DID & DATING!? Why NADIA Hates ME! | Dissociative Identity Disorder

DID & DATING!? Why NADIA Hates ME! | Dissociative Identity Disorder

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  1. Do different fronting alters have different skills? For example, is one alter really good at art, while other alters aren’t as good?

  2. Hi! I've got a teensy question, if that's fine 🙂 If Chloe can't access most of/all of the inner world, where does she go when someone else fronts? Does she just sort of… daydream? Or is it a complete blackout for her? Sorry if this is a bad question!!!

  3. Omg doing never eat shredded wheat under your breath is such a mood. I have zero sense of direction I have to do it constantly as well as the trick to remember left and right.

  4. What I’ve understood from the few videos I have watched:

    Cloe: big flowery energy
    Nadia: big Golden retriever energy / mousedog energy
    Nina: big strap energy
    Jade: big wicca crystal energy
    (I mean she has a cave)
    Sally: mom friend energy
    Ruby: mom friend energy but with a glock

  5. I can’t imagine how exhausting it must be to have such a rich and complicated world in your brain all the time. Y’all are so strong and brave for sharing your experiences with the world. I’m glad I found your channel

  6. Ist makes me so happy to see Nadia talking about herself and Kyle wanting a relationship and Chloe having sworn off dating and now each of them is in a loving relationship. 💕

  7. I've only been watching for a few days so this may change but as of now I really like Nadia. I love her open personality and how she seems so down to earth and open minded. I truly love seeing her in videos

  8. As some one with aphantasia, I find it intriguing to hear your description of the inner world and that people can think that way!

  9. Honestly I find a brain with DID would have such a creative brain, it's hard for many people to have a whole world and there brain and lives just in one brain, it's so interesting and amazing

  10. I only recently learned about what D.I.D. is and I watched a lot of videos out of curiosity. What is most fascinating to me while seeing the switches is when you can literally see the change in how the eyes are moving, how the muscles in the face change… like there is a complete change in mannerisms, the way the person speaks… I know that it is not easy to live with it but still I am just so fascinated, because it shows what out mind is actually capable of. Try to imagine what we could do it we could actually use our full capacity.

  11. Our system is an OSDD system of four and all of us are in a romantic and sexual relationship with our fiancee. We joke that she's married to Zach and Zoë, Zero is the side piece, and Chase is the friends dad that she's seducing. 😂

  12. Note to Chloe: the camera auto-defocussing from time to time is a great metaphor, although I'm sure it's just incidental. Quite a powerful cinematic device (ps my day job is filmmaker and I think you are really skilled and have natural affinity for storytelling, pacing and camera, very detailed, very honest.).

  13. It must be so weird to capture opinions from a different person on camera and then have to edit it. A bit confrontational too, I can imagine. Huge respect for you guys and gals trying to inform us, even though the process could make things awkward 😅

  14. Oh gosh I'm loving Nadia!! Ha ha! Honestly I think Nadia and Chloe is adorable!!! I bet Chloe told her off. But it's hard I bet with dating…. Man you all are awesome ruby scares me a little bit though but she's cool

  15. I want you to make, like, a motivational recording or something. I swear I absorb your energy just listening to you!

  16. You’re all so intelligent, good luck with the romantics (which got changed to “tomatoes”) Dating is just so hard. So over it, I’ll just get more cats 😹😹😹

  17. So maybe I missed this… is a host the name on the body’s birth certificate? Or can it not be. Or like I’m not sure how to ask this. But thank you for your videos. I really love ur channel! I’m still going through the other videos, I’m new here. Again, thank you! 🙂

  18. I love you nadia but please please speak slowly. I am not a native speaker of english and sometimes it is hard for me to follow you withouth subtitles.😊 you are great explaining things to people.

  19. What is so fascinating is the way Nadia describes the places of where all the alters live and that it’s so real, yet it’s all going on inside Chloe’s head

  20. I absolutely love this.
    We are in a complicated monogomous relationship where two of us are in love with an external person and we are in a relationship with her (im a lesbian and Sarah is bisexual) so it works but Trey (male alter) is not part of our external relationship.

    I dont know if that made since 😂 but hearing you (Nadia) explain your relationships with alters and external people is so rewarding because until recently (we think maybe 5 months ago) we did not realize other people had DID. (Excuse me, the amount of people with DID**). Nor did we feel like it was normal to discuss until the help of your videos and of course therapy.

    We personally love this channel and we feel seen and validated by the content the lot of you put out. 💕 thank you, sincerely.

  21. Watching a switch happen is fascinating… please don’t take offense. I’m studying to become a trauma therapist and I think DID is an amazing coping mechanism. It’s awful how it becomes necessary but the way the developing brain handles the situations is very interesting to me.

  22. Coming back to watch this knowing that Nadia's finally found a loving relationship for herself, even though things are a bit rough for both systems atm that simple fact makes me feel very happy for her.

  23. Random question, how do you get food and stuff like furniture and stuff in the inner world ?

  24. I definitely relate to Nadia the most, maybe because she seems the most like a 15 year old girl and also she acts kinda high
    And I’m a 15 year old stoner 😂

  25. Can alters pass on? Sorry if that’s a trigger, just really curious, if alters can pass away or do they just integrate when needed?

  26. Nadia talking about how she was in love with Chloe’s ex and how she’s lonely and would love to be with someone HURT. It physically hurts I just want her happy.

  27. We might be a new and still a little bit insecure system but we have very hard feelings towards "npcs" being full people because we were literally saved from death through an alter who, at the time didn't ever front. Or she's keeping that part a secret, which'd be fine, she's the most responsible of us and one of our most knowledgeable about our system.
    "It doesn't matter if you're real, your impact is real, thank you." Is probably the strongest shared memory we have. And for f*ck sake if we knew about DID back then it would be a memory with way less added baggage.

  28. Hey dear system 🙂 I am really enjoying your videos. I am binge watching them and reading the comments, even the the older ones were more informative and now its more about making likes and jokes.

    I desperately wanted to ask you how does it work in the inner world? Like were do you get your food from when you don't go to work?

    What do you think will happen if your body dies? Do you think the inner world will continue existing?

    Hope to hear from you. Lots of love !

  29. Poly might be a good way for you all to feel more satisfied. I couldn’t possibly imagine what it’s like to not be in constant control of this body of mine lol. I wish you all the best of luck!!

  30. When alters describe their age, ethnicity and memories because they have their own lives, do you ever wonder if Chloe's body is a special vessel that spirits can enter (not saying she is possessed) but it just fascinates me how different everyone is even their attitudes towards each other makes me feel like they lived once and then was able to come back through Chloe's body not only because they could but also as a way to protect Chloe in the past, sorry if I sound disrespectful in any way it's just an interesting thought u kno

  31. Oh god the headaches, the blurry vision, the loss of thought, the running on auto cause you can't think….. I get it. Damn. Mama has problems.

  32. I have a video idea for you, you don't have to use it though. My idea is that you all can make yourselves on the Sims game, so that people understand more on what you each look like, but you don't have to do yourself if you want to 😊

  33. What does co-con means? English is not my first language and I can't find meaning of this in the internet

  34. It’s interesting watching this again after having seen videos with The Piñata system. I’m assuming the ex in this one is a different person, not Nan, etc? I’m not exactly sure about the time frame as far as when they became partners. Either way, I think it’s super cute that so many of you were finally able to date people, all of the couples are pure adorableness.

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