop bothering me Bibidibap skippity skoo. I love cleaning for you Oh Todd Todd is the best Let’s go upstairs everyone Can I not clean those up that looks like So, can you stop making that sound? All right. Let’s make the bed ventilate the room So this is why you tune in for this let’s play to watch someone clean in a video game It doesn’t get better than this. Oh Man, she’s really good at making bed. See this is my dream. I hate making the bed It’s like one of those things. I hate the most if my sheet isn’t perfectly straight. I can’t sleep So I have to adjust it all the time. I hate it. Okay, why can’t we invent better sheets, please? someone get on that or Androids I mean not by an Android Yes, I was feel so weird about Like I don’t like having a cleaning lady or something like that or cleaning man. If that’s the case I Just don’t like having other people do stuff for me But I was like Machinery doing stuff for me Like I don’t know why like just dishwasher in general makes me happy. I’m like, this is so great. I Don’t care about this, how do I get out? Like have you ever tried 3d printer it always so fun lookin at it works Why would I Switch it on They really like yellow on this channel So there is a thing about rights between Androids and Humans That’s interesting Another 225 jobs? Alright, We get it it’s a lot of controversy we gotta ventilate as well that is definitely what I wanted to click Man I feel like cleaning in real life now Alright what is this? What is this? Is that me? That must have been Okay, Todd’s room check We’ve done it all. Wha? I love Todd that’s so Todd. I love Todd he’s so great Ahh the toilets stuck with Todd’s poopy. Hey Todd is just the best. I love Todd Ugh Optional heck yeah, we’re gonna do the optional tasks? are you kidding me? There’s options for me to clean? I just want to tidy up your room I only need two minutes. Is that okay Alice? Damn? I that’s right. I’m so good at cleaning Can’t you teach your kids to do this for theirselves? dumbass Hey Alice clean your room you doofus there you get to do the shake What is that that unlocked something in the future I’m gonna escape right Hello, Arice(Alice) Factual friendly diplomatic friendly
-Im sure we used to be friends before I was reset. Maybe we can be friends again Um what do you like?
-You should tell me about yourself What you like to do where you like to go your favorite foods, that would really help me Tehe, awkward Ugh Mother? -What about your mother? Will she be home soon? My name is Kara. -Your father said you chose my name Kara, it’s nice. How did you choose it? We’re good move here What she gave me? is it a note? it’s a key Where does it go? Kara’s like, I love keys I just love keys Ask Todd. Oh, okay. So that’s like all our memories Jacksepticeye, I knew he was behind this after all that son of a gun That’s the mom? that supposed to be him he looked a lot nicer And She got a little bit of paint on her head and then Daddy wore a tracksuit and no one was happy about it And then daddy Had it Hey, I lost my arm? Oh my god Alright let’s put it back I wasn’t hit by a car. I knew it Alice in wonderlaaand it was written by an author in Brighton I think, someone told me I don’t know if it’s true. I rib in Brighton there’s a lot of like, I don’t know if this is true, but there’s a lot of people someone built it like a tunnel to the beach and I don’t know if it’s true. It sounds like a lie, the more I think about it. I’m like that tunnel was Inspired Alice, I don’t know clean bathroom. I mean we’ve done this much might as well and I’m sure you love hearing me talk about some gibberish So why the heck not there you go shampoo tidy Then the more I think about it you don’t need an Android really you just need a woman I’m joking. It was a joke That’s a tiny ass mop that’s not gonna My god, this is so awkward Why is it.. what are you? Oh, I have to constantly rub it OK we’ve dabbed on all the germs It says it’s time to move on Felix. Okay my god Just trying to make the most out of the game I’m truly enjoying it. It’s really fun. Yeah, what do you think I’m doing Yeah. Yeah. yes Well, you can afford the Android. ♪ I love Todd, Todd’s the best ♪ Where’s the dab button If there’s not one moment in this game where there will be a moment to dab I’m going to be so disappointed. Here we go. Oh, look at that I missed one. No No, damn it Grr I’m so angrry All right, let’s keep playing we’ll do one more we’ll do one more. Okay one more one more come on come on 7:00 a.m. It’s not even waking up in the morning Cyberlife created by Mark Zuckerberg Whoa What if you were so rich you can you just have an army of androids that was so epic And then you can fight them like Pokemon That would be so awesome That is so awkward See if you could invent Androids surely you could invent pokemon Carl I bet Carl is gonna be a total doofus any rich kid is a total doofus What is this on the wall? Oh, it’s one of those elevators Doofus Where is my doofus? “Wake up Carl upstairs” I am upstairs, aren’t I? Hey an ancient fossil in your home just like everyone has WHOA Sliding doors, epic! Is Carl…old? *gasp* Carl is OLD And he’s got tattoos. You don’t forget? Oh my god, that’s what I said So when is the painting meme coming because I feel like once once we’ve done that we can finish the let’s play right That’s the reason Carl! It’s the first one that’s nice too an Android so far. This is so nice. I misjudged Carl I feel terrible. uh-oh Please don’t make me do that Have you guys seen the movie “her” it’s a really good movie about the relationship between humans and I Guess artificial intelligence or AI or Android. I wonder if there will be like close relationships in the game Like that that is an ugly cat What is this move I have to It’s got a good atmosphere this game as well I Don’t like Carl’s art Just gonna say it right now Do we put him on the elevator now? Or, do we get the option to push him down? That’s so cool. Whoa it’s so fast He’s faster than I am. I want one [chuckles] Okay, do I do I push you again yeah cool I teleport behind that’s always nice Sliding doors Whoa. What a cool TV Well, you’re welcome That’s what I said Okay oh are we making them? breakfast, or?? Don’t know how to make Scrambled eggs, I don’t like eggs. I already made it. Thank God. whew I’m sure the game would have completely ruined me Okay, what’s up with the mug It’s that from his kid or something He has one of those water on the wall things. That’s how you know you’re rich Et voila! If he’s unhealthy, is it really a good idea to give him bacon and egg when you’re this old? just a question Okay, just have some porridge. some good old porridge. delicious Makes you poop right after it’s great Eat the fruits Carl That’s a two-sided television that’s epic something to do [chuckles] what am I gonna do? In the other games there was like internal dialogues when you were lost.. I guess they don’t have it North Pole why Russia wants it We need dominance in space life found on Titan alien life Where are you going with this? What is Titan That’s pretty cool damn mankind is so depressing Well, I guess nothing change in the future Wait What year is it? My man, on that whiskey Is that’s supposed to be- no, it’s just fakes ones. I thought maybe they would do some parody ones Like in anime Alright, let’s play the perfect piano then Des- Pa- Cito pere pere pere pere pe pe reepo Melancholic hopeful intimate. Well, he’s feeling a little Let’s give him some hope, you know I’m playing this by the way by clicking there You like this? Alright you get the gist–did you like it? Hahahahaha *meme review* All right, let’s go to the studio… the meme is coming Yaass Why is those stairs, is that a giraffe? Sure, why not Why not? Why not? Oh my god can’t wait I’m finally going to see what the painting is After all this time What in the world is happening now Am I supposed to do it Okay, well that’s pretty Oh we got to clean the studio while he.. This is so cool. Okay, that’s terrible What do I clean then? Okay, what else? really fun cleaning simulator I really really really enjoy it Please please give me more options to clean High five, god, I don’t care give me something to clean “Give me something to clean” words I never thought I would say hey Have I done cleaning for you yet? Give me the meme give me the meme give me the meme give me the meme (meme review 👏👏) YES! Are you tell me you never check before Hmm. Hmm. I’m so curious what it’s gonna be All right Find a subject based on like what I What can I just paint whatever I want? Paint Carl’s painting. That’s kind of weird The desk looks more Hmm uninteresting, let’s paint statue. Oh we get to do it squibble squibble This is how painting works in case you never painted this is exactly I’m finally a game why aren’t you swiping? That’s true to the art of painting oh Oh my god Let’s see, let’s see This one’s bigger Here it is, I’m so ready I still get to pick I Want to see how he looks at Androids With hope I really hope I Wow him Come on Who’s this doofus Language Leo, Please! dab. dab. dab. dab. damn it Okay, guys that will be it for the first episode Loved it that was so fun. Hope you guys enjoyed us Well if you did make it to the end Please make sure you drop a like I would very very very very much appreciate that and I’ll see you tomorrow with the next one bye

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  1. Pewds is an aweful negotiator.

    Daneil lets girl go
    Pewds: YAS!
    Daniel, shot repeatedly
    Pewds: YAS!

    says progress won't be saved
    Pewds:*Awkward pause*…wait…no…no…does this mean I played that without saving…?

  2. Fun fact one: That fist statue seen during Kara's first scene is there in real life and I pass it each day when going to work from Canada to Detroit.

    Fun fact two: The street Markus lives on his just a block or two away from the hospital I work at in Detroit but sadly the house isn't real.

  3. I've been a cleaning lady and it's weird. I wouldn't ever hire someone else to clean for me unless they also had someone clean for them sometimes. I didn't feel good even though I didn't mind the actual work, I wasn't paid much (under the table) and couldn't help thinking things like "I'm doing the work that they're too good to do while they're off being more important than me and doing more important things".

  4. “androids create more jobs”
    yes!! they do create more jobs: for those who have access to an education (which isn’t many people) bc those are all tech based jobs
    those who rely on minimum wage work would (& literally have) be crushed
    that’s why AI in everyday life will ruin everything
    i know it’s just a video game, but this will likely be a reality sometime soon

  5. I don't find your black jokes hilarious at all. If something is on your mind about us spit it out, don't keep it hidden. Make sure we know who you are.

  6. in the last week i've seen jacksepticeyes and jay from the kubz scouts play through of detroit become human no its time for (in a high pitcher voice) peewwdiipie

  7. おすすめから巡り巡ってPewDiePieさんの実況を初めて見ました!すごい人気なのがわかります。おもしろい😂

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