Diverticulosis: When Our Most Common Gut Disorder Hardly Existed

Diverticulosis: When Our Most Common Gut Disorder Hardly Existed

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  1. Gah, I hate cliffhangers! Probably paid for by the meat industry.

    I think this doctor has done more to get me close to being meat-free than any other.

  2. Could you please also make a video about Intermittent Fasting 🙂 Many say that it is healthy but I'm really not sure.

  3. The study which found no correlation between fiber intake and diverticulitis (DV) had reported mean ±  standard deviation values of 15.3 ± 7.1 for non DV subjects 14.8 ± 6.5 for DV diagnosed subjects.  Who on a whole foods plant based diet eats only 22 g of fiber per day?  I looked back in my cronometer and for just breakfast and lunch I usually have at least 50g of fiber. + another 25 for dinner at least.  So when your only subject group is eating less than the minimum recommended amount, I feel like the study is pretty irrelevant to people who actually eat real food as opposed to the SAD. Hopefully I spoiled tomorrow's video @NutritionFacts.org

  4. Wikipedia says it's not from this, or that, Findings are inconclusive to this, and that.  Then why do Africans and Asians in their native land have very low cases? It must be from GMO's, sugar, or chemical  pesticides?  Hurry up with an answer please? 🙂

  5. Great topic (as always), but jarring cliffhanger! "Is there something deadly in your kitchen cupboard that will burst your intestines? Tune in at 11 for details!"

  6. I know many that have that disease…. tell how to heal from it… because doctor tell them not to eat fiber because is a risk of breaking the diverticulo

  7. I was all excited about forwarding this video to family and and friends and posting it on Facebook and then I got the punch line at the end which seems to contradict my whole purpose of sharing. If I send this to anyone without the rest of the story, they will think I'm an idiot. This should have been one video.

  8. I absolutely love this channel. I have very few unanswered questions thanks to you, Dr. Greger, keep them coming!!

  9. I am a nurse in a public hospital in Australia and the standard dietary recommendations for patients with diverticulosis who have been hospitalized for diverticulitis is to eat a low residue diet. I cannot understand the rationale for this recommendation at all. Actually I've noticed that all patients with inflammatory bowel disease (Chrons and Infective ulcerative colitis) are given.this diet by the hospital dietitian as well.
    I often see the same patients return to hospital. Obviously I have never nursed a vegan or patient that consumed a whole food plant based diet that had diverticulitis or Chrons or Colitis. In my 7 yrs of nursing I have only ever had one vegan patient and she had a fractured humerus.

  10. I know what mother ate. She ate a lot of plant food and she still has the condition but then she's 89. It isn't all that likely to be a problem in short lived people.

  11. I had a doctor tell me that these were not called Diverticula. Now I see he was wrong. He just had to try to know more than me I guess, maybe he did, but he was wrong about my understanding of it. This doesn't surprise me now.

  12. It is probably explained by the low quality of the fiber people gets here, so the causality dissapears. What you need is a high amount of soluble fibers which you won't get by eating bread and pasta all the time. The amount of fiber needed is also a function of the amount of refined carbs you're getting in. You can eat alot of fiber, but still not enough to compensate and have good gut microbiome.

  13. At 54 a new vegan @week 4 and my husband @65 going plant based.  Your videos are so educational.  Thanks!

  14. The 5 food groups that made this worse for my husband are: Milk, cottage cheese, sour cream, peanuts and peanut butter. Was dignaose with Diverticulitis after a colon scope. Had terrible pain, diahrea, and a lot of gas. Start maybe by elimating these foods and add Arrowhead Oat Flakes, or cream of wheat, with half banana and few raisins..sweeten and I use real brams butter, sweeten with stevia leaf. This has help him. As soon as he returns to milk, or one of the other food groups I mentioned above then the diahrea and gas returns, might take a while then he gets bad case of diahrea and pain. Hope this might help someone. Also eat more fruit and vegetables. Boiled, steamed are better than fried. Have to watch fried foods as well. Some can eat fried foods without any problems and some can't. Watch spicy foods as well. Eliminate those you find that make it worse, that's what were doing. Watch nuts and hard seeds.

  15. Diverticulosis and diverticulitis is caused by the colonoscopy. The ethylene glycol Prep causes pressure to mangle your Stomach. Colonoscopies are pointless and cause more harm then good. Change the world. Take it from me, I'm having life changing problems because of a colonoscopy. Issues they say I got before they "discovered it" Id like to see a man with diverticulitis who'd never had a colonoscopy. Find me one please…

  16. Link to follow up video https://nutritionfacts.org/video/does-fiber-really-prevent-diverticulosis/

  17. Thanks for the video and the history in special the black people in Africa vs black people in US. Its not the race, it the food in "modern" societies with "modern" food

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